8 WWE Tag Team Partners Who Hated Each Other (And 7 Best Friends)

For nearly as long as wrestling has been around, there has been a tag team division to spice things up from time to time. While singles competitions will always be the focal point of any wrestling show, there will always be a place for tag teams since they can provide a different type of action. Fans always assume that tag team partners must get along very well in real life, but as you will come to learn through this list, that is far from the truth.

Some may have impeccable chemistry in the ring but that doesn't always translate to a real-life friendship for several reasons. At times, it may simply be different personalities clashing due to their different points of view. And whenever you have two Superstars with major egos teaming up, there is always bound to be some trouble in the beginning although we have seen many work out their issues to become best friends.

Since wrestling stars spend most of their days together on the road, they are bound to form friendships with fellow wrestlers. That is the ideal case for tag team partners since it makes it easier to work together in the ring. You can only produce great matches for so long before personal problems prevail to create heat backstage.

Many of these choices will probably surprise you as you may have been tricked into believing the opposite. With today's list, we will be looking at 8 tag team partners who hated each other and 7 who were best friends.

15 Hated Each Other: Road Warrior Animal And Heidenreich

It may be hard for some to believe that Heidenreich was brought in by the WWE to feud with The Undertaker. The company had high hopes for him but the fans never really bought into him, and he fell down the card almost immediately after his push. Before the WWE completely gave up on him, they decided to revive The Road Warriors by bringing back Road Warrior Animal with Heidenreich coming in as Hawk's replacement.

Not exactly the brightest idea but it worked for some time before the team eventually got lost in the shuffle. They captured the SmackDown Tag Team titles for some time, but WWE split them up soon afterward due to a backstage beef between the partners. Animal accused Heidenreich of being unprofessional by showing up late, and his substance use only made matters worse as Animal wasn't having any of it.

14 Best Friends: Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn

While Chris Jericho played the role of Kevin Owens' best friend on Raw, it was really Sami Zayn in real life. They had been close friends since their younger years and trained together to become professional wrestlers. Hailing from Quebec, Canada, they went through the same journey to make it to the WWE. After having wrestled for many independent promotions, the best friends eventually reunited in WWE and have worked together numerous times since then.

For the past few months, they have been teaming up on SmackDown after having engaged in a long feud during their time on Monday Night Raw. While many best friends grow apart as they get older, that hasn't been the case for Owens and Zayn who seem to get closer as the years ago. Their friendship goes beyond wrestling as Zayn was picked by Owens to be his best man at his wedding.

13 Hated Each Other: La Resistance

When it comes to La Resistance, most would agree that the team accomplished much more than they had been expected. With four Tag Team titles to their name, not many can boast such impressive resume in the WWE. Despite all the reigns, they weren't exactly very memorable as they struggled to establish themselves in the company. It's not surprising considering the heat between all three members, especially Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree, who absolutely hated working with each other.

They clashed several times during their time with the company, and they even got involved in a real backstage fight in which both Superstars had to be separated from each other. For the following years, they exchanged insults in shoot interviews as well as across social media platforms. But it seems like they have finally put an end to their past problems as they reunited recently to compete on the independent scene.

12 Best Friends: The Dudley Boyz

The Dudley Boyz initially had a strange gimmick that was set up to fail from the beginning, but they somehow managed to make it work to become the most decorated team in wrestling history. They have won the WWE, WCW, ECW, NWA, TNA and NJPW tag team titles - a feat that hasn't been accomplished by any other team. Although they have previously split up for their own solo runs, they have never been able to replicate the same success with most of their memorable moments taking place while they partnered up.

Bubba Ray Dudley is said to be difficult to work with but that has never been a problem with D-Von who has gotten used to his behavior. Despite their different personalities, they became best friends during their earlier run in ECW and remain very close to this date. Bubba and D-Von have always been on the same page when it comes to career decisions, choosing to remain together when jumping from one company to another.

11 Hated Each Other: The British Bulldogs

Not only were they one of the best tag teams to grace a WWE ring, they were also real-life cousins which makes it even more shocking that they hated each other in real life. This goes to show that in-ring chemistry matters very little as backstage issues tend to overshadow it if they happen to exist.

Their relationship took a sudden turn for the worse and continued to deteriorate over the years with Davey Boy Smith filing to trademark the name "The British Bulldog" which understandably upset his partner Dynamite Kid. Even years after the team's break up, they continued to trade insults in interviews by throwing each other under the bus. Smith passed away in 2002 which meant that any chance of reconciliation between the two was no longer viable but fans will never forget their matches during their impressive tag team run.

10 Best Friends: Eddie Guerrero And Rey Mysterio

Back in WCW, it is said that the cruiserweights used to stick to forming friendships between each other as they didn't get along with the heavyweights. It was only natural for Eddie Guerrero to find himself bonding with Rey Mysterio as they went on to produce one of the most memorable feuds, as well as many classic matches. They remained close friends until Guerrero's death, working with each other throughout their entire careers in several companies from WWE to WCW as well as on the independent scene.

Once Guerrero passed away, Mysterio received a main event push for being his best friend and went on to win the Royal Rumble before capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22. To this day, Mysterio always pays tribute to Guerrero in his matches, as well as through posts on social media. Many tag teams on this list were best friends but these two were arguably more like brothers in real life.

9 Hated Each Other: Buff Bagwell And Scott Steiner

When Buff Bagwell joined WCW, he didn't find himself many friends in the locker room. Oddly enough, he used to get along very well with Scott Steiner which is surprising considering their personalities. They even had a run as a tag team, but the honeymoon didn't last too long as they soon turned into bitter enemies. According to Bagwell, the reason behind their beef is the WCW locker room turning them against each other. Steiner was known for his impressive physique and had arguably the best body in all wrestling.

Since Bagwell was also in top shape, many wrestlers started ribbing Steiner by telling him that Bagwell had surpassed him which created tension between them. Not exactly something that you would have pictured two grown men arguing about but apparently that took place. From close friends to rivals, Steiner and Bagwell allowed other wrestlers to get in between them to end a good thing.

8 Best Friends: Edge And Christian

What some may not know is that Edge and Christian have always been a tag team, even going back to the training days when they formed a partnership prior to their WWE run. They remained together after making the jump to the company and would dominate the scene for years to come with 7 Tag Team titles to their name.

Over the years, we witnessed them in many storylines where they either feuded or briefly reunited as fans never forgot their origin even at the peak of their solo runs. And to top it all off, it was Christian who inducted Edge into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. Years after their retirement, they remain as close as ever although their partnership moved on from within the ring to a show on the WWE Network. Since last year, they also began hosting a podcast together

7 Hated Each Other: The Mega Powers

When wrestling's top two Superstars form a tag team, you can only expect great things from them. For several years, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were joined by Miss Elizabeth to become known as The Mega Powers. Despite backstage tension from time to time, they worked well together and were part of WWE's top storylines at the time. Eventually, things went sour between them as Savage felt that Hogan had been attempting to overshadow him by playing backstage politics.

At the time, Savage was married to Miss Elizabeth who served as his manager but the couple went through some rough times as the former accused her of having an affair with Hogan. Their friendship never recovered since then while Savage and Elizabeth went on to divorce in 1992. For the next couple years, Savage and Hogan put their rivalry aside to work for WCW but they once again found themselves in a rough spot soon afterward. Savage never let go of the beef as he threw shots at Hogan for the remainder of his life, including a rap diss song that was released on his 2003 album.

6 Best Friends: Sheamus And Cesaro

When Sheamus and Cesaro began teaming up on Raw, it wasn't meant to be a long-term storyline. They had been rivals at the time but the company saw gold in them, as did the fans, which eventually birthed the team of Sheamus and Cesaro. Their chemistry has been remarkable since then, making them one of WWE's top tag teams in modern history. They have won the Raw the Tag Team Championships three times and continue teaming up today.

While Cesaro has admitted to finding Sheamus to be annoying while on the road, he did add that they have become best friends. They spend most of their time together while on the road, which probably explains why they have been so successful in the ring as well. Fans expected the team to be short-lived but their friendship and glaring chemistry have made it difficult for the company to split them up.

5 Hated Each Other: The Rockers

Most fans would agree that The Rockers are one of the most iconic tag teams in WWE history, but they have become a symbol in more recent years for different reasons. The team consisted of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, and while the former went on to become an all-time great, Jannetty struggled following the team's break up and never made a name for himself in singles competition.

These days, fans tend to use Jannetty as an insult when speaking of a tag team member with less potential, which probably isn't the way anybody wants to be remembered. The Rockers had been good friends for many years before their egos got in the way of their friendship, as they began to attempt to outshine each other in the ring. Tension only grew when fellow wrestlers tried to pit them against each other with Roddy Piper claiming that Michaels was the only one with any talent. Soon after, they had become rivals with their relationship being ruined for years to come.

4 Best Friends: Shawn Michaels And Triple H

Unlike so many friends on this list, Triple H and Shawn Michaels bonded in strange circumstances. Upon joining the WWE, Triple H was recruited by Shawn Michaels who was already one of WWE's top stars to join The Kliq. The group needed a designated driver and found one in Triple H who was on his best behavior at the time. They grew close at a quick pace to become best friends in a short period before forming D-Generation-X.

By that point, they had been inseparable to the point many suspected that they might be a gay couple. Michaels would go through some personal troubles, which eventually evolved into an argument with Triple H and they completely stopped talking to each other for some time. But that didn't last as we all know and they reunited like old times soon after as Triple H recruited him to come back out of retirement and having that final run.

3 Hated Each Other: William Regal And Tajiri

The team of William Regal and Tajiri is one of the better partnerships that has been forgotten in recent times. During the mid-2000s, they won the World Tag Team Championships while having a memorable run on Raw. But it took them some time to mesh in real life as their personalities clashed while travelling together. Tajiri preferred silence during their trips while Regal was keen to listen to music at all times, and that always resulted in some arguments.

According to Regal, Tajiri also insisted on driving all the time despite being a terrible driver and that only complicated things further. Thankfully, they eventually set their differences aside to become close friends. But they used to hate each other for some time and it took plenty of effort from both sides to fix their relationship. They recently reunited upon Tajiri's brief reunion to the WWE, bringing back some good memories to fans.

2 Best Friends: Scott Hall And Kevin Nash

In 1991, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall met while working for WCW and instantly got along due to many shared interests. They joined the WWE soon afterward and became road buddies for years to come. With both men known for being party animals, their bond grew as they became best friends. They were eventually joined by Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, and Triple H to join The Kliq as all of them had become close friends at that point.

When Hall decided to switch to WCW in 1996, Nash followed through as they formed The Outsiders. They would rule the wrestling world for many years to come and remain great friends to this day. Once Hall's troubles started increasing, it was Nash who looked out for him on so many occasions. In 2014, Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame by Kevin Nash to mark one of the most iconic friendships in wrestling history.

1 Hated Each Other: Tony Atlas And Rocky Johnson

A few decades ago, Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas teamed up to make history by becoming the first African-American Tag Team Champions. Sadly, they are no longer remembered for their great tag team run as their personal issues have overshadowed their run. They were popular with the fans and put on many memorable matches, but despite their in-ring chemistry, they failed to mesh with each other on personal levels. Not only did they always argue backstage, but there have been reports of fights breaking out on numerous occasions.

It is said that Johnson wasn't a fan of Atlas' behavior of showing up late to events and got him in trouble for his actions. Meanwhile, Atlas believed that Johnson's ego had grown to the point where he was unbearable. With trouble brewing backstage, WWE made the call to put an end to their run as a tag team as they dropped the titles.

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