25 Attractive WWE Divas Who Look Less Intimidating Outside Of The Ring

The WWE is known for their strong, intimidating athletes with big bodies and bigger personalities. That goes for both their male and female stars. Women wrestlers, sometimes known as WWE Divas, put in just as much work as their male counterparts. They work out for hours each day to achieve their muscular physiques so they can both appear strong and safely perform their wrestling moves. But while all of the Divas put on intimidating personas in the ring, many look and act quite different in real life. Far from being mean or scary, most of these athletes are actually kind, friendly, and even cute in their real lives. From doing charity work to snuggling their pets to playing with their kids, these women live very normal lives outside the ring.

Before the internet, the WWE wrestlers could more easily keep up their character's persona because their fans rarely saw them doing everyday things. Now, in the age of social media, we can follow our favorite athletes both behind the scenes of the WWE and at home. This gives us a glimpse into what they are really like! Whether your faves are good guys or heels, it's weird to think of them going about their day not trash talking and slamming other people onto the ground. Want to know what some of the most popular WWE Divas are really like? Keep reading for 25 lady wrestlers who are much less intimidating outside the ring!

25 Alexa Bliss

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Let's start with Alexa Bliss. She's one of today's hottest WWE Divas and has won multiple championships. Nobody wants to mess with her! Her wrestling persona makes her one of the most intimidating athletes on this list. She comes off as downright mean and a bully, calling out other women for their age, weight, and other low blows. In addition to her big personality, Alexa was actually discovered by WWE scouts at a bodybuilding contest, so you know her muscles are real and super strong! Unlike some wrestlers who are actors first who get in shape, she is an intense athlete who learned to act for the job once she got signed by the WWE.

But outside the ring, this gal is just a big softie. She is super into nerdy fandoms like Disney, Star Wars, superheroes, comic books, and sci-fi movies. You can see these personal interests of hers come through in her Freddy Krueger- and Harley Quinn-inspired costumes, as well as an early costume based on the controversial Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks. Though she is super jacked, Alexa is actually really petite, which knocks her intimidation factor down a couple of notches right off the bat. Finally, if you look back at her early wrestling days for the WWE, you wouldn't think this lady is scary at all. Her original gimmick was an adorable girly girl character including her wearing a tutu and throwing sparkles everywhere she went. Not so tough!

24 Lana

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Lana (whose real name is Catherine Joy Perry) is known as one of the meanest female wrestlers in the WWE. Her gimmick as a nasty Russian lady includes managing a huge male wrestler named Rusev and spouting anti-American propaganda. She's the perfect "bad guy" character! From pulling her opponents' hair to bashing their husbands in backstage segments, Lana is both intimidating and mean. She is even a bit intimidating outside the ring, as she is married to her original wrestling companion, Rusev, whose real name is Miroslav Barnyashev.

When you strip away her WWE persona, though, Lana is just a normal person. She loves to go to professional sports games with her husband and is actually a very talented singer and dancer. In fact, she danced for a number of companies in New York City starting at age 17 and later majored in dancing and acting in college. Later, she worked as a backup dancer for big-name performers like Nelly, Pink, and Usher. After studying acting further at The Groundlings School, she got a few acting gigs in TV shows and movies. She even appeared in the first two Pitch Perfect films! Lana was also part of a girl group called No Means Yes and released one single with them titled, "Would You Like That." Finally, the WWE Diva dabbled in modeling for awhile, with her biggest campaigns as the spokesmodel for Red Bull and Matrix energy drinks. All of this art experience prepared Lana for the acting side of the WWE, but not so much for the physical side. That's why she has to talk such a big game!

23 Natalya

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Natalya gives off intimidating vibes before you ever see her. She comes from a famous and tough Canadian wrestling family, the Harts. Her cousins, uncles, father, and grandfather were all professional wrestlers, making Natalya a legacy. What makes her even more awesome, though, is that she was the first woman to train at her family's wrestling school, the Hart Family "Dungeon," which is known for its intense training practices. Not to mention that she is married to fellow WWE wrestler, TJ Wilson/Tyson Kidd. In addition, Natalya is formally trained in Jiu-Jitsu, dance, gymnastics, and amateur wrestling. She can kick your butt in tons of different ways before you could even blink an eye! That is why she is the former women's champion.

In her everyday life, though, she is just like you and me. Natalya is the biggest cat lady ever and loved her cat, Gismo. In fact, she loves cats so much that she even incorporated cat ears into one of her costumes. She even got to meet Grumpy Cat and had the time of her life! This wrestler also is friends with many of her fellow Divas and often Instagrams photos of them hanging out together. She also wasn't always the most intimidating wrestler in the ring, either. Once upon a time, Natalya had a gimmick involving farting which, in my opinion, is way more goofy than scary.

22 Asuka

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Japanese WWE Diva, Asuka (whose real name is Kanako Urai), is a force to be reckoned with. She holds the longest undefeated streak in all of WWE history, including both male and female wrestlers, at 914 days. This athlete lets her crazy wrestling moves speak for her and doesn't do much talking in the ring. In reality, this is because her English isn't very good, but it adds to her intimidating persona. Asuka always makes her entrance wearing a creepy white mask, giving her character a scary vibe. But outside the ring, this girl is not so tough.

Before she was signed to the WWE in 2015, Asuka worked as a hairdresser, a video game journalist and a graphic designer. Not exactly the type of person you would think to be intimidated by! She also has a sports background, but in badminton and figure skating. Those are pretty much the least tough sports in the world! Asuka is also a big softie when it comes to animals. She often works with animal charities, including one called Rescue Dogs Rock. This New York City charity saves dogs from kill shelters and abusive environments. Asuka and her partner for the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, The Miz, chose this charity to donate their winnings to if they won. A video game nerd who loves puppies and likes to figure skate? Doesn't sound like a very intimidating person to me.

21 Sasha Banks

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Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, known to wrestling fans as Sasha Banks, has quite the sassy in-ring persona. Her character is a "legit boss" lady who takes no crap from anyone. She has won multiple championships, proving she is as tough as she says. Sasha was even part of a wrestling team called Team B.A.D., which stood for Beautiful and Dangerous, with fellow Divas Naomi and Tamina. In addition, she was the first woman to be awarded Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine's Feud of the Year award. But despite the big attitude she puts on for her wrestling identity, Sasha is really sweet.

Behind the scenes, this athlete is best friends with fellow wrestler, Bayley. The two are often seen hanging out together backstage. She also loves meeting younger wrestling fans and participates in WWE charity events for children's charities. She also engages with kids in the crowd and takes photos with them often. On a less serious note, Sasha's first cousin is the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Now I don't know about you, but I think just about anyone on earth could beat him in a fight. Finally, all you have to do is scroll through her Instagram account to see that Sasha is just an everyday girl. She takes selfies, plays with silly filters, and takes photos of her food. I guess she's not as intimidating as she portrays herself in the ring!

20 Carmella

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Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, started out in the WWE in 2013. She quickly moved up from their developmental brand NXT to managing Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady to appearing on the main roster on SmackDown in 2016. Though she might just look like a blonde, tan airhead at first glance, this gal is a formidable wrestler. She is actually the current SmackDown women's champion! Carmella also won the first-ever women's Money in the Bank ladder match, which involved fighting many other wrestlers to climb up a ladder and retrieve a prize. In this case, the prize was a contract to appear in a championship match, which Carmella cashed in last month (April 2018), which led to her defeating Charlotte Flair and winning her current title. In addition to her wrestling prowess, she is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, so she is definitely strong and fit enough to beat any opponent!

All of this glory is certainly impressive, but Carmella is anything but intimidating outside the ring. When she was younger, the athlete worked as a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, and later, a Laker Girl for the Los Angeles Lakers. I wouldn't say a cheerleader is exactly the toughest person around! She's also very in love with her dog Tyson and even has an entire section of her Instagram account dedicated to him.

19 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee (also known by her real name April Jeanette Mendez) is now retired, but that doesn't make her any less intimidating. The former WWE Diva is one of the most legitimately scary on this list due in part to her character's mentally unstable persona. AJ was very unpredictable in the ring, which made her intimidating to both fans and opponents alike. She won the Slammy Award for Diva of the Year twice, in 2012 and 2014 and was voted Woman of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine's readers for three years in a row (2012 to 2014). Not only is she super intimidating on her own, but this former champion also has a powerful husband. She is married to CM Punk, a WWE Superstar who set championship records. Talk about a power couple!

Unlike her crazy in-ring persona, AJ is a total sweetie in real life. First off, she is very tiny in stature, so you would never be afraid of her on the streets. She also describes herself as a tomboy and has nerdy personal interests in things like anime, video games, and comic books. AJ works closely with lots of charities including advocating for animal welfare and mental health awareness. Because she and her mother both suffer from bipolar disorder and she even overdosed on antidepressants, the athlete became an ambassador for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I would describe AJ as strong and brave, but never intimidating or scary as she was portrayed in the WWE!

18 Kharma

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Kia Stevens, better known to fans of the WWE as Kharma, actually got her start in wrestling in Japan. She went back and forth between professional wrestling promotions in the USA and Japan, working with the WWE from 2010 to 2013. Kharma has wrestled both alone and as part of a team, winning her a number of championships. She gained accolades amongst fans of the sport, securing the number one spot in the first-ever list of Top 50 Females in Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. What makes this athlete so intimidating is her sheer size and power over the other Divas. She is billed at 5 feet 11 inches tall and 272 pounds, making her larger than many men. Her gimmick as the silent destroyer made her scary in the ring and with a signature move called the "implant buster," you know this woman is anything but delicate.

Though she definitely looks and acts tough, Kharma is a big teddy bear in real life. She is actually more of an actress and in fact got her start in wrestling after appearing on a reality show. Now she works as a comedic actress on the Netflix original series, GLOW, about the 1980's wrestling promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Before she began her wrestling career, she was employed as a social worker. I could never be intimidated by someone who helps people for a living!

17 Nikki Bella

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Perhaps the most famous Diva on this list, Nikki Bella, is also one of the most intimidating. She formed the wrestling team The Bella Twins with her real-life twin, Brie Bella. Nikki has won tons of awards for her work in the WWE including securing the number one spot on Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine's, Female 50, in 2015 and being named Diva of the Year in Rolling Stone magazine the same year. This is not to mention her two WWE Divas championships. She is actually the longest-reigning Divas champion to date! Nikki was trained in part by Natalya, who as I mentioned before was trained herself in a very intense style. As a result, this Diva is very strong, physical, and tough.

Outside the ring, though, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace is not such a tough cookie. She adores kids and wants to be a mom so badly, which is one of the rumored reasons for her split from fiance and fellow WWE wrestler, John Cena. You can see her love for kids in how much she adores her niece, Birdie, Brie's baby daughter. Nikki also loses some of her intimidation factors because she appears on so many reality shows. One of her first credits in show business was on the reality TV series, Meet My Folks, and she and Brie appeared as guests on the clip show, Ridiculousness. Both Nikki and Brie went on to star in the WWE-focused show, Total Divas, and Total Bellas, which follow the behind the scenes lives of the wrestlers. She also competed on Dancing With The Stars.

16 Trish Stratus

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In the early '00s, Trish Stratus (real name Patricia Statigeas) was on top of the wrestling world. She was praised for her good looks, which should come as no surprise. The Canadian WWE Diva started her career as a fitness model. In addition to being considered one of the hottest women in the ring, Trish was also a talented wrestler. She won multiple championships and achieved many firsts for female WWE stars. This athlete competed in the first ever WWE women's cage match and was the first woman to appear in the main event on the Monday Night RAW show. Her fit physique, pretty face, and tons of wins made Trish intimidating to her fellow wrestlers and to fans, but in reality, she is very different.

Today, Trish has settled down a bit and focuses much of her time on her two young children. Going back to her fitness background, she now owns a yoga studio called the Stratusphere in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I don't know about you, but when I think of tough and scary people, yoga instructors are the last people on my mind! The studio is called "Canada's largest eco-friendly studio" and has won business awards. After she stopped wrestling, Trish appeared on a number of reality shows including Armed & Famous, where celebrities trained as police officers and The Second City's Next Comedy Legend. She also had her own reality TV series on the Travel + Entertainment channel called Stratusphere where the wrestler traveled to different locations across the globe to try their local sports.

15 Tamina

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The WWE Divas on this list are all on here for different reasons. Some have won a lot of titles, others have an intimidating physical stature, and others come from a family of wrestlers so they know how to kick your butt. Tamina has all of those things, making her one of the toughest ladies of the group. Her father, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, is in the WWE Hall of Fame and her brother, Deuce, aka Sim Snuka, is also a WWE wrestler. She also counts WWE stars The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Naomi as her cousins. I wouldn't want to mess with someone who had that many intimidating people to back her up! Billed at 5 feet 9 inches tall and 170 pounds, she's also a formidable sight to behold. She is so big, in fact, that she even played a bodyguard character to fellow Diva, AJ Lee, at one time!

Outside the ring, though, Tamina isn't as tough as she lets on. One of the biggest reasons for this is that she has been injured many times during her WWE career. A torn ACL, torn knee ligaments, a torn rotator cuff, and a back injury have caused this athlete to have to sit out a lot of her career. Due to surgeries and complications, she sometimes had to stay out of the ring for months at a time. Turns out she is a lot more delicate than she looks! She is also very family-oriented and even made a heartfelt Instagram post when her father passed away.

14 Nia Jax

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Similar to Tamina, Nia Jax gets her intimidation factor from both her size and her hard-core family. The Australian-born wrestler, whose real name is Savelina Fanene, is part of the famous Anoa'i family, which includes wrestlers like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Naomi, and the Usos. Even more impressive, though, is her intimidating size in comparison to the other WWE Divas. At 6 feet tall and 272 pounds, she could beat any opponent just by looking at them. Nia is also the current WWE Raw Women's Champion, which shows that she is a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Her further accomplishments include being named Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine in 2016, as well as securing the number 22 spot in their Female 50 list in 2017.

While she puts on a scary persona in the ring, Nia is anything but scary in real life. Before she started wrestling, she worked as a plus-size model, which is a far cry from kicking people in the face. She is also just genuinely cute and sweet, often posting photos of herself smiling and hanging out with her fellow Divas on her social media channels. She also loves her dog, Benji, and frequently posts photos and videos of them cuddling together. Her Instagram is filled with goofy shots of her spending time outside of wrestling with her friends and she often posts glowing captions about how much she loves other WWE wrestlers. This woman is a queen!

13 Maryse

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Maryse Mizanin, known in the ring just as Maryse, is a French-Canadian WWE Diva who can scare anyone. Though she's beautiful and blonde, her character is really mean and is known for her feuds. She often bashes the other Divas, including one iconic time when she dressed up as Nikki Bella to make fun of her. In addition to her nasty in-ring persona, Maryse is married to fellow wrestler, The Miz, who she began to manage when she returned to the WWE in 2016. Despite her small stature, this lady has many titles under her belt, including winning the WWE Divas Championship twice and the Divas Championship Tournament once. Though she comes off as intimidating in her career, Maryse is really a nice girly girl at heart.

Before she was a wrestler, this Canadian worked as a model. She started out in beauty pageants and won Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003. In 2007, she appeared on the cover of Playboy's Girls of Canada issue. Once she got famous as a WWE Diva, she created a jewelry line called House of Maryse and also worked as a realtor during her time off from the WWE. Not exactly intimidating jobs! She has also appeared in some "B" movies as well as a few reality shows, including her upcoming series with her husband, titled Miz & Mrs. To add to her true softness, she just gave birth to a daughter, is a vegan, and is an advocate for both animal and LGBT rights.

12 Bayley

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Pamela Rose Martinez, known by wrestling fans as Bayley, can certainly hold her own in the ring. She grew up watching WWE, and as a result, she is a very talented wrestler. This athlete has won multiple championships, including the WWE Raw Women's Championship and the NXT Women's Championship. Though she is not the biggest or scariest Diva, Bayley is super tough in the ring. For example, she once forced an opponent to tap out by kicking her in the head repeatedly! She has gained a number of accolades from the wrestling community, including being named Inspirational Wrestler of the Year twice and being ranked number 5 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Female 50 list two times. Talk about intimidating! But her intense moves are really where her intimidation factor ends.

Bayley is one of the sweetest Divas in the WWE. Her gimmick includes being "a hugger" and she loves to engage with her younger fans. One superfan named Izzy always holds up signs to root her on and Bayley usually runs over to talk to and hug her. In a similar vein, she strives to inspire young girls to join sports and become athletes. Her love of the WWE also makes her a little less intimidating because she is such a fangirl. She cites so many iconic wrestlers as inspiration for her career and it is honestly just adorable, not scary. Not to mention she often posts photos of her snuggling her fluffy little dog!

11 Sonya Deville

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Even though WWE wrestlers do have to really fight each other, their moves in the ring are highly choreographed. Everything they do is designed to look real but hurt the athletes as little as possible. But for Sonya Deville (whose real name is Daria Berenato), WWE matches are nothing. She was trained as an MMA fighter and began entering mixed martial arts competitions at the age of 17. This training gave her the physical fitness required for the WWE and has helped her rise to fame relatively quickly in the wrestling world. Because she is a real fighter, it is hard to separate her in-ring persona from her real-life personality, but in truth, Sonya isn't as intimidating as she puts on.

This athlete is the first openly lesbian WWE wrestler. In my eyes, that makes her strong in a good way, not scary! She often speaks out for LGBT rights and equality in the pro sports community and the world as a whole. Sonya also is very family oriented and often posts photos of herself with her baby niece on social media as well as posting birthday wishes to her family members. One thing that makes her not as tough as she appears is that she didn't make the cut for the WWE at first. Like many wrestlers, she appeared on their competition show Tough Enough but was eliminated quickly. Oddly, she was signed to the WWE later the same year, 2015.

10 Mandy Rose

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WWE Diva, Mandy Rose, might not be the first person you think of when I say "intimidating." She is a pretty blonde who is perfectly in shape. However, she can definitely hold her own in the ring. Many of her moves involve slamming her opponents' faces into the mat and jumping on them from the ropes. How did she get so strong? Before she signed her contract with the WWE, Mandy was a bodybuilder. Also known by her birth name, Amanda Saccomanno, this athlete won two awards in 2014 from the World Bodybuilding Fitness & Fashion Boston Show. She was literally judged on her muscles! Outside the WWE, though, Mandy is not very intimidating at all.

The New York native leans more towards the TV personality side of the WWE and enjoys appearing on reality shows. For instance, she took second place on Season 6 of the WWE's competition show, Tough Enough, and was part of the main cast of Total Divas in Season 5. Although she was a fitness and bodybuilding competitor, she also dabbled in fitness modeling, being featured in magazines like Fitness Gurls, Fit & Firm, and FitFemme. Models are not super intimidating in my mind! Additionally, she now does much more chill workouts like pilates and yoga, which are pretty much the opposite of tough. Finally, Mandy loves animals and supports animal rights and adoption as her main charitable causes.

9 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is yet another professional wrestling legacy. Her father is two-time Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, so there is no question as to where she gets her talent. She has won multiple championships in both the WWE and NXT and has been recognized outside the ring as well. Pro Wrestling Illustrated awarded her such titles as Rookie of the Year in 2014, Woman of the Year in 2016, and the number one spot on their Female 50 list in 2016. Charlotte was also the winner of the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell match. Additionally, she is a member of the wrestling team, The Four Horsewomen, named after her father's group, The Four Horsemen. But while she appears tough inside the ring, this Diva is anything but intimidating in real life.

The biggest reason no one should be scared of Charlotte Flair is that she is actually really sweet and friendly. If you scroll through her social media pages, you will see that she is friends with many of her fellow wrestlers, including those who she is supposed to be feuding with for the storylines. She also loves her family and often posts photos with them on her Instagram. Charlotte has a charitable heart and participates in many of the WWE's philanthropic ventures, including serving meals at a soup kitchen and performing for military members overseas. Lastly, she has an adorable friendship with fellow Diva, Becky Lynch, and even vacations with her!

8 Becky Lynch

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Rebecca Quin, known better to wrestling fans as Becky Lynch, is an Irish wrestler with signature flaming red hair. Her talent is as fiery as her hair! She is a multi-time champion, including winning the first ever SmackDown Women's Championship in 2016. Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine even named her number four on their list of the top 50 female wrestlers in 2016. Outside the ring, she worked as a stuntwoman for the TV show, Vikings. But what really makes her intimidating, in addition to all of her success as a wrestler, is her physical toughness. Becky has suffered many major injuries in her career, including breaking both ankles and suffering two neurological injuries, due to damage to her spine. And yet, she is still in the ring! Despite her toughness, though, this lass is really quite sweet.

While she was taking a break from wrestling, Becky studied acting and appeared in a number of stage plays. She also worked as a flight attendant for the Irish airline Aer Lingus. Those aren't very intimidating jobs at all! This athlete is also a fan of puns and uses them both in her taunts to her opponents and in the names of her wrestling moves, like The Four-Leg Clover and the Bexploder. Additionally, Becky is known for her goofy and sweet Instagram feed, where she often posts photos of her doing funny antics, hanging out with other WWE Divas, and snuggling with her pug. She acts scary and steampunk, but Becky is really a big softie!

7 Mickie James

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Mickie James, a WWE Diva with a long career, is one of the most decorated female wrestlers of all time. Between the WWE and TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), she has won a total of nine championships. That's a national record! She is the only woman in the history of professional wrestling to win the WWE Women's Championship, the WWE Divas Championship, and the TNA Knockouts Championship. Pro Wrestling Illustrated has given her many awards over the years, including the number one spot on their list of the top 50 female wrestlers in 2009, as well as the Woman of the Year, as voted by readers, in 2009 and 2011. Though she is tough enough to hold her own, she is married to fellow pro wrestling star, Magnus. All this, plus, her gimmick was a legitimately scary stalker character... any opponent would find her intimidating! But in real life, Mickie is nothing to be afraid of.

This athlete now works as a country music singer, believe it or not! She has released two albums already and is working on a third to be released sometime in 2018. Country singers aren't exactly the scariest people on earth! As you might guess, Mickie loves the country and plans to own a horse farm when she retires from wrestling. She has a symbol of a tattoo that means "love," which is so sweet and chill, she can't really be a bad person!

6 Naomi

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Trinity Fatu, known simply as Naomi to WWE fans, is one tough cookie. Though she has been wrestling for less than a decade, she has accomplished so much. This girl has won a number of championships during her time with the developmental promotions, as well as the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship and the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal. It is no wonder she is a winner because Naomi's moves in the ring are super intense. One of her signature finishing moves, the Rear View, involves jumping back at an oncoming opponent and knocking them in the face with her booty. In addition to being intimidating by herself, she has married into the famous wrestling family, Anoa'i. That means that through her husband Jimmy Uso, Naomi is now related to formidable people like The Rock, Nia Jax, and Roman Reigns. Outside the ring, though, she is just a regular girl.

Naomi has been a regular cast member on the reality TV series, Total Divas, since 2013. This makes her less intimidating for two reasons. One is that she is a reality TV star, which is not so tough, and the other is that she acts so sweet and cute with her husband. This athlete is also a great role model for her young fans and works especially hard to encourage black youth to follow their dreams. Like many WWE stars, Naomi frequently works with the Make a Wish Foundation and meets with terminally ill kids. She might act tough but she is a real sweetheart!

5 Paige

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Retired WWE Diva, Paige (whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis), was born into an English wrestling family. Her mom, dad, and brothers are all professional wrestlers in the UK, so it was natural for her to follow in their footsteps. Paige got her pro wrestling start at just 13 years old in her family's wrestling promotion the World Association of Wrestling. After winning many European championships, she was signed to the WWE in 2011. She even won the Divas Championship with her first match on the main WWE roster and was the youngest to ever hold that title at age 21. Add the fact that her character is pale and wears all black and you have a wrestler no one wants to mess with. Paige is definitely intimidating... I mean, wrestling is in her blood! But there are some things that make her not so tough.

As a kid, Paige wanted to be a zoologist and was actually afraid of wrestling, as she saw the physical toll it took on her family members. She was right to worry because this athlete suffers from scoliosis (a spinal deformity) and had to retire due to an impact injury on her neck. So sad and not tough at all! Drama seems to follow Paige everywhere she goes. She has experienced many scandals including problems with illegal substances and leaked photos and videos of her engaging in "adult" activities. She now owns her own clothing line and opened its first store in February 2018.

4 Sable

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Making her debut in the WWE in 1996, Sable was one of the first Divas. Sometimes known by her real name, Rena Marlette Lesnar, this woman was very popular throughout her career and very successful too. She became the second WWF Women's Champion and won the Diva of the Year Slammy Award in 1997. After leaving the WWE, she went on to wrestle for a year with the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion. While her own accomplishments make her tough enough, Sable has someone even scarier in her corner. She is married to Brock Lesnar, a fellow professional wrestler and former mixed martial arts fighter who could definitely back her up. Outside the ring, however, Sable is not as intimidating as she appears.

Though it might be hard to believe, Sable was actually bullied and harassed backstage during her time with the WWE. She sued the promotion, claiming that she was harassed and forced into unsafe working conditions, including being demanded to go topless for a match, which she refused to do. Ironically, she returned to wrestling after a few years off and ended up in a fight that bared her chest on live TV. Another thing that makes her less intimidating is the fact that Sable had an online advice column in the early '00s. She also appeared in a number of "B" movies and television shows during her hiatus. She is definitely not the formidable person her character made her out to be!

3 Stacey Kiebler

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Stacy Keibler is a former WWE Diva but also a well-known model and actress. She looks pretty and blonde, but she is tougher than she appears at first. This Diva once got slammed through a table in a match! She is clearly very in shape, as she took dance lessons as a kid and placed third in Season 2 of Dancing With The Stars. Her acting capabilities led her to successfully selling her fights and storylines to wrestling fans. But one look at her and you can tell that Stacy is not all that intimidating.

Known for her super long legs, Stacy is more of a beauty queen than a tough cookie. She is more suited for the red carpet and appeared on it a few times, namely when she was dating movie star hunk, George Clooney. This Diva has used her beauty to her advantage on screen, as a model in men's magazines, and as a professional cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team. In addition to parts in TV shows and movies, Stacy has recently become a familiar face on reality television series. She has hosted and appeared as a guest on shows like Hollywood Game Night, Project Runway, and the cooking competition show, Supermarket Superstar. Though she definitely made a name for herself as a professional wrestler, Stacy has always enjoyed the acting side of things the most and used the WWE to make a bigger name for herself in show business.

2 Chyna

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One of the most iconic WWE Divas of the '90s was Chyna. This wrestler, whose real name was Joan Marie Laurer, was billed by the WWE as the "ninth wonder of the world" and it is easy to see why. She was the first and only woman to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship, which she won twice. This athlete also won the WWF Women's Championship and was the first woman to participate in the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring events. She could run with the guys or girls! Chyna was large and muscular, which led to her having success not only with the WWE but with the New Japan Pro Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotions as well. Chyna was recognized by fans for her talent and won Rookie of the Year awards from two different outlets, as well as won the 106th spot out of the year's top 500 wrestlers from Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Despite her huge success in the ring and intimidating looks, Chyna was actually a sweet and troubled woman.

The biggest thing that decreases her intimidation factor is her struggle with addiction. She even appeared on the show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, but eventually, an overdose took her life. Her strained relationship with her family and problems with romantic relationships may have contributed to this. For instance, Chyna once dated fellow WWE star, Triple H, but he dumped her for Stephanie McMahon (WWE founder, Vince McMahon's, daughter). This Diva is proof that sometimes, even the toughest-looking people are suffering the most on the inside.

1 Ashley Massaro

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Of all the people on this list, Ashley Massaro is likely the one you have not heard of before. Ashley first came on the scene when she won the WWE Diva Search in 2005. Though she only won a one year contract, she actually stayed with the company until 2008. She might not look super tough, but Ashley is a trooper. In 2006, Ashley fractured her fibula (the calf bone) so badly she required a metal plate and screws to be surgically inserted to fix it. Still, she returned to the WWE mere months later. She has also broken her knuckle and knocked one of the ankle screws loose. Now, that's intimidating! However, Ashley is not as scary as she puts on.

In reality, Ashley values family and actually quit working for the WWE when her daughter fell ill. She is also not so intimidating because she is more of a model and reality TV star than a wrestler. You might recognize her from her appearance as a contestant on Survivor: China. Though she took time off from wrestling to be on the show, she was eliminated on the second episode. She also appeared on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with some other WWE stars and in music videos. Ashley has modeled in men's magazines and in campaigns for Yamaha and Hawaiian Tropic and won two Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageants. This athlete can be tough, but it is not what she is best at, that's for sure!

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