7 WWE Superstars That Will Leave In 2018 (And 8 That Will Be Let Go)

The WWE is full of mystery. Whether it be which wrestler will come out on top or which one will be drafted, it’s all left up to the people behind the curtains. Sometimes, these people don’t have the best judgment when it comes to planning wrestler’s careers. Often times, new wrestlers with no potential will be pushed the most in audience’s faces, while new wrestlers with a lot of potential will be sidelined and put on the bench.

This results in many wrestlers not wanting to resign a contract with the WWE due to mistreatment. Either that or the WWE sees the wrestler failing no matter the amount of ring time they give which ends with them making a decision to fire the wrestler. The WWE is a tricky business and a business made up of entertainers. 

Typically, the WWE is pretty good at picking out who will be the next WWE superstar but sometimes they let people slip through their hands. New wrestlers will always come and go but it is almost impossible to guess who will be on top and who will fall flat on their face.

15 Daniel Bryan Will Be Quitting

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2018 will be a big year for Daniel Bryan as he returns to his true passion in life, wrestling. With that said, Daniel Bryan’s wrestling contract is expected to end in September of 2018 meaning, he will likely not be seen in the ring for too much longer. This doesn’t spell the end for Daniel Bryan in the WWE scene because WWE and fans like him so much they want to give him a position outside of the ring.

There has been talking of giving Daniel Bryan a general manager job of Smackdown WWE’s second biggest event next to raw. That’s a big title especially to give to a former wrestler but who better than someone who knows the ins and outs of the ring. It’s unknown if Daniel Bryan will accept this position but it seems like it’s the only way he’ll remain in the WWE.

14 David Otunga Will Be Let Go

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David Otunga isn’t in the best position at WWE right now. In the past, David Otunga was a special person that WWE was holding on to, due to his relationship with celebrity Jennifer Hudson. Now that they are no longer in a relationship, it looks like the WWE doesn’t want to have a relationship with David Otunga anymore either.

Although, it's warranted for most people because there have been claims that David Otunga is accused of domestic abuse against Hudson. Most people who were fans of David Otunga now realize that he’s not the person that he portrayed in the ring. It’s likely that no one will miss him when he exits the ring for the last time. It’s a possibility that in the future he could return to WWE but for now, he’s definitely in muddy water.

13 Rusev The Brute Will Quit

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Rusev has become irrelevant in the eyes of Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWE. This is never good for a wrestler. There’s no real control that the wrestler has over this because some wrestlers stick while some fade into obscurity. Rusev has been considering simply quitting before Vince gets a chance to fire him.

It’s either that or attempt to move up in his position at WWE, which Rusev has also been considering. It’s a common thing that when a wrestler becomes irrelevant in the ring, they can move on to work behind the scenes. This is due to their knowledge of scheduling and the inner works of how the WWE operates. It’s likely we won’t be seeing Rusev in the ring too much in 2018 but he could be working hard behind the scenes.

12 Mike Kanellis Will Be Fired

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Mike Kanellis has taken a deep decline in TV time since early 2017. In the past few months, he’s only been seen in the ring once or twice. It’s not likely that this is a scheduling error but more so a case of Mike becoming irrelevant, like so many other wrestlers on this list. It’s not like WWE didn’t try to push Mike more into the spotlight but fans weren’t having it. During a pay per view event where he surprised audiences by appearing in a match with his wife Maria, the WWE was expecting the crowds to react a lot more than they actually did.

Now that Mike Kanellis is known to not have a great pull on the WWE audience, WWE doesn’t have a choice but to let him go. They are still actively giving him matches every few months but that’s nothing compared to what he used to get or even other wrestlers. It’s likely the WWE will let Mike ride out the 2018 year but after that, we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see Mike Kanellis in the ring.

11 Dana Brooke Is Out Of There


Dana Brooke has now become one of the least heard from women in the WWE. With a long list of great female WWE superstars, it seems like Dana Brooke is slowly fading into obscurity with fans. It’s not likely that Dana will appear in the RAW ring anytime soon and it’s likely she will soon be let go. She recently had a timeline a few months ago in RAW, but it ended in her being defeated by another female wrestler Asuka.

With many new female wrestlers slowly entering the ring older wrestlers are being faded into obscurity including people like Dana Brooke. However, the WWE is great with offering irrelevant wrestlers with positions behind the scenes. We’re not sure if Dana Brooke is interested in something like this but it would be a good step for her career if she wants to stay in the WWE.

10 The Rhyno Will Be Fired

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Rhyno is an older wrestler who came back in 2016 to bring older wrestling fans back to the ringside. The WWE does this a lot with veterans from the WWF era and they typically keep them around for a few years to build hype. Rhyno is one of these wrestlers and it looks like he has run his course. The reason Rhyno isn’t going to stay longer is he isn’t superstar status like The Rock or Stone Cold was.

Rhyno hasn’t been seen in the ring for a few months and he was even moved during the Superstar Shakeup. It’s not likely that Rhyno will be seen too much in 2018 except for a send-off match of some sort. Rhyno’s WWE career will most likely end here because he’s not significant enough to bring back for another round.

9 Dolph Ziggler Will Quit

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Dolph Ziggler is a famous name many may not have expected to be on this list. After his resurrection in Smackdown, he’s been trending in wrestling news. They reintroduced Ziggler in a storied feud with the wrestler Bobby Roode. Ziggler was supposed to bump Roode’s popularity but instead, the idea completely fell on its head. Since then, fans have seen Dolph Ziggler as a bad entertainer and an overall boring wrestler.

There have been many rumors that suggest Dolph Ziggler is done with wrestling. This obviously shows in his performances and it seems like he’s lost his steam for his career in the WWE. It’s likely that Dolph will quit once his contract runs out. However, in a recent show, Ziggler stopped in the middle of a match to try and engage with the audience more. He really does live up to his nickname "The Showoff."

8 Tag Team Duo Primo And Epico Will Both Be Fired

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Primo and Epico are a tag team group in the WWE who have tried to make themselves stand out as a unique pair from the rest of the generic tag team duos. However, it doesn’t spell good news that they’re on this list. They’ve tried everything from rebranding their names to Los Matadors and the Shooting Stars. They’ve even gone as far as to make a name for themselves as individuals. No matter what the WWE audience isn’t having any of their attempts and they remain irrelevant to this day.

The biggest drawback that Primo and Epico suffer from is their lack of personality. They’re good entertainers but without the personality of other superstar wrestlers, they were doomed from the start. Without the right amount of personality, Primo and Epico have no place in WWE’s future and it will most likely end with them riding out their contract without renewal.

7 Neville Will Quit In 2018

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Neville is one of the wrestlers on this list who may already be gone from the WWE. He left mid-contract for unknown reasons but it’s speculated that he will make his return soon. Many fans speculate that Neville leaving the WWE was due to him receiving lower pay than other wrestlers at his tier and he wasn’t getting as much ring time as them either.

WWE responded by saying they gave him all the opportunities to succeed. Now there are two sides to this story and it’s unknown which one is the truth. With Neville not being a large superstar like John Cena, it’s unlikely that this walkout was scripted. It’s hard to tell sometimes but the WWE wouldn’t taint their name to try and promote someone as small as Neville. It’s most likely true that Neville left because of frustrations with the company and it’s unknown when or if he will return.

6 Mickie James Will Be Fired

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Mickie James is in the same boat as Rhyno. The WWE likes to rotate in and out old wrestlers who’ve made an impact on the industry to try and rekindle some of the old fan’s passions for the sport. In late 2016 the WWE decided to hire Mikie James again as a mainline wrestler. They set up a story with her going after Asuka in a special NXT Takeover match.

Mickie James knows how to bring a crowd and this isn't the reason she’s getting fired. She’s a great entertainer and a great wrestler. However, it seems like 2018 will be the year to phase her out of the WWE once again. She’s had other feuds with wrestlers in late 2017 but recently has been getting fewer and fewer matches. It’s likely she will be gone from the WWE once her next contract ends.

5 Nia Jax Will Quit

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Nia Jax is the Neville equivalent to the woman’s side of wrestling. She has been annoyed by the constant promise of matches and the WWE not delivering on those promises. She had a strong beginning because the WWE wanted her to have one but now it seems RAW and WWE don't want anything to do with her anymore. In October of 2017, she didn’t fight in one single match for the whole month.

This got so bad that Nia Jax took time off from the WWE being too frustrated to work the little amount they gave her. She made a return during Survivor Series and it’s unclear whether the WWE wants to keep her on board or if they’re slowly trying to phase her out. She clearly has a lot of potential for being at the top but the WWE keeps pushing her further down the list of women superstars.

4 Apollo Crews Will Be Fired

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Apollo Crews is not to be confused with the guy from Rocky but he has been a WWE wrestler who has been on the up and up for some time now. Apollo Crews impressed the WWE so much that they boosted his pay more than they typically do for a new wrestler. However, no one can see the future and the WWE certainly couldn't because the man that they thought would be an awe-inspiring entertainer turned out to be a bland wrestler.

The WWE realized their mistake and quickly stopped relying on Apollo Crews so much and decided to give him less ring time. He seems to be a wrestler that only got fifteen minutes of fame. It’s likely that Apollo Crews won’t be fighting in too many more matches before his contract ends and the WWE sends him packing.

3 The Crazed Matt Hardy Will Quit

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Matt Hardy is one of the staple names of the WWE, well besides his brother, Jeff Hardy. There’s no doubt that the name “Hardy Boys” has rung in unison throughout WWE stadiums everywhere in the country. With the revival of the Matt Hardy, the WWE was expecting a lot of fan response but they underestimated it. Upon Matt Hardy’s return, he has had staggering momentum that the WWE coordinators can’t keep up with.

Matt Hardy’s returning character wasn’t who he used to be. He took on the persona of a crazed Matt Hardy who was named "Broken Hardy." However, before his return to the WWE Matt Hardy was wrestling for another company known as Impact Wrestling and they claimed they owned the character "Broken Hardy." This didn’t stop WWE from using it and combined with another awful story involving a Jeff Hardy injury, Matt Hardy was doomed.

2 Luke Gallows And Carl Anderson Will Both Be Fired

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were supposed to be the new tag dream team in the WWE. The WWE had big plans for the pair as they were supposed to head straight for the top but since they’re on this list things didn’t exactly play out as planned. When Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson first joined the WWE they were in the headlines with now superstar wrestlers like AJ Styles. They were supposed to be part of a new age wrestling movement that would change its history.

After a sloppy first few months of WWE trying to push these guys, they saw that they don’t always have very good foresight. They have recently stopped pushing them and giving them momentum slowing down their matches to about a few every month. The two don’t have the charm of the other wrestlers that they were signed on with and they simply fell flat on their faces.

1 Sammi Zayn Will Quit

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Sami Zayn shocked many people with his pure entertainment value in WWE’s NXT. When he got his shot at the mainline gig, everyone thought he was going to kill it. However, with the move over Sami Zayn lost the momentum he was seeing during NXT but not to his fault. WWE wasn’t giving him the right story to go off of and giving him simple matches. They didn’t see his true potential.

Ever since his move over to mainline wrestling, Sami Zayn has been seeing massive drop-offs in popularity. WWE is treating him like a new fighter when they should be treating him like a mainline fighter. Sami Zayn has the potential to be as popular as Triple H or John Cena but WWE is holding back. With this treatment from WWE, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sami took his skills somewhere else.

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