8 Real-Life WWE Breakups Nobody Expected (And 7 We Did)

Breakups are common in the world of sports and entertainment. Constantly on the road with your co-workers, fellow wrestlers become your family more so than your actual loved ones. For that reason, we’ve seen countless examples of wrestlers opting to date within their field. For those that don’t, it means a life of seeing your wife (or husband) two to three days a week (max). Some can deal with it while others end the relationship at some point down the road.

In light of the recent surprising breakup featuring Nikki and John separating after six years, we take a look at eight relationships that nobody expected would come to an end. Some relationships ended with a surprising twist while others saw wrestlers call it a day amicably. On the other side, we also look at seven relationships we did expect to end. We’ll also look at a recent breakup that was expected to end, and did.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight real-life WWE breakups nobody expected and seven we did. We start the list off with a current Raw Superstar who recently got caught up in a love triangle. Let’s begin!

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15 Nobody Expected - Bray Wyatt & Samantha Rotunda

Away from the ring, Bray was living a quiet life as a family man. Bray married his ex-wife Samantha in 2012 when his Wyatt family character finally started to take off. The couple have two children and it seemed as though they’d stay together forever.

Then came the surprising story of Samantha filing for divorce, her reason for the split is what grabbed all of the headlines. JoJo Offerman was later revealed as the main reason for the split. Things haven’t improved since the divorce, with Samantha issuing a complaint for late child support payments. Making matters worse, it was deemed that Wyatt had been spending thousands of dollars on JoJo, purchasing jewelry and other expensive things for her. You truly can’t make this stuff up, folks!

14 Expected - Paige & Alberto Del Rio

Looking back at Paige’s end of 2016 and early portion of 2017, most fans thought that her WWE days were over. Seriously speaking, it’s a miracle to think that she’s the current GM of SmackDown given her reckless past. When it comes to her downfall, ex-boyfriend Alberto Del Rio will always be remembered. The relationship was truly toxic for the both of them and a breakup at some point was expected.

Things got so out of hand for Paige at that point that she even failed a Wellness Exam and lied about the reason she failed.

Yes, it was a dark time. A depression and numerous fights with Del Rio didn’t help her cause; thankfully, she’s now back on her feet with a new boyfriend, Kalan Blehm, along with serving a weekly role as the new GM of SmackDown Live.

13 Nobody Expected - The Undertaker & Sara Frank

When you get a tattoo of a loved one’s name on your neck, you would think that the relationship in question would last forever but ultimately, this was not the case between Undertaker and ex-wife Sara. Taker had a prior relationship in 1989 to his first wife, Jodi Lynn. His second wife, was the previously mentioned Sara Frank and the two would marry in the summer of 2001. She was even welcomed on-screen, serving a purpose alongside The Undertaker in a storyline with DDP.

The former couple had two daughters, Chasey and Gracie. Just two years after their second daughter was born, the two divorced.

Rumors indicate that Sara was overprotective of The Undertaker backstage, and perhaps she had reason to be, because The Deadman would start to date his current wife Michelle McCool shortly after. As for the tattoo, he would get it touched up...

12 Expected - Chyna & X-Pac

One of the rockiest relationships in pro wrestling history featured the late Chyna and X-Pac. At the time of their relationship, both were in a tough place. Chyna was then released by the WWE.

The relationship became an on-again off-again type of ordeal;

they got engaged a couple of times only to finally call it off. The most memorable part of the relationship was a 'tape' the two made... Yes, they weren't your typical couple. Things would only get worse though. Waltman made a cringeworthy appearance on the Surreal Life trying to save the relationship but it was not meant to be. Sadly, Chyna passed away while Waltman, finally got the help he needed and is looking better than ever nowadays.

11 Nobody Expected - Miss Elizabeth & Randy Savage

The most beloved couple in pro wrestling history was the late greats Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man Randy Savage. Who can forget that incredible wedding which received massive cheers?

They were a couple we wanted to see together forever. They tied the knot in 1984 but in ’92, the relationship came to an end, and one nobody saw coming.

According to the gossip, Randy was just too overprotective of Elizabeth. Urban legends claim he would have her stay in the dressing room during his matches so she wouldn’t interact with others. Elizabeth would move on, partnering up with Lex Luger the relationship led to Elizabeth’s tragic passing. Savage would remarry as well, tying the knot with his high school sweetheart Barbara Payne. Sadly, we lost Macho Man as well in May of 2011.

10 Expected - Seth Rollins & Zahra Schreiber

Another surprising incident, Seth was caught by his former fiancée Leighla Schultz for exchanging photos with another wrestler, Zahra Schreiber. Her reaction wasn’t the brightest, as she turned to social media, posting a photo of Zahra on Seth’s Twitter account. She proceeded to post another photo of Seth to her own account. Schultz would removed the photos and apologize for the act.

It didn’t help Seth’s image that he stayed with her for quite some time.

Seth was enjoying the prime run of his career and he really didn’t need that kind of drama in his personal life. For that reason, lots of fans speculated that his new relationship with Zahra wouldn’t last too long. Aside from an appearance together at an NXT show, they were never seen alongside one another again. They quietly split up a year after the photo was made public.

9 Nobody Expected - Hulk Hogan & Linda Claridge

Prior to his divorce, Hogan was on top of the world. His reality show Hogan Knows Best was a major hit for VH1 and due the exposure, he was brought back for a third time by the WWE. Of course, as we’ve seen with Hulk, what goes up must come down and that’s exactly what took place.

In a surprising incident, the National Enquirer ran a story claiming Hulk was not being honest with his wife during the taping of the Hogan Knows Best show. It caused Linda to file for divorce, something nobody saw coming especially at the time that the show was airing. Hulk’s world came “crashing down” (pun intended) and his wife was able to get 70% of the assets, leaving the Hulkster with a mere 30%.

8 Expected – Ric Flair & Jackie Beems

When Ric married Jackie Beems in 2009, odds were rather favorable that the relationship would once again end in divorce. Prior to the marriage, Ric had three failed relationships starting way back in 1971 to his first wife, Leslie Goodman. His next relationship to Elizabeth Harrell lasted more than two decades; she’s the mother of Charlotte Flair. A brief marriage to Tiffant VanDemark resulted in Ric’s third divorce.

His relationship to Jackie might have been the worst of them all. The two were toxic for each other. Flair would be the one to file for a fourth divorce; he’s now currently engaged to Wendy Barlow and we hope it stays that way.

7 Not Expected - DDP & Kimberly Page

It’s extremely rare for a couple to stay together throughout their stint in the pro wrestling business. More times than not, a couple doesn’t last due to the atmosphere of the wrestling industry. Times have changed significantly today, however back in the day, things were much different. For that reason, it was shocking that DDP and Kimberly lasted so long.

The couple stayed together throughout their wrestling careers. Lots of us thought they’d grow old together but in a surprising twist, they divorced in 2005 during the end of their wrestling runs.

The divorce was of the amicable nature with both agreeing it was time to move on. DDP recently remarried tying the knot with his new wife, Brenda Nair. The couple got married in 2015 in Cancun.

6 Expected - Melina & John Morrison


It was during Tough Enough when these two first met. They would start to work together on-screen and by 2003, the two were labelled as a couple. Unlike Morrison, Melina didn’t have the greatest reputation amongst her peers. She typically isolated herself from the rest of the locker room and it was said that she had a huge ego due to her obvious talent. As if that wasn’t bad enough, rumors began to swirl pertaining to how friendly she was with Batista. She continuously denies it to this day, while Dave has stated otherwise.

Despite everything, Morrison and Melina maintained an on and off relationship from 2003 all the way till 2015.

Most fans knew it wouldn’t last and that’s exactly what would transpire. Morrison recently got engaged to his new partner, Taya Valkyrie, an independent wrestler.

5 Not Expected - The Rock & Dany Garcia

Rock married his college sweetheart back in 1997, Dany Garcia. They had a daughter together, Simone, in 2001. All seemed just fine but as Johnson started to transition out of wrestling, the couple filed for a surprising divorce in 2007. Rock recalls the time as one of the most difficult parts of his life, hitting a depression, though as you’ve probably noticed today, he’s clearly back on his feet as an inspiration to millions. Not only is he an inspiration for his positive mindset but he also turned his experiences into an inspiration for his current relationship with his ex-wife.

Not only are the two still close, but she serves as his manager today behind the scenes.

Both have clearly moved on with Garcia marrying a bodybuilder while Rock continues his life with partner Lauren Hashian.

4 Expected - Randy Orton & Samantha Speno

Prior to his current days, Orton didn’t have the greatest reputation behind the scenes. His ego was out of control backstage. Orton was also known for having some fun with the other Divas behind the scenes. He met his first wife Samantha Speno in a bar and the fling would later turn into a marriage.

The former couple had a daughter together, though they would officially separate in 2013.

Randy completely changed during his second relationship to current wife Kim Kessler. Randy is a changed man both in and out of the ring, finally maturing. The couple has a daughter together along with three boys from Kessler’s previous relationship. Orton has turned things around and we applaud the WWE veteran for doing so.

3 Expected - Carmella & Big Cass

We’ve seen this one too many times in the wrestling business, a certain wrestler gets hurt while the other one thrives. That’s exactly what took place with Cass and Carmella. The big man suffered an unfortunate injury which still has him on the sidelines, while Carmella absolutely thrived ever since winning the first ever MITB contract and capturing the championship on a recent episode of SmackDown Live. The two even bought a house together though still, many weren’t sold on the longevity of the relationship.

With the couple spending so much time apart and on different brands, it made more sense to end things.

They quietly separated and the decision was made mutually and amicably according to the current SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. We should expect Big Cass to return in the very near future.

2 Nobody Expected – John Cena & Nikki Bella

After a six year relationship, Nikki Bella sent out a sad message recently, stating that her relationship with John Cena was officially over. Now, lots of people questioned the validity of the breakup due to the fact that Total Bellas is set to re-launch soon, though according to the latest, it is all very real.

It appeared as though John’s attitude shifted pertaining to marriage but he ended up showing his true colors.

What was supposed to be the happiest day of Nikki’s life (the wedding) turned into something that Cena completely blew up; John went back to his old views and it caused the separation between the two. Given everything they went through and the WrestleMania proposal, you can consider this breakup among the most surprising of all-time in the wrestling industry.

1 Nobody Expected - Matt Hardy & Lita

After six years of dating, Lita and Matt’s relationship came to a surprising end and one that nobody saw coming. While out with an injury, Lita got together with another wrestler and one that was close to Hardy, Edge. This took place in February of 2005. It caused massive shockwaves around the wrestling community and Lita wasn’t looked at in the same light by her peers or the fans for quite some time. Matt was surprisingly brought back to the company as the WWE played out this real-life storyline.

One can only imagine how difficult that must have been for those involved.

Today, all three have moved on, particularly Matt who’s now married to wife Reby Sky. The two have a beautiful family with two sons, Maxel and Walfgang Xander.

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