14Expected - Paige & Alberto Del Rio

Things got so out of hand for Paige at that point that she even failed a Wellness Exam and lied about the reason she failed.

Looking back at Paige’s end of 2016 and early portion of 2017, most fans thought that her WWE days were over. Seriously speaking, it’s a miracle to think that she’s the current GM of SmackDown given her reckless past. When it comes to her downfall, ex-boyfriend Alberto Del Rio will always

be remembered. The relationship was truly toxic for the both of them and a breakup at some point was expected.

Yes, it was a dark time. A depression and numerous fights with Del Rio didn’t help her cause; thankfully, she’s now back on her feet with a new boyfriend, Kalan Blehm, along with serving a weekly role as the new GM of SmackDown Live.

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