John Cena's InCENArator And 14 Other Luxury Cars In His Garage

Once you are a celebrity, it turns out that the world wants to know every tiny detail about you. It’s not because we are snoopy, but mainly because we just want to make sure that celebrities are as human as we mere mortals are. We want to know that they are subject to the same embarrassing moments, fashion blunders and that they are tempted by the same sins that we are tempted by. We also want to just rest comfortably, knowing that they too are human and have normal lives (maybe just like we do) but just with more zeros in their bank accounts.

John Cena is a celebrity that we look at. He is a better wrestler than he is an actor. He has had a really good wrestling career. He has been in the spotlight for several reasons. A role model for kids, his relationship with his ex-wife Elizabeth and now his relationship with his wrestler partner Nikki Bella is highly publicized on the reality television show Total Bellas. Nikki stars in the show with her twin sister Brie. But Cena has gained attention recently because he has more cars in his collection than actual WWE Championships. Read below for the 15 sickest cars in his car collection so far.

15 InCENArator


This car is actually a work of art, though some may think otherwise. It has a really weird shape, one that we are not used to seeing. It is described as a millionaire’s toy because the average Joe or Jill can’t afford to buy a car that is a custom concept build. The pipe’s salient feature is its eight exhaust pipes that are able to shoot out flames. The car is so ‘dope’ that it has appeared in Gumball 3000 and it was featured on the show Dream Machines. Cena apparently told the manufacturers to make the car look like a year 3000 car. The job was achieved. The car was actually a Corvette before it transformed and has the same features, which include a 5.5-liter engine. It is silver and black with gold logos and numbers.

14 2006 Ford GT

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This 2006 limited Ford GT that they created only 27 of, will have car lovers everywhere salivating and jealous of John Cena. Forget all the other muscle cars. This silver beauty is the real deal. It has a 330cu engine, 550 horsepower, and a 6-speed manual transmission. What more could you want in a car beside back seats? Apparently, according to Autotrader, the car is now worth over $400,000. Initially, its price was only $150,000. If only we had $150,000 lying around to buy a car, right? Who knows, maybe now that the GT is more than ten years old, Cena may consider getting an upgrade this year to add to his collection of muscle cars. We can only wait patiently for it. But, he may be saving his earnings for his wedding.

13 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

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It doesn’t matter how coveted this muscle car was in its day. In our day, it can only be described as an ugly car. There are no better words to describe the car. The car is a hideous shade of orange and looks almost like an orange. Maybe the car is ugly, but the classic can retail for almost $60,000 in an excellent condition and it is obvious that John will have his car in nothing less than a stellar condition. The car also has some decent specs and the car was available back in the day with either manual or automatic transmissions. Maybe the car isn’t all that bad, but in a different color, it has the potential to attract the ladies. However, John does not need help in that department.

12 2006 Dodge Viper

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If you say you have a muscle car collection, then the Dodge Viper (doesn’t matter which generation), needs to be part of your inventory. If it is not part of your inventory, then your collection seriously needs to be reevaluated. John’s ownership of the Dodge Viper brings us into the 21st century. It would be no surprise if he referred to this car as the snake, because its design is sleek, and the car probably slithers along effortlessly. This pulsing legendary car in his inventory is blue with two racing stripes coming down the center. It is a car we love and a car we’ll be thrilled to drive. It has a horsepower of 510! Imagine getting behind the wheel of this sweet, yet super-fast car. Nikki is a lucky woman.

11 2007 Dodge Charger SRT-8

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It’s nice to see that Cena decided to add a modern 2007 Charger in his collection, despite it being more than ten years old. His Charger is a Detonator orange (more like a yellow) and it has a black racing stripe. It, of course, has a rear spoiler and with its tires and headlights the car has almost a monstrous look. Maybe we just prefer the look of the first-generation Charger to this version John has. The car has 370cu HEMI engine, 425 horsepower, and an auto-stick transmission. Only 1000 were manufactured and John, sure enough, was lucky to get the 949th one manufactured. Unfortunately, the Charger would not retail for as much as its first generation. If it is sold for $20,000, it will be sold for a lot.

10 2007 Ford Mustang Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition

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To be honest, we were a bit disappointed that John did not have a first-generation Ford Mustang in his collection. Mustang was probably one of the most popular muscle cars of its time. Nonetheless, he is somewhat redeemed from his sin by having this limited-edition Mustang in his car collection. You can’t have a muscle car collection without having a Ford Mustang in it. This car has a high compression 5021 302 Cu engine, 400 horsepower, 5-speed manual and only 500 models were made. His car is in a Grabber Orange Mustang, and in classic Mustang and racing style, it has a black racing stripe down the hood and black accent stripes on its side. This retailed initially for a bit over $40,000, but now the price for it is variable.

9 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1


So, John actually has a car in his collection that will seem a bit normal to us. Not normal in the sense that we could afford it, but normal meaning that the color is not too aggressive or flamboyant. It seems as though John has a serious need for speed. This car has a large engine 6.2 L V8 and probably uses a lot of gas. It has a horsepower of 638 and a 6-speed manual transmission. Even after being used this car has a really high retail value that can go up to $90,000. The Corvette, when it was released, received almost a 5-star rating. No car could be perfect right? But this blue Corvette owned by Cena is one of the cars we are hoping that he’ll donate to us if we were to meet him in person.

8 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger


John’s 1966 Dodge Hemi Charger is a limited edition black car. It has a 4-Speed transmission with a horsepower of 425 and an engine size of 426 HEMI. With this sweet ride, all muscle car riders will be jealous of John for owning this classic muscle car. Dodge was a bit slow at catching up to its competitors Plymouth and Ford and waited two years after they released their muscle cars to the masses. However, the wait was well worth it, and their fastback car was one of the best in the decade. Owning this fastback is like owning a piece of history as it was the first muscle car that Dodge produced and made available to the market. The Dodge Charger is worth well over $100,000 for a well-kept model.

7 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro

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When you see the lineup of the cars on this list, you will realize that it was hard to compile the list of his best fifteen cars. This 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro owned by John Cena almost looks Cherry Red in color but it is not as bright as a cherry. The Camaro was way before Bumble Bee’s time and has an L72 cast iron 427 CU engine, an H22 4 Speed transmission and 425 horsepower. The Camaro was the first generation of Chevrolet Camaros. It cost about $30,000 which was a lot of money. But now, this first-generation Camaro can retail for an average retail value of $166,000. Give or take, the car could be valued for more depending on the condition that it was kept in.

6 1970 Buick GSX

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The 1970 Buick was Buick's first contribution to the trend that became known as the American muscle car. It seemed as though every car manufacturer at that time wanted a piece of the market share. It seemed as if the Buick’s original price was a little under $5000 originally. However, today a Buick can retail for more than $120,000. John’s Buick looks like the classic American ride. It is white with a thick black racing strip down the middle of the hood. The racing stripe is accented with a white strip down its center and thin red stripes on the side of the car, which adds an interesting detail and character to it. The car has a 455 stage 1 engine, 360 horsepower, turbo hydro 400 and it is the 656th car of the 678 cars that Buick sold to the public.

5 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

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Luckily John has a yellow muscle car in his collection, Sebring Yellow to be more precise. If he didn’t we may have judged him harsher than we usually do. This 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 is maybe a car that the present generation is not too familiar with. This car features a 350cu Engine, Th 250 transmission, and 325 horsepower. It is a bit slower than the Camaro and Charger. In the 70s one of these beauties could cost you on average $15,000 as the cars didn’t cost a lot to produce. Decades later, if John were to put his car on the market, he may be able to get about $50,000 for it. However, because he is a celebrity, he may be able to convince the buyer to pay $100,000 for his car since it comes with bragging rights.

4 1971 AMC Hornet SC/360

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This mustard yellow hornet is a bit easier to look at than the puke green Road Runner above. John’s car is the first one off the assembly line of the 748 cars that they manufactured in the series. It has a 260cu engine, 329 horsepower, and a 4-speed transmission. By now you probably wonder if John actually drives these cars and uses them to help him with his daily errands, but the Hornet is one of the cars that he actually uses every day. Nonetheless, the Hornet is a legendary car and you can find the classic for sale in some areas for the price of $30,000. Maybe if you decide to get one in the future, you will opt for a less flamboyant color. Maybe the hornet in a blue or a black will be easy on the eye.

3 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville

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This car is no longer in his collection and it is not exactly the sickest car John has. However, like some other cars on the list, it made the list because it has some sentimental value to him. John actually owned this car when he was 14 years old! In what state can a fourteen-year-old legally own a car? The car may seem pretty old-fashioned because it is. Unlike the muscle cars showed before, this car is not a muscle car and only has a 135 horsepower. Muscle cars, as you will realize, have a design that is timeless. Yes, you may be able to tell that the design is old, but it still fits in a bit with what is modern. This Cadillac Coupe would not fit in with what is modern. So, maybe it was for the best that this car is no longer in Cena’s garage. A good memory though.

2 1989 Jeep Wrangler

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A Jeep Wrangler has no business on a list of car collection, but this car, like the Cadillac, has some history and sentimental value for John. It is not a sick car and will be used for off the road purposes. But John bought this car when he got his first wrestling contract. Talk about making upgrades in life. John gives the younger generation a good example on how to use certain opportunities as a stepping stone. The Wrangler only has a horsepower of 126. Maybe sometime this year he will consider getting himself an upgrade because it is unlikely that he actually drives the Jeep. He probably just has it in his garage to remind him of his humble days. Very good for you John. But we are beginning to think that you’re a hoarder.

1 1991 Lincoln Continental

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So, this car is actually not a muscle car but actually looks like an old car that a chauffeur would use to take people around in. The chauffeur would probably be also dressed in a suit. We mean no offense John, but this car doesn’t fit well with your collection. We understand the history behind it. The Lincoln Continental was the car that he used when he was trying to make a name for himself in wrestling. We get that it has sentimental value, but this car should not be named in your muscle car inventory, especially when it has a horsepower of 190! Nonetheless, the Presidential car has an executive look to it and it is good that Cena has something in his garage to remind him of his past accomplishments.

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