High Dollar Hot Dogs: 10 Sports Stadiums With The Most Expensive Food

Attending a professional sporting event can be a great deal of fun. However, in recent years, tickets have gotten pretty pricey. Moreover, once fans get inside the venue, things don’t get much better. That's because the food at most arenas these days is very expensive.

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In an effort to fully understand just how much these high-dollar venues are charging for food, we are going to take a look at the ten most expensive stadiums in all of pro sports in terms of concessions, based on research provided by GoBankingRates. Grab your wallet, enjoy your hot dog and let’s get to it.

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10 New Era Field, New York

New Era Field is a professional football stadium located in Orchard Park, New York. It is currently the home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. The massive venue can hold over 71,000 sports fans.

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Those who attended a Bills game, or another event at New Era, can expect to pay a pretty penny for their food and beverage needs. The average cost to feed a single person at the venue is around $22.50. A basic 16-ounce beer goes for about $9.50. As for food, you can expect to pay $7 for a single slice of pizza, which is the exact same price as a hot dog.

9 Soldier Field, Chicago

Soldier Field is a historic venue that plays host to the NFL’s oldest franchise, the Chicago Bears. The stadium is located in Chicago, right next to Lake Michigan, and can hold around 65,500 people.

Chicago is a legendary city for foodies. Hot dogs, in particular, are a favorite amongst both visitors and locals alike. The good news for those who attend an event at Soldier Field is that you can get a Chicago-style dog. The bad news is that cost you $7.25. Those who want a beer to wash it down will have to shell out at least $10. The average person will spend around $22.75 at the Bears' home venue, making it the 9th most expensive spot in all of pro sports.

8 Smoothie King Centerm New Orleans

Smoothie King Center is a venue that is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans play there and it also hosted the Arena Football League’s New Orleans VooDoo, before the team folded in 2015. The arena can seat a total of 16,867 for basketball games.

While Smoothie King Center isn’t one of the better-known venues on our list, that hasn’t stopped them from charging a hefty sum for beverages. In truth, their food is reasonably priced (by pro sports standards at least) but their drinks certainly aren’t. A beer here will cost $11, and a soda goes for a cool $6.50. A single person spends about $23 on average at the Pelicans' home venue.

7 Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee

Fiserv Forum is a venue that recently opened back in August of 2018 and is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The new arena is where the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks take on visiting teams. The Forum can hold around 17,500 people.

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This probably isn’t a venue that most folks associate with high food prices, but they should. The Bucks' home currently offers the seventh most expensive concessions in all of sports. Like some of the other high-prices stadiums on our list, they charge about $10 a beer. However, its the food, particularly hot dogs, that are really expensive. A single hot dog at Fiserv Forum costs a whopping $7.50.

6 Citi Field, Flushing

It may come as a surprise to learn that Citi Field is the only Major League Baseball Stadium on our list. The home of the New York Mets is located in Flushing, Queens and can hold around 45,000 screaming fans when it’s at capacity.

Outside of standard baseball stadium staples, Citi Field also has higher-end dining venues, but those who are looking to stick to the basics can still expect to spend about $23.50 per event. Folks who order an ice-cold brew at a Mets games will have to pay at least $11 for a standard beer. Of course, craft beer is extra.

5 Barclays Center, New York

Another New York-based venue on our list is the Barclays Center. It is home to both the Brooklyn Nets and the NHL’s New York Islanders. The arena can hold 17,732 fans for basketball games and 15,795 for hockey.

Those who plan on eating and drinking at the Barclays Center will pay an average of $25 for the pleasure. In truth, there aren’t too many bargains to be had here. The $7 hot dog is pretty costly, but it’s the beer that can really sting your wallet. The Nets’ home turf boasts some of the most expensive beer in all of sports at $12 a serving.

4 Oakland Arena, Oakland

Oakland Arena (previously known as Oracle Arena) is best known as the home of the Golden State Warriors from 1971 to 2019. The venue is located in Oakland, California and can seat 17,732 fans for basketball games. In 2020, it will be the new home to an Indoor Football League team, the Oakland Panthers.

As the fourth most expensive stadium on our list, fans can expect to spend $25.50 to eat and/or drink here. A single beer will set an individual back about $12.50, tied for the second most expensive brew in all of sports. Those looking to get a hot dog and soda will pay a total of $13. One has to wonder if prices will drop now that the Warriors are playing elsewhere.

3 American Airlines Arena, Miami

Not to be confused with the American Airlines Center that houses the Dallas Mavericks, the American Airlines Arena is the home of the Miami Heat. The venue is located in Downtown Miami, Florida, and can fit a total of about 19,600 fans in all.

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This place can get really expensive for beer lovers in particular. That’s because American Airlines Arena has the highest beer prices in all of professional sports. A single Bud Light goes for a staggering $13 a serving. Moreover, the food isn’t cheap either. A standard dog will cost $7.50, and it doesn’t come with fries.

2 TD Garden, Boston

TD Garden is a multi-purpose arena that hosts the home games of both the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. As the team names suggest, it’s located in Boston and can hold 18,624 for basketball games and 17,565 for hockey.

A lot of our focus thus far has been on beer and hot dogs. While neither item is particularly cheap here, it’s the soda that will really get you. That's right: TD Garden has the most expensive soft drink of any sports venue. A single soda costs an eye-popping $7.50. The average person spends around $26.25 when attending a Celtics or Bruins game.

1 Madison Square Garden, New York

Madison Square Garden is a world-renowned arena that is located in Midtown Manhattan (New York). It’s where the New York Knicks play and has also hosted several legendary boxing events. The iconic venue holds 19,812 people for basketball games and can host up to 20,798 for boxing events.

MSG is one of the most famous locations in the world, and it’s also home to the most expensive concessions in all of professional sports. A single person spends an average of $28 on food and drink, while a family of four can expect to consume $73 worth of concessions. They have the most expensive hot dogs in the business, at $8.50 each.

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