NFL: The World's Most Valuable Quarterbacks, Ranked

The quarterback position is the most important in the NFL as every team hopes to get a superstar. Players responsible for the passing aspect of the game will contribute to the most yards and touchdowns for their teams. Almost every dynasty in the NFL history has featured a superstar quarterback leading the offense. It makes sense that the best quarterbacks have become the highest paid and most valuable assets in league history.

We will look at the net worth figures of quarterbacks past and present to figure out just which names have become the most valuable. All these players made huge impacts on the game and banked off it with incredible results. Find out just which of your favorite NFL stars have had the best financial success at the position. These are the top ten most valuable quarterbacks in the world ranked by their net worth.

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10 Joe Montana: $80 million

The greatness of Joe Montana made him one of the most beloved quarterbacks in NFL history. Montana led the San Francisco 49ers to four Super Bowl appearances and won them all. The superb play of Montana would see him become one of the faces of the league.

Montana has a tremendous net worth of $80 million making the tenth most valuable quarterback by wealth. The earnings on the field along with his endorsement deals and general name value allowed him to live more than comfortably decades after his career ended.

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9 Brett Favre: $100 million

Brett Favre certainly became a household name during his NFL career as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. The gunslinger style of Favre would see him often throw the ball down the field for exciting plays and typically positive results.

Favre won one Super Bowl and remained a dominant player for most of his career. The net worth of $100 million sees him doing quite well. Favre still has a few endorsement deals years after hanging it up. Any NFL player with a net worth this high clearly did a lot of great things on the field.

8 Eli Manning: $100 million

The New York Giants are phasing out Eli Manning as his run as the starting quarterback ends, but he is still is among the most valuable players at the position. Eli led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins with victories over the incredible New England Patriots super team.

The younger brother of Peyton didn’t live up to his brother’s legacy, but he had his own accomplishments to deliver the great work. Eli has an incredible net worth of $100 million as he inches towards the end of his playing career.

7 Russell Wilson: $115 million

Russell Wilson has become one of the most valuable players in the world after signing his recent massive contract extension. The Seattle Seahawks hope to have Wilson spend his entire career at the quarterback position for them playing at a high level.

Wilson has already delivered one Super Bowl for the Seahawks and has the status of a superstar in the league. The net worth for Wilson is at $115 million and that will likely continue growing as he moves forward in the prime of his career.

6 Drew Brees: $130 million

The New Orleans Saints saw their entire franchise change when Drew Brees joined the team. New Orleans found great success for the first time in many years as Brees led them to a huge Super Bowl victory that not many pundits predicted when he signed with the team.

Brees would have an iconic run of dominance consistently putting up legendary numbers to become one of the top quarterbacks of all-time. The Saints are still benefiting from his play today. Brees has a net worth of $130 million to show just how valuable he is in the sports world.

5 John Elway: $145 million

The legendary John Elway had a superb run in the NFL throughout the 80s and 90s. Denver Broncos fans saw his long journey culminate with two Super Bowl wins towards the end of his career. Elway always was towards the top of the league at quarterback stats and accomplishments.

The net worth of Elway is currently at $145 million as a top tier quarterback. Elway’s value could have been higher if not for some risky investments hurting him. Other incomes from his job as the Broncos General Manager and his various business investments still sees him making huge money.

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4 Tom Brady: $180 million

Tom Brady is the most valuable active quarterback in the NFL today after almost two decades on top of the league. Six Super Bowl wins and three MVP Award wins have seen Brady take over the NFL as the leader of the New England Patriots.

New England is still considered a dominant force as Brady doesn’t appear ready to retire any time soon. Brady is at a very impressive $180 million net worth. The visibility and star power of Brady will just see more opportunities come his way when he hangs up the cleats.

3 Steve Young: $200 million

Steve Young had one of the most pressure-packed jobs in NFL history when replacing Joe Montana at the quarterback position. The play of Young would see him become a legend as well to completely spoil the fan base of the 49ers getting to witness such greatness.

Young continued to thrive after his playing career with the role as an analyst. A lot of his income would come away from football with a role as the founding partner in a successful private equity firm. Young’s net worth of $200 million makes him the third most valuable quarterback today.

2 Peyton Manning: $200 million

The legendary career of Peyton Manning saw him have incredible runs with the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Manning dominated the league for most of his career as his name was near the top of every quarterback stat most seasons.

The endorsement deals for Manning piled up as well as he became a huge spokesperson. Peyton kept most of his deals after retirement and even added a few. The impressive net worth for Manning comes in second on the quarterback list at $200 million as of 2019.

1 Roger Staubach: $600 million

Roger Staubach is the oldest player on the list, but his run in the 70s made him a legendary quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. The top spot for Staubach does seem strange since players didn’t make huge money in his era compared to the past two decades of salaries.

Staubach has the top spot due to his off-field success owning a real estate company after retirement. The company was successful enough for him to sell it for $640 million about a decade ago. Staubach has the top net worth at $600 million and no other quarterback is even close to him.

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