Try This 4-Week Full Body Workout To Start The New Year Right

Getting in shape is usually on most people’s list of New Year's resolutions. For 2019, luckily, Sean Garner, NSCA-CPT, creator of Project DadBod, has developed a full-body session that will ensure you greet next summer with a six-pack and arms of steel.

Garner, who has trained hundreds of guys in the past few years, stresses the importance of four key movements: a push, a pull, a hip pivot and a squat. His program is also designed to target your abs and increase your heart rate. The program begins with a three-minute warm-up, followed by three rounds of the workout circuit. This step should be repeated three times a week for four consecutive weeks.

The warmup, known as thoracic spine rotation to downward dog, starts in the pushup position. Holding your left leg straight, you position your right foot outside your right hand. You should then hold that position while you lift your right arm towards the ceiling. Continuing to hold, you then return to the pushup position. After shifting your feet slightly forward, you raise your hips and form a straight line from your hands through your hips while keeping your legs straight. After holding for a few seconds, you start again.

After the warm-up, you continue with the toe-touch squat in which you begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms held out in front of you. Holding your back flat, you bend your knees and pivot forward at your hips, touching your toes. You should then bend your knees and finish in a low squat position, reaching your arms over your head.


For the sprint buildup, you march slowly in place for fifteen seconds, lifting each knee to your chest with each step. You then jog in place for fifteen seconds, speeding up to a sprint for thirty seconds and lifting each foot up as quickly as possible after it touches the ground.

For the dumbbell deadlift, you hold medium-weight dumbbells with your feet hip-width apart, your core braced, and your knees bent. Then, pivot your hips and thrust your butt backward, dropping your torso. Afterward, pivot slightly stretching your hamstrings. As you stand, you should squeeze your glutes. This step should be repeated twelve times.

For the alternating dumbbell row, hold medium-weight dumbbells and pivot your hips until your torso is aligned with the ground. Then, squeeze your shoulder blades and first row the right dumbbell to your chest and then the left dumbbell. This step should again be repeated twelve times.

For the side-plank press, you begin in a left-side plank with your left elbow on the ground and your torso and hips held tightly. Raise a dumbbell with your right hand and press your hips upward while you raise the dumbbell off the ground towards your right pec. Then press the dumbbell toward the ceiling and return it to the floor. This step should again be repeated twelve times.

For the glute bridge floor press, lay on the ground with medium-weight dumbbells, your upper arms placed on the ground, and your elbows curved ninety degrees. Then squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips upward while pressing the dumbbells towards the ceiling. This step should again be repeated twelve times.

For the split squat, you should position your right foot on a bench that is knee height, bending your knee and stepping your left foot roughly eighteen inches away. With your left leg held straight, you should place medium-weight dumbbell at your shoulders. Then, bend your left knee, sit back and bend your right knee until almost touching the floor. This step should again be repeated twelve times.

Finally, for the hollow body hold, you should lay on your back with your arms and legs stretched. Then squeeze your abs and press your lower back into the ground. While lifting your legs and your shoulder blades, you should extend your arms back. This step should again be repeated three to five times.


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