Lindsey Vonn And 19 Other Attractive Female Olympians Travelling To Korea This Winter

The 2018 Winter Games are right around the corner, and you know what that means, soon we will get to witness some of the best athletes in the world competing against each other in winter sports. There is something about the Winter Games that in some ways are even cooler than the Summer Games. In the summer most of the sports are more famous, and also it is warm out! The Winter Games athletes have really worked hard for their craft and outside of figure skaters and ice dancers, they do so without a lot of notoriety.

You might think that when it comes to the Winter Olympic athletes that the women wouldn't be all that good looking, after all, what kind of attractive woman spends all of her time training for a sport that requires her to wear a ton of clothes all the time?  Well, you might be surprised, but there are all sorts of incredibly gorgeous female athletes that are going to be competing in the Winter Olympics this year. I picked 20 of them, all from the United States, but I easily could have picked 20 more.

Here are 20 beautiful and talented female Olympians to look out for this winter.

20 Jamie Anderson — Snowboarder

We all know that women who snowboard are cool, they totally have it going on, and when it comes to a woman who is one of the best snowboarders in the world and is also as cute as she could possibly be, there is no resisting her charms. That is the case with Jamie Anderson. She won a Gold Medal in Russia in 2014, and has been a fixture at the X Games for years and has won numerous events there, she has 11 X Games medals in all.  Not to mention the fact that she is a total looker. Women that snowboard are just as cool as women who surf, maybe even more so, because they do it when it is cold out!

19 Ashley Wagner — Figure Skater

Every year the Olympic team has at least one figure skater that the country goes nuts for, all of the woman and girls look up to her as someone who is a role model, while guys look at her, just because she is so gorgeous. This year that might be Ashley Wagner. She won a Bronze Medal at the last Olympic games in the team event and has been the United States National Champion three times. Ashley is 26 years old, so this could very well be her last Olympics, but not to worry, while Ashley might be getting up there in age for a figure skater, she is still a really young woman, which means we will be seeing her again.

18 Mikaela Shiffrin — Alpine Ski Racer

While Lindsey Vonn is the alpine skier who has a ton of appeal, Mikaela is just totally adorable. She is still just 22 years old and was the youngest Slalom Gold Medal winner in Olympic history, she was only 18 years old when she won the medal. She has been winning competitions for pretty much as long as she was old enough to compete in them, and that is a good thing because it means that she will be around for a long time to come. She is the perfect example of what an article about this is all about, how can a woman be so gorgeous and still so driven and talented? The whole thing just doesn't seem fair.

17 Jessie Diggins — Cross Country Skier

Next on the list of Winter Olympic athletes who are totally talented as well as easy on the eyes is Jessie Diggins, who is a cross-country skier. She is 26 years old and is from Minnesota, while she has yet to win any Olympic Medals it wouldn't surprise anyone if she was able to medal this year. One other thing she happens to be is totally gorgeous, and I am not kidding about that at all.  Jessie is just another example of a beautiful woman that is competing to be the best in her chosen sport. She has competed in the World Cup for years and has had a good amount of success while doing so.

16 Katie Uhlaender — Skeleton Racer

Katie Uhlaender is a Skeleton racer, which is a sport somewhat similar to bobsled and luge, but always involves single riders and a very successful one at that. She has won 6 medals at the World Championships. One thing I have to wonder about women like Katie, how did she get into this in the first place? I mean did she just really like sledding? Katie has also competed as a weightlifter, so if you are not getting the point, she is in really good shape, which probably comes in handy when people ask her why she is a skeleton racer. She is not the most traditionally good looking woman out there, but she is quite good looking nonetheless.

15 Lindsey Vonn — Alpine Ski Racer

When it comes to a list like this, you know Lindsey Vonn has to be on it. Lindsey Vonn is an alpine skier who is obviously ridiculously hot, and very talented as well. She has posed nude while holding ski poles and also did some photos wearing nothing but body paint for Sports Illustrated. Any way you look at it she is an extremely beautiful woman and one who also is a very talented athlete. She has won numerous World Cup Championships and won her first Olympic medal in 2010, she has also won a bronze. She will be back in Korea repping this years team as a 33-year-old, and she is still looking as hot as ever.

14 Jamie Greubel Poser — Bobsledder

When you look at the bobsledding team, it is kind of hard to tell who is hot and who isn't because they are all wearing helmets, well take my word for it Jamie Greubel Poser is one of the hot ones, and she is talented as well.  She won a bronze medal in the two-woman bobsled event at the last Olympics and is a favorite to medal in this year's event too. She married a German bobsledder recently which I guess makes sense. Who else would understand why you would want to be married to a bobsledder if you weren't  another bobsledder? They seem like a pretty odd bunch if you ask me.

13 Karen Chen — Figure Skater

We have already established that figure skaters are the top of the heap when it comes t glamor and prestige at the Winter Olympics, and since that is the case Karen Chen will fit right in. She is only 18 years old and is the reigning U.S. champion and she also placed 4th at the World Championships last year. Since she is so young, so talented and also so pretty what do you think the chances are that she will become a huge star really soon? I would be that within a few months a lot of people all over the country will be talking about Karen Chen, and not just because she is so attractive.

12 Madison Hubbell — Ice Dancer

Ice dancers don't get quite the same amount of attention that figure skaters do, it is probably because they don't have quite the same athletic ability, but they do have the same amount of glamor attached to what they do. One of the most beautiful and glamorous women at the Winter Olympics is Madison Hubbell  She and her partner are the reigning national champions, she used to compete with her brother but she has a new partner now. Madison is without a doubt a very attractive and elegant woman, and there is no doubt that she will soon be someone who will be making a bigger name for herself.

11 Aja Evans — Bobsledder

Aja Evans is a very successful bobsledder and is one who is very athletic as well as very good looking. She is from an athletic family. Her brother is a defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. Her uncle is retired Major League Baseball outfielder Gary Matthews and her cousin is baseball player Gary Matthews, Jr. She was a track and field athlete in college before she got involved with bobsledding, she won a bronze medal at the Olympics in 2014. Aja is in amazing shape and she has a body that just will not quit. She posed nude in the ESPN Body Issue, so you know, maybe you might want to check that out.

10 Madison Chock — Ice Dancer

Madison Chock is a very beautiful and elegant woman, who competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics as an ice dancer, and is set to compete again this year. One wonders how people decided to be ice dancers as opposed to figure skaters, but it seems like elegance has something to do with it. Madison was born in California and has some Chinese and Hawaiian ancestry. She is quite exotic looking and quite classy as well, While Madison is a long shot to medal at the Winter Olympics she is someone who could still catch on and be a star and noticed by many, with looks like that, how could she not be?

9 Oksana Masters — Cross-Country Skier

Oksana Masters is an interesting woman on this or any other list. She is a ParaOlympic athlete, both in the summer games as a rower and in the winter games as a cross-country skier. She has numerous birth defects when she was born and was abandoned in Russia as an infant where she lived until she was 7 before she was adopted and brought back to America. Despite her physical issues, Oksana has never let it hold her back, she not only competes at a high level athletically but she also posed nude for ESPN's Body Issue. This is a person who is an inspiration to many people across the world.

8 Annie O'Shea — Skeleton Racer

Annie O'Shea is a skeleton racer, like a lot of them she was originally a track and field athlete. She has won the National Championship three times in her career. One has to wonder how this happens, do people come up and recruit athletic women like her to be on the skeleton race team? Either way you know that a lot of it has to do with the fact that there is a lot less competition for women to be skeleton racers then there is for them to compete in track and field. No matter how you slice it, Annie has had a great career and she is also a very good looking woman as well.

7 Monique Lamoureux — Ice Hockey

One thing that you don't think you are going to hear of too often, is a really good looking female hockey player. That might sound sexist, but it really isn't, I could say the same thing about the guys. Come on, half of them don't even have teeth for crying out loud. But I have to say, there are some good l0oking female hockey players out there, and Monique and her twin sister Jocelyne are two of them. They both were a part of the U.S. Olympic hockey team both in 2010 and 2014 and they won a silver medal both times. Who knows, maybe this will finally be the year they get over the hump and bring back the gold.

6 Jocelyne Lamoureux — Ice Hockey

Seriously though, what are the odds of having twins, who are both super hot and are both super athletic and are both excellent hockey players? It doesn't even seem possible. Jocelynne and her sister have been playing for a long time, they actually even used to play with boys when they were growing up, and why not, it doesn't seem possible that many women would have been able to hang with these two They both stand out as excellent role models for girls out there, they teach them that they can do anything they want, and still be totally attractive at the same time, and there is nothing wrong with that.

5 Alexa Scimeca Knierim — Figure Skater

Alexa is a figure skater and a very beautiful one at that. She competes in pairs figure skating with her husband Chris. The interesting thing about these two is that they met just as figure skating partners and then became engaged, and then eventually married.  I always wondered about that kind of thing, isn't it hard to work so closely with someone like that without getting romantically involved? I would think that you would either end up hating them or you would wind up falling in love with them. Apparently in this situation it was the latter. Here is looking forward to them competing together.

4 Amanda Kessel — Ice Hockey Player

If you think the Lamoureux twins are the only good looking women on the United States Olympic Hockey team then you would be wrong. Amanda Kessel totally gives them a run for their money. She is 26 years old and competed in her first Olympic competition in 2014. It is interesting to think what women like her do for the sport of women's hockey before she and others like her came along the thought of being a female hockey player would have been something that did not seem all that desirable to a lot of young women, but not so anymore. Hopefully, they bring home the gold.

3 Lindsey Jacobellis — Snowboarder

As I said before in this article, there is something that is totally cool about a good looking woman that snowboards, and Lindsey certainly one of those types of people. She won a silver medal in the Olympics way back in 2006 and has won numerous medals at the X Games, and she did all that all while looking super cool at the same time. Skateboarding is kind of the same thing when it comes to women, if you know a good looking woman who is a snowboarder and is also really attractive, then you might want to ask her about before someone else does, because she is the real deal without a doubt.

2 Morgan Schild — Freestyle Skiing

Morgan is not only a really good skier, but she is cute as a button as well. As you can see she has established herself as one of the stars of the U.S. ski team. After securing the 2014 overall NorAm tour title with five wins, Schild kicked things up a notch during her first year on the national team, taking home three top-10 World Cup finishes, including her first dual moguls World Cup win in Tazawako, Japan. Her performance on the World Cup circuit earned her the 2015 FIS World Cup Rookie of the Year title". She is only 20 years old, so the odds are we will be seeing her for a while.

1 Summer Britcher — Luge

With a name like Summer, why would she possibly be competing in the Winter Olympics? Her parents obviously had no idea what they were doing with this one. Summer competes on the luge team. She has been at it since she was just 11 years old and even moved to Lake Placid when she was growing up to train. That is the type of true dedication that gets someone like her to the Olympics, and it also doesn't hurt that Summer is quite a looker as well. She, like everyone else that is on this list, is an athlete first, and a good looking woman second, much respect to her achievements, but that doesn't mean that she isn't gorgeous.

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