8 Talented Female Wrestlers (And 7 Who Are Lucky To Have Found Work)

The Women's Evolution is in full swing in WWE right now with the first ever Women's Royal Rumble taking place back in January and the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber match taking place recently. It seems that even though there is a lot of history being made by the women of WWE right now, there are still a number of female wrestlers who don't seem as though they have a place in the company right now. These women have pushed to make this revolution happen but it seems that there are a number of other women who have been able to grab onto the coattails of the history makers and make a career for themselves.

Over the past few years there have been a number of women in WWE who have only made it into the company because of their looks. Even though they have been able to make a career out of this, they will never be considered to be the same level as some of the current women who have been able to push forward the current revolution.

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The following list looks at eight of the most talented women WWE has ever created, the ones who have pushed forward the company into the position it is right now and will be seen as the trailblazers of the women's division in the years to come. The list also looks at seven women who are lucky that they have their looks, since they will be seen as no more than footnotes in the history of women's wrestling.

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15 Actually Talented: Charlotte

Via Dailytddt.com

Charlotte Flair has come to WWE and changed the course of the Women's Division. The daughter of Ric Flair has proved that she is one of the most talented female wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots by being part of history a number of times over the past few years.

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Charlotte was part of the first female Hell in a Cell match, and the first female Money in the Bank ladder match but missed the chance to make history at The Rumble because she was already the Champion. Charlotte has been part of some of the best women's matches of all time over the past few years and is the most likely woman on the roster to go on to break Trish's long-standing record when it comes to title reigns over the next 12 months. Many of her critics have claimed that her father is the reason she has done so well in WWE, but Charlotte's talent and ability speaks for itself.

14 Not That Talented: Torrie Wilson

via: WWE.com

Torrie Wilson made her return to WWE recently in a one-off appearance at the Royal Rumble when the women of WWE were able to make history as part of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match. It seems that at the age of 42, Torrie Wilson is in the best shape of her life, but she still isn't one of the best wrestlers in WWE.

Torrie was signed to WCW without any prior wrestling experience and was able to then make the switch over to WWE without ever stepping into the ring and having a real match. There is a reason why Torrie was unable to win a Championship throughout her lengthy WWE career since she was never seen as much of a wrestler and part of a number of storylines where the company only saw her as eye candy. Torrie has remained in incredible shape over the past few years but that doesn't change the fact that she added very little to the Women's Division overall.

13 Actually Talented: AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is another WWE star who was able to make a huge difference to the business in such a small amount of time. AJ refused to change and be used for her looks like all the other women in the company at that time and became a role model for the girls who watched WWE at the time and needed a tomboy to tell them it was OK to be themselves.

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AJ was the longest reigning Divas Champion at one point before Nikki Bella took over her record and the title was then retired. She was a woman who proved that she could hang with the men in the company and was part of a number of storylines involving the male members of the roster. AJ then retired from the company on her own terms and has since detailed her struggle with bipolar disorder and how she managed to deal with it throughout her WWE career. AJ is now a New York Times Best Selling author, which is something else she can add to all her other impressive accolades.

12 Not That Talented: Carmella

via: dailyddt.com

Carmella came into NXT around the same time as Alexa Bliss and was even promoted to the main roster at the same time as Little Miss Bliss, but has failed to have the same kind of impact with the WWE Universe since 2016. While Carmella has been able to make history by becoming the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, but she needed James Ellsworth to win the title for her and the entire thing was something of a letdown.

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Even with the contract in her hands, the WWE Universe can't see Carmella ever being able to become Women's Champion while someone like Charlotte is holding the belt. The former NXT star hasn't even been seen on WWE TV for the past few weeks, which is a shock since she only has a few more months to cash in her contract before it runs out. Carmella is one female wrestler that many fans feel has been a letdown since she promised so much when she was down in NXT.

11 Actually Talented: Asuka

via: stillrealtous.com

There is a reason why Asuka has been undefeated in WWE ever since she arrived; she is one of the most talented stars the company has ever had at their disposal and it seems that she landed in their lap at the right time to be able to push forward the Women's Revolution.

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Asuka has even managed to remain undefeated on the main roster for the past few months with many fans convinced that Ronda Rousey will be the woman who finally ends Asuka's undefeated streak. Asuka is already a former NXT Women's Champion and someone who has surpassed Goldberg's historic undefeated streak, which means that the company must have some huge plans for her in the future. Asuka has changed women's wrestling and could be one of the women who push forward the return of inter-gender wrestling since it's easy to see her being able to defeat a number of male stars in her current form.

10 Not That Talented: Maryse

via: WWE.com

Maryse is a former Divas Champion, but at the same time, she is a throwback to the time when the women of WWE were only seen as attractive valets or backstage interviewers. Maryse came to WWE through the Diva Search and was obviously only signed to the company because of her looks.

She then left the company back in 2011 and was allowed to return to once again valet her husband and be handed a WrestleMania match alongside him last year. Maryse can't cut a promo and often brings down the tone whenever she touches a mic. It is thought that the only reason WWE has allowed her to stay around for so long is because she works on Total Divas and because she looks good next to The Miz in the ring. Otherwise, she hasn't done anything to add to the Women's Revolution over the past few years at all.

9 Actually Talented: Natalya

via: WWE.com

Anyone who has watched WWE over the past decade will know that Natalya is one of the standout stars of the Women's Division. She is a third-generation female wrestler and the only woman to have ever graduated from the Hart Family Dungeon. What Natalya lacks in promo ability she more than makes up for when it comes to her technical ability, which could be considered better than many male wrestlers in WWE at this point.

Natalya is a former Divas and SmackDown Women's Champion and has done a lot over the past few years to prove that she has played her part in the current Women's Revolution, including a fantastic feud with Charlotte that brought Bret Hart and Ric Flair into the mix and allowed the women to prove that they deserved a platform. Ever since Natalya and Charlotte first met on NXT in the tournament to crown the NXT Women's Champion, it was something special and the two women remain two of the best that the company currently have to offer.

8 Not That Talented: Sunny

via: fanfiction. wikia.com

Sunny was considered to be the first ever WWE Diva and during her time she was seen as quite a successful manager when it came to leading her tag teams to victory and tag team Championships. Sunny is a WWE Hall of Famer and someone that is thought to have had quite a successful career as a manager but in the years that have followed the end of her career, she has managed to ensure that this was all undone.

Sunny was part of WWE at a time when the women were seen as eye candy and it's safe to say that she played the role quite well. The worst thing about Sunny is that she is now claiming that there are women in the company who are not attractive enough to work for WWE. These women are talented in-ring competitors so it shouldn't matter how attractive they are. The world has changed and there are a number of people in wrestling who need to grow with the times.

7 Actually Talented: Lita

via: stillrealtous.com

Lita was once seen as one of the trailblazers of the Women's Division alongside Trish Stratus, since they were the first women to main event an episode of Monday Night Raw when their rivalry reached the point where many fans were fully invested in it. Lita has inspired an entire generation of female wrestlers and it was fantastic to see her back in the ring at The Royal Rumble last month.

Lita had tattoos and she wasn't the usual style "diva" that the company would choose, but during the six years that she was part of WWE she never made her career about what she looked like. This why Lita is a WWE Hall of Famer and a four-time Women's Champion because she is seen as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Lita has even returned to the company on numerous occasions since her retirement to be a part of the current Women's Revolution.

6 Not That Talented: Liv Morgan

Via Youtube.com

Liv Morgan gained a tryout from WWE after she was put forward by her ex-boyfriend Enzo Amore and has since made waves in NXT but many of the WWE Universe feel that it was too soon for her to be called up to the main roster.

Liv was brought up to the SmackDown Roster alongside Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan back in November and the trio have since become known as The Riott Squad but they have found it hard to hit the same level as the likes of Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Naomi on the main roster but it seems that Liv is the one who has looked the most out of her depth. Morgan is a heel and finds it hard to stop smiling on her way to the ring and attempting to look cute. It seems that SmackDown could have given her the wrong character. Either way, right now Liv Morgan seems to be one of the women who is making up numbers in the Women's Division without really adding much.

5 Actually Talented: Sasha Banks

Via WWE.com

Sasha Banks may not be in a fantastic position on the Raw roster right now as part of her feud with Bayley but she is still working hard to prove herself. Sasha was part of the first-ever women's Iron Woman match, Hell in a Cell match and the first Women's Royal Rumble. It seems that the former NXT Women's Champion can't stay away from making history and has proved her pedigree over the past few years when she has managed to have stand out matches with some of the best women's wrestlers in the company right now. Trish and Sasha's showdown at The Rumble shows how much WWE think of her right now and how much she has pushed the division forward over the past few years. Sasha and Charlotte, much like Trish and Lita, are destined to fight forever.

4 Not That Talented: Eva Marie

via: WWE.com

Most WWE fans will be trying to forget Eva Marie's run in WWE that came to an end back in the summer of 2017 when her contract was finally terminated after more than a year of the Total Divas star being missing from WWE TV since she was suspended for violating WWE's Wellness Policy.

Eva won the 2013 Diva Search and was then added to Total Divas, but it seems that after a few years of negative interactions from the WWE Universe, Eva decided to try her hand at being a professional wrestler since she was signed to WWE. At that point the WWE Universe already hated Eva and she didn't deliver in the ring after months of training with Brian Kendrick. She was also brought up to the SmackDown brand during the WWE draft but never actually started a match since there were a number of reasons why she couldn't compete before she was suspended. Eva will go down in history as one of the most forgettable WWE Divas of all time.

3 Actually Talented: Trish Stratus

via: popculture.com

Trish Stratus made history when she retired from WWE as the most decorated female wrestler of all time as the seven-time Women's Champion. More than a decade after Trish left WWE, her record still stands and she was able to return to the company back in January to make history with the current crop of women as part of the first ever Women's Royal Rumble.

Trish has since become a wife and mother of two as well as going on to own her own yoga studio. Much like Lita, Trish was one of the women who inspired the likes of Sasha and Bayley to go on to become wrestlers. Trish was definitely one of the women who allowed men to finally see that women could be taken seriously as well and even though it's taken a decade after her retirement for the company to take note, it seems that Trish played her part in history as well.

2 Not That Talented: Mandy Rose

via: Youtube.com

Mandy Rose came to WWE though the 2015 reboot of Tough Enough, which took place entirely on the WWE Network. Rose was the runner-up of the competition and has since been training to become a professional wrestler at the Performance Centre. Despite it being a few years since Tough Enough, Mandy had only made a few appearances on NXT before she was called up to the main roster last year.

Mandy has been the subject of a lot of negative attention over the past few months since it seems that she wasn't ready for the push that she has been given alongside Paige and Sonya Deville. Mandy is the least experienced out of her group and has botched a number of moves when she's been seen on Raw in matches against the likes of Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. Many fans don't have high hopes for her inside the Elimination Chamber.

1 Actually Talented: Alexa Bliss

via: popculture.com

Alexa Bliss has already made history during her short time on WWE's main roster as the first woman to hold the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships. Despite the fact that Alexa had no prior wrestling experience before she joined NXT, it seems that the former cheerleader has been able to become one of the stand \out wrestlers on the current roster.

Alexa has beauty and brains and can even cut a good promo if she needs to and has proved this a number of times on Monday Night Raw, which could be why she recently became the longest reigning Raw Women's Champion in the short history of the belt. Alexa walked into last year's WrestleMania as the SmackDown Women's Champion.

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