8 Things Fans Can Find In Vince McMahon's Home (And 7 In Hunter And Stephanie’s House)

With a net worth of nearly $2 billion, you can imagine that Vince McMahon lives quite the life outside of the WWE limelight. Vince lives in a massive property worth close to $50 million. In this article, we discuss what you can find in the residence... from unique paintings to one too many bathrooms. We’ll also take a look at some of his other properties which can be found in the Stanford and Florida areas. Of course, both locations are meant for the wealthy.

Along with Vince, we’ll take a look at the personal lives of the WWE’s new power couple, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. We’ll go inside their beautiful gated residence (which is a short drive from Vince’s house). We'll discuss the amazing gym and massive backyard, among other things. Heck, we’ll even go inside their kitchen and take a look at what the couple has in their fridge.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. From Vince’s Bentley to Stephanie’s shoe closet, here are eight things you can find in the home of Vince McMahon and seven in the McMahon-Helmsley household. We begin with the most unique feature in Vince’s estate, and one that’ll likely make fans chuckle. Let’s get started!

15 Vince – Painting Of Himself

Vince McMahon is no ordinary fellow and that’s been well documented by several of his peers in the past. One of Vince’s weirdest items which can be found in his house is a painting of himself... Just imagine enjoying some down time with your dog while a painting drawn up of yourself hangs over you? Seriously, does it get any better than that? He should make copies of that same painting and bring them to live events....

McMahon is no ordinary fellow and a dude who has some weird fascinations. For one, he has a constant need to always be shaving. Jim Cornette told a story that McMahon always brings his entire shaving kit while on the road and he uses it at least once a day. Seriously, try thinking of the last time you saw McMahon rock some facial hair? Yeah, not easy.

He’s also a big fan of ketchup. Vince is constantly eating clean on the road and again, Cornette recalls McMahon bringing a lunch box with him while on the road. In order to get some flavoring on his chicken or turkey sandwiches, Vince loves to add some ketchup. Unlike most humans, Vince looks at food as nothing more than fuel for the body – he’s a savage.

14 Hunter & Steph – Two Dogs

Big Feet, Little Feet, Big Paws, Little Paws 🐾 #family #blessed ❤️

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How Triple H and Stephanie find the time to take care of two dogs is beyond us. Though Stephanie’s timing in purchasing the family’s second dog couldn’t have been any better. Stephanie is now off the road since her character was written off following another brutal attack by Ronda Rousey. It seems that during her time off, not only is she being a great mom to her three daughters but she’s also taking care of a new puppy. Triple H and Stephanie recently added a second dog to their family, another Mastiff named Attila.

Steph posted the photo of the cute puppy and although it looks really small, you can expect it to grow quite a bit, just like the couple’s older dog, Andre. The McMahons love big Mastiff dogs (it also helps that this type of dog likes to get lots of rest during the day). Vince is another fan of the Mastiff, as he also had one back in the day.

It’s hard to believe that the McMahon family find time to take care of dogs as well, but seriously, they can do it all. It also helps that both the McMahon and McMahon-Helmsley households contain massive amounts of land. The dogs must get a kick out of running in such a huge space.

13 Vince – Massive Swimming Pool

Just by looking at Vince’s residence through Google Maps, you can spot a massive pool area in the backyard, along with a seating area that features tanning chairs. McMahon made full use of this section in his home back in the early 90s. He, along with Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson, would write the shows while poolside (about one week in advance). Just think about how much the times have changed nowadays... Today the stories are written by professional Hollywood type writers and pitched to McMahon either at the WWE HQ or during the event. It’s a different era nowadays; you can forget about writing a program poolside at the McMahon residence. Some would argue that the pool-side written shows might have been better. You can blame Stephanie for the recruitment of this style of writers, though.

We have another notable story when it comes to Vince’s swimming pool and this one includes his son Shane. At one time, Vince had a couple of the wrestlers over and Shane was looking to make an impact with the boys. In one of the gutsiest moves of Shane’s life, he shockingly pushed his father in the swimming pool with all his clothes on! Shane recalls Vince’s face turning red with rage, and the young McMahon proceeded to run away and leave the house... A very wise decision!

12 Hunter & Steph – Fully Equipped Home Gym

Finding the time to train isn’t the easiest for a WWE Superstar. Now imagine being in Triple H’s shoes. The guy is constantly on the road whether it’s backstage for Raw, SmackDown or NXT. Not to mention his constant hours on the road as an ambassador for the company and time spent in Stanford at the WWE HQ. Yup, he’s a busy man and staying in shape isn’t the easiest task. He settled that problem in the last couple of years creating a gym in his basement. Looking at his midnight workouts, Hunter surely didn’t cheap out on the equipment.

The basement gym is actually more stacked than most regular gyms. From cardio machines to customized gorilla kettle bells to a fully stacked set of weights that go up to 140 pounds, it’s a basement gym most gym goers could only dream about.

Both Hunter and Stephanie get in their workouts during the wee hours of the night, midnight to be exact. They coined the hashtag #MidnightWorkouts via Instagram. Seriously, if that doesn’t motivate you to get into shape, we don’t know what will. Props to the couple for going all-in on this investment; it is one that is certainly worth the big bucks.

11 Vince – Personal Chef

Lots of wrestlers from the past have discussed visiting Vince McMahon’s house. The usual feedback is how blown away these employees are. One of the most intriguing features of the home is a personal chef. Don’t think for a second that McMahon would whip up a meal for his guests or himself... Oh, no! He’s got a personal chef for that. One would think he would also get the meals done while on the road but McMahon usually finds other meals while on the road and consumes specific foods that allow him to maintain such a shape.

Along with getting his meals prepped, McMahon is a freak in the weight room. According to various websites, his house also includes a gym. We’ve also seen McMahon work out at the WWE HQ as well. His son-in-law Triple H was asked about working out with McMahon and Hunter responded by saying "never", making the claim that Vince is an animal in the weight room and just on another level. We can just imagine his work ethic in the gym... if it’s anything like the way he runs his business, oh goodness! Like Triple H and Stephanie, Vince gets his training in during the late hours of the evening, usually around 11 PM and midnight.

10 Hunter & Steph – Personal Trainer For Home Gym

If you thought a personal chef was intense, just imagine having your very own personal trainer at your disposal at midnight. And oh, the guy drives an hour (plus) to get to the McMahon-Helmsley household. Yes, this is the reality of the relationship between Triple H and trainer Joe DeFranco. Hunter reached out to the trainer when in need of revamping his entire workout scheme. Hunter’s joints were starting to give out, getting hurt and sustaining one too many injuries. It was time to change things up and train for a functional purpose, enter Joe DeFranco. Hunter and Stephanie asked Joe if he could recommend a trainer nearby to guide them through their workouts, DeFranco put his name in the hat suggesting that they get the best treatment possible, even though he travels quite the route in the late hours of the evening.

The decision has paid off immensely for both. Stephanie was in the best shape of her career during the recent WrestleMania event taking on Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. As for Triple H, he’s also been looking better than ever in the last couple of years which is truly shocking given the fact that he’s 48 years old. The functional workouts not only leaned him out but helped with his mobility and flexibility as well.

9 Vince – Nine Bathrooms

One of the most peculiar features of the McMahon residence is the fact that the home includes nine bathrooms... Yes, we said nine! Perhaps Vince likes his own privacy and has a private bathroom, while he makes the others use the eight other ones at their disposal. We imagine lots of the bathrooms are located near the pool area as a type of changing room as well. The house also includes seven bedrooms and a guest room. Hey, maybe he’s got Roman, Cena and Braun living in there as well?

Seriously, you can get lost in such a house and with only Vince and Linda living in the residence nowadays, we can all agree that the space is way too big for just two people. But again, McMahon has an obsession with everything big, so yeah, it kind of makes sense.

Back in the day, McMahon had a much fuller home. Whether it was Stephanie and Shane both living in the residence or wrestlers frequently coming to visit, the house was always being utilized. Even Chris Jericho told the story about visiting Vince’s house when signing with the company. He was blown away by the house, not to mention the excellent buffet spread Vince had out for his employees.

8 Hunter & Steph - Play-Set and Jungle Gym For the Kids

Stephanie recently posted a photo of the family’s new dog, however what stole all of the headlines was what was featured in the background of the photo. Stephanie and Triple H have a massive backyard and it’s filled with some amusement items for the children. One of them is a large jungle gym set which also features the ever so popular tire-swing.

Another feature in the backyard is a trampoline for the children. If you were a die-hard wrestling fan as a child, we assume you asked your parents for one with the intent of performing wrestling moves on it. Hey, maybe Hunter and Stephanie got in some work on the trampoline just before their WrestleMania bout? Given Stephanie’s performance, we can all agree that she got some fantastic training on the road to the match. She was surprisingly flawless in the mixed tag match.

Nowadays, as we stated earlier, she’s spending time out of the ring. We’ve seen this theme a lot throughout Stephanie’s WWE journey, especially during the times that she was giving birth to couple’s three beautiful daughters. Taking time off is a lot easier when you’re the boss' daughter! Without a doubt, she’s still putting in all kinds of work behind the scenes as the company’s brand ambassador and at the WWE HQ nearby her residence, though.

7 Vince - Additional Residence In Stamford

A home worth nearly $50 million nowadays isn’t enough for the billionaire boss of the WWE. He’s got additional properties which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. First off, McMahon has a vacation property in Florida (in Boca Raton). The massive penthouse features two floors. According to Sportskeeda, McMahon purchased the property for $2 million back in 2002.

He has another penthouse in the Stamford area nearby the WWE HQ. Perhaps when he gets too tired, McMahon stays in the residence nearby. It’s another penthouse; you can find the location at the Trump Parc. Sportkeeda estimated the property to be worth more than $4 million (as of 2010). Again, it is a short drive from Stanford and it features three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The condo complex is filled with luxuries such as a gym and a pool area. That’s cool and all, but we assume they don’t have the weight amount that’s suitable for Vince, the guy is an absolute beast!

Asides from major events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam, McMahon usually flies out following a show on his private jet. His appearances on SmackDown are few and far between nowadays, as Road Dogg is now the one in charge when both Vince and Hunter aren’t present.

6 Hunter & Steph – Pre-Made Meals

In Vince’s kitchen you can find a personal chef, however in Hunter and Steph’s kitchen fridge, you can find pre-made meals ready for the week. This seems to be a growing trend with not only the couple but the other wrestlers as well. Most recently, WWE Superstar Sheamus invested in a meal prep company; it’s a trend that continues to grow with not only wrestlers but other athletes and higher up executives like Hunter and Stephanie.

Triple H showed off his meal preps via Instagram. A man of his stature, he’s got no other choice but to prep his meals in advance. Ironically, all of those meals were for his bulking season. Following his amazing shape for WrestleMania, Hunter went on a bulking-type of diet. What that means is lots of calories and lots of protein. You can’t just eat anything, folks.

As for his WrestleMania diet, that’s a lot different and more rigorous. Hunter loves Keto type diets which usually entail virtually no carbohydrates, a moderate amount of healthy fats and of course, high amounts of protein. Despite all of his responsibilities, keeping in shape remains a priority for Triple H and also for his wife Stephanie, who has become a fitness junkie herself in recent years.

5 Vince - Two Large White Gates & Massive Driveway

Both Triple H and Stephanie (along with Vince) live in a gated community. So you can’t just show up to their home and snap a picture, not even from afar. The closest you’ll get is via Google Maps or if you’re a mailman. Just imagine pulling up to Vince’s residence. Not only is the estate massive but the driveway is also insanely long. The home is also gated by two huge white gates; once you pass the gates the driveway looks like a damn street given the crazy view we have of the residence by Google satellites. The land is also insane but we’ll discuss that in the next entry.

At the age of 72, Vince is still showing no signs of slowing down. Heck even on the weekend he’s all about the business. Lots of writers recall McMahon keeping them on the line throughout the day while at his residence discussing future plans while on a conference call. Who can forget the story of Paul Heyman eavesdropping on the conversation only to exit the call and basically reveal to McMahon that he was there all along due to the audio that he had left the conference call. Despite the fact that Heyman denied the claims, it got him fired from the company.

4 Hunter & Steph – Beautiful Body Of Water Nearby

Both Triple H and Stephanie posted beautiful scenery pictures in the past of trees and a beautiful body of water. It turns out, such a location is a walking distance from their home. Again, we did some snooping with Google Maps and the water is very close to the home, not to mention archers and archers of beautiful nature. The amount of land the couple has at their disposal is truly remarkable. One can only imagine how peaceful such a setting can be, especially when you live such a hectic life, and are surrounded by co-workers and fans on the regular. Getting some peace and quiet must mean so much more to the McMahon-Helmsley couple.

It’s not total silence when they get back home, though. As we mentioned earlier in the piece the couple has three beautiful daughters. Stephanie gave birth to the couple’s first child shortly after the wedding. Aurora Rose was the first to be born from the trio. Stephanie had her first daughter in July of 2006. Murphy Claire was the next in line born almost exactly two years after her older sister, just four days later on July 28th. Staying with the theme of summer births, Vaughn Evelyn was the last of the clan, born on August 24th, 2010.

3 Vince – Black Bentley

Yup, no surprise here! McMahon loves to ride in style. While on the road, he has a personal driver, however when he’s at home, McMahon drives his fantastic Bentley. Just imagine opening that massive garage door and having such a car just there waiting for you. Oh, the billionaires club! Vince was spotted in a grey Bentley years ago and last year, he was spotted in a black one near the WWE HQ for all the wrong reasons. McMahon got himself involved in a pileup (you can actually hear the 911 call by an onlooker, she even asks Vince if he’s okay in the recording). Of course, in typical McMahon fashion he was good, but photos showed the boss out of his car looking a little startled. Hey, he’s human after all! Thankfully, everyone was safe and the accident was a minor one. Knowing the boss, that likely didn’t slow his day down one bit. And yeah, as for the repairs, we assume McMahon could have afforded the amount. It wouldn’t shock us either if he bought a new vehicle altogether at that point....

Along with the Bentley, McMahon also has his own private jet. You won’t see him in an airport, that’s for sure.

2 Hunter & Steph – Massive Shoe Closet

Once again, the attention was elsewhere in this Instagram post. Stephanie posted a heartwarming photo alongside her daughter, however she caught the attention of the fans for her massive shoe closet that appears to be the size of a room. Given the amount of space the couple have at their disposal, we have no doubt that they have a walk-in closet, let alone one each. Just think about the amount of gear Triple H has utilized over the last couple of years... you can probably create a closet for that alone. Remember those epic white boots he once wore with the Triple H cross logo on them? Man, was that ever awesome!

Stephanie’s spending a little more time at home nowadays. WrestleMania is usually a chaotic point for the McMahon family, so getting time off is well deserved for Stephanie. As for Triple H, the fun hasn’t stopped. The WWE continues its grueling schedule since Mania, visiting Canada and going across the world to Saudi Arabia. You can expect even more travel in the upcoming weeks with a Raw event in the UK, not to mention a plethora of other shows on the European scene. Without a doubt, Hunter’s going to be alongside his father-in-law for the upcoming trip.

1 Vince – Massive Amounts Of Land

Taking a look at McMahon’s house from above, it’s crazy to see how much land the boss has at his disposal. Seriously speaking, McMahon has a damn forest in the front of his house. Taking a quick virtual tour of the property, the home is also surrounded by a massive driveway (as we stated earlier). Other estates are located nearby, but they are covered by the forest area. Triple H and Stephanie’s house has the same concept, the only difference is the driveway which isn’t as lengthy in comparison to Vince’s. They certainly have their own privacy when it comes to the amount of land both households have. Without a doubt, both are hiring landscapers on the regular to maintain such an amount of land. You need a team of people to maintain those yards!

Now in his 70s, don’t expect McMahon to retire and enjoy the private life at home. He’s still working like a beast nowadays and with the XFL returning, you can expect his schedule to only get busier. As for selling the WWE, who knows? That possibility does exist. Vince has stated that he’s open to selling the company and why wouldn’t he after seeing how the UFC sold for? He would be a fool not to accept such an offer himself. With the WWE continuing to globalize, you can only expect the company value to increase.

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