8 Wrestlers Who Cheated On Their Spouses (And 7 Who Were Faithful)

Life on the road can be tough. Everyone has heard countless stories about professional athletes cheating on their spouses, sometimes at a shocking rate, and the superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment have been just as guilty of this as any other organization. It probably doesn’t help how often Vince McMahon forces his employees to act out the most sensational love triangles imaginable on a weekly basis, not to mention the allure people in the public eye have over certain types of individuals.

Of course, not all WWE superstars have fallen into this lifestyle. In fact, it could be argued that there’s an increasing trend within the sports entertainment business wherein wrestlers are partying less and focusing on their family lives more. It’s also worth pointing out that there were plenty of legendary wrestlers in years past who never once cheated on their wives, causing them to earn strong reputations for their character as well as their considerable in-ring talents.

Ultimately, what this means is that it would be unfair to castigate all athletes or sports entertainers for being unfaithful, let alone bad spouses in general. For every wrestler who could have treated his spouse a little bit better by keeping his eyes and hands to himself, there's another wrestler and his spouse shaking their heads, knowing how easy it could be to get things right. Unsurprisingly, technical talent plays no part whatsoever in whether or not a wrestler will commit any form of infidelity, although fame may indeed play a role. To separate the good from the bad, keep reading to learn about 8 wrestlers who cheated on their spouses and 7 who were always faithful.

15 CHEATER: Bret Hart

Given the way he was presented on WWE programming, one might assume Bret Hart calling himself "the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be" related to his personal character in addition to his exemplary ring skills. Unfortunately for his long-suffering first wife Julie, that apparently wasn’t the case at all. While Bret claims he tried to eschew the usual drug use some other wrestlers have fallen into, he also admitted his true vice was always the women who idolized him in the ring. According to the Hitman, he always felt bad about cheating on Julie, but this hardly justifies his behavior. Nor does his argument that sex was “the lesser sin” in comparison to drug use, which probably didn’t fly for his now ex. After putting up with Bret’s unscrupulous treatment for roughly 20 years, Julie finally filed for divorce in 2002. Hart is now on his third marriage, and although he argues the second one ended for unrelated reasons, it would be reasonable to assume there were always trust issues based on his past.

14 FAITHFUL: A.J. Styles

From the moment A.J. Styles finally arrived in the WWE Universe at the 2016 Royal Rumble, fans started talking about how he should have been there all along. As many people already know, the Phenomenal One actually did have a shot at working for the McMahon family much earlier than came to pass, having been offered a contract to train at the developmental promotion Heartland Wrestling Association way back in 2002. Unfortunately for Styles and his loyal supporters everywhere, signing with the company would have meant moving away from his wife Wendy, something he wasn’t willing to do so early into their relationship. While the move has fans wondering "what if" to this day, Styles seems to have never regretted it at least insofar as his marriage is concerned, as he remains with Wendy to this day. It could be that his status as a devoutly religious Christian could play a role in this commitment to fidelity.

13 CHEATER: John Cena

With all the mainstream media coverage John Cena has received for proposing to Nikki Bella during WrestleMania 33, one might expect a little more discussion about the fact this is Cena’s second attempt at holy matrimony. The Face of WWE’s first marriage doesn’t get talked about nearly as much thanks to the fact it was a complete bust, ending in a divorce that cost Cena thousands of dollars and left him strongly averse to the idea of ever tying the knot again. That said, a fuller read of the story reveals his ex Elizabeth Huberdeau should be the one with eternal cold feet, as she alleged he cheated on her numerous times throughout the affair. It has since been revealed that one such dalliance was with fellow WWE superstar Mickie James. At this point, Nikki may have finally made him change his mind on the institution of marriage in general, but whether or not Cena will be entirely faithful to her remains to be seen.

12 CHEATER: Ted DiBiase

Being famous pro wrestlers was all it took for most of these wrestlers to entice women into adulterous affairs, so imagine what can happen if they have millions of dollars on top of it. While the Million Dollar Man was merely Ted DiBiase’s gimmick, he more than lived the lifestyle at least insofar as ladies were concerned. DiBiase has been married twice, and though his first marriage apparently wasn’t especially newsworthy, he’s both spoken and written at length about his many infidelities during his second. Part of the explanation for this uneven focus is likely due to the fact that DiBiase’s second marriage is still ongoing, and the couple is nearing their 36th anniversary. DiBiase’s wife Melanie is entirely aware of the fact that her husband cheated countless times, though she has completely forgiven him. Why? These days, both DiBiases happen to be extremely religious and take the forgiving message of Jesus very seriously. In defense of DiBiase, it seems like finding religion has made him faithful in more ways than one, as his cheating apparently stopped along with the couple's spiritual awakening.

11 FAITHFUL: Rick Rude

Sorry, ladies. For all the pleasure he took in watching his female fans scream while he slowly and sensually removed his robe, rumor has it that Rick Rude never strayed from his wife Michelle from their 1988 marriage to his untimely death 11 years later. This is a little ironic considering Rude’s entire character was based on stealing other wrestlers’ wives, most famously Jake Roberts’s beloved Cheryl. According to Bret Hart, the truth is that Rude was so faithful to his wife he actually refused to remove his wedding ring while wrestling, instead simply covering it up with tape to preserve his gimmick. To be entirely fair, there have also been some stories to dispute this, although none had any evidence to back up the idea that Rude indeed strayed from his marriage. That Rude’s wife proudly accepted on his behalf when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 should probably put an end to the idea she resented him for any reason.

10 CHEATER: Batista

They didn’t call him "The Animal" for nothing. While most of the superstars on this list were content cheating on their wives with anonymous groupies, or "ring rats," as the industry questionably calls women who attend wrestling events to seduce wrestlers, Batista had higher goals in mind. After leaving his first wife, with whom he had two children, for a second, who sadly developed ovarian cancer in the course of their relationship, Batista infamously engaged in a number of affairs with his fellow WWE superstars. Specifically, the former WWE Champion has admitted to extramarital flings with Melina Perez, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa Mendes. The dalliance with Perez was so well known it turned into a brief angle, where Batista feuded against her “other” boyfriend at the time, John Morrison. Not only was Batista’s wife, Angie, aware of these infidelities, but also she apparently once told him there was never a point in their relationship when she didn’t think he was cheating in some way. Amazingly, the two are still friends to this day, though the marriage has ended and both have moved on to new people.

9 FAITHFUL: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Just when you think you have all the answers, he changes the questions once again. In stark contrast to his status as one of the meanest and most vicious heels in wrestling history, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper was an ardent family man to the day he died. Piper happily married Kitty Jo Dittrich in 1982, raising four children with her until he unexpectedly passed away in 2015. It’s no exaggeration to say Piper committed some of the vilest acts in WWE history or any other wrestling organization for that matter, and yet one would be hard-pressed to name a situation where he so much as flirted with a specific female throughout his career. This was more than just a character choice, as the Rowdy One has never so much as been accused of considering cheating on Kitty. Piper’s devotion to his family became a matter of public record when he appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap alongside Ric Flair and his family, providing the more stable example in contrast to the wild lifestyle associated with The Nature Boy. And on that note…

8 CHEATER: Ric Flair

Woo! As it would turn out, all the talk about kiss stealing was more than a mere boast. Practically representing the patron saint of his half of this list, Ric Flair has infamously been accused of cheating on all four of his wives, and cynical people are already wishing fiancee number five the best of luck at keeping his wandering eye at bay. Each of Flair’s marriages actually ended when he met his next wife and decided to trade up for a newer model, so it’s not like any of his exes should have been particularly surprised when he told them he had met someone new. Perhaps this is why their lawyers were always so prepared to take him to court when it came time to finalize the divorce, causing the Nature Boy to increasingly find himself in dire financial straits as he aged. Whether or not Flair will keep it up remains to be seen, although we already know based on his Celebrity Wife Swap appearance that the drinking and partying is far from over, so it doesn’t look good for poor Fifi.

7 FAITHFUL: Terry Funk

Representing everything about old school traditional living, the idea of Terry Funk being a cheater would hurt his fans as harshly as it hurt his wife. Luckily for Funk devotees everywhere, the hardcore legend has been happily married to his wife Vicki since 1965, meaning they’ve celebrated over five decades of togetherness as of this writing. Vicki and the Funker actually first got together before his wrestling career even began. This means she stuck around through each broken bone, World Championship, barbed wire explosion match, and even his comically numerous retirements. True to Terry’s image as the “Texas Bronco,” he and Vicki lived together on a farm for the majority of their time together, though they’ve reportedly moved to more traditional housing in their old age. Not even Funk’s equally legendary brother or father could stand next to him in this regard, as both experienced at least two marriages in their lives. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean they were cheaters, it still makes the uniqueness of what Terry and Vicki have appear all the more impressive.

6 FAITHFUL: Owen Hart

Proving that being a bad husband most definitely doesn’t run in the family, Owen Hart’s relationship with his wife Martha was almost the exact opposite of his brother Bret’s. The self-professed King of Harts married Martha in 1989, near the start of his career, and the two remained together until his tragic death at Over the Edge 1999. Owen’s commitment to Martha and his family was well known throughout the industry, with most of his contemporaries now telling sad stories about how he spent his entire career putting aside money to prepare for a life of retirement at her side. The fact that never came to be has quite frankly caused a great deal of bitterness on Martha’s side, resulting in a number of lawsuits against WWE blocking footage of Owen from getting released on DVD. Of course, that bitterness may well be justified considering the tragic means by which Owen met his demise.


Several of the wrestlers on this list have had their extramarital affairs stumble into their onscreen storylines, and yet Edge still stands out as being the WWE superstar who benefited the most from cheating on his wife. It would be one thing if this was somehow an indirect situation, but there’s no way to deny Edge having an affair with Lita while married to his second wife Lisa Ortiz very directly caused him to go from a rising star to a bona fide main event talent. Matt Hardy received a great deal of attention during the situation, leaving Ortiz mostly forgotten about despite being in virtually the exact same position. This probably shouldn’t have been too surprising for her, though, as Edge’s second marriage started only a few months after his first ended, already sparking rumors the two events may have been related. Not one to give up after only two failed marriages, Edge has moved on to a third with Beth Phoenix, who hopefully is strong enough to scare the Rated R Superstar into stopping this abhorrent behavior.

4 FAITHFUL: Bobby Eaton

This list should have already made it pretty clear that the idea of wrestlers cheating on their wives is more than mere conjecture, and yet anyone needing more proof can add Bill Dundee’s story to the evidence pile. That may seem like a weird way to start an entry about Bobby Eaton, until we clarify that Dundee happens to be Eaton’s father-in-law, on top of his reputation as a legendary wrestler and promoter in the Memphis area. Dundee infamously forbade his daughter Donna from ever dating wrestlers, feeling his coworkers and employees might take advantage of her. Bobby Eaton was aware of this and dated her anyway, predictably leaving Dundee furious when he found out. However, all Dundee needed to hear before changing his mind about this decree was which wrestler Donna happened to be dating. Upon finding out she was with Eaton, all of Dundee’s fears instantly dissipated, and he admitted she had picked the best guy of the bunch. Eaton has lived up to this reputation by never cheating, all the while, to this day, boasting about what his father-in-law said about him.

3 CHEATER: Alberto Del Rio

Unlike the other superstars on this list, who largely confined their cheating to the past, Alberto Del Rio is a special case in that his alleged infidelity is technically still ongoing. Most wrestling fans are likely aware that Del Rio is currently in a fairly controversial and high-profile relationship with WWE superstar Paige, yet it may be less common knowledge that he’s also been married to another woman throughout the entire relationship. According to Del Rio, his marriage to Angela Velkei ended in 2015, but this claim is slightly questionable considering they didn’t actually divorce until June of 2016. Definitely also worth noting is that Del Rio went public with Paige in May of 2016, making it easy to assume the Anti-Diva may have played a role in making things official. Of course, it’s equally fair to assume Paige needs to keep a close eye on Del Rio due to these claims. Whirlwind relationships like the one they seem to be living are especially prone to unfortunate behavior like Del Rio’s.

2 FAITHFUL: Mick Foley

Looking like a big cuddly teddy bear alone would have probably been enough for Mick Foley to earn the hearts of his female coworkers. As it would turn out, his dedication to wife Collette also plays a huge role in why younger superstars of both genders look up to the Hardcore Icon. The Foleys were married in 1992, and Mick has happily been by his wife’s side ever since. In all fairness, Foley’s character was never quite becoming for a lifestyle of a wild partying, but this is most likely due him wanting to keep his character somewhat true to life. Of course, that life also involves comical cheapness and even worse puns, both qualities Collette has surely been suffering through throughout their long relationship. Obviously, however, a penchant for silly humor is a whole lot better than being a cheater, like so many of the men and women Foley has known and worked with throughout the years.

1 CHEATER: Vince McMahon

Typically, problems that infect an entire industry start at the top, and professional wrestling’s reputation as being filled with adulterers may well fit that cliché. Not only has Vince McMahon cheated on his wife Linda more times than anyone could count, but half of the time, he did so live on television for the whole world to see. Sure, he could argue that was just acting and playing a character, but the argument dies a little when he’s writing that character, and one of his most notable traits is swapping spit with every one of his female employees. Unsurprisingly, Vince’s infidelities toward Linda started in real life well before they cropped up on screen, something he has since come forward about in a number of interviews. The truth is less sensational than the fiction, as none of Vince’s affairs were with his employees, or at least he hasn’t admitted to such. However, this hardly helps the matter, as all it means is that the world will never know which women Vince cheated with -- let alone how many of them there were.

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