23 Times Stephanie McMahon Got What She Deserved

Sadly it's a rarity to see anybody ever get any sort of payback on the on-screen Stephanie McMahon character these days. With the WWE now avoiding any male-on-female altercations, it makes it near-impossible for Steph to get her just desserts during those moments where she's emasculating the likes of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena or Randy Orton.

This wasn't always the case, though, and once upon a time WWE television would regularly feature Stephanie getting her comeuppance or being made a mockery of. In more recent times these occurrences are few and far between, however, with the Billion Dollar Princess remaining relatively untouched for the majority of the last 6 years or more.

Basic wrestling practice calls for heels to run down and screw over babyfaces, but the whole point of that is that it then makes it all the more monumental when the face manages to get their own back and triumph over the despicable bad guy. For a wrestling fan, it's so frustrating to see the other half of Triple H regularly verbally burying talent and getting away with it with no semblance of payback. And for what, to add another set of superstars' balls to the list of performers Stephanie has neutered?

So, with that in mind, let's look at 23 of the times that Stephanie McMahon was actually embarrassed or finally got what was coming to her.


23 Better Wash Those Hands

In recent years, anything slightly derogatory towards Stephanie McMahon has been kept to a bare minimum. As such, it’s the little things that act as an FU to Steph.

One such little thing was the snubbing of a handshake from the Voice of the Voiceless, CM Punk. It may not have been much but, in the words of Arda Ocal, it’s the little things that matter.

In a world where Stephanie is near-untouchable and never gets physically involved with anybody, stuff like this is the best we’re able to get; a cheeky line that took a poke at those stories of Stephanie being quite the ‘popular girl’ in the locker room at one point in time.

It’s moments like this that make you realise how few times Steph gets even verbally put down these days, let alone truly gets her just desserts. It also makes you miss CM Punk.

22 Stinkface City


Forget Suplex City, Rikishi’s famed Stinkface was something that no superstar relished the thought of.

In its simplest form, the Stinkface saw a 400lb thong-wearing, dancing Samoan ram his bare ass cheeks into the face of some poor soul. In the early 2000s, the move was about as embarrassing as it got. Which is why it was so pleasing to see Stephanie McMahon finally get to smell what Rikishi was cooking… or as Jim Ross put it, “Stephanie’s head was up his big butt!”

What made the meeting of Steph’s face with Rikishi’s buttocks so pleasing was that it saw the Billion Dollar Princess get her comeuppance for slapping ‘Kish earlier in the night during a May 2001 episode of Raw.

21 Tweet Tweet

Now this entry is more about the comeuppance of the real life Stephanie McMahon rather than the on-screen character.

The divas matches were at a point where they’d regularly clock in at 2 or 3 minutes and the women were totally overlooked on nearly every level.

So, when Steph sent out a congratulatory Tweet to Patricia Arquette for giving an Oscar-acceptance speech that talked about equal pay and rights for women, many were a little taken aback. In her Tweet, McMahon thanked Arquette for “having the courage to stand up for women’s rights.”

One person who didn’t take too kindly to this was former Divas Champion AJ Lee, who wasted no time in hitting back at her boss, saying, “Your female wrestlers have record selling merchandise & have starred in the highest rated segment of the show several times and yet they receive a fraction of the wages & screen time of the majority of the male roster.” Meow!

20 “You’re The Breast!”


For a period of time, regardless of who he was feuding with, Chris Jericho would regularly run down the Billion Dollar Princess in a way like no other. One such time was during the Invasion angle where Stephanie was depicted as the owner of ECW.

During this time, young Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley just so happened to have had some breast augmentation work done. As well as giving The Game something to enjoy, Stephanie's ample chest also gave Jericho something to poke fun at.

Having been regularly screwed over by Steph, Y2J would never pass up the chance to take a shot at his nemesis, and so it proved when she appeared on television with a far larger chest than we were used to. In one of the most memorable promos in WWE history, Jericho was joined by The Rock in running down the Billion Dollar Princess' Billion Dollar Bosom, getting a small chunk of payback for the grief she'd caused Y2J and Rocky over the years.

19 Disgruntled Rattlesnake

Put a McMahon in the company of Steve Austin and you’re generally given TV gold. Where the Texas Rattlesnake had spent many a year tormenting Vince McMahon, the turn of 2001 saw Austin butting heads with Stephanie McMahon.

With Vince tied up with Trish Stratus, Steph was left in charge and soon found herself covered in beer courtesy of the Bionic Redneck. Seeking revenge on Austin, the following Raw saw the Billion Dollar Princess designate Stone Cold to selling hot dogs and beers for the duration of the show.

Ever the salesman, Austin managed to sell all of his products (largely to the APA) and then had his sights on a #1 contender’s match against William Regal later in the show. Purely out of curiosity, the Rattlesnake wanted to see what his vendor tray looked like on Stephanie. Of course, she didn’t take too kindly to this and barked at Austin to take it off her.

Austin was happy to oblige, promptly taking off the tray and Stephanie’s top with it. Learning the hard way not to try and screw with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daddy’s Little Girl had to run to the back while attempting to cover herself up.

18 You’re Fired!


Bellowing “You’re Fired!” at a talent is a McMahon family trademark. For once, though, it was Stephanie McMahon who found herself out of work once the 2001 Invasion storyline came to a finish.

With Vince McMahon’s WWF coming out victorious over the combined efforts of WCW and ECW at 2001’s Survivor Series PPV, the following night on Raw saw the head of the McMahon clan look to dish out some revenge on his offspring. After all, Stephanie and Shane had purchased rival wrestling promotions and stole WWF talent all in an effort to put their father out of business.

As such, Stephanie found herself having to suck up to her old dad, begging for forgiveness and blaming the whole Alliance faction on brother Shane. It was Stephanie at her over-the-top best, yet Vince wasn't buying it.

With his daughter being escorted out of the building, Vincent Kennedy McMahon promptly wished her goodbye and got some form of payback for all of the problems that the power-mad Stephanie had caused him during the Invasion angle.

17 S**t Storm

In early 2001, there was a little bit of a heel vs. heel angle involving Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus. Stephanie believed that Trish was having an affair with Vince, and so there was some form of beef between the pair.

With a match set between the two for that year’s No Way Out, the SmackDown before the PPV saw Steph seek out Trish backstage. She thought that the Canadian bombshell was up to extracurricular activity with Vince in a limo, but she was proved wrong. Stratus actually attacked Steph before things took a huge turn for the worst for the Billion Dollar Princess.

The SmackDown show itself was taking place in Kansas City’s Kemper Arena, which just so happened to be the home of a livestock show at that time. Conveniently, there was coincidentally a load of hay and manure to hand. Before you could say “Macho Man Randy Savage”, Steph found herself face down in a pile of apparent horse manure and then had a bucket of ominous-looking brown goo poured over her.

This was all leading to a face turn for Trish, and getting one over on the conniving Stephanie McMahon certainly boosted the stock of Stratus, who at that point was likely best known for having managed T&A and for giving Vince McMahon some T&A.


16 Up Against The Beast


This is one of the entries on this list where Stephanie McMahon was positioned as the babyface of the situation, but still, who didn’t want to see Brock Lesnar get his hands on Daddy’s Little Girl?

As part of the Vince/Stephanie feud of the second half of 2003, as well as eventually beating his daughter in an I Quit match, Vinny Mac also put Steph in a match against the Beast Incarnate.

The match itself would never really take place - it was more of Brock just laying his hands on Stephanie and then throwing her around the ringside area. It definitely made for entertaining television, and was all part of Vince's attempt to get back at his daughter for having the temerity to stand up to him.

Of course, Kurt Angle would end up making the serve before things got too hairy for the Billion Dollar Princess, but it was fine while it lasted. And just think how much of a huge reaction Brock putting his hands on Stephanie would get these days? We can dream, at least...

15 Aping Around

Again this is an entry involving Chris Jericho, and again it’s something that doesn’t involve Y2J getting particularly physical with Stephanie McMahon. It does involve a cake, though. Oh, and some faux Planet of the Apes ‘cast’.

After a great play on the term 'SummerSlam', Jericho went on to bring out some potential suitors for his long-standing nemesis. Step forward the aforementioned apes, complete with Kamala's entrance music. Then there was the cake. Now any long-time wrestling fan knows that the appearance of any form of cake is going to result in somebody getting messy. That person just so happened to be Stephanie McMahon this time.

This was yet another moment where Chris Jericho got some modicum of payback on the Billion Dollar Princess for the years of grief that she gave him, and at this point in time she was also part of the Alliance that was trying to put Jericho's employer, Vince McMahon's WWF, out of business, meaning Y2J was technically landing a shot for his boss, too.

14 Loses The Women’s Championship


At the height of the McMahon-Helmsley era, Stephanie was dominating TV along with hubby Triple H and father Vince. Whilst Hunter was often in possession of the WWF World Championship, his other half somehow managed to become the Women’s Champion. I say somehow, what actually happened was she defeated Jacqueline with the help of D-Generation X and Tori.

Steph would hold on to the gold for 5 months, getting screwy victories over any and all challengers. Basically, she was the Triple H of the Women’s division.

Finally, after months of by-hook-or-by-crook wins, the Billion Dollar Princess’ time was up. Despite coming to the ring flanked by Triple H and Kurt Angle, Steph would lose her Women’s Championship to the high-flying Lita on an August 2000 episode of Raw that happened to have The Rock as the special referee.

Stephanie had essentially held the Women’s division hostage during her 5-month title reign, so it was hugely refreshing to see her lose her Women’s Championship, particularly to a performer who would go on to rank as one of the very best female wrestlers of all time.

13 Stunner!

The career of Stone Cold Steve Austin has seen him lock horns with many a McMahon. Whilst he'd usually beat the tar out of Vince and Shane, the Texas Rattlesnake would usually get berated or screwed over by Stephanie McMahon.

Having returned to action after being run over (a plan actioned by Rikishi but overseen by Triple H), the Bionic Redneck was set to butt heads with Stephanie's other half at No Way Out 2001. Adding further fuel to Austin's fire, the Billion Dollar Princess slapped the taste out of his mouth on an episode of Raw.

With the former Stunning Steve and the Cerebral Assassin forbidden from any physical contact with one another, Austin saw the following week's Monday night show as the perfect chance of getting some payback on Stephanie whilst also giving the proverbial middle finger to Triple H.

In typical no-nonsense fashion, with Stephanie in the ring, Austin would head to ringside, talk some trash to The Game's wife before dropping her with his patented Stone Cold Stunner to the enjoyment of all watching.

12 WrestleMania Moment


Everybody involved in the wrestling business dreams of one day having that magical ‘WrestleMania moment’; the match, angle, spot or reaction that stands out as something truly special and memorable.

Now while Stephanie McMahon has been involved in plenty of WrestleManias in a variety of different roles, it was at last year’s WrestleMania XXXII where she had a major moment, and one that served as a cold hard dish of payback.

For the past few years, Stephanie had been belittling and berating all of the company’s top babyface stars. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are two names that stand out as butting heads with Steph during that time, and it then became the turn of Roman Reigns to have his balls stolen by Vinny Mac’s daughter.

After months of screwing Reigns over, Stephanie finally got her comeuppance when the WrestleMania XXXII main event saw Reigns inadvertently hit her with his patented Spear. And given the WWE’s PG ways, meaning no male-on-female violence these days, seeing Stephanie get taken out is about as likely as a Chris Benoit return.

But still, despite the villainous, evil, hated Stephanie getting Speared, even that couldn’t save poor Roman from getting yet another bunch of boos to close out the show.

11 Discipline From Daddy Dearest

Now this one is a strange entry on the list. Storyline-wise, Stephanie was positioned as a babyface going up against her evil father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. So it’s not technically a comeuppance of sorts for Steph, yet it would be a lie to say that the majority of people watching weren't keen to finally see the Billion Dollar Princess get a long-time-coming beating, even if it was against uber-heel Vince.

After Stephanie had booked Brock Lesnar to defend his WWE Championship against The Undertaker at No Mercy 2003, Vince took umbrage with this decision. When his daughter refused to cancel the match, Vinny Mac booked himself against Steph in an I Quit match.

Vince would brutalise Stephanie in the match, leading to Linda McMahon throwing in the towel for her daughter. As a result, Daddy’s Little Girl had to give up her role as SmackDown General Manager.

Whether it was based on past sins or just a tiredness of McMahons on WWE television, those watching were happy to see Stephanie McMahon taken to task and eventually removed from TV regardless of her being positioned as the babyface in all of this.

10 Hits Rock Bottom


Much like she is today, the first year or so of Stephanie’s arrival on WWF television saw her as untouchable. Sure, she’d nearly been sacrificed by The Undertaker, and then there was the whole drugged wedding with Triple H, but nobody had really physically attacked her by this point. At WrestleMania 2000, all of that changed.

In one of the most underwhelming WrestleMania main events of all time, the four way WWF Championship match between Triple H, The Rock, Mick Foley and Big Show saw a McMahon in every corner. When Vince ultimately screwed Rocky (in a finish that everyone watching saw coming a mile off), the Great One didn’t respond too well. After laying out Hunter, Vince and Shane McMahon, The Rock turned his attention to the Billion Dollar Princess.

After having been screwed over by Stephanie and Hunter in the months prior, it was great to see the People’s Champion nail Steph with his patented Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow, marking the first time that Triple H’s other half was laid out by a male superstar.

9 Pedigreed, Pinned And Banished

Now while Stephanie McMahon had spent years bickering with Chris Jericho, in the build-up to WrestleMania XVIII the two would actually work together in an attempt to thwart Triple H’s attempt to take Jericho’s Undisputed Championship. Oh, and they’d also work together to make sure that the Champ was on hand to clean up the poop of Stephanie’s beloved dog. Sigh.

Regardless of the truly horrible build-up that made the company’s World Champion a mere afterthought, Jericho would put up a valiant effort before doing the inevitable job to The Game at 'Mania.

Just a week after the Showcase of the Immortals, there would be a triple threat match between Triple H, Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon. As per the stipulation in place, Stephanie was forced to leave the then-WWF after being pinned in the match.

Of course, the Billion Dollar Princess wasn't going to bow out gracefully. Instead, we got to see her literally dragged shouting and screaming from ringside in a way that only the whiny, screechy Stephanie McMahon could.

8 Arrested


With Brie Bella having essentially been forced to quit by Stephanie McMahon, the Billion Dollar Princess would proceed to make sister Nikki's days a living hell, booking her in matches that she had no chance of winning.

Brie would return as a member of the crowd to cheer on her sister during a July 2014 episode of Raw, although she'd soon find herself slapped by Stephanie. In a rare occurrence of recent years, Stephanie would actually get her comeuppance for this. Well, kind of. She'd get arrested later in the show and hauled off to jail.

This was all, of course, part of angle to set up Brie vs Stephanie at that year's SummerSlam, although Steph would get the last laugh as she'd win the match thanks to some interference from Nikki, who would then go on to wish that her sister died in the womb. Classy.

So, when all was said and done, in one of the few instances where a talent could actually get physical with Stephanie in recent years, it was McMahon who eventually came out on top. Still, for a minute there she did get what was coming to her.

7 Roman’s Revenge

It's commonplace for wrestlers to describe a poor performer or match as "the drizzling s*ts", but that phrase was given a whole new meaning for Stephanie McMahon during a June 2014 episode of Raw.

With Roman Reigns the latest babyface to get screwed with by Stephanie and The Authority, the former Shield member (seriously Roman, are you still not over that? The gear, the entrance, the music...) decided to get some payback on Steph and Triple H.

In a move that could easily have looked like some sort of ill-fated rohypnol skit designed purely for Jerry Springer's WWE Network show, Roman would spike the coffee of The Authority. Luckily for The Game, he managed to dodge the bullet, but Stephanie wasn't so fortunate.

As the tweaked coffee took its toll, the Billion Dollar Princess got sick. Really sick. Seemingly from all ends.

Whilst the payback for keeping Roman out of an upcoming battle royal was indeed a b*tch for Stephanie, it was even worse for poor Vickie Guerrero, who would find herself covered in Steph's projectile vomit.

6 A Family Affair


With Raw returning to the USA Network in late 2005, the show was dubbed as a 'Homecoming' special. To give it that classic Raw feel, we were given Steve Austin and Vince McMahon in the ring together once more.

We all knew what was coming, but in no time Austin had dropped his long-time rival with a Stunner. Then out came Shane McMahon. BOOM - another Stunner. Disgruntled at the treatment of her dad and brother, cue Stephanie McMahon charging down to the ring.

Austin would tease Steph, much to the enjoyment of those in attendance, to the point where she'd slap the Texas Rattlesnake across his face. Austin was never one to take such actions lightly, and so he added Stephanie to the list of McMahon family members laid out that night.

In fact, after laying out Stephanie, Austin would even go as far as to give a Stunner (one of the worst ever seen!) to Linda McMahon for good measure. Stephanie may have gotten away with embarrassing certain superstars, but quite frankly Austin just didn't play that game.

5 Dairy Queen

In the height of the Invasion angle, the Stone Cold-led Alliance was battling against the now-babyface Kurt Angle. Towing the line along with Austin was Stephanie and Shane McMahon.

With Steph out to put her father's World Wrestling Federation out of business, we all knew how this was going to end; Vince was never going to see his company lose any real face on television. And so it proved, with the WWF eventually triumphing over their rivals.

As Stephanie as a constant thorn in the side of her father's company, it made for great television to see her get her just desserts when the Olympic Hero decided to have an impromptu milk party, soaking the entire Alliance in the process.

Whilst this wasn't a Stephanie-focussed attack, it was still great to see Daddy's Little Girl get hers during all of this. Plus it led to Jim Ross spouting his classic "The Billion Dollar Princess has just become the Dairy Queen" line.

4 The Rock Turns To Ronda Rousey


Stephanie McMahon is an untouchable TV persona these days, and so it was a massive moment to see UFC's Ronda Rousey confront Steph at WrestleMania XXXI.

Bar a brief scuffle with Brie Bella and a messy send-off for Vickie Guerrero, there are very few memorable moments where somebody got the better of Steph in the last 5 years or so. UFC icon Ronda Rousey is not simply a "somebody", though; she's a huge superstar and a legitimate beast of an athlete.

With a far too long promo coming to a part where Stephanie barked at The Rock to exit her ring because he couldn't lay a finger on her (despite The Great One having thought nothing of hitting her with a Rock Bottom in years gone by), Rocky sought assistance from Fast & Furious 7 co-star Rousey.

At first dropping Triple H with a judo throw, Rousey would take it to the gobby, cock-sure Stephanie and send her packing in a Sportscentre moment if ever there was one.

It takes a lot to get the best of Stephanie McMahon these days, but there's no way that Rousey and UFC boss Dana White would give the nod to anything other than Rousey laying the smackdown on McMahon.

3 Marriage Troubles

When Triple H went down with his major quad injury in May 2001, he was a huge heel at that point in time, aligned with Steve Austin as the nefarious Two-Man Power Trip. By the time Hunter returned in early January of the following year, the anticipation over his reappearance was huge – and thus he received a thunderous ovation when he turned up in Madison Square Garden on the January 7th edition of Raw.

The problem, though, was that Stephanie was still just as evil and hated as ever by the time The Game returned to action. Still, the real-life couple were still initially portrayed as happily married on-screen.

In order to keep Triple H close to her, Stephanie decided to fake a pregnancy, complete with a faux doctor and a scan photo. Of course, we viewers knew exactly what was happening, but Hunter was oblivious.

By the time the duo came to renew their wedding vows on the February 11th Raw, The Cerebral Assassin had cottoned on to this scam and so he sought to get his revenge on Steph. Waiting for the pivotal moment of the renewal ceremony, Triple H verbally let it rip on his wife, laid out and then Pedigreed Vince McMahon, trashed the wedding chapel set, shoved his soon-to-be on-screen ex-wife to the floor, hurled his wedding ring at her, and then stormed off as Motorhead rung out through the arena.

2 Vickie Guerrero Goes Out With A Bang


The wife of the late, great Eddie Guerrero became a hugely successful performer in her own right. Having filled various roles on WWE TV, Vickie Guerrero was finally set to finish up with the company… but not before a ‘match’ with Stephanie McMahon.

For storyline purposes, Vickie was fighting for her job in the match against the Billion Dollar Princess. With a steel cage match even teased, the action ended up taking place in a kiddie pool full of an unconfirmed smelly brown substance. Ever the super b*tch, Stephanie brought Alicia Fox, Layla and Rosa Mendes along for back-up.

After Vickie disposed of the three Divas and had seemingly saved her job, Steph cowardly threw Guerrero into the goo and declared that she was fired. In a rare case of comeback on McMahon, Vickie returned the favour and launched Daddy’s Little Girl into the unwelcoming mess.

What was nearly as good as seeing Stephanie get her comeuppance was seeing Vickie pay tribute to her late husband as she wrapped up her tenure with the WWE.

1 Mother Knows Best

In the early years of Triple H and Stephanie’s time as the then-WWF’s power couple, Steph was portrayed as an arrogant brat who always got her own way by any means necessary.

One of the most shocking moments of Stephanie’s stroppy teenager-like behaviour saw her strike her own mother on a March 2000 episode of SmackDown. Out of all of the McMahons, Linda has always been the most reclusive and least physical of the bunch, so to see her floored by her daughter was a genuinely shocking moment in which the Billion Dollar Princess went too far.

Fear not, for Linda would get her revenge by the time that year’s Backlash PPV rolled around.

The main event of that PPV was Triple H defending his WWF Championship against The Rock. With The Great One also having to contend with the ringside presence of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pater Patterson and Gerald Brisco, a certain Bionic Redneck would make a thunderous return and even the playing field for The Rock. In addition to this, Linda would push past Stephanie as she reinstated ref Earl Hebner to count the 1-2-3 win for The Rock.

The following night on Raw, Linda would get full retribution as she laid out Stephanie with a much-needed slap.


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