Battle Of The Blondes: Alexa Bliss Vs. Charlotte Flair

The Women's Revolution is in full swing in WWE. Finally, the women of the company are being treated like the athletes that they are and are able to create their own history between those ropes.

Over the past few years, there have been many outstanding women on the main roster, after they have learned their craft down in NXT, the roster that redefined women's wrestling. It seems that right now there are two women who stand out above the rest: current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and former four-time Women's Champion Charlotte Flair.

The two women are yet to go head to head on the main roster, but ever since the WWE Draft, Alexa has been ruling the Women's Division whilst on the complete opposite side of the company, Charlotte has also been putting in some standout performances.

Both women have had different roads to WWE and have very different stories to share about their career at this point, but which woman is better?

Can WWE stand to have more than one great female wrestler? Could this be like Trish Stratus and Lita more than a decade ago where the two women stood out above the rest, or is there a way to figure out who is the better wrestler once and for all?

The following list looks at the arguments for and against each woman and tries to come to a conclusion as to who the real future of the WWE Women's Division really is.

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15 Life Before WWE - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss had quite an athletic career before she was signed to WWE. She is a former cheerleader and bodybuilder and made the decision after competing in the Arnold Classic that she wanted to be a WWE superstar.

Alexa had no prior wrestling experience before she came to WWE and has had to work her way up through the ranks from the very bottom. She went from bad character to bad character, and finally through to a gimmick that she has been able to make popular. It's been a long struggle for Alexa to prove her doubters wrong and silence her haters. The fact that Alexa has excelled so fast in WWE is perhaps down to her already athletic background, Alexa's arms are double jointed and it seems that her body was already in incredible shape, so she was able to adapt to wrestling training much faster than any of the WWE trainers expected.

14 Life Before WWE - Charlotte

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Much like Alexa, Charlotte came from an athletic background as well. She is a former gymnast, which is easy to pick up on given her unique in-ring offence and entrance, as well as being a former a NCHSAA champion in Volleyball. Charlotte won this title four times and was even team captain of her Volleyball team and named the player of the year for the 2004/05 season.

Charlotte attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, before becoming certified as a personal trainer. It was only after Charlotte had achieved all of this and finally tested her athletic ability that she decided it was time to step into her father's world and try her hand at being a professional wrestler. Charlotte signed with WWE in 2012, but it was another year before The Queen would finally make her debut on the developmental brand.

13 Overcoming Obstacles - Alexa Bliss

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Like many wrestlers in WWE right now, Alexa has quite a heartwarming story about her early life and how she ended up turning to wrestling. Alexa has been a huge fan of the sport for most of her life, but it was only when she was struggling with an eating disorder that she found a way out.

Alexa's cheerleading career was plagued with eating problems, and at one point, doctors only gave the former SmackDown Women's Champion 24 hour to live. Alexa knew she had to turn her life around and the only way she knew how was to get into bodybuilding. This gave her a reason to eat many more calories than what she was used to eating, and once she had overcome this obstacle, she decided to finally follow her dream and send in a tape to WWE and hope that the company thought she was a good fit. Alexa openly tells this story to inspire many of the WWE Universe to overcome the stigma of eating disorders.

12 Overcoming Obstacles - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte has had her own fair share of struggles when it comes to wrestling, as well. Charlotte was signed to WWE back in 2012, and along with her brother Reid, the duo was hoping to follow in their father's footsteps and finally set the wrestling world alight.

Charlotte was basically along for the ride; it was her brother who dreamed of main eventing WrestleMania one day, but tragically, Reid passed away after an accidental overdose back in March 2013, just months before Charlotte made her debut in NXT. From that moment, Charlotte made the decision that she would make it in the wrestling world for her brother. She would achieve all of the dreams that he wanted in the hope that he was looking down on her. It took a lot for Charlotte to overcome the death of her little brother, but somehow she's turned it into a positive and uses his memory now to push her forward.

11 Life On The NXT Roster - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa didn't have an easy time of it on the NXT roster. She went through a number of characters and gimmicks before she settled on a fairy-type sparkle character that allowed her to find her feet on the brand for a while. There wasn't much to her character except that she was a fan of glitter, something that easily became popular with the NXT crowd.

She later was able to turn heel and align herself with Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy, the team that she later led to NXT Tag Team Championship gold. Alexa finally found a heel character that she could sink her teeth into, and the NXT Universe saw a real change in her confidence. When Blake and Murphy went their separate ways, Alexa unsuccessfully challenged Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship, but she proved that she had quite a fire in her, something that WWE would later find out when she was shockingly drafted to the main roster.

10 Life On The NXT Roster - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte's story in NXT is a lengthy one. She started out by turning heel and becoming a member of the BFF's alongside Sasha Banks and Summer Rae, before Paige vacated the NXT Women's Championship and Charlotte then entered the tournament, and was one of the standout competitors.

Charlotte made it to the finals where she faced former Divas Champion Natalya and the two next-generation stars stole the show at NXT Takeover, as Charlotte was crowned champion for the first time. Charlotte defended the title for more than eight months before Banks took the Championship in a fatal four-way match at NXT Takeover: R Evolution. Charlotte was unable to recapture her Championship in the rematch later on NXT, but she was later called up to the main roster, alongside Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, in what was thought to be the official beginning of the Women's Revolution in the summer of 2015.

9 Backstage Rumours - Alexa Bliss

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Being a female coming through the ranks in WWE is never easy; there are always rumours about some kind of indiscretion in the WWE locker room, or someone does some digging and finds out things about your private life that you didn't want to be made public.

Alexa was still part of the NXT setup when one of her biggest scandals occurred. An unnamed former NXT employee decided to reveal that the only reason Alexa was being pushed to the position she was in on the brand at that time was because she was sleeping her way to the top. Alexa denied the rumours and just put it down to professional jealousy because the woman had been fired from the company. Despite this, it seems that the rumour has followed Alexa for most of her career, even though she is currently happily engaged to former stablemate Buddy Murphy.

8 Backstage Rumours - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte may be the daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair, but that doesn't mean that she is exempt from backstage gossip. Charlotte has had an active personal life over the past few years, having already been married and divorced twice by the time she was 29.

Charlotte's second divorce was finalized in 2015 and she decided to begin a casual relationship with former World Champion Alberto Del Rio. This lasted for a number of months, despite the fact that Del Rio was still married at the time. In the spring of 2016, Del Rio announced that he was dating Charlotte's coworker and friend Paige, something that caused huge problems between the two former members of PCB. Luckily, Charlotte has since focused on her wrestling career and managed to become a history-making wrestler instead, while Paige has been out of action for more than a year.

7 Moving To The Main Roster - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss was one of the shocking last round draft picks from NXT as part of the WWE Draft in the summer of 2016. The WWE Universe didn't expect Alexa to be moved so quickly after Blake and Murphy's breakup, and everyone thought that she was only being moved to the SmackDown roster to make up the numbers.

The first few months seemed to go exactly that way for Alexa, until she realized that she could adopt Harley Quinn's look from the new Suicide Squad movie, something that the WWE Universe completely got behind, and WWE decided to give the five-foot star the push she deserved. At TLC in 2016, Alexa managed to lift the SmackDown Women's Championship for the first time as she won the first ever women's singles tables match against Becky Lynch. Alexa went on to defend her Championship for a number of months before she lost it to Naomi at Elimination Chamber back in February this year.

6 Moving To The Main Roster - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte was moved to the main roster in the summer of 2015, and she was one of the women who was part of the Women's Revolution from the beginning. Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella at Night of Champions to end her record reign and to begin a new era in the Women's Division.

Charlotte held that Championship until WrestleMania 32, where it was replaced by the Women's Championship, a title that Charlotte managed to hold for 113 days before Sasha Banks defeated her in July 2016. Charlotte and Sasha's feud would become legendary on the Raw roster, with Charlotte becoming a four-time Raw Women's Champion because Sasha was unable to successfully defend a Championship. Following this year's WrestleMania, Charlotte was drafted over to SmackDown Live as a replacement for Alexa Bliss, who was drafted to Raw and has recently stepped into the Championship picture, as she battles Natalya at Hell in a Cell next weekend.

5 History Makers - Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss may have only been on the main roster for just over a year, but she has already made her own fair share of history. Alexa became the youngest ever Women's Champion when she lifted the SmackDown Women's Championship at TLC back in December before she later made history alongside Becky Lynch, when the women main evented SmackDown Live inside a steel cage back in January.

Alexa became the first woman to win both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships at Payback back in April when she defeated Bayley, and also the first woman to defend her title in a Kendo on a stick match at Extreme Rules the following month. WWE doesn't advertise the history that Alexa Bliss has made over the past year as much as they do for Charlotte, but Alexa has quietly been skipping down her own path and making a difference whilst no one has been looking.

4 History Makers - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair was always going to be a standout competitor from the moment she became the first ever Women's Champion. She then went on to become the first female to compete in the first main event of Monday Night Raw in more than a decade along with Sasha Banks.

She was then part of the first female Hell in a Cell match and the first female Ironwoman match on the main roster. When Charlotte was transferred to SmackDown Live she became the first woman to have main evented both Raw and SmackDown Live when she battled Naomi back in April. Charlotte, along with Sasha, currently holds the record as a four-time Women's Champion and has the record as a six-time overall Champion in WWE. Not bad for a woman who was only promoted to the main roster two years ago. Many of the WWE Universe have claimed that Charlotte is the reason that the women are being taken seriously right now, and it seems that the above reasons make a decent argument for this.

3 WrestleMania Appearance - Alexa Bliss

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It isn't very well-known that Alexa Bliss' first televised appearance on the main roster was back at WrestleMania 30 when, along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks, she was part of Triple H's iconic entrance as he faced off against Daniel Bryan. Alexa and her fellow NXT stars then returned to developmental for another few years, until they were finally able to make their own impact on the main stage.

This wasn't the last time Alexa would appear on the WrestleMania stage and this past year in her first ever WrestleMania as a competitor and main roster talent, Alexa walked into Orlando, Florida as the SmackDown Women's Champion. She was part of a six-pack challenge for her Championship and sadly lost the title to Naomi. Despite this, Alexa was able to be part of a semi-main event match in her WrestleMania debut, which would definitely be considered a dream scenario for the former NXT star.

2 WrestleMania Appearance - Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte has appeared at three WrestleMania events in her short WWE career, the first being at WrestleMania 30 alongside Alexa and Sasha where she was used as part of Triple H's entrance, as discussed above.

Charlotte made her competitive debut at WrestleMania 32 where she walked in as Divas Champion, had her Championship swapped for the Women's Championship, and then successfully defended her title against Sasha and Becky Lynch in what was considered to be one of the best women's matches at WrestleMania. Charlotte was a challenger heading into WrestleMania this year, as she faced Bayley, Sasha, and Nia in a fatal four-way match for the Raw Women's Championship. Bayley retained, but once again this was considered to be another standout match on the card. Charlotte has made an impact at the past two WrestleMania events, and even though she didn't walk out as Champion, it was a memorable outing for The Queen.

1 Leaders Of The Women's Revolution

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There is a reason why Alexa Bliss calls herself WWE's only Goddess and Charlotte claims to be The Queen of WWE. As the arguments above clearly state, these women have every right to make such claims after paving their own paths in WWE.

There is a reason why Alexa was drafted to Raw and Charlotte was moved to SmackDown back in April. Alexa had controlled SmackDown for a number of months and WWE knew that they could depend on her to do the same on Raw, the same was thought for Charlotte. These two women are currently doing things their way on opposite brands and the only way to ever know which one is better is for WWE to organize an inter-brand match between the two. As for right now, it seems that since there are two brands and two Champions, there should be no reason why there can't be two women who are pushing the boundaries and ensuring that the Women's Revolution continues to evolve.

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