The 10 Most Successful Kit Sponsorships In Professional Soccer History

Soccer sponsorships are crucial to any club, no matter how big or small that the team might be, with the money coming in from the various companies being crucial in helping clubs sign new players to strengthen their sides.

Every soccer chairman is working hard to bring in the biggest sponsorships possible, with the highest incomes and biggest brand names in order to spread their name on a wider level around the world.

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Throughout the history of soccer, there have been some major sponsorship deals for kits, especially recently as the game continues to grow, and within this list, we shall take a look back at 10 of the biggest kit sponsorships in soccer history.

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10 Emirates: Paris Saint-Germain

Ligue 1 team, Paris Saint-Germain is a side that hasn't shied away from splashing large sums of cash in recent years in order to build one of the strongest squads in Europe as the club looks to conquer the Champions League.

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Because the club has spent some serious cash, it is no surprise to learn they have a large sponsorship backing on their kits, with PSG earning $22 million from Nike and $28 million from Emirates.

Whilst it isn't the largest sum of money in comparison to other elite European sides, it is still one of the largest sponsorships in soccer history and is one of the reasons the club has been able to grow so significantly.

9 Paddy Power: Huddersfield Town

The deal between Huddersfield Town and Paddy Power might not be the biggest in history in terms of finance, but it was a major deal in terms of a sponsor getting a club notoriety and attention.

The betting company hilariously made videos claiming Huddersfield Town were not big enough to sponsor and then created a kit with a giant sponsor on which looked horrendous.

In the end, Paddy Power's real sponsorship was not having the logo on the shirt at all, which looked sleek and helped Huddersfield grow, with this being the biggest kit sponsorship deal outside of the Premier League in English soccer.

8 Standard Charter: Liverpool

Liverpool is an iconic soccer club which is known throughout the world, and that is one of the reasons why the club is able to bring in high-level sponsors such as Standard Chartered, who give the club $30 million-per-year.

The club also earns an impressive $38 million from sports manufacturers Warrior, although the club is currently rumored to be on the verge of signing a huge deal with Nike in the coming months.

The club's current deal with Standard Chartered actually finishes at the end of this season, and therefore it will be interesting to see how the club develops and moves forward.

7 Emirates: Real Madrid

Real Madrid has always been one of the giants of soccer, having dominated the Champions League and La Liga, the Spanish giants are currently sponsored by Emirates, which is a deal that is earning the club a significant amount of money.

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Real Madrid has earned a total of $70 million from their sponsorship deal last season, with $36 million coming from their deal with Adidas, and the remaining $34million being brought in by Emirates.

With Real Madrid being the most valuable sports team in the entire world, worth $3.4 billion, and being the richest club in the world with an annual revenue of €549.5 million, they likely aren't too worried about not topping this list.

6 Deutsche Telekom: Bayern Munich

The German juggernauts are one of the most successful soccer teams in history, so it isn't a surprise that they are earning a fantastic fee from their shirt sponsors, Deutsche Telekom on a yearly basis.

The Bundesliga side earned a total of $71 million from their sponsorship deal, taking in $28 million from Adidas, who creates Bayern Munich's sleek kit, as well as an additional $34 million from their sponsors.

With their deal with Adidas being worth $1 billion over its ten-year contract, it is unlikely Bayern Munich will be worried about its place on this list.

5 Yokohama: Chelsea FC

For years Chelsea FC had a long-term deal with electronic giants, Samsung, which might seem like a company you never want to stop working with considering its size and finances, but the Blues clearly felt differently.

A new deal was constructed at the start of the 2015-16 campaign that saw the London side begin to work with Yokohama Rubber, which is rumored to be worth over $300 million in just five years, which boosted the team's sponsorship income to over $100 million a year.

This is one of the richest deals in soccer history and is no doubt going to be coming into use for Chelsea next season after their current transfer ban is lifted.

4 Etihad Airways: Manchester City

This seasons defending Premier League Champions are one of the richest soccer clubs on earth, which begs the question as to why they need a major sponsorship deal, but owners can only be expected to pay so much of their own money, no matter how rich they are.

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Manchester City earned a total of $79 million from the sponsorship deal last season, with $18 million of that coming from Nike, whilst a huge $61 million is brought in by sponsors, Etihad Airways.

Manchester City began working with Etihad several years ago, agreeing to a ten-year deal with them for the jersey, stadium, and youth academy, which is proving to work out very well.

3 Emirates: Arsenal

Arsenal may have struggled in recent years to compete with other teams in the Premier League in terms of bringing in trophies, but they certainly haven't struggled in bringing in one of the best sponsorship deals in the history of the sport.

Arsenal brought in an incredible $80 million from the sponsorship deal with Emirates last season combined with the money earned from Puma, who create the kit, with the manufacturing giant making up $34 million of that.

However, the club has a bigger deal with Emirates which goes beyond just a kit sponsorship, with the Gunners smartly working in a deal for them to sponsor the entire stadium as well.

2 Qatar Sports Investments: FC Barcelona

As one of the best soccer teams in the world, FC Barcelona has always managed to bring in fantastic sponsorships, and when you have Lionel Messi in your side it doesn't hurt, as many sponsors are keen to get involved with the worlds best player.

Last season the Spanish giants earned a total of $80 million from their sponsorship deal, with $39 million coming in for their kit deal with Nike, who supply kits to many of the elite teams in the game.

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However, it is from the jersey sponsors themselves where the La Liga side is earning good money, with $41 million coming in, as well as $5 million from Intel, who only have a logo on the inside of the jersey, which many people may have missed.

1 Chevrolet (GM): Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the biggest soccer clubs on earth, and therefore it is no surprise that they landed an incredible kit sponsorship by having Chevrolet (GM) as the main sponsors of their kit.

The Red Devils earned an impressive $36 million from Nike each season for manufacturing the kits, yet when Chevrolet came in with $80 million per year for the sponsorship of their shirts.

It is an incredible deal which shows how much of an impact sponsors can bring in, and with Adidas now creating the kits on a ten-year deal worth $1.14 billion, Manchester United certainly know what they are doing in terms of sponsors.

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