Fergie Slammed For Hilarious National Anthem Performance

The NBA All-Star game occurred last night Feb. 18, 2018, and people aren’t talking about the game. The opening began with the National Anthem, and lo and behold, former Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie, was set to perform the esteemed Star Spangled Banner.

The singer took to the court at the Los Angeles’ Staples Centre in a tight, black lace dress, where she performed a sultry rendition of the anthem that had viewers scratching their heads and rushing to Twitter to share their thoughts.

The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” singer reworked the National Anthem to the tune of a jazz song, and let us tell you, it wasn’t sitting well with anyone. “It actually sounded so bad at first,” one attendee told PEOPLE Magazine. “Everyone was just trying to figure out what was going on”, you and me both!

At points, the star seemed to be struggling to reach certain notes; though she closed out the song with some decent sounding vibrato, telling the arena, “Let’s play some basketball!”


During Fergie’s performance, the camera caught an array of expression of those on the court and in the crowd at the game. Another source that was present claimed, “Players and celebrities seemed surprised by her rendition of the anthem." The camera also caught members and celebs of the stands such as Chance The Rapper, Jimmy Kimmel, and players including Steph Curry and Draymond Green having some trouble keeping a straight face during the awkward and uncomfortable performance.

The 42-year-old singer didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed once the performance was done, and had a look of accomplishment afterward almost not realizing the disaster that had just unfolded. Twitter didn’t let the performance fall under the radar; users were quick to share their thoughts on the events that had just taken place.

Twitter user WorldOfIsaac wrote, “Fergie’s national anthem finished 30 minutes ago and I still haven’t recovered. A part of me will never be the same”, yikes! It didn’t stop there. Even celebrities were chiming in on what they had just witnessed. Khloé Kardashian tweeted out, “This All-Star opening is confusing me. WTF is going on? Anyone?”

Whether Fergie meant for this to happen or not, although we find it hard to believe someone would do this on purpose, she definitely got the crowd and people at home talking!


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