8 WrestleMania 34 Rumors We Hope Are True (7 We Want Vince To Forget About)

With WrestleMania 34 looming near, fans have mixed emotions heading into the event. Several rumors (which have recently emerged) feature some great news, along with some not-so-good possibilities for the event. Some of the good that we’ll discuss in the article features a couple of returns; both Daniel Bryan and Goldberg are being linked for the show.

On the contrary, we’ll also explore some of the lackluster ideas and concepts to recently emerge via the rumor mill. Strowman winning the Tag Titles by himself and the mixed tag match main eventing WrestleMania haven’t been the most beloved ideas. We’ll take a look at seven rumored scenarios for the show that we hope Vince’s going to forget about come WrestleMania 34.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight WrestleMania 34 rumors we hope are true and seven we want Vince to completely forget about. We begin with a stipulation that could add some serious intrigue to a certain matchup. Let’s get started, folks!

15 True - Taker Accepts Career Versus Career Match

We thought we’d seen the last of The Undertaker following WrestleMania 33. He lost in the main event to Roman Reigns and symbolically left his entrance gear in the ring. Most fans thought that was it for Taker but rumors are now starting to swirl that he’s set to return for one more match against John Cena. Rumors also indicate that there’s a real possibility that he returns with his American Bad A** gimmick.

In order to make this match that much more special, a career versus career stipulation is something most fans would agree could be very special. Undertaker deserves a proper send off with some clarity and what better way to go out than on the Grandest Stage of Them All, while taking on the face of the company? We’ll get a little more clarity on the situation in the upcoming weeks.

14 Not True – Mixed Tag Match Main Events The Show

If a career versus career stipulation is added to the Cena - Taker bout, it’s almost a guarantee that the match will close out the show. However, if it isn’t, speculation is running wild pertaining to the main event. Some dirt-sheet pages have reported that the mixed tag bout featuring Ronda Rousey, Kurt Angle, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon has a very real chance of closing out the program. With the anticipation building for Ronda’s debut along with all the exposure the company will get out of the match, making it the main event is certainly something that’s tempting the WWE at the moment.

No disrespect to the combatants in the match but it isn’t main event-worthy, especially with two major World Championship matches on the card along with a tremendous clash featuring Asuka versus Charlotte and Cena taking on The Undertaker.

13 True - Daniel Bryan Tags With Shane

In one of the most emotional episodes of Smackdown Live ever, Daniel Bryan announced his long-awaited return. He's now concussion-free and the rumor mill is buzzing pertaining to his first match. This particular storyline can work in two ways; one, while he still wasn't cleared we could have seen Shane turning the bout into a Triple Threat Match with Daniel Bryan serving as the special referee. The other (now) more likely scenario is something we would all want to see; Bryan teams up with Shane to take on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Based on the way Smackdown Live ended on Tuesday night, with Kevin Owens Power-Bombing Daniel Bryan, the probability of the match seems very likely at this point.

12 Not True – Strowman Wins The Tag Titles Alone

WWE has done a fantastic job at building up Braun Strowman. His reckless persona has made him a fan favorite with the WWE Universe. Lots of us anticipated a marquee WrestleMania matchup, though he was instead thrown into tag team duty. In an odd twist, Strowman won the Tag Team Battle Royal all by himself. He was told to find a partner but with the show looming near, he’s still flying solo.

Speculation and fan theories believe Strowman might end up winning the Tag Titles all by himself. That idea, just isn’t right, especially looking at the current champions - Cesaro and Sheamus - both of which deserve a lot better than losing the straps to one guy. A popular suggestion would be putting Elias with Braun given their terrific chemistry as recent rivals. It would make for some good TV along with giving Elias something interesting to work with on the show.

11 True – Carmella Fails While Cashing In Her MITB Contract

It might sound harsh, but Carmella failing to cash-in seems like the right move. At the very least, she’ll create an insane moment on the Grandest Stage of them All, one she’ll remember for the rest of her life. According to the recent rumors, Carmella is all but confirmed to cash-in the contract following Asuka’s victory over Charlotte. The failed contract is only going to elevate Asuka even further.

For Carmella, winning the Women’s Championship just isn’t the right time. In truth, she’s improved so much since her NXT days, however she still lacks a great deal in comparison to the other women on both rosters. Carmella’s a team player and is reportedly fine with the failed cash-in, such an attitude is going to elevate her even further behind the scenes.

10 Not True – Jinder Mahal Wins The US Title

If we know Vince, there is a big time possibility that Jinder Mahal wins his second WWE belt, this time, claiming the US Title for the first time in his career. It appeared as though a rematch between Roode and Orton was the plan heading into the show. Roode likely winning back the title against Orton would help to elevate the SmackDown Live newcomer. However, in an odd twist, Jinder’s now being added to the match leading many to believe that he’ll walk out of the show with the championship around his waist.

Mahal is not entirely bad; he has the look of a champion, though in truth we can’t say the same when it comes to his in-ring work. Most fans would prefer Orton retaining or Roode getting his WrestleMania moment, though it seems more likely that the unpopular Mahal wins the US Title.

9 True – Bayley Finally Turns Heel

WWE creative has done a decent job at creating some tension between Sasha and Bayley. On the plus side, it finally creates a new women’s storyline on Raw that isn’t centered on the championship. At WrestleMania, both are set to compete in the Fab... no, sorry, WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal with the final outcome likely seeing both in the ring.

Now the obvious result would see Bayley win the match and Sasha attack her, finally turning heel in the process. However, at events like WrestleMania, risky and unexpected twists are what the show is all about. Most fans would love for the rumor of Bayley turning heel to finally be true at the show. Her character has been a complete fail and what better way to give her a re-launch than on the Grandest Stage of All? It would be quite the moment to see the ruthless side of Bayley brutally beating up Sasha Banks.

8 Not True – No Jeff Hardy

Seeing Jeff Hardy during the recent Final Deletion match gave us some hope that he might make it back in time for WrestleMania. However, if we’re being real, it’s more likely he doesn’t appear on the show because of his recent DUI arrest. It’s being said that Hardy’s cleared for in-ring action, however the company might want to keep him out a little longer due to his name finding the headlines for all the wrong reasons. From a business standpoint it makes sense but as a fan, it’s definitely a let-down not seeing Jeff in some capacity.

It remains to be seen how it’ll all play out. For the time being, Jeff not being at the show is the likely scenario. Just imagine Jeff being added to the IC Championship match... talk about a high profile Fatal-Four Way match! Now imagine adding a ladder... Damn you, WWE.

7 True - Nia Jax Wins Women’s Championship

After lots of speculation, it’s now confirmed that Nia Jax is going to take on Alexa Bliss for the championship. The build-up to the match has been quite brilliant; the two had been close for quite some time on-screen, until Alexa’s brutal betrayal. The moment caused Alexa to gain an insane amount of heat while Nia appears to be more over than ever before. This is the perfect formula to crown Nia Jax as the new Women’s Champion come WrestleMania.

Nia holding the championship is a big time plus, especially if Ronda is to make a push at the championship; Jax is certainly a suitable obstacle for Rousey. We can almost guarantee a match between the two come SummerSlam, though as we’ve seen with the WWE, a lot can change from now to then.

6 Not True – Cruiserweight Title Match On Pre-Show

You would figure that the WWE would learn from their mistake last year. One of the top matches of the night featured a Cruiserweight Championship match between Neville and Austin Aries. The match was given plenty of time and was a pure wrestling classic. The match could have elevated the division to a whole other level though the biggest problem? It wasn’t on the actual show. Instead, the fantastic matchup was used on the pre-show.

With Triple H now in charge of 205 Live, the show has instantly improved with an influx of talent and less tacky segments. However, if the company really wants to give the division importance and a chance to shine, they’ll book them for the main show. The rumored bout has Alexander and Ali fighting for the vacant title. If given the chance, the two can put on an epic match on the main show and one that will surely elevate the division. But again, it seems like a long shot given the amount of matches already booked for the event.

5 True – Ronda Rousey Destroys Stephanie McMahon

The booking of Ronda Rousey has been kind of odd and not what most of us anticipated. Most WWE fans expected Rousey to rarely speak and have that bad chick look on her face. Instead, we’ve been given the exact opposite, whether it be Rousey getting a live microphone or smiling from ear to ear with tears of joy practically coming out. It hasn’t been terrible but instead, quite odd to see that the WWE has decided to humanize her to an extent.

Ronda in the ring needs to be a savage. Now Steph’s training hard for the bout, though if she gets any type of offense, that’ll be a major let-down without a doubt. In terms of booking this match, the rumors indicate that Rousey will absolutely destroy Stephanie. Now we’re not sure how well Stephanie can make her look but we can all agree that Rousey devouring Steph is the way to go for this match.

4 Not True – Usos Not On The Main Card Again

Looking back at the brand split, no team has benefitted from the move more than The Usos. The team totally reinvented themselves taking off the paint and turning heel. They’re now the most dominant team on the entire WWE roster as they continue on with the titles as five-time Tag Champions. Their work with the New Day has been superb and that rivalry is set to continue come WrestleMania. Though adding a spin to the match, it seems as though the team of Harper and Rowan are also being added to the mix.

No matter what the match is, the Usos must be featured on the main program. On the main roster for nearly a decade, it’s unfathomable that the team has never been featured on a WrestleMania show. Now with Braun being added to the Raw Tag Title match, we guarantee that’ll make the main show. However, there are no guarantees for the SmackDown Championships given all the matches already booked. Please WWE, don’t snub these guys again, especially given the run they’ve had.

3 True – Goldberg In The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Let’s be honest here, the Andre the Giant Battle Royal doesn’t really do much for the career of a WWE Superstar. It’s not as if you win the match and get a guaranteed title match or anything like that. As a matter of fact, the four previous winners have never won World Championship gold. Corbin came close, though last year’s winner Mojo Rawley has not.

So why not spice things up and add a certain Hall of Fame inductee to the match? A couple of months ago, rumors began to build linking Goldberg to a WrestleMania match; the Battle Royal was later revealed as the rumored scenario. Looking at Goldberg’s recent photos, the guy still looks jacked and definitely ring ready. We hope the rumor is true as it would provide another great WrestleMania moment and the perfect way for Goldberg to go out on top.

2 Not True – Brock Wrestles His Final Match

Whether you love him or hate him, Brock sells tickets and just adds another element to a WWE show. Take his recent cameo brutally attacking Roman Reigns - when Brock’s there, the intensity climbs up a couple of notches, something that lots of WWE Superstars lack. Now yes, it is annoying that he’s rarely utilized, though Brock not being there at all isn’t any better either.

Rumors pertaining to his future are still extremely sketchy. Some believe he’ll stay on board up until SummerSlam while recent rumors speculate that his match against Roman is going to be his final one. It’s still a giant question mark at the moment, though we can all agree that Brock staying onboard until after WM will only help to elevate others, including a certain somebody by the name of Bobby Lashley.

1 True – A.J. Styles & Nakamura Close Out The Show

If the WWE listens to its fans, this match will close out the show without a doubt. However, we know the WWE and matches like the mixed tag match, Lesnar versus Roman or even Taker versus Cena, might get the edge on this particular bout for the main event. In this day and age, that decision wouldn’t be the correct one. Fans want to see a pure wrestling match in the main event and nothing caters to that audience more than this instant classic between A.J. and Nakamura. If this is to be one of the great matches in WrestleMania history, it needs to close out the show.

Again, whether or not this goes down remains to be seen, of course, even if it doesn’t main event, the match isn’t going to disappoint one bit.

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