Here's What Chicago Sounded Like When The Cubs Won The World Series

Last night the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series since 1908, and the entire city celebrated!

The 108-year curse was broken in a very close game against the Cleveland Indians which ended with a score of 8-7 in favor of the Cubs in extra innings. After the win, Patrick DeCori caught the amazing sights and sounds of a jubilant city on camera:

While DeCori appears to be close to Wrigley Field (where fans had gathered despite the game being played at Progressive Field) the sounds of pure happiness could not be coming from the stadium alone. Cars honking in celebration and cheers can be heard for MILES.

You can also hear and see fireworks going off adding to the cacophony of joy erupting throughout the city, which during the course of the video appears to continually get louder and louder as more and more Chicago citizens join in spectacle.

Also coming out of that night is this iconic video of Bill Murray, who looks like a little boy who got the Christmas present he's always wanted:

We're not sure if anyone got any sleep at night, but for the Cubs fans in Chicago, we don't think it mattered much at all.

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