The 10 Most Lucrative Football Stadiums In The USA

If you want to make money, there are not many ways to do that better than to become an NFL owner. Well, to become one of these people you actually have to already be a multimillionaire or a billionaire in most cases. Nevertheless, being a team owner is one of the most lucrative things anyone can do in sports. These guys make crazy amounts of money from the revenue their teams generate by playing in the National Football League.

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A vital part of this entire moneymaking process is the stadiums the teams play at. Having a place for fans to watch games is a must, and team owners spend a lot of money to build these juggernauts. Now they need the fans to pay for their tickets so they can rack in the profits. Here are the 10 most lucrative Stadiums in the NFL.

10 NRG Stadium

The first Stadium on our list is the NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans. Houston’s home team has been playing there since 2002 and they have had a lot of ups and downs over the years. Nevertheless, one thing that hasn’t changed is that Houston fans love football. Yes, they are good Texans and they are almost always packing the 72,220 seats available at the NRG Stadium.

This past season, the Texans had an average home attendance of 71,804 fans. It is not a surprise that the total revenue the Texans made in 2018 was somewhere north of $464 million.

9 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

When the Rams decided to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles, one of the big factors the team’s ownership certainly considered was the fact that Hollywood would be a place where people would want to watch football. Los Angeles is one of the capitals of the world and for the longest time, it didn’t even have a football team in the NFL. That is beyond comprehension.

Luckily, the Rams became the Los Angeles Rams and started playing at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In the beginning, there was some trouble when it came to attendance. Nevertheless, that trouble did not last, as the Rams clocked in an average home attendance of 72,429 fans who watched their astounding 13-3 season in 2018.

8 Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons certainly had a down year for their standards. After a couple of double-digit win seasons, Matt Ryan and his crew managed only a 7-9 season in 2018. However, that was not enough to scare away the rabid Falcons fans who kept packing the stands of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Atlanta had an average attendance of 72,898 fans per game.

Another fun fact about the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is that it is one of the 10 most expensive stadiums in the world as a cost in excess of $1.6 billion. So, the Falcons really need that kind of attendance to get that money back.

7 Mercedes-Benz Superdome

One thing is for sure, if you have a player of the caliber of Drew Brees commanding your team, you are going to have amazing attendance for your games. The thing is, the New Orleans Saints not only had amazing attendance last season, but their house was also packed almost every single night. The Superdome’s capacity is listed as 73,208 fans, and according to ESPN, New Orleans’s average home attendance was of 73,051 fans.

Yup, that was almost a full house every night, and those fans were certainly rewarded as New Orleans finished the season with a 6-2 home record, en route to a division title with a 13-3 record.

6 Bank Of America Stadium

Their record might not have been that similar to the Saints, but the third team from the NFC South on our list certainly has a fan base that backs them up no matter how tough the times are. And, when your quarterback is as unpredictable as Cam Newton, you better be ready for both good times and bad times.

The Carolina Panthers play at the Bank of America Stadium since 1996, and their home has the capacity to hold 75,523 fans. Well, the Panthers got pretty close to that as their average attendance was 73,772. Unfortunately for those fans, all they got to watch was a 7-9 record, only enough to get them at third place in their division.

5 Arrowhead Stadium

Patrick Mahomes or not, it is impossible to deny that the Kansas City Chiefs have one of the strongest fan bases in the NFL. Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City is without a doubt one of the best stadiums in the league. It has been open since 1972 and can house up to 76,416 fans. It is a sea of a red when the Chiefs play. Seriously, just put yourself in an opposing player’s shoes when he has to face an average of 75,972 fans whenever they travel to Arrowhead.

Andy Reid’s team finished the 2018 season with a 12-4 record and were unbelievably close to getting to the Super Bowl if not for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

4 Broncos Stadium

Still in the Midwest, the next stop on our list is high up the mountains, in the mile-high city of Denver. It was there that the Denver Broncos managed to get an average of 76,446 fans to attend their home games in 2018 despite having a subpar season, to say the least. Seriously, while it might be very lucrative for a franchise to put that many people inside a stadium, it should also be a crime to make them watch their team go 3-5 at home.

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Still, you have to respect Broncos fans because they stood by their team no matter what, and gave Denver the fifth highest attendance average in the NFL in 2018.

3 Lambeau Field

Great football teams attract fans to the stadiums, there is no doubt about that. However, sometimes even if the entirety of the team is bad, one player can be enough to get almost 78,000 people to watch a football game on any given night. If you are a football fan, you know very well that we are talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Long are the days in which Green Bay was actually considered a title contender in the NFL. Poor Aaron Rodgers has been putting up MVP caliber seasons year after year, but all he managed to achieve with his team in 2018 was a 6-9-1 record.

Their attendance numbers were unbelievable, but it was still not enough to sell out Lambeau Field every night as it has a capacity of 81,435.

2 MetLife Stadium

The runner-up on our list is the MetLife Stadium, the pride of New York teams, that is actually located in New Jersey. Yes, the irony is not lost in any of us. Now leaving aside the fact that both New York teams actually play in New Jersey, it is for good reason. If you could play it MetLife Stadium you would, because that is not only an amazing Stadium, it is also the most expensive Stadium in the world as it cost $1.7 billion to construct.

In terms of being lucrative, you have to give it to New York (and New Jersey) fans, because they watched some of the worst football we have seen in a long time and they still had some of the highest attendance numbers in the NFL. The Giants attracted an average of 76,940 people to their home games while the Jets brought in 77,982 fans. All of those fans watched a total of four home wins combined.

1 Cowboys Stadium

Last but not least, the number one spot on our list goes to the Dallas Cowboys and the AT&T Stadium. We talked about diehard fans on this list, but you have to give it to the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. The AT&T Stadium is supposed to have a capacity of 80,000 people, but in order to appease to all of their fans, the Cowboys have to expand that capacity, which is the only way they could house the ridiculous average of 91,619 fans who attended their home games in 2018.

Yes, the New York Jets had the second-highest average attendance and it came nowhere near close to what the Cowboys got. That explains why Jerry Jones and his team pull in ridiculous revenues every year like the $864 million they made in 2018.

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