The 10 Highest-Paid NFL Players Of 2019

The 2019 NFL season is already off to a hot start with every franchise hoping their highest-paid player can take them to the playoffs. Every football player wants to make the most money and score wins on the field. Franchises have started to offer bigger contracts than ever before to ensure their top names will not leave in free agency. Forbes recently released the information regarding the total money coming into each player this season between their salary and endorsement deals.

We will look at just how much each of these players will be making for the year. The top football stars get paid for both their impact on the game and their marketability. Not every good player will make a massive salary in the NFL like with the recent rise of the NBA. However, the big names do get treated well. Find out just how much your favorite superstar is making as we rank the ten highest-paid NFL players of 2019.

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10 Matt Ryan: $26 million

Atlanta Falcons fans are hoping this is the year that quarterback Matt Ryan can lead them to a Super Bowl victory. The stats of Ryan have always been impressive and that made him quite valuable to the Falcons team to lock him up for their long-term future.

Ryan is making a total of $26 million in 2019 for his work on and off the field. Atlanta is paying him $21 million with the rest coming in endorsement deals. Nike, Gatorade and Mercedes are just a few of the sponsors paying Ryan for his representation of their brands.

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9 Brandin Cooks: $28 million

The wide receiver position sees Brandin Cooks as the highest paid player at the position this season. Cooks received a huge contract extension from the Los Angeles Rams wanting to keep him on the team for the next few seasons.

Los Angeles will pay Cooks over $27 million of the total $28 million he’s bringing in this year. The rest of the money comes from endorsement deals. Cooks does not have as many brands to represent as other names on the list, but the contract certainly made up for it.

8 Trey Flowers: $29 million

Defense can get rewarded in the NFL depending on the player and team. Most solid defensive players will not get the huge contracts, but the superstars do see that bump. Trey Flowers is certainly among the highest paid defenders in the entire league making $29 million in 2019.

The Detroit Lions will pay him most of that figure with the hopes that he can anchor their defenses to many wins. Flowers makes some money on the endorsement side as well to almost hit the $30 million mark. Potential bonuses and merchandising residuals could bump him over 30.

7 Kirk Cousins: $30 million

Kirk Cousins made the most of his opportunities in the NFL to land a massive contract. The Minnesota Vikings are paying Cousins $28 million of the total $84 expected to come to him over the course of the next three seasons.

Cousins is also making almost $2 million from his endorsement deals to get his total 2019 income to the $30 million mark. Time will tell if Minnesota can get over the hump with Cousins as their quarterback, but he is living the good life now thanks to that contract.

6 DeMarcus Lawrence: $31 million

DeMarcus Lawrence is one of the best defensive ends in the NFL and the contract he’s on is proving that. The Dallas Cowboys have high hopes this season to return to the top of the league. Lawrence will be paid and treated as a valuable aspect of the journey.

Lawrence is expected to make most of his $31 million from the Cowboys with the on-field results either validating or making the contract look bad. Dallas was willing to spend big on a defensive player since they view Lawrence as a pivotal piece to Super Bowl contention.

5 Nick Foles: $33 million

The Jacksonville Jaguars were the team to make a big contract offer for Nick Foles. Following the Blake Bortles disappointment, Jacksonville badly needed a new quarterback to have any realistic shot at contending for a playoff spot or more.

Foles had recent success leading the Philadelphia Eagles to an incredible Super Bowl win, but the team preferred younger quarterback Carson Wentz. The Jaguars made Foles one of the highest paid players in the league with over $30 million in salary. Lululemon made Foles their first athlete spokesperson to add more on the endorsement side of things.

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4 Tom Brady: $35 million

Tom Brady continues to add accomplishments to his iconic career. The New England Patriots quarterback won his sixth Super Bowl last season as he refuses to age. Brady makes a lot of money and rightfully so as arguably the face of the entire league for a decade running.

New England pays Brady $23 million which is a steal given the value he provides to the franchise along with the money they make off him. Another $12 million from endorsement deals with brands like Under Armour, IWC and UGGs help him make a total of $35 million for the year.

3 Drew Brees: $39 million

An early injury to Drew Brees in the 2009 season has New Orleans Saints fans worried, but that won’t prevent him from being one of the highest paid players in the league. Brees has been a dominant force in the NFL for about fifteen years with mind-boggling stats.

New Orleans pays Brees $23 million per season to continue leading the way. Endorsement deals add another $16 million to the mix with Nike, Microsoft, Verizon and many others paying him. Brees is towards the end of his career and is still a highly valuable asset to the Saints.

2 Ben Roethlisberger: $46 million

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are heartbroken about the news of Ben Roethlisberger likely missing the rest of the NFL season after suffering an injury in Week 1. Roethlisberger won’t lose any money as he earned the massive contract extension from the Steelers.

2019 will Big Ben make almost $45 million from Pittsburgh from the salary and bonuses to come from it. Smaller endorsement deals make up the extra million for the superstar quarterback. Roethlisberger has been among the most successful players in recent NFL memory and the pay shows it.

1 Russell Wilson: $79 million

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is far and away the player making the most money in the NFL this season. The talent of Wilson would lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl in his second season in the league to make him a huge superstar.

Wilson’s play has earned him $79 million total for the year. The salary and bonuses on the field will see Wilson rake in an astonishing $70 million for his work. Endorsement deals with Nike, Nordstrom and others add another $9 million to make Wilson the richest NFL star of 2019.

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