The 10 Most Expensive College Football Games to Attend in 2019

College football is a favorite pastime in many American homes. We have a favorite team and a favorite rivalry, and we wear our sports gear proudly for everyone to see. We want to attend a game, but some of these games can be a bit more expensive than what we had originally bargained for.

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We have scoured StubHub.com, one of the most famous sites for finding event tickets, and found the most expensive football games to attend in 2019. These numbers may have you rethinking your plan to see your favorite team play against their rival, and these numbers are also subject to change as the season progresses. Keep reading to learn about the 10 most expensive college football games to attend in 2019!

10 Georgia vs. Texas A&M - $173

The Georgia Bulldogs are set to play the Texas A&M Aggies on November 23rd, which is why it is such a surprise that these tickets are already this expensive. It goes back and forth as to who pulls out a victory at the end of a game, which is what makes watching these two teams battle it out so exciting.

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It will be interesting to see Texas A&M face off against this team with Kellen Mond at the end of their season, as it could factor into how the playoff schedule turns out this season.

9 Nebraska vs. Ohio State - $180

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will play the Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, September 28th. Nebraska currently has a one and six record against the Buckeyes, so the odds don't look good, but it's always a fun game to attend.

This year the game will be held at their home stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska and this game is up for being a College GameDay pick. We hope to see Scott Frost coach his team to a victory, but the Buckeyes are a fearsome bunch that is never to be underestimated.

8 Michigan vs. Ohio State - $185

The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes rivalry are well-known, but somehow the Buckeyes always seem to come out on top. This year it has been predicted that Michigan might manage to pull out their third win in a century against this renowned team.

It is expected that Michigan's new quarterback, Shea Patterson, will give them the edge they need to end with a win this year, but the high price tag of the tickets might make you reconsider watching history in the making.

7 Michigan vs. Notre Dame - $192

Notre Dame reached the college football playoffs last year, but their new recruits might pose some issues when it comes to being the best again this year. The Fighting Irish play the Wolverines on their home turf this season on October 26th and it will be a game to remember.

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Many people believe that Notre Dame will manage to snuff out Michigan's pride, but only those who pay for these expensive tickets will be able to see the action play out before them.

6  Florida vs. Miami - $195

This game on August 24th is the season opener for both the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators. This game will set the momentum for the season as one Florida team comes out above the rest.

The Hurricanes might have a new coach, but that doesn't mean anything after you see their list of exceptional transfers. The cost of the ticket might deter you from seeing this piece of history, but watching it at home with your friends is always second-best.

5  Auburn vs. Alabama - $221

Auburn and Alabama will play in this historic Iron Bowl game on November 30th. This iconic rivalry of Alabama's teams has been known to tear families apart since it began in 1893.

This game is sought after by natives and non-natives alike as people from all over the United States venture to this great state to watch them battle it out for ultimate glory. Alabama might have a possible Heisman winner in their midst, but Auburn has two epic quarterbacks to choose from.

4 Clemson vs. Texas A&M - $245

The Texas A&M Aggies will face off against the Clemson Tigers on September 7th, but managing a win won't be easy for either team. Clemson hopes to secure their third national championship in four seasons beneath the talented quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

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The Aggies know it won't be easy with stats like these, but they are up for the challenge, as long as their fans decide to pay for their $245 tickets because they could use all of the support they can get.

3 Oklahoma vs. Texas - $319

This famous rivalry between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns is also known as the Red River Showdown and takes place during the Cotton Bowl. This year, they are set to play on October 12th and the events taking place around this game at the Texas State Fair are why people make the trip south to see them.

It is a known fact that this game sells out months in advance as fans dream of seeing their favorite team in action, so this $319 ticket price probably won't last long.

2 LSU vs. Texas - $330

The LSU Tigers will play the Texas Longhorns on September 7th and it will be played at the Longhorn's stadium. This is one of the games that will determine if LSU has a chance of making it into the playoffs, which is why tickets to see them pay are so expensive.

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It is also a big page for Texas as they see if their team has what it takes to make it to the top. The ticket for the game might be more expensive than the plane ticket you will have to buy, but watching these athletes on the field will make it all worth it.

1 Notre Dame vs. Georgia - $550

The face-off between Notre Dame and Georgia is generally one of the most-watched games of the year, but they are also both playoff contenders. This will be the third time these two teams have faced off and the game itself has been moved to a later time to catch more viewers. This is also the first time Notre Dame will play at Sanford Stadium, which will mark another momentous occasion in the history books.

We can't wait to watch them hash out their feud on the field, but we might decide to watch it home with a price tag that high.

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