BotBoxer Is The World's Firs Artificial Intelligence Powered Boxing Bag

Artificial Intelligence has been finding itself in major areas of life, and recent studies conducted have even declared how artificial intelligence is expected to replace up to 50% of human jobs in the next decade, and although that may sound scary, there are some positive aspects regarding AI, especially in the world of health and fitness!

A brand new workout device has just landed and is the “worlds first AI robotic boxing bag”. This workout device can ensure you are never without a sparring buddy ever again! The device, created by SkyTechSport, is called the BotBoxer, and was revealed at this years CES technology convention. The intense sporting gear is trained to give you the workout of your life, and according to the source, it won’t take pity on anyone!


The BotBoxer uses infrared sensors and artificial intelligence to learn your tricks and technique when it comes sparring and responds accordingly with each manoeuvre. Although this sounds like an absolutely genius invention, especially for those who lean towards boxing as their main source of exercise or stress relief, many would be shocked to find out just how much this BotBoxer costs. According to SkyTechSport, the BotBoxer is expected to come with a $20,000 price tag; however, this may be well worth it for those who take the sport extremely serious.

The robotic punching bag, although costly, will do wonders that your average punching bag could never. From dipping and dodging just like a human, and aiming for weak spots to keep you completely on your toes, the BotBoxer is expected to increase your own response time, clean up your technique, and increase users strength, speed and agility. The BotBoxer is said to record just about every single movement you make, all the way to your foot stance and how you place your feet when standing in front of the bag.

In addition, the robotic punching bag goes as far as learning more about you and correcting to your style with every punch and kick! According to the BotBoxer team, the device is designed solely for commercial use in fitness centers and gyms, and even stores information from professional fights, to step up your own game. Let us know if you’d ever go head to head with the BotBoxer!


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