Kate Upton's $1.5 Million Engagement Ring And 23 Other WAGS With The Most Expensive Blinged-Out Rings

WAGS – the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes – lead a rarefied lifestyle of expensive clothes, jewelry, evenings on the town, and luxurious getaways. Still, with all that money, at least some of the fairy tale has to be true, right?

There is one tangible way we can check out the difference between the life of a WAG and just about everybody else – the bling. When a dude signs on the dotted line for a multi-million-dollar contract, that leaves a lot of cash lying around for that special purchase when he wants to pop the question. When your training and professional life is all about winning, it means go big or stay home.

In a few cases, marriage followed and has lasted for years. In other cases, the engagement ended before the knot was tied, and the ring presumably went with one of them as a memento of their time together — and a few thousand at the nearest pawn shop when times go bad. Here’s a look at some of the biggest WAG bling ever.

24 Kate Upton And Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander was playing for the Detroit Tigers when he met and started dating supermodel Kate Upton. The star pitcher, playing today with the Houston Astros, is now reputed to be the fourth highest paid of all MLB players. That rising salary of his must be how he was able to impress Upton with a ring he'd designed himself (with the help of jeweler Anita Ko). The enormous diamond ring is rumored to have cost up to $1.5 million. The couple has kept a lot of their relationship under wraps, but they've been spotted together since 2013. Upton unveiled the ring at the 2016 Met Gala, and the couple got married in a private ceremony in Italy in November 2017.

23 Nicole Williams And Larry English

Model Nicole Williams is a native of Toronto, Canada, and she was dating NFL defensive end Larry English when she appeared on WAGS. Larry English, who was just finishing his career with the Buccs, reportedly surprised her when he proposed on WAGS at the end of season two. After four years of dating, he went down on one knee to offer her his hand and a stunning six-carat diamond ring that cost about $250K. It was a WAGS romance, a WAGS engagement, and a WAGS wedding too. Williams and English tied the knot at gorgeous Laguna Beach, as broadcast on the 2017 season finale of WAGS L.A.

22 Chanel Iman And Sterling Shepard

New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard got on one knee the day after his girlfriend's 27th birthday in early December 2017 to propose. Said girlfriend, model Chanel Iman, shared the news on her Instagram account, including shots of her wearing the rose gold ring with its big, round, sparkly diamond. The two had been dating for about a year after meeting at a birthday party for Shepard's former teammate Victor Cruz in November 2016. He says he got her a drink and the rest is history.

21 Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook

Karl Cook is a professional equestrian, which we’re guessing doesn’t pay nearly as much as the NFL or NBA, but he still managed to impress future wife Kaley Cuoco with a sparkly diamond ring. The proposal came on Kaley’s 32nd birthday at the end of November 2017, and she shared her teary acceptance on Instagram. The two had been dating for about two years. The ring sports a huge pear-shaped diamond on a slender white gold band and was made according to the future groom's specs. No word on how big or how much, but it leaves an impression, let’s say.

20 Caroline Wozniacki And David Lee

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki had just won a $7-million prize against Venus Williams in Singapore a few days before NBA star and boyfriend David Lee proposed in November 2017. Lee waited until the two were in Bora Bora after the WTA match to pop the question. The ring is a stunner, with a huge oval stone, and Caroline took to Twitter to share the news, calling it the "Happiest day of my life!" She also called Lee her "soulmate." The two had been cagey about their relationship and only went public with it that summer.

19 Nikki Bella And John Cena

We’re not sure if this qualifies as a WAG engagement or whether a few more letters are needed to describe this one. WWE star John Cena proposed to his longtime lady love — and fellow WWE star – Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33 in April 2017. The pair had just defeated The Miz and his wife Maryse in a match, and to celebrate their victory, Cena got down on one knee to pop the question. He offered Nikki a 4.5-carat round-cut diamond on a band with smaller channel-set diamonds in white gold that he had designed himself. The answer? Of course, it was a yes.

18 Erin Andrews And Jarret Stoll

Sports broadcaster and Dancing with the Stars co-host Erin Andrews announced her engagement to NHL hockey player Jarret Stoll in December of 2016. The ring was a large cushion-cut solitaire diamond on a white gold band. Stoll had just announced that he was taking on the role of talent scout for the Los Angeles Kings, effectively ending his playing career. Apparently, marriage was part of his future plans. The happy couple were married in June 2017 in Montana in what Erin described as a "fairytale wedding."

17 Ashley Nicole Roberts And Philip Wheeler

NFL linebacker Philip Wheeler went shopping for an engagement ring for longtime girlfriend Ashley Nicole Roberts on an episode of WAGS Miami. He took WAGS star Darnell Nicole with him to Jason of Beverly Hills. Viewers watched him initially balk at the $100K price tag, only to be chastised by Darnell on the air. He manned up, bought the bling – an extra large pear-shaped stone – and presented it to his lady love during a romantic dinner in November 2016. The two were married in May 2017.

16 Kayla Rae Reid And Ryan Lochte

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his former Playboy model girlfriend, Kayla Rae Reid, met in 2016 after being introduced by friends in the VIP room at Bootsy Bellows, a celeb-rich night club in West Hollywood. The 12-time Olympic medalist proposed a mere 8 months later in October 2016 over a helicopter ride over the Malibu Canyon and a 5-carat, radiant-cut diamond ring. Their relationship continued on the fast track; the couple's first child was born in June 2017. The two were married in secret in January 2018 in a courthouse ceremony in Gainesville, Florida.

15 Hannah Davis And Derek Jeter

He's a retired MLB great and she's a swimswuit model. They began dating in 2012 when Jeter was playing for the Yankees. After Jeter retired in September 2014, the former Yankee shortstop moved to Tampa, Florida with Davis. Hannah flashed her big fat diamond ring for the first time in public at the CMA Awards in November 2015. The large stone was embellished with pave-set stones in the band. The happy couple tied the knot at a Napa Valley resort in California in July 2016. Hannah’s wedding band was also set with diamonds to match the engagement ring. In the fall of 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Their daughter was born in August 2017.

14 Ciara And Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL, began dating pop singer Ciara in 2015. According to interviews, he was upfront about one thing from the beginning: there would be no intimacy in the bedroom until marriage. In fact, he went public with the vow, asking his church members to pray for them. By all accounts, the two stuck to their guns until they tied the knot in July 2016. Before that, however, he presented her with an impressive 16-carat diamond engagement ring. The couple had a baby girl in April 2017.

13 Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich

DWTS alumna Julianne Hough attended a seminar with family members in 2013. The insights she gained led her to dump a few casual boyfriends, so that when a friend from the set of the movie Curve introduced her to hockey player Brooks Laich a few days later, she was ready for the change. The couple immediately hit it off, and went public with the relationship in 2014. The couple announced their engagement via Instagram in August 2015 with shots of Julianne's ring — a 6-carat beauty designed by Lorraine Schwartz — and went on to tie the knot in July 2017.

12 Kim Sears And Andy Murray

Britain's Andy Murray is a genuine tennis star – Wimbledon 2016 champion among many other prizes — and ranks among the top players in the world. He's an Olympic gold medal winner (twice) and has even been knighted. Add to that the fact that he'd met Kim Sears when they were both teenagers, and they had been dating for about a decade. So, when Sir Murray popped the question, you knew he had to go big. The round diamond with a halo setting was said to cost about $275,000. The couple married in 2015 and have since had two daughters.

11 Meryl Davis And Fedor Andreev

This couple comes from the world of figure skating, where Meryl is a gold medalist in the field of ice dancing, and Fedor is a retired figure skater — and not coincidentally, the son of Meryl’s long-time skating coach. Love blossomed in the ice rinks. The couple had been dating for about six years before Meryl shared the engagement announcement — and her ring — on Instagram in July 2017. Fedor gets high points for creativity in his selection, giving his lady a gleaming canary yellow diamond in a halo setting. Meryl announced that she wouldn't be competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics to focus more on her personal life.

10 Karina Smirnoff And Brad Penny

Ukrainian hottie Karina Smirnoff was a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars back in the day, but she seems to have made a second career for herself as an engaged bride to be. Back in 2010, she was engaged to MLB star Brad Penny (Detroit Tigers,) who gave her a huge rock of about four to five carats that was estimated to be worth just under $100K. What went wrong? Certainly, it wasn’t the ring, but for whatever reason, Ms Smirnoff broke it off with Penny, along two subsequent engagements to DWTS pro Maksim Chermkovskiy and actor Jason Adelman. In 2015, she told a magazine reporter that she was seeking therapy for her relationship issues.

9 Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher

Hockey star Mike Fisher proposed to country music star Carrie Underwood in 2009 with a huge canary diamond ring. The sparkling yellow diamond at the center is about 5 to 6 carats and it sports a halo of smaller diamonds around it and down the ring on both sides. The two met after being set up on a blind date in 2008 and dated for about a year before the bling came out. Created by Johnathon Arndt, jewelry designer to the stars, the ring was estimated to cost about $150K

8 Maria Sharapova And Sasha Vujacic

Two star athletes equals one big engagement ring plus one messy break-up later down the road. Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova accepted NBA star Sasha Vujacic's proposal in 2010 after dating for a year, and the ring he gave her probably didn't hurt. The 9-carat cushion-cut diamond was set in white gold and rumored to cost about $250,000. Love didn’t last for the two athletes, however, and in 2012, they called it quits. Apparently, there’s no love lost between them nowadays. In 2015, Sasha told an interviewer, "I'm over Maria Sharapova." Yes, but who got the ring?

7 Keyshia Cole And Daniel Gibson

Daniel Gibson Sr. was a shooter for the Cleveland Cavaliers when he dated and then proposed to singer Keyshia Cole in 2010. The ring was reported to sport a 9-carat diamond framed by smaller stones, with the bling setting the NBA star back about $800K. Their 2011 wedding was an all-out glamor-fest and was filmed for their very own reality show, Keyshia and Daniel: Family First on BET. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last and by 2014, they'd split. In 2015, she was slamming him on Instagram and in 2017, the estranged pair appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Daniel "Booby" Gibson revealed in an interview on the show that he blamed himself for the break-up.

6 Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom

The relationship didn’t last, but oh the bling! For once, Khloe stole the spotlight from sister Kim on their reality show the day that Odom put about 12.5-carats worth of diamonds around her finger. The ring was said to have cost about $850K and features a large radiant cut stone. The pair had only met a month before the wedding in 2009, and the size of the ring shows that when Lamar means business, he means business. The marriage, as we all now know, was a roller coaster, ending in divorce in 2016 — and then some. But that diamond, we're sure, still shines bright, wherever it is.

5 Evelyn Lozada And Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) And Carl Crawford

Evelyn Lozada has been gifted with two huge diamond engagement rings as a WAG. She starred in Basketball Wives from 2010 to 2013, as the ex-fiancée of NBA star Antoine Walker. That didn't prevent a little walk on the wild side to the NFL and wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (now known as Chad Johnson). He proposed to Evelyn in 2010 and they were married in July 2012. In August 2012, she filed for divorce after Johnson was arrested in Florida on a charge of domestic battery. She then turned to the MLB for inspiration and entered into a relationship, and engagement, with Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The two had a son in 2014 and called off the engagement in 2017, with Evelyn vowing to keep the massive 14.5-carat, $1.4-million engagement ring. In 2017, Basketball Wives — along with Evelyn — was back on the air, and the whole marriage thing was just a shiny blip in the past.

4 Eva Longoria And Tony Parker

Eva Longoria was starring on Desperate Housewives and Tony Parker was a point guard with the San Antonio Spurs when they met in 2004. Eva had attended a game with her dad and then asked to meet the players in the locker room. She says she fell in "lust at first sight" when she saw Tony. He asked her and her dad out to dinner, and while the relationship had its share of ups and downs, they dated for a couple of years before getting engaged in November 2006 with a 5-carat emerald cut diamond. The couple was married in July 2007, but it was not to last. They filed for divorce in November 2010. Ironically, it was said to be Tony's infidelity with another NBA WAG that led to the split.

3 Victoria Adams And David Beckham

David Beckham was a Manchester United star and Victoria Adams was Posh Spice when the two first met in 1996. There was said to be an immediate spark between the two. They met at a charity football match and began dating right away. In January 1998, David got down on one knee and proposed with a 3-carat, marquise-cut diamond and got a matching 96-diamond band for himself to mark the occasion. The pair got hitched in 1999. Now, the A-list couple has had their share of ups and downs, including repeated rumors of Beckham's infidelity while he was still playing, but they're still together nearly two decades down the road.

2 Hilary Duff And Mike Comrie

Hillary Duff began her career as a child Disney star and had been working since the age of 11. She was already out of her child star stage and beginning to garner mainstream success when she began dating NHL hockey player Mike Comrie in 2007. The two were engaged in early 2010 when Mike presented her with a 14-carat, princess-cut diamond ring worth a cool $1 million. The Canadian hockey player, in addition to his own earnings from the NHL, is heir to a family fortune, so the ring had to be impressive. Sadly, the marriage lasted four years before their divorce in January 2014. The two are apparently still amicable, and have been spotted on outings with their son since the split.

1 Vanessa Bryant And Kobe Bryant

Now, this one doesn’t actually qualify as an engagement ring — but maybe it can be called a re-engagement ring. In July 2003, at the top of his game, Kobe Bryant was arrested in Colorado on charges of assault after being accused by a 19-year-old employee of a hotel where Kobe had stayed while having surgery. The girl claimed he had assaulted her in his hotel room the night before his operation. There was scandal, a trial, and a civil lawsuit. Through it all, Kobe claimed the encounter had been consensual. He did end up publicly apologizing to his accuser and there was an out-of-court settlement with no criminal charges that stuck. But, there was a wife back at home who was, needless to say, not amused by the proceedings. Shortly after the ruckus, Vanessa Bryant was pictured sporting an 8-carat purple diamond ring valued at about $4 million. She did file for divorce once in 2013, but then dropped the action. Re-engagement rings work.

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