Get Abs While Gaming With This New Device

It's nearly safe to assume that everyone wants a nice set of abs, but who's willing to do what it takes to get that god-like six-pack?

Contrary to what the shortcut mongers will tell you, achieving a nice, solid abdomen takes hard work and lots of dedication. It's undoubtedly one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

What you can do for yourself, though, is at least make it entertaining. And the Stealth Core Trainer will help you do just that, per cnet.com.


Planks are now known as one of the best exercises one can do to achieve core strength. But, in fairness, planking is pretty challenging and also very boring. Listening to music is hardly any help when trying to maintain a planking position, so people simply avoid the exercise altogether.

The device mentioned above, however, seeks to make planking fun, and possibly less painful. It looks like a padded board on a spherical axis that users are supposed to hold onto while planking, also swiveling it in various directions when instructed to.

There's also a slot that keeps your smartphone in place while you work out as an application is needed to work in partnership with the board. The app begins by using your phone's accelerometer to move crosshairs over dots. You'd have to hold the crosshair over the dots to get them to explode. And later on, things change up a bit, as the objective switches from triggering explosives to following dots to reach a certain target.

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Of course, there are ways to cheat as you could rest your knees on the floor to give your midsection a break. But the personal version of the Stealth Core Trainer goes for $200.00 and we'd hate to believe that you'd spent that kind of money just to cheat yourself out of a proper workout.

Those who used the device claim to have doubled their plank time on the first try. But the idea is to get in at least two five-minute sessions a day.

The professional version, which holds more weight, goes for $300.00. But the personal version should be fine for most people. The app, meanwhile, is free.

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