8 Photos Of A Single Stephanie McMahon (And 8 Of Her As A Wife)

It doesn’t take a die-hard wrestling fan to notice that a lot has changed between the time that Stephanie McMahon was single compared to her current days as a proud wife. In this article, we take a unique look at the differences between a single Stephanie McMahon and the married woman we see on-screen today.

In terms of the single photos, we take a unique look at images from Stephanie’s life both on and off the screen. We highlight her first romantic on-screen interaction with Hunter, as well as looking at photos of a single Stephanie outside of the WWE banner.

On the other side of the spectrum, we’ll look at Stephanie’s current life as a proud wife of arguably the second most powerful man in the entire WWE, Triple H. We’ll showcase photos of Stephanie out of the ring in her new role along with pics of her new interests (such as lifting weights with her hubby). Looking at the photos of a single Stephanie and the married Stephanie we know today, it’s like looking at two entirely different people.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight photos of Stephanie McMahon when she was single and eight of her as a wife. Let’s get started!

16 Wife – WrestleMania 34 With The Hubby

As a couple, this might have been the greatest experience of their lives together (aside from their wedding and the birth of their children, of course). The company booked this match like a big deal and it was well worth the hype as everybody brought their goods to the bout. It was a chilling entrance for The Game and his wife as they entered the ring together on a couple of choppers. In Triple H’s signature pose, both raised their arms in the air on the apron; what an experience it must have been for the two.

As we said, the match not only lived up, but it exceeded expectations. Rousey’s wrestling ability was truly surprising, however what didn’t get the attention it deserved was Stephanie’s performance in the bout. As we’ve seen in the past, she’s usually a little rusty, however in this match, she was literally near perfect and on point during every spot. It took a while but at the age of 41, Stephanie put on a career-worthy performance with fans wanting more. The bout stole the show and was by far the most entertaining match of the night. Though sadly, none of the acts on the rest of the show were able to follow and the card went downhill from then on.

15 Single – Throwing It Back With Mick

The picture above might be one of the last photos Stephanie took as a single gal. According to the various rumors online, it’s believed that Triple H and Stephanie started to date behind the scenes in the mid-2000s (or in early 2001). This throwback photo was taken in 2000 featuring a young Stephanie McMahon and of course, Mick Foley who was one of the most over babyfaces within the company at the time. The two shared a special bond with one another and we got a glimpse of that during Mick’s recent GM run over on Raw.

Ironically, Foley was also good friends with Chyna at the time and the two maintained a close relationship despite her bitter WWE run towards the end. As for Chyna and Stephanie, well things didn’t end on the smoothest of terms, with Chyna finding a love letter in Hunter’s bag written by Vince’s daughter. She snapped and when Stephanie tried to explain herself it only made things worse. Trying to protect his daughter, McMahon wisely sent Chyna home following the reveal – Vince told Chyna to cool off and to patiently wait at home for her new contract to be sent over. Instead, what she got was a termination letter from the company and would never return.

14 Wife – WWE’s Power Couple Visits FB

When it comes to power couples, it doesn't get any greater than Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Clearly, the boss is grooming the two for the future as Hunter continues to take on internal matters such as the talents down in NXT while his wife Stephanie, continues to focus on expanding the company globally. By the time Vince calls it a day, they’ll be more than capable of carrying the WWE machine into the future.

However, things weren’t always the smoothest for the couple. The locker room was none too pleased when it was revealed that Hunter and Stephanie were an item. Vince even denied his blessing early on. Stephanie recalls the situation;

“It was not always just all roses. We were given permission and then it was taken away,” she told The Huffington Post. “In terms of the reasons why, I don’t know if he was getting pressure. It was a really big thing in our business for the top star to be dating the boss’ daughter and all of the implications it could have.”

“But when you think about what it took for my husband to put his career on the line,” she said. “What if things didn’t go well? … If it didn’t work out, what would that mean for him?”

13 Single – The Girl With The Shy Smile

Before she became the character that we all love to hate, Stephanie was simply known backstage as the girl with the shy smile, a moniker coined by Mick Foley. Stephanie was typically seen backstage before her fame and relationship with Triple H as a quiet figure.

Before she would start to serve a purpose on-screen, Stephanie had several different roles with the company. Long before her fame, McMahon was featured in the WWE’s merchandise magazine as a model. Following her University certificate at Boston University, Stephanie started working for her father’s company out of the New York Head Office. She spent time as a receptionist and later, an Account Executive.

Once she left the head office her roles started to increase behind the scenes and she would become the Senior Vice President of Creative Writing in 2006. Such a decision was rather controversial as Stephanie didn’t shy away from making changes. One of her boldest moves in the role was removing WWE writers for Hollywood-type minds. Stephanie made the claim that the company was biased in their storytelling, thus opting for such a switch. It hasn’t been the most welcoming change, however the company still maintains this style of writing to this day. It’ll be interesting to see if that sticks once Hunter gains more power on the main show.

12 Wife – Fitness-Lover

One of the biggest changes in Stephanie’s life since she met Hunter is her passion for working out. Of course, The Game is a huge advocate for staying in shape. Aside from pro wrestling, his other first love was the world of bodybuilding. He maintains a fit lifestyle to this day which is truly remarkable given his rigorous schedule. To her credit, Stephanie has kept up as well, training on the regular and documenting her fitness routines via Instagram.

A huge help in staying in shape is the fact that the couple has a gym at their disposal in their very own home. Training while on the road can be quite rigorous, so having a training facility in your basement certainly helps things a great deal. The couple coined the term, “Midnight Workouts” via social media, showing their tough routines during the wee hours of the night. The couple also has their very own trainer that comes to lead the workouts.

In terms of fitness style, the two are training for a functional purpose. Climbing in age, training as bodybuilders just won’t cut it any longer. To their credit, both are in their 40s and looking fantastic. You can argue that their recent WrestleMania appearance was the best they ever looked.

11 Single – With Her Big Bro

With Vince and Linda on the road a lot, Shane took it upon himself to raise Stephanie McMahon. Back in their earlier days, it is said that Shane was the overprotective brother; he was also known to be a father figure for Steph. The two shared a close bond with one another before their WWE fame, though it seems as though a lot has changed since Stephanie’s single days compared to when she later started dating Triple H.

The boys in the back were none too please with the relationship, and since he was regarded as one of the boys, it is said that Shane wasn’t too thrilled either. Some believe it put a damper on the relationship and still to this day, Shane’s answers pertaining to Triple H aren’t the most straightforward. He recently discussed his relationship with Stephanie and here is what he had to say;

"We don't talk," Shane replied. When Renee asked if they spoke at all, Shane answered, "every once in awhile we'll send texts. We text a lot."

With Shane now back in the WWE it’ll be interesting to see what role he plays heading into the future. Given the apparent rocky relationship between both sides, his future with the company is unknown.

10 Wife – Proud Mother

One of the biggest changes in Stephanie’s life is the fact that she’s now a proud mother of three beautiful daughters. Without a doubt, the couple has their hands full when they are not on the road.

The couple got married in the fall of 2003 and from then on, Stephanie’s time on WWE programming would start to subside due to her goal of starting a family. Despite the pregnancy, McMahon remained on television; she gave birth to Aurora Rose in late July of 2006. Murphy Claire is the second child of the bunch, born two years after Aurora, again in late July but of 2008. The couple had another summer baby in 2010, the final of the group, Vaughn Evelyn. It appears as though there won’t be a “mini-Game” in this clan.

With three daughters, both are said to be amazing parents. Triple H’s mother commented on her son’s parenting skills claiming that he absolutely melts around his children. As for Stephanie, she’s currently enjoying time off and likely spending some much needed time with the kids following her crazy WrestleMania schedule. Nonetheless, she’s still doing lots of work behind the scenes as the company ambassador and likely, putting in lots of hours at the WWE HQ.

9 Single – Daddy’s Little Girl

One constant throughout Stephanie’s life is the unconditional love she continues to get from her father. During her single days, Vince was always there for her. Their bond was a special one and it stays strong to this very day. They’ve been through a lot together that’s for darn sure.

However, being the daughter of a McMahon wasn’t the easiest, especially during her earlier days prior to meeting Triple H. Stephanie recently admitted that she was bullied as a child because of her association to such a prestigious last name. Here’s what she had to say about the matter;

"I was bullied for being Vince McMahon's daughter, you know. People either loved me just because I was Vince McMahon's daughter, or they hated me just because I was Vince McMahon's daughter. It used to bother me a lot that people would treat me a certain way without knowing who I was, you know. I always felt like, if you got to know me and you don't like me, that's fine, but at least get to know me, you know? I talked to my dad a lot about that when I was a kid, and he said, 'Steph, look. It's a fact of life. Not everybody's going to like you, but as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror, and look yourself in the eyes and know that you're a good person, that's all that matters.'… that lesson my dad taught me was something I'll never forget and that I try to pass to my kids… they're going to have to deal with something I never had to, which is social media."

8 Wife – Still Daddy’s Little Girl

She was daddy’s little girl then and that holds true to this day. Behind the scenes, the two are still extremely close and just a short drive away from one another when they’re off the road. Stephanie published a picture of the two on Instagram during last Father’s Day expressing her gratitude for having such an amazing dad. Surely, the two have gone through so much together; both the ups and the downs. Stephanie has even admitted her own father almost fired her in the past... Yeah, business mixed in with family can be quite difficult to handle.

Despite the tough moments, the family dynamic appears to be better than ever nowadays. Stephanie continues on branding the company internationally; the reach the company currently has worldwide is quite frankly remarkable and greater than ever before. Stephanie continues to ensure the company’s well-being, and will do so for years to come.

As for her husband Triple H, he isn’t doing too shabby either dictating the future of the company down in NXT. However, Hunter’s greatest accomplishment is improving the roles of the women on WWE programming. Not only are they doing things just as good as the men are, but some would argue that the division has surpassed the males on WWE programming these days.

7 Single – Storyline With Test

Making her debut on-screen, a single Stephanie McMahon first served a purpose as a talent playing the role as the babyfaced love interest of the late Test. Now ironically, the storyline wasn’t meant to put Triple H over, it was instead meant to be done with the purpose of elevating Test into a big time heel. However, Russo didn’t see the storyline end as he was out of the company by that time. He spoke about the direction the angle was supposed to go in;

"Ed [Ferrara] and I knew all along where we were going with the Stephanie-Test storyline. It was never in question. Our plan all along was for Test to stand her up at the altar. That was the plan, and we were going to make Test a heel. And Test was gonna have an issue with Shane, and the whole family. That's where we were going. We never wrote a story we didn't know where the thing was going."

Instead, with Russo gone, the story took an unexpected shift with Triple H entering the mix. The amnesia storyline was thrown into it; surprisingly Russo was gone and had nothing to do with the angle. It drastically changed things for both Stephanie and Test.

6 Wife – Once A Heel Always A Heel

One constant for Stephanie McMahon (whether she was single or a wife) in her personal life, has been her role on WWE television. She’s played the face card in the past but for a very brief amount of time. When she was single, Stephanie exploded as a heel for her on-screen relationship with Triple H. That same notion holds true today as the couple is still gaining heel heat on-screen.

Both Stephanie and Triple H did a fantastic job at elevating Ronda Rousey most recently, it showed us just how great they are in playing the roles of villains despite the fact that they’re so genuine and kind in real life, especially Stephanie, who is said to be the nicest McMahon when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Fans forget but Stephanie did have a brief babyface run as the General Manager of SmackDown. Her character type is definitely something we won’t see again. Playing up to the Ruthless Aggression theme, Stephanie served a purpose as an edgy boss and one worthy of the Attitude Era and definitely not the current PG model. The character change clearly showed Stephanie’s brilliant reach, and despite her huge heel heat from the past, she managed to turn those boos into cheers nonetheless.

5 Single – Storyline With The Undertaker

“There will never be another Undertaker... and everyone feels the same whether it's backstage or out in the arena. I think that everyone that is part of the WWE Universe is a fan of The Undertaker. There will never be anyone [else] like him.”

“He would say 'maybe not that little'. He'd say 'I'm not that old'. I've known him for a very long time. He's almost like a brother to me.”

Those are just a couple of the comments made by Stephanie McMahon when discussing her relationship with The Undertaker. During her single days and first bit of work with the company, it was actually The Undertaker who was paired with Vince’s daughter. Undertaker stalked Stephanie on-screen and it almost led to a marriage between the two. Yeah, things weren’t so normal when it came to WWE programming back then. Undertaker would try to crucify Stephanie though thankfully, Stone Cold Steve Austin came in for the save. Talk about making an impact on your debut, huh? The resolution to the angle wasn’t the greatest as her own dad Vince McMahon, was revealed as the master mind behind the acts. Despite the weird ending, she’ll never forget her first bit of action with the company.

4 Wife – Ageing Like A Fine Wine

Sometimes in life, the ageing process can hit someone double when they enter a relationship. The stress of it all can increase the ageing process. However, in lots of other cases, a couple can bring the best out of one another and that’s what seems to be the case with Stephanie and husband Triple H.

At the age of 41 and set to turn 42 in the fall, you can argue McMahon looks better today than she ever did before, even looking back at her single days. This is truly remarkable when you consider her horrific schedule as not only a part-time talent but also as the company ambassador. Oh, and she also gave birth to three children, not to mention she takes care of them as well. Despite the hectic lifestyle, she continues to age like a fine wine.

Stephanie’s currently off WWE programming since getting a beat down by Ronda Rousey. As we stated earlier, Stephanie’s enjoying some well deserved time off from WWE programming. She also added a new family member as Stephanie recently purchased another Mastiff; it's Hunter and Stephanie’s second dog. As if dealing with three daughters wasn’t enough already, they now have two massive dogs to take care of as well.

3 Single – The On-Screen Love Begins

It is said that the romance between the two started to blossom once they began to work with one another on-screen. Stephanie recalls having a massive crush on Triple H every time she would see him; that would later turn into one of the most controversial relationships in WWE history. Before Stephanie however, it was Vince who had a close bond with Hunter;

"My father knew my husband long before I ever did. He actually always says that he loved him first ... there really was this wonderful respect and admiration between the two of them before I even came into the picture. So I don't think it was too hard of a push. But when you think about what it took for my husband to put his career on the line. What if things didn't go well? ... If it didn't work out, what would that mean for him?"

Despite the troubling start, the two were inseparable despite the fact that Vince initially denied the relationship. It all worked out for the best and the relationship blossomed even further once they went their separate ways on-screen. However, the picture above is a rare gem taken in the 1999 Christmas special featuring the rare days of a single Stephanie McMahon sitting on her future husband’s lap.

2 Wife – WWE Ambassador

One of the biggest changes in Stephanie’s life compared to her single days is her role on and off screen with the WWE. Out of the ring, she’s the Chief Branding Officer helping to expand the company globally. On-screen, she’s also a catalyst for massive change, with one of them being to change the role of women when it comes to the WWE product. Husband Triple H has also been instrumental in the movement and is regarded as the mastermind of it all. McMahon has stated that her favorite moment of all-time in Raw history was making the announcement of the first ever women’s Royal Rumble. Stephanie said the following:

“My most favourite moment is when I had the opportunity to announce the first ever women's Royal Rumble match. And I think one of the reasons why is because I had the chance to acknowledge the women in the ring, the women on Monday Night Raw, the women on SmackDown LIVE, the women on NXT and any woman to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring, regardless of what promotion they worked for, because they are all a part of this moment in time, they are all a part of making it happen. We all broke character that night.”

1 Single - First Appearance On Raw As An Extra

During the early portion of 1999, Stephanie McMahon made her official character debut with the company. Now Vince Russo gets a lot of heat for some lackluster ideas during that time period but this one was right on the money. Stephanie’s character grew into one of the best heels at the time and almost two decades later, the statement still holds true among the current crop of talent. For someone that doesn’t wrestle, it’s truly something to see the amount of heat she can generate with her words alone.

We remember that date as Stephanie’s official debut, however a forgotten fact is that she appeared for the first time on WWE programming just months prior. Stephanie posted this rare gem of a photo to her Instagram account. The backstage segment took place in late November of 1998 during Austin’s peak run at the top of the company. Stephanie appeared in the backstage skit serving as an extra; oh, how things would change for the billion dollar princess in the upcoming years! She’s developed from an extra on the show to arguably the most important face behind the scenes.

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