10 Newly Dating Wrestling Couples That Are On Rocky Starts (And 5 That Will Last)

Relationships in the wrestling world are not usually made to last. These stars are on the road together for long intervals at a time and that usually leads to relationships being formed out of convenience and then not working out outside of the company when these stars are no longer forced to travel together. This means that there have been a lot of relationships forged in WWE over the past few years that have ended prematurely because of brand switches, releases, or even just the fact that the couple decided that they wanted different things. This means that the future doesn't bode well for many of the couples who have recently announced that they are officially an item, as well as the ones who are still trying to hide the fact that they are in a relationship to avoid the negativity from the WWE Universe.

There are a number of couples who have gone on to marry and have children following the end of their wrestling career but it seems that this is incredibly rare in the wrestling world. There is a small amount of hope for some of these couples, but overall the odds are not in their favour. The following list looks at 10 WWE couples who have announced that they are together over the past few years, but it's unlikely that they will last. We also have 5 couples that seem to have everything they need to move forward and create a lasting relationship both inside and outside of the ring.

15 Won't Last: Xavier Woods And Jessica Watson

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It was only recently revealed that Xavier Woods was in a relationship, but that was because he was part of Paige's tape scandal last spring. Woods wife Jessica Watson removed all traces of herself from social media after the whole scandal and hasn't returned since.

Watson gave birth to the couple's first child last year but there are no images of Xavier with his son online and it seems that the couple has found it hard to move past the situation that was created after Paige was hacked during her hiatus from WWE at the beginning of 2017. This couple has been kept under wraps over the past few years since Xavier is quite a private person, but it seems that right now there could be a few issues with the couple that they are unable to move past, which would be a shame since the two have a child together.

14 Won't Last: Deonna Purrazzo And Marty Scurll

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Many of the WWE Universe will remember Deonna from her time in WWE's NXT Women's Division, but it seems that her run with the company was shortlived and she has now returned to the Independent Circuit where she performs alongside her boyfriend Marty Scurll in Ring of Honor.

Scurll has a bright future ahead of him and he could be heading over to the WWE in the near future and we all know how the travel schedule with WWE goes, which could be why many couples haven't made it outside of the company. There are so many couples who have tried to remain together despite their partner being on the road for 300 days a year and once Scurll joins WWE, it could be impossible for him to be able to make his relationship work with Deonna. It's unlikely that WWE would bring Deonna back in the future either since she has already had a brief run and WWE seemingly wasn't impressed.

13 Will Last: Sarah Logan And Raymond Rowe

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Many of the WWE Universe are currently unaware that Sarah Logan is engaged to new WWE star Raymond Rowe of War Machine. The couple has been together for a while but has been able to keep their relationship under wraps. The SmackDown star is doing quite well on the main roster right now and her former Tag Team Champion fiancé was recently announced as one of WWE's newest signings.

Working together for the same company can only strengthen the relationship between these two stars, who aren't seen as the biggest stars in the company right now by any stretch of the imagination. However, they could go on to be two huge stars in the coming years. The fact that they have managed to keep their relationship and their engagement under wraps over the past few months shows that this couple doesn't live for the public reaction that many stars long for, which is a good sign.

12 Won't Last: Kassius Ohno And Rachael Ellering

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Kassius Ohno and Rachael Ellering have been dating for the past few months and it seems that their relationship began to blossom while they were both part of the NXT roster. Ellering was part of the Mae Young Classic and played a small role in the NXT Women's Division perhaps with a boost from her father, who is the manager of Authors of Pain Paul Ellering.

Rachael has since returned to the Independent Circuit without her boyfriend, who continues to wrestle for NXT. Even though the NXT travelling schedule is not as bad as the company's main roster, it is thought that when Ohno is finally promoted to the main roster, this will put a huge strain on their relationship. Even though no one wants to get on the wrong side of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering, it wouldn't be the first relationship to fall at the hurdle of long-distance dating.

11 Won't Last: Bray Wyatt And JoJo Offerman


Bray Wyatt was married to Samantha Rotunda and the two had two children. They were together up until the spring of 2017 when it was revealed that Wyatt was having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman and his wife then filed for divorce.

The couple has since had a number of issues coming to a settlement and his ex-wife continues to cause problems for him online by attempting to come between him and his new woman. JoJo and Bray haven't confirmed their relationship publicly and it seems that both stars were unimpressed that Samantha revealed it for them. They are perhaps one of the most mismatched couples that WWE has ever created. It's likely that their relationship isn't going to be a long-term one, especially now that JoJo knows just how quickly Bray can change his mind and walk away from a woman that he has been with for a number of years as well as his two children.

10 Will Last: Montez Ford And Bianca Belair

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Bianca Belair first made an impact in WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic where she showed off her incredible hair whip skills and has since gone on to become a star in the NXT Women's Division. Montez Ford also performs for NXT and is one half of the Street Profits, a duo who are expected to become Champions in the near future.

Bianca and Montez have been engaged since the summer of 2017 and have both pushed their careers forward over the past few years. Both being part of the same shows and alongside each other on a regular basis is definitely something that will strengthen their relationship in the coming years until the two are huge stars in the company. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy's relationship began in NXT as well and they are also currently engaged so it seems that this could be a good foundation.

9 Won't Last: Liv Morgan And Tyler Bate

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Liv Morgan was known to be in a relationship with former Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore last year before it was made public knowledge that Enzo cheated on his longtime girlfriend. Liv then quickly began flirting with WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate and the couple were spotted out together a number of times.

It seems that Liv was looking for a rebound and the British star was the perfect person for her to turn to while she was still gaining attention from her break-up. The couple hasn't been spotted together for a while and it is unknown if they are still together. Maybe this was just a rebound for Liv, who has since been promoted to the main roster. If not, the couple must be struggling with the fact that Bate is currently on the NXT roster while Liv is performing on SmackDown Live, which means that they have very different touring schedules.

8 Won't Last: Zack Ryder And Chelsea Green

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Zack Ryder and Emma were once in a relationship backstage in WWE, but the two never revealed that they had gone their separate ways and the WWE Universe only realized when Ryder began sharing pictures of himself with his new girlfriend Chelsea Green last year.

Chelsea is a former Impact Wrestling star and it seems that her and Zack's relationship has been cute over the past few months. However, when Zack jokingly proposed to his girlfriend on Twitter last year and the media picked it up as a real thing, Ryder was completely outraged by it. Does that mean that he isn't ready to pop the question or that there are no plans for the couple to become that serious in the near future? Either way, Ryder managed to quickly break up and move on from Emma last year so there isn't much there to stop him from doing it again.

7 Will Last: Becky Lynch And Luke Sanders

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Over the past year, the WWE Universe have heard a lot about Becky Lynch and her MMA boyfriend Luke Sanders. The couple has kept their relationship as secret as possible over the past few months but with MMA and WWE's relationship becoming much closer recently, it's highly likely that there will be a number of other MMA stars making the switch over the next few years.

The couple has already been able to overcome the fact that Becky is on the road a lot and Luke has quite a demanding profession, which means that it can only be plain sailing moving forward. While many fans thought that Becky Lynch and Finn Balor would end up as a couple because Balor was the one who trained Lynch, it seems that unlike WWE, Lynch's personal life wasn't that predictable since the star has decided to date outside of the WWE roster instead.

6 Won't Last: Finn Balor And Cathy Kelley

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Finn Balor has been WWE's most eligible bachelor since he first came to the company back in 2014, but it seems that he was finally taken off the market last year when images of the former Universal Champion holding hands with WWE social media correspondent Cathy Kelley were leaked online.

Cathy and Finn are still yet to confirm that they're in a relationship since Finn wants to keep his personal life as private as possible, while Cathy has been dropping hints on Instagram over the past few months. The two don't seem to have very much in common and it is unknown how they even became an item but the biggest thing to come between them is the obvious fact that Cathy doesn't want it to be a secret that they're together but Finn obviously does. While this isn't a huge problem right now, it could turn into one in the future.

5 Won't Last: Paige And Kalan Blehm

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Paige is someone who definitely has a storied relationship history, which includes relationships with a number of musicians, so it didn't come as much of a surprise when the former Divas Champion revealed that she was in a relationship with Kalan Blehm last week.

Paige recently got out of a long-term relationship with Alberto Del Rio, which gained her worldwide publicity and caused both stars a lot of problems. Paige herself said that she wanted to remain single for a while after the break up last fall, but it seems that she has once again ran headlong into a relationship that wasn't meant to last. Paige was once a star of Total Divas where she was able to show how little she thought of her boyfriends, where she accepted her ex Brad's proposal of marriage even though she wanted to break up. Her dating history makes this relationship a recipe for disaster.

4 Will Last: Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce met during their time in NXT and only publically revealed that they were in a relationship last year. The duo both have bright futures ahead of them despite the obvious age gap and it seems that Dillinger has helped Royce in the ring over the past few years.

Dillinger hasn't been used very well on the main roster recently, but it is rumoured that Royce will be joining him on SmackDown Live in the next few months since she and her iconic duo partner Billie Kay are destined for a main roster call-up. This can only help the two who have been on different brands since Tye was called up last year and may even allow them to work together on screen for the first time. Even though Dillinger and Royce waited a while to make their relationship public, they have seemingly been going strong over the past year.

3 Won't Last: Seth Rollins And Sarah Alesandrelli

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Seth Rollins is another WWE star who has quite the dating history. Rollins was part of one of the biggest cheating scandals in WWE history when it was revealed that he was cheating on his fiancée Leighla Shultz with NXT Diva Zahra Schrieber back in 2015 before the couple themselves then went on to start up a relationship after the affair was made public.

Rollins and Zahra then broke up less than a year later and there were a number of fans who leaked messages from Rollins online to prove that he was arranging to meet up with fans in hotel rooms for personal reasons. Rollins seems to have changed in recent months since he started a relationship with Sarah Alesandrelli, but it's hard to believe that a leopard can change his spots, especially that quickly. While Rollins seems happy right now, it's unlikely that this will last.

2 Won't Last: Nia Jax And Josh Woods

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Nia Jax has become known as the Irresistible force on WWE TV in recent weeks as the company have finally cashed in on the fact that she has qualities that no other female wrestler has ever brought to the table. Jax has been in a relationship with fellow wrestler Josh Woods over the past year after the couple met when they were both part of NXT.

In recent episodes of Total Divas, Nia was shown looking for men and asking the other women to help her to get back into the dating game before she attended a speed dating party where she was able to meet a few different men, which means that WWE obviously doesn't approve of her relationship with Woods since it hasn't been revealed that Nia and the former NXT star have broken up. It never bodes well for wrestlers relationships when WWE disapproves of their personal relationships; just ask Paige.

1 Will Last: Wesley Blake And Sara Lee

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Wesley Blake was once one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions with Buddy Murphy but has since been missing from WWE TV over the past few months after it was revealed that Wesley and 2015 Tough Enough winner and former NXT superstar Sara Lee were expecting their first child together.

The couple only revealed their relationship at the end of 2016 just after Lee was released from her WWE contract and went on to tie the knot a year later at the end of 2017. Their images together on Instagram show that the couple obviously is still loved up and enjoying the honeymoon period as well as caring for their daughter Piper. This could be a relationship that was made to last and one that joins the list of exceptions in WWE when it comes to couples who were able to last both inside and outside of the ring.

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