Rafael Nadal Cracks $114 Million In Earnings With US Open Tennis Win

Rafael Nadal has cemented himself as a top-five earner in tennis with his recent US Open win, exceeding $114 million.

For Nadal, his 2019 US Open tennis victory becomes the 19th Grand Slam title of his illustrious career and puts him in some pretty elite company as far as tennis players go. His combined earnings from both tournament wins and his endorsement deals make him one of the highest earners in sports. And, at the age of 33, he may not be done.

Nadal’s impressive totals now place him at 84 career single titles. A generous $3.8 million in prize winnings from the 2019 US Open, brings his 2019 prize winnings to $11 million. Not a bad year-to-date total. He’s not shy about spending that money either.

Multiple homes, lavish jewelry, vacations, and a yacht only scratch the surface of ways Nadal likes to spend that $114 million. For instance, he once played a tournament wearing a watch worth over $775k. Heaven forbid something that valuable might distract him from taking out his opponents.

He’s also a face behind brands like by Babolat, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kia and with those relationships come a number of bells and whistles that make him an athlete living and riding in style.

But it isn’t all about buying for himself. He’s also gracious in his philanthropic ventures, donation millions to worthwhile causes.

Nadal Gives Back

Nadal might just be one of the most generous athletes in not just tennis, but all of sport. In 2008, he started the Fundación Rafa Nadal, an organization created to help disadvantaged kids and run by his mother (how do you not love a guy that works with his mom). Not to be outdone, at a whopping cost of $25 million, he also opened the Rafa Nadal Academy. A 24,000 square-foot facility, Nadal covered 5% of the costs to build and with it, young tennis prospects can attend the academy for $62,000 a year.

Congratulations to Nadal on his recent win. He's truly one of the tennis greats and he's not too shabby at knowing how to spend those well-earned bucks.

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