8 Reasons McGregor Will Destroy Mayweather (And 8 He'll Hit The Floor First)

Alright, so there's likely every reason why the majority of people will think that Floyd Mayweather is just simply going to wipe the floor with Conor McGregor. I mean Mayweather is actually a boxer. That's a pretty good start to be totally honest. McGregor has never actually gone through a gruelling boxing match before.

And since it's a boxing match, that means that McGregor won't be able to use his infamous front kick in order to keep Mayweather at distance. It also doesn't help that Mayweather is used to knocking fighters out with those massive gloves...and they're better padded. McGregor is used to hitting with less padding. Will that make his punches feel gentle to Mayweather's little head?

Either way, McGregor certainly has arrogance on his side, and the entirety of the Irish population. But being full of yourself, and having a huge fan base doesn't win matches. Mayweather has been a boxer for over 20 years. That's some crazy amount of experience. Can the young Irish setter take down the grizzled boxing master? Here are a few reasons why both stand a good chance.


16 McGregor Wins - Mayweather's Overconfidence 

As it happens, Mayweather is a pretty confident boxer. He has all the facts, and all the stats to back him up going into this fight. But that could very well be his undoing in a lot of ways. Two years out of retirement, Mayweather has an undefeated career in boxing. So he simply assumes he's going to win against a guy who is a career UFC guy. And that does make sense in some ways, but ultimately Mayweather could be letting his guard down here. Though he did resist fighting Manny Pacquiao for years, until he knew he could beat him. But if he waited that long for McGregor, Mayweather would likely already be in a wheelchair. So it remains to be seen, of course, but the incredible force of confidence that is Mayweather's personality may very well lead to shattering that undefeated record.

15 McGregor Loses - Because He's Arrogant


Sure, Mayweather might lose because of his overconfidence issues, but make no mistake, that's a possibility for McGregor as well. He doesn't sport the undefeated record that Mayweather does, but it's clear that he is overwhelmingly arrogant. Of course fighters have to talk themselves up when they're gearing for a fight (it helps the bookies judge the odds of a match). But take a look at this shot. Fighting Alvarez, McGregor, shortly after the second round began, started placing his hands behind his back. What a huge display of arrogance! Now his coach did say that part of this tactic was also because McGregor had an injured right hand that he was using it too much...but the fact remains that, mid-fight, McGregor was pompous enough to leave himself completely open for any attack...and he won not even two minutes after this peacock display.

14 McGregor Wins - Size And Reach

When it comes to size and reach, these two fighters are actually not too far off from the same. McGregor is 5'9", and Mayweather is 5'8" (depending on which source you look at). The Irish Mirror will have you believe that Mayweather is shorter, but presumably that's because they love McGregor. Either way, the size difference is not huge...but the reach that McGregor has because of this difference, is an extra two inches. With that extra reach McGregor could conceivably walk away with the win. He'll have to catch Mayweather mid dance, but he has a better chance of landing hits than Floyd. And it has to be pointed out that in terms of muscle mass (which doesn't necessarily mean anything), McGregor takes the cake. If Mayweather could be in anyway intimidated, this may be a deciding factor in the match.

13 McGregor Loses - Can He Handle 12 Rounds?


Of course McGregor likely has no intention of the match lasting a full 12 rounds, but he might not have a say in that. It really is dependent on how well he can catch Mayweather off guard. And considering Mayweather can dance around almost any hit, McGregor may not be able to land a devastating left hand at all throughout the match. If that's the case, he might get a little tired and winded well before the match is over. And Mayweather will let it go to 12 rounds, because he's not stupid enough to go aggressive, and chance getting knocked out. He'll let McGregor slow down, give a poor performance, and then Floyd will walk away the victor. McGregor's longest fight only ever took him to five round of five minutes. Most of Mayweather's fights have gone the full 12 rounds...

12 McGregor Wins - A Big Age Difference

Some of you may not already know this, but Mayweather has been fighting for 21 years now. He's just turned 40! Conor McGregor is only 28 years old. That's a difference of 12 years. Now that might now seem like very much, but athletes age much faster than us regular people. That's not to say that Mayweather is decrepit, and useless. But it is pretty clear that, after a certain age, a fighter does start to decline. That's how Mayweather beat Pacquiao. Now to be fair, Mayweather has managed to avoid a great many blows to the head. So he is in better shape than most other boxers his age. But McGregor is young, pissed off, and has something to prove. Floyd has a record to defend, but he's making bank either way, and could probably not care less about a young, Irish upstart. He might just let it happen.

11 McGregor Loses - The Undefeated Champion


Floyd Mayweather has won many titles, as you can clearly see from the above photo. And as it stands right now, he holds an undefeated record of 49-0. This fight would truly make Mayweather a legend, if he wins. Right now he is tied for the longest undefeated record in boxing history. If he beats McGregor, that will put him at 50-0. That would make him the new record holder for the biggest undefeated run in a boxing career. That's pretty crazy, and a lot of pressure. One can hope that he's training up quite a bit, having come out of retirement after two years, just for this fight. But let's face it, he wouldn't think to accept this challenge if he was't confident he would win. And how could he give up the chance to break that undefeated record? So long as his arrogance doesn't get in the way, his defence, and dexterity will give him the win.

10 McGregor Wins - Because It's All About The Money

So we have to ask ourselves an important question: does Mayweather actually care about his record? Or does he just care about the money it makes him? Ok, so those are two questions, but they are both important. Right now, Mayweather's net worth is about 400 million. For dancing in a ring, and throwing punches. McGregor is likely going to make 100 million from this fight alone. So ultimately neither of these guys really has anything to worry about. They are both still going to be filthy rich. And the money they'll both get as soon as the bell rings is enough that neither of them really have to worry how it all turns out. They could both lay down right at the start of the match, and they'd be rich. And since Mayweather has made no qualms about saying this match is all about the money, would it really surprise anyone if he just threw the match, said he never cared about the record, and gathered up all those dollar bills?


9 McGregor Loses - The Mayweather Defense


Floyd Mayweather is well known for being one of the most boring boxers in all of history. Maybe he even bores his opponents. Who knows? This is definitely one of the reasons he is not a fan favourite most of the time though. And why is he so boring? Because he knows how to avoid being hit. People like to see blood, and they like to see hard hits to the face. McGregor delivers both of those. But Mayweather dances around his opponents glove (as seen above), and only fires hits he's sure he'll land. That makes perfect sense to me. Even if he's boring, he's a damn smart boxer. He's tied for the undefeated record right now, and he didn't get that far by flying from the corner, arms flailing about. Mayweather knows who he's going up against, and he knows how to stay out of the way.

8 McGregor Wins - The Infamous Left Hand

Above you can see McGregor turning his opponent into pulp...which is actually fairly disgusting to look at (and yet people pay to see this sort of sh*t). Anyway, you'll notice that McGregor is breaking his opponent's face with his left hand. That's because he's a south paw. He usually plays his opponent with his right hand, but once he unleashes that left, it's hard, accurate, and has been the reason for so many of McGregor's wins. After all, he is used to winning by knockout, and his left has been the culprit each and every time. This does not play to Mayweather's advantage at all! In fact, most of the matches that he's struggled with have been specifically against left-handed fighters. So this could spell the demise of the undefeated boxing champion. A few of those hard lefts from McGregor could put him on his ass.

7 McGregor Loses - This Is Boxing. Not UFC...


Oh doesn't McGregor look cute in those boxing gloves? They actually kind of look a little too big for him. And there's a reason for that. They are boxing gloves. Not UFC gloves. It's clear here that McGregor is the underdog. Mayweather has been boxing for decades now, and has been undefeated in all of that time! And that's just been by punching people, and dodging out of the way when they punch. McGregor is used to kicking people out of the way, and grappling with them against a cage when he wants a few good, solid hits. These are things he won't be able to rely on. He can only use that right, and that left. And he better hope he can land a good few hits with that left. Because if he doesn't, the boxing veteran is going to lay him flat on the mat.

6 McGregor Wins - A Crazy Fan Base

So I have already said that fans don't win a match...but that doesn't mean that they don't influence it. And given that Conor is certainly going in as both the underdog, and the fan favourite, the chanting from the crowd will most certainly be in his favour. And McGregor fans are f*cking crazy! If McGregor's own tattoos weren't bad enough, his fans have got some mighty nasty ones (as shown above). And if that doesn't show how incredibly nuts they are, then I don't know what does. And it doesn't seem to matter to any of them that he's going up against an undefeated boxing champion. That doesn't seem to register at all. So even though Mayweather is used to being booed, these fans might actually manage to get under his skin, and cause him the match.

5 McGregor Loses - Blood Means Bust


Alright so McGregor may be used to opening up people when he's fighting in the UFC octagon. But as you can see above, that doesn't mean he doesn't also get bloodied up. And while it's totally "normal" to continue a match when someone is pouring forth a river of blood in the UFC ring, that's not the same in boxing. If Mayweather gets a few good jabs into McGregor's face, and opens him up...well that could very well lead the judges to rule against McGregor much more quickly than he might expect. And given how good Mayweather is at dancing around his opponent's gloves, it's not too likely that he'll be the one dripping blood on the mat. If McGregor thinks that he can take hits, get bloodied up, and still come out the victor...well then he might have already lost.

4 McGregor Wins - Judges Harsher On Mayweather

Ultimately this one could go both ways, but the judges are going to be much harder on Mayweather, I think. He is the seasoned boxing vet and, given that, he should have a flawless performance. That doesn't mean that he can't get hit, but his technique will have to be top notch. The judges are likely to give McGregor more of a pass because he's simply not a boxer. That doesn't mean they'll let him kick like in UFC, but that does mean he'll be able to get away with being more sloppy going through 12 rounds of boxing. And considering Mayweather has been judged fairly harshly before, it would not be at all a surprise if it happened in this match. Clearly dominated rounds have turned to draws with Mayweather...if the same thing happens against McGregor...well Floyd might just lose that undefeated record he's so proud of.

3 McGregor Loses - Because Tyson Says So


Ok, so people are pretty used to Tyson saying things that actually just don't matter. Or doing things that are just mental (like biting Holyfield's ear off, or having his own cartoon show). But this is something that Iron Mike knows a thing or two about. And to be fair, Tyson actually loves UFC, and has been seen celebrating with McGregor on more than one occasion. And while he might be a bit biased because boxing is his sport...that didn't stop Tyson from saying “[McGregor] doesn’t win in a boxing match”. And there's every reason why Mike should be right. McGregor has never been put through the rigors of an actual boxing match. Does he even have the stamina to withstand Mayweather's dancing for 12 rounds!? Tyson thinks not.

2 McGregor Wins - Basic Training

It's not like Mayweather is a small guy...sorry...Mayweather is a small guy, but it's not like he doesn't have muscle and power. Here I am making fun of him, but he could certainly wipe the floor with me. But the fact of the matter is this: he's been out of the ring now for two years. All the while, Conor McGregor has been cleaning up (minus three submission losses). McGregor is probably at the peak of his physical prowess. And while I'm sure Mayweather was still working out once he retired, that doesn't mean he doesn't have to play catch-up in terms of training. He's been out of the game. And while it might be a lot like riding a bike, there is a huge, glaring difference...a bike isn't going to swing a mean left hand at his face. Can the 40 year old match the 28 year old?

1 McGregor Loses - Does He Have The Stamina?


Yes, we've talked about making it through 12 rounds with Mayweather. And we've talked about how different boxing is than UFC. So we all know that the above photo can't be recreated in the boxing ring. There are no submissions to be had there. But it has to be pointed out that McGregor has only lost three times in his career. And each time, he tapped out due to a submission. As Mayweather has pointed out to McGregor several times: there is no tapping out in the boxing ring. But he can throw in the towel. And if McGregor doesn't drop Mayweather in the first few rounds...doesn't it seem likely that he'll do just that? McGregor isn't one to last long in a fight. And Mayweather is notorious for lasting a full 12 rounds. 41 of those 49 undefeated matches went all the way to the final round. McGregor may not have the stamina. He may just throw in the towel!

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