20 WAGS Who Don't Need To Spend Their Partner's NFL Salary

The Philadelphia Eagles are still riding high off their 2018 Super Bowl win. There is no doubt that career-wise this has to be one of the best ways to ring in a new year. While the New England Patriots lost they have already had a few tastes of victory in regard to a Super Bowl win or two. As everyone celebrates or cowers in a corner contemplating life depending on who they were rooting for, many forget that these men have some of the strongest support systems out there. Their wives, girlfriends, baby mamas and side chicks better known as WAGs. Let’s be real, the whole reason why most people follow these athletes on social media and watch them play on television is because they are hoping to get a glimpse of what their partners look like. WAGs have a whole culture of their own; they are mothers, supporters, entrepreneurs, some even have their own celebrity status. At this point all that matters is what the WAGs are doing, and what and how we can see more of them. So, if you are someone who cannot sit through the petty, filthy, hilarious drama that is the WAG franchise on E!, but you are just as nosey as anyone else is to see what these women look like, this list is for you. Here is a list of some of the most ambitious WAGs from this years Super Bowl teams.

20 Camille Kostek

via Maxim

Camille Kostek seems like the perfect match for Rob Gronkowski because she’s got a little bad girl in her. The former cheerleader met her man while she was working for the Patriots but because of the no-fraternization rule that the Patriots have, she gave up her job to be with her man. Her goals now are to be a swimsuit model which shouldn’t be hard seeing as she is dating the right people and building a following on social media. Fans are actually wondering if she and Gronk are still a thing because of their lack of presence on social media. She could just be keeping her relationship close to her chest. We can’t imagine that he would give up on this blond beauty that quickly.

19 Marissa Van Noy

Via: BravoTV

Kyle Van Noy should be thanking the lucky stars that he has a devoted wife like Marissa cheering him on from the stands. The former Miss Utah USA winner is so gorgeous she is certainly giving some of the other WAGs a run for their money. The young couple keeps their lives pretty under wraps which is becoming harder to do seeing as she is a model who is gaining some traction. She has that beautiful combination of black hair with blue eyes. We have to admit, she doesn't just rely on her looks but she is also a philanthropist and spearheads a foundation with her husband called the Van Noy Valor Foundation. The foundation helps children that are adopted and disadvantaged by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in life. Beauty and a good heart.

18 Morgan Hart

via Marca

Dont’a Hightower has the ultimate cheerleader on his side. His girl Morgan Hart was there to support his team from the stands WITH her man. He, unfortunately had to miss the Super Bowl this year due to an injury but she showed up and showed out to cheer on his teammates with him. That is loyalty since not many women would bother to go if their man wasn’t running the field. Morgan however, has ambitions of her own, because she is an aspiring writer who graduated from the University of Alabama and she also worked as a sports reporter to get a kick start on her career. The couple are adorable together and she even has a nickname that mimics his Boomtower nickname: Lady Boom. How cute is that?

17 Siggi Bennett

via Heavy.com

Siggi Bennett is the wife of Martellus Bennett, and he sings her praises every day. Once during an interview with the New York Post, he called his wife “very intelligent” and described her as “outgoing, funny, stylish, and a caretaker.” Those are qualities you just can't beat the couple share an adorable daughter but when Siggi isn’t busy being supermom and a supportive wife she is pursuing her career as a makeup artist and even had time to co-found a children’s boutique called Halfsies. The Sarah Lawrence graduate was the trick that Martellus needed to settle down and stop living the bad boy life. Not only do his coaches and team members love her they also rely on her to put him in his place when needed. What else is a wife good for, right?

16 Mackenzie Dempsey

Via: Pats Pulpit

Mackenzie Dempsey is the fiancé of David Andrews and the cute couple met while attending the University of Georgia. He was a starter at center and she was a cheerleader, so their love story is quite typical and leaves not a lot to the imagination. However, we will admit that it was cute when he took her back to the university where it all started to propose to her on the 50-yard line. It looks like cheerleading could have been a career for her she has been training since the age of 2. However, she has a great backup plan since she majored in public health, which will most likely come in handy seeing as her man sometimes fancies himself a handyman. She found a job in Boston to be near her husband.

15 Chelsea Johnson

via IGN Entertainment

Chelsea Johnson is married to the Eagles Offensive Linesman Lane Johnson. They have been married since 2013 and have 2 adorable children together. Chelsea has no intentions to hide in the shadows of her super successful man. She is an athlete in her own right, she attended Oklahoma University (which is where she met her husband). She was a high jumper and hurdler on the track and field team but according to her Instagram account, she is so much more. The gorgeous brunette is all about family and supporting her man. Truth be told, she can step into the limelight herself as a model because of how gorgeous she is. Lane Johnson is a lucky man, he better hang on tight to this one. In the meantime, she is busy pursuing a career as a consultant for Rodan and Fields. Her skin looks perfect so maybe we should all be taking pointers from her.

14 Ivana Hicks

Via: Pinterest

Jordan Hicks wife Ivana Hicks looks like she could be apart of the Kardashian empire. She has a beautiful skin tone, dark hair, and beautiful brown eyes. The couple were married in 2017 and even had a little bit of drama on their honeymoon. Nothing too drastic, he slightly injured his hand when he was climbing out of a pool. He got over that pretty quickly seeing as he was able to play this season and win the Super Bowl. Besides being a supportive wife, Ivana runs a lifestyle blog that follows her travels around the world, her favorite places to shop, favorite items of clothing and of course, her favorite moments with her man. She is technically still a newlywed and it’s been a great year for her and Jordan.

13 Christine Harmon

via Twitter

Duron Harmon’s wife Christine Harmon is a hustler. She always seems to find time to show up for her man and still be able to run a successful event planning business. Not sure if you all know how hard it is to run an event planning business but you basically have no time for anything else besides running around, connecting with vendors and making sure that the people you hired to do things are ACTUALLY doing what you hired them for. To top it all off she is the mother of two small children, so she certainly has her plate full. Christine always manages to look amazing and we are convinced she has never heard the words “bad picture” in reference to herself. The couple are genuinely happy together so, this is lowkey giving all the single ladies hope.

12 Chelsey Walton

via BustedCoverage

We aren’t sure what makes Nate Ebner luckier, playing in another Super Bowl or being tied to Chelsey Walton. The athlete met Chelsey while they were both in college at Ohio State where she studied nutrition. However, Walton is an athlete in her own right, and she has competed in a few bikini fitness competitions. She is using her love of fitness to help others improve their overall health, and she is the founder and creator of Find Your Strength. This company helps and inspires others on their fitness journey. Let’s not forget that she has a body that many people would envy. Although Nate’s team did not win the Super Bowl this year, this dark-haired beauty could be seen cheering her man on like crazy. That’s dedication.

11 Julie Johnston Ertz

via UPI.com

Zach Ertz’s wife Julie Johnston Ertz needs no introduction. She is lowkey a celebrity in her own right because she plays for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. AKA she has a killer body from running up and down a field all day and training to be able to run up and down that field. She has so much pride in her man and his success that it shines on her Instagram account. The blond haired beauty has a goofy personality, loves to laugh and isn’t afraid to take it all off for a photoshoot. It looks as though she makes sure to make time to celebrate both her and her husbands victories, and she even hangs out with a few other WAGs. This is probably the best support system she can have.

10 Morrisa Jenkins

via NFL Player Engagement

Malcolm Jenkins and his beautiful wife have been married for 6 years. He once described her as his backbone. While the couple is pretty private it’s hard not to see how devoted they are to one another as she sits in the stands and adores her husband on the field. But, there is so much more to Morrisa Jenkins. She is the type to keep it lowkey but let’s be honest she is on the path of success and we are here for it. Morrisa is the creator of Meaux Moisture a natural skincare line that she started in her late twenties. The mother of two (so far) has put her heart and soul into the homemade products in addition to supporting her husband and promoting self-care. Not to mention, she takes a beautiful picture and gives face like nobody’s business.

9 Carlyne Graham

via YouTube

Carlyne Graham is defensive end Brandon Graham’s wife. The couple were married in 2014 and are parents to an adorable daughter. Carlyne keeps herself busy as a mom and supportive wife but she also runs her husbands online merchandise shop and finds time to document her blessed and happy life on social media. She met Brandon in high school and prides herself on being educated with a dual degree in criminal justice and sociology. She went on to practice family law serving families in the public and private sectors before getting married. She is usually recognized by her beautiful curls and gorgeous smile. Brandon is a lucky man, she could be continuing her career but instead she is supporting him and running his merchandise website. Thank God for the love of a good woman.

8 Olivia Culpo

Via: Well+Good

Olivia Culpo is a celebrity in her own right, to be honest, she may be more of a celebrity than her New England Patriots boyfriend Danny Amendola. The couple has been dating for a short time but she is already in the swing of WAG life. She supports her man at as many games as she can she has been seen stealing kisses after a win. Culpo may seem familiar to you and that’s because she used to date Nick Jonas but besides the men she has dated she is a former Miss Universe winning the crown in 2012. She now models and acts and is a 2018 Sports Illustrated rookie, which is not surprising at all given the way she looks and because of her confidence.

7 Ricki Noel Lander

via NY Daily News

Robert Kraft may not be an actual player on the Patriots team, but he is the owner so let’s face it, if he wanted to suit up there isn’t a damn thing anyone could say about it. Besides his girlfriend is so gorgeous she deserves a spot on this list. Ricki Noel Lander is a model, actress, entrepreneur and a few other things according to the internet. She met the owner of the Patriots in 2012 and no one thought it would last. Well, we are now in 2018 and she is still around. The age difference is crazy (she is 38 and he is 73) but what does she care? He’s rich and it’s her prerogative. She has already gotten her man into a little bit of trouble revolving around an awkward audition tape and him flexing his power around the industry, yikes.

6 Ashley Boccio

via Just Jared

Let’s just get the highlight out of the way, Ashley Boccio, the wife of Patriots receiver Chris Hogan, is a freaking doctor. This career is no easy feat because you have to really want it and spend a lot of time studying. The fact that she has managed to make it to residency, have twins, get married, and support her husband at every turn is amazing. She always looks flawless whenever she steps out and at 8 months pregnant she didn’t hesitate to perform major surgeries. This chick is amazing, she and her husband are so supportive of one another and it shows both on and off the field. They are now parents of twins and she doesn’t even look like she ever had 2 human beings inside of her.

5 Nerissa Strong

via Fabwags.com

Jalen Mills girlfriend Nerissa Strong isn’t just a pretty face. She is also more than just Jalen Mills girlfriend. Strong is a recent Louisiana State University graduate with a major in psychology. She wasted no time in jumping on the job bandwagon since she is a certified behavioral therapist. However, she has also made time for some of her passions in life like getting into the beauty industry. She is a certified hair, lashes, and eyebrow stylist so if the other WAGs are looking to get their edges laid and extend those lashes Nerissa would be a good friend to have around. Besides being the gorgeous girlfriend of a football player she is actively trying to make her own way in the beauty industry. Maybe she will be one of the new ladies on the WAGS franchise.

4 Colleen Rick

via Jupiter Magazine

Colleen Rick recently became Colleen Parkey, wife of Cody Parkey of the Eagles. Along with many women on this list, she is a newlywed who is adjusting to now being married to a Super Bowl winner. Colleen keeps a relatively low profile as a real estate agent in Florida even though she is gorgeous enough to be front and center of a billboard. Something tells us she is more interested in being a wife and future mother (to human babies that is). From her Instagram account it safe to say that she is a girl’s girl through and through. When she isn’t busy supporting her husband, she is focusing on her career and spending time with her family. She seems to have a good head on her shoulder.

3 Diana Civi

via Twitter

Diana Civi is the fiancé of James White a running back for the Patriots. They are so cute together but not much is known about their personal life besides the fact that they are an item. She is a beautiful young woman who met White while they attended Wisconsin-Madison together. We aren’t quite sure how but she seems to always be able to give face in every photo and we are a little bit of jealous. Her love of junk food is evident, it’s showcased on her Instagram account heavily. It's good to see someone who enjoys a delicious snack once in awhile while also balancing a healthy lifestyle. Although her man and his team lost the Super Bowl this year, she was right there to cheer him on with friends and family and also console him when needed.

2 Michel Sproles

via Playerswiki

Darren Sproles' wife Michel Sproles is one hot mama. In her young 34 years, she has dealt with so much that it’s hard for her to not turn heads. Sproles is the mother of 2 adorable kids, a firm believer in her faith, philanthropist, track coach, mentor, lifestyle coach and most importantly a breast cancer survivor. Sproles is the owner of The Pink Hairline, created in mind for women suffering from cancer. A proceed of the portions of her sales go towards making free wigs for breast cancer survivors. She describes her company as “hair with a cause”. However, Michel is more than just a survivor, mom, believer, and all that good stuff. She listed on her Instagram page she is also educated, smart, classy and gorgeous.

1 Viviana Volpicelli

Via: Yahoo

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor is currently boo’d up with Viviana Volpicelli and from the looks of it, this could be the real deal. Volpicelli is a beauty blogger and runs her own website, which consists of products she swears by, how to get that banging body that she is currently sporting and of course her favorite looks that certainly no regular person would be able to afford. She is absolutely gorgeous and to be honest we are surprised that she isn’t some kind of video vixen. In fact, she seems pretty low profile, positive and goal oriented in addition to playing the role of supportive girlfriend. Oh, and she isn’t afraid to eat carbs, that’s our kind of girl.

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