Good Divas Gone Bad: 15 Of The Hottest Pics Of “PG” WWE Divas

Although we highly glamorize the WWE’s women’s division today, let us not forget that those edgy days during the 90s resulted in some massive ratings. Those like Sasha Banks like to rip the former era, but it should be noted that they brought in the views despite the lack of wrestling. During that particular climate, s*x sold big time.

Today, the company is very different with its interest in a younger audience and various sponsorship deals. With that in mind, the company is required to keep things clean weekly. Now, more so than ever before, the women of the division are more conservative than ever and put most of their focus on the in-ring aspect.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the women who used the PG rating for most of their careers. We'll look at women from all the eras whether it be the 90s, early 2000s and now. The list includes pictures of women from the WWE showcasing them in a revealing light, dawning some edgy outfits you’ve probably never seen them wear before. Enjoy this article of good girls gone bad: 15 of the hottest pictures of PG Divas. Let us know your favorite picture from the list!


15 Natalya

She began on the Indie scene gaining experience and helping to further her family’s name. After a couple of years outside of the WWE, Nattie was finally signed to a deal by the company in 2007. Her skill was undeniable right off the bat. Although in terms of a technical standpoint, she was head and shoulders above the others at one point in time, she only managed to win one Championship throughout her career, the Divas Title, becoming a one-time Champion. Throughout her run, she’s been mostly a PG Diva dressing conservatively and focusing on the in-ring aspect of the business.

That’s her look on-screen, but on Total Divas, she’s more “revealing” in terms of outfit choices and her way of life. Nattie has gained huge popularity from the show and that has resulted in over two million Instagram followers. From time to time, whether it be on Total Divas or her social media, we see Nattie showcase her fine assets and man, oh man we are not opposed to that. Judging by the picture above, we can safely say Tyson Kidd is one lucky dude.

14 Molly Holly


Aside from being a tremendous in-ring worker, Molly was one of the more beautiful women in the WWE during an Attitude Era which glamorized the “less is more” approach. Molly was conservative throughout the era and the 2000s, but on certain occasions, she let out the goods and fans were certainly not opposed.

Aside from her beauty, Molly had a tremendous career. She demonstrated her passion and desire for the business at WrestleMania XX by suggesting she shave her head at the event to shed a bigger light on the Women’s Championship. She would go on to lose to Victoria causing her head shaving at the event. She was all about moments and boy, was that ever one. Nowadays, at the age of 39, Molly is happily retired from the business and doing her best to give back by partaking in various charity work.

13 Renee Young

The WWE signed a gem in 2012 by inking Renee Young to a deal with the company. Her humble beginnings started with NXT working as a commentator at one point in time. She would later rise up the ranks and join the main roster as a quiet and conservative backstage interviewer.

Throughout the years that followed, we’ve seen Renee blossom in front of our very eyes. The 31 year old is now the host of Talking Smack, along with being the panel host for the WWE pre-show for PPVs. Along with that, Renee has her own show on the WWE Network, Unfiltered with Renee Young and she was even casted to the recent season of Total Divas, which just goes to show how highly the WWE thinks of her.

As of late she is now starting to show some personality on SmackDown, feuding with the likes of The Miz and Maryse. Even though she’s been pretty PG throughout her WWE stint, this picture proves otherwise with Renee looking smoking hot in her red bikini.

12 Ivory Forums

Because of the characters and gimmicks she was forced to play throughout her career, several fans missed out on the beauty of Ivory. Although she dressed extremely conservatively on television, man, was she ever hot when appearing in a photoshoot for the WWE or another shoot outside of the company. Ivory was conditioned to the bone and had some incredible muscle tone, along with curves in all the right places. She was a PG Diva that was very undervalued and the picture above proves exactly that.

Ivory spent the majority of her career working as a heel. Who can forget those days that she wore a shirt and tie as a member of the Right to Censor faction. One could argue if given the chance, Ivory could have even played the role of the loveable hot babyface but that just wasn’t in the cards given her brash personality which fit perfectly as a heel. Nowadays, Ivory is 55 years old (believe it or not). Despite being in her 50s, the retired wrestler still looks fantastic today.

11 Becky Lynch

Slowly but surely Becky Lynch has driven herself up the WWE charts, becoming arguably the most loved WWE female on both rosters. Her rise to the world of pro wrestling seemed like an impossibility at one point when she left the business for another career. Wisely, she chose to return and before she knew it, the WWE was on the line contacting her for a future job in development.

Her rise has been triumphant to say the least becoming the loveable underdog. The WWE showed us how highly they think of Becky by slotting her all by her lonesome on the SmackDown brand and she’s absolutely thrived ever since, becoming the brand’s first ever Women’s Champion.

Along with her rugged in-ring style we tend to forget how darn good looking she is. This is mostly due to her conservative style and love for the PG fans. This picture however, proves otherwise showing that Lynch can rock the hell out of a bikini. That Luke Sanders is one lucky dude.

10 Lillian Garcia

Lillian Garcia was one of the more underrated gems in the WWE. She began in 1999 as the shy ring announcer and she would grow into the position for more than a decade. She just recently asked for her release as she tends to her ailing father.

One of the craziest parts about Lillian’s WWE journey is the fact that she simply hasn’t aged throughout her run with the company. Looking at her pictures over the years, it’s astonishing to see how little she’s actually changed. This picture exemplifies that as the recent photo was taken a couple of months back. The shocking part, Lillian was 50 years old when taking the pic! She thanks her well conditioned lifestyle in the gym for her spectacular shape.

Nowadays, Lillian is still involved in the wrestling business hosting her own podcast show which is actually quite impressive. Her past guests have included the likes of Rey Mysterio, Brie Bella and Trish Stratus. Be sure to check it out.

9 Beth Phoenix


Beth was a strong point during a weak Divas Division which saw the females cater to both the sexy form of entertainment and like Beth, the in-ring form of entertainment. Phoenix carried around a serious demeanor and was known for destroying her opponents inside of the ring. She became the dominant Superstar in another wise weak class of wrestlers. It would ultimately lead to a 4-time run as a Champion, three-time Women’s Champion and one-time Divas Champ. Her contributions were insanely underrated and she ultimately left the business in 2012 opting to start a family alongside her spouse Edge.

Away from her mean and dominant look, Beth was actually very sweet and one heck of a looker. Just ask Edge or even CM Punk, who dated Beth at one point in time. This picture just proves how hot Beth truly was when she decided to turn up the heat and portray the role of a Diva like the rest of them.


8 Gail Kim

Let’s be real here, for the most part, Vince is a genius. Rarely does he make blunders when it comes to Superstars knowing their worth. One big mistake he did make however, was overlooking the beauty of former WWE Diva Gail Kim.

According to those backstage, despite her obvious in-ring talent, McMahon didn’t like the overall look of Kim. This caused a disinterest in her work and later resulted in a bitter release which saw Gail eliminate herself purposely from her final action with the company. Winning the title only once with the WWE, you’d think she could have won a heck of a lot more had she stayed on board.

TNA would profit from the situation and Gail would go on to become a six-time TNA Knockouts Champion. Along with her in-ring success, Gail has proven that she has the beauty to back it up despite her PG ways with the WWE. The picture above is just a small example at how darn hot she is.

7 JoJo

At the age of 19, JoJo was signed to her very first WWE deal joining the cast of Total Divas. Soon after, she was promoted to her first job as a ring announcer. She made her name be known on NXT and later translated her work onto the main roster. At the age of 22, she has quite the future ahead of her with the WWE. If they decide to keep her as long as Lillian, she’s in for a pretty lengthy career.

She plays the role of the shy conservative type on air, but if you follow her on Instagram you’ll be amazed at her account, which is littered with photos of her fantastic curves which certainly are not PG and for a mainstream audience watching at home. JoJo is extremely curvy along with some toned legs that’ll make anyone stop and stare for an extra second or two. This picture just proves exactly that and if you need other non PG evidence, just give her social media accounts a quick glance.

6 Alundra Blayze

Born in beautiful Milan, Italy, Alundra Blayze was by the book in her early beginnings in the wrestling business. Instead of glamorizing the sexual part of the industry, Alundra was a straight-up butt kicker in the ring and one that the WWE was very fond of. If you saw her work in the early to mid 90s, you know she was all about the PG look and the WWE was fine with that during the given climate.

As you all know (we hope), she would end up leaving the WWE by dumping the title in the trash on a live Nitro telecast. Despite the fact that she got a more lucrative deal, Blayze struggled to find an identity under her new alias of Madusa. WCW didn’t have any type of Women’s Division that stuck so she flopped around some silly personas and match type gimmicks. Before she knew it, she became eye candy wearing some revealing outfits. If you didn’t remember, don’t feel too bad, at that point everyone had changed the channel permanently to the WWE. In case you missed it you’re in luck, the picture above shows a revealing side of the onetime PG WWE star.

5 Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool was a rare gem that enjoyed a vastly underrated career with the WWE. She was another female that joined the division during a weird transition period but she managed to thrive nonetheless, becoming the first ever female to hold both Women’s Title and Divas Championship at once. She dominated the women’s scene during her time capturing the title four-times.

Her antics as a heel during the final part of her career were not really PG as she engaged in some mean spirited acts alongside Layla. This made Michelle a noteworthy heel, one similar to Charlotte as we see today, doing whatever it takes to generate heel heat. Although her antics weren’t so PG, her image always kept things civil both in and out of the ring. This picture is a rare gem that shows Michelle in a bikini alongside WWE alum Torrie Wilson. The photo shows that not only was Michelle extremely talented but that she was also pretty darn hot!

4 Eden

Major props to former WWE ring announcer Eden, for sticking by her man and leaving the company. She was replacing Lillian as the head ring announcer but decided to part ways shortly after Cod left the WWE. Although her man leaving was a huge reason, she also decided to leave because of the WWE’s inability to see her as an in-ring talent. According to Brandi, she’d been asking the WWE for quite some time to change her role but nothing ever came about. This caused her dismissal and she’s now happily wrestling across the Indie circuit alongside her man.

Another welcomed change since she parted ways is her outfits of choice. She was very conservative with the WWE playing off the PG rating. She’s now put that aside with some revealing outfits on the Indie scene and on her social media accounts as well, with some revealing picture from past photoshoots. This picture instead is a candid taken from her Instagram account as she proudly promotes her man’s new t-shirt. We can safely assume we're all on board with this new edgy Eden!

3 Mickie James

via:The Wrestling Fans Review

One of the most popular WWE Divas from the 2000s, Mickie James made waves with the WWE Universe since her debut back in 2005 when she was bolstered into a storyline alongside Trish Stratus. She enjoyed a brilliant career at the WWE level winning the Women’s Championship five-times, along with a reign as the Divas Champion. Her departure with the company left off on a bitter note as she was humiliated by LayCool in her final days, being referenced as “Piggy James”. Fans that truly knew James were aware that she was anything but that. Her girl next door look endeared her to the fans despite her conservative style. The picture above gives a glimpse at just how hot she could be when she decided to turn up the heat.

James would tour the Indie scene for years until recently returning to the WWE. Both fans and the company welcomed her back with open arms and she is now actively performing once again on SmackDown Live.

2 Bayley

When it comes to PG, Bayley stands alone in terms of identifying with the rating. Bayley was created as a fan favorite for young children, although her persona is so contagious that she has become endeared to everyone that loves the WWE. Her style and persona is truly infectious making her one of the most popular wrestlers in the entire company.

Now with that said, finding a revealing picture of Bayley was pretty impossible as she keeps things clean for her fanbase. However, we did manage to find this GIF picture above of Bayley looking smoking hot in a tightly fitted dress which really complements her body along with showcasing her fine toned legs that she works hard for in the gym.

If you expect to see Bayley go "rated 14" in the future, think again. However, we should all appreciate a revealing pic of hers when it comes around once in a blue moon.

1 Asuka

Although she seems new to WWE fans, Asuka is anything but that as she began her career back in 2004. Asuka made a name for herself as Kana, becoming one of the greatest female performers outside of the WWE. Although it may not seem like it now but Asuka was very TV-14 at one point with some risqué antics towards her opponents. With a PG WWE, that has been put aside since she made her debut with the company.

She’s anything but PG in the ring with her violent and dominant way. Shocking that she still hasn’t been called up but once she does, you can expect her to plow through the main roster. The picture above also shows that not only did she destroy those in the ring, but she can also bring it outside of the squared circle with some truly steamy photographs. This picture is anything but PG and one most WWE fans though they’d never see.


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