15 UFC Fighters Who Have Many Wins Under Their Belt (But No Money In The Bank)

UFC fighters are known to be the bravest and strongest fighters as they fight without even thinking about the injuries they get for life. These fights are sometimes really intense. The fighters do not know what their condition would be like after the end of the fight, many of them usually end up with concussions. Even after facing all these threats and giving so much entertainment many of the fighters are not paid enough as compared to the fights they win. This dilemma is never going to end as the owners don’t listen to anyone and they do not respond to the complaints of fighters. This unfair attitude has led many fighters to quit their careers. When after winning a number of fights they don’t even have enough money, with promoters also not treating them well, it makes it very difficult for the fighters to make ends meet. Here are 15 of those fighters that have many wins under their belt but not much money in their bank account.

15 Pat Barry

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Pat Barry being a UFC fighter has won a number of bouts, but even after winning so much he has nothing in his pocket. When he enters the ring, he has old clothes on him and just enough food so that he doesn’t starve, as most of the times he just eats white rice with ketchup. He says, ‘I don’t fight for money I fight because I want to’. A man who doesn’t have enough food or clothes, how we can expect him to own a bank account or a big house. It is very unfortunate that even after risking his life, he doesn’t get a good amount of money. He usually has no other choice rather than winning the fight and earning a small amount so that he can feed his stomach.

14 Amanda Nunes

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Being a UFC fighter is already tough and if you’re a female UFC fighter then it's an entirely different struggle. Amanda Nunes belongs to Brazil and she is a well known and competent UFC fighter. She is known to be the ‘lioness’ and her fighting style is boxing, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She has defended her title two times, played 19 bouts and won 15 out of 19, and also defeated two former champions. You all will be surprised to know that even after winning the fights she was paid less as compared to her opponents. This unfair attitude of the Federation leaves the fighters in distress. After going through so much and through endless effort, she became such a strong fighter but still doesn’t get enough recognition or reward for her efforts.

13 Cris Cyborg

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Here we have another case of a female UFC fighter suffering from the curse of underpayment. Cris Cyborg is the ring name of UFC champion Cristiane Justino Venancio. She is a woman UFC featherweight champion and she is a Brazilian and American fighter. She is an amazing fighter with an impressive strike force and her fighting style is Muay Thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. She is one of those fighters that takes the bout to the end no matter what and gives her hundred percent in the ring. She is also among those fighters that are sadly underpaid. Her achievements and accomplishments are not that worthless that she is not paid enough. If we compare their income with boxing and wrestling players, it is nothing.

12 Michael Bisping

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Michael Bisping is British fighter. He participated in 39 fights and won 30 out of them and his other name is ‘The Count’. This young fighter has improved a lot and won the title once. He has fought with some very strong opponents and fought very well. He started his career in 2004 and being such an old member of UFC, he does not have much in his accounts. The hardships of UFC fighters are a lot but they get very less in return. Their efforts are definitely not rewarded in a good way. Many of these fighters have to find other means to fulfill their needs as fighting alone does not make things happen. This is really bad when compared to other sports where a player would normally make two or three times as much.

11 Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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She is known for her aggression and also known as ‘Joanna Violence’, this young enthusiastic fighter participated in 30 bouts and out of them she won 27. That alone is a very impressive record. Her fighting style is kickboxing, Muay Thai and submission wrestling. Her kickboxing is much appreciated and has helped her win many difficult fights. She has defended her title for five consecutive times and made her get to the top of the list of the most dominant fighters of today. In her fights, she is seen in sheer aggression and is very brutal. She ends the fight in a perfect way and wins the bout. It is very shocking to hear that even after achieving so much she is also underpaid.

10 Demetrious Johnson

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Demetrious Johnson is one of the greatest UFC champions in the history of UFC and his friends usually call him by the nickname of ‘Mighty Mouse’. The fighting style of this American fighter is freestyle, kickboxing, catch wrestling, pankration and Muay Thai. He started his career in 2007 and defended his title 11 times. He has a superior way of fighting and defeats every strong opponent. Defending your title so many times is not an easy job but he has made all this possible. Unfortunately he his also among those champions who are paid less as compared to other champions. UFC is progressing over the past few years and a number of fans follow the fights but even then the condition of the players is still the same.

9 Al Iaquinta

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UFC players are the real heroes and without them, there would basically be no show. Thousands of people come out just to see them and there is no doubt that UFC is nothing without these players. Al Iaquinta is also one of those players, who fights in the ring with all of his strength and has won 13 out of 17 fights. He is a well trained American fighter but there has been nothing for him in return for his endless efforts and skills. He is also heartbroken as the federation is not paying him enough. When UFC treats the players like this, most them end up quitting and start other jobs. Because of this, UFC has already lost a few brilliant fighters.

8 Tito Ortiz

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The next on our list is the famous and energetic fighter Tito Ortiz who has definitely created a name for himself in the world of MMA. Every fighter has his or her own qualities that differentiate them from others. UFC has lost many fighters due to their approach. These fighters quit at a very young age because they find disregard and dishonor. Tito Ortiz has a large fan following both inside and outside the ring but even then he does not have much in his account. This American national treasure has shown his skills and he is commendable. The UFC fighters don’t make much money as compared to other sportsmen and there are many unknown reasons for that. We hope that their pay scale will rise soon.

7 Myles Jury

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It’s not easy to become a UFC player. Day and night training, expensive coaching and special diets are some of the ingredients that are necessary for becoming a world famous fighter. Myles Jury has the same conflicts with the federation and authorities. He does not receive enough money to pay his bills and fulfill other requirements. He started his fighting career in 2005 and has an exceptional record of wining 17 fights out of 19. The pay scale of these fighters, even after winning so many fights does not rise much and their performance starts dropping. These fighters get so many injuries and many of these injuries are life threatening but they get no security or reward for putting so much effort.

6 Rory MacDonald

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The life of a fighter has many ups and downs. When the fighters have the back of the federation they stand up and give their hundred percent but the unfair attitude set them back. Rory MacDonald is a famous fighter. He is also known as the ‘Red King’ and has a large fan following but he has the same complaints, which includes the fact that his struggles are not acknowledged and paid enough for. Rory had to face many financial problems even after a number of fights and disturbingly, others were making more money from his fights than he was. This, in turn, has caused him to lose motivation every now and then but he still works really hard and gives his all in every fight.

5 Ken Shamrock

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Ken Shamrock is an American fighter and his style is shoot fighting, kickboxing, wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and pro wrestling. Just like the others, Ken also put his life on the stake to become such a strong and successful fighter and it’s heartbreaking that he doesn’t get anything in return. Being so successful and famous but not having enough money is not a good deal. It is really hard for them to live a good enough life with such resources. It’s very distressing that these champions are so underpaid. Other than that, they are not even marketed in a good way and they have to make everything happen on their own. As they don’t have enough money, so that’s why they don’t get good sponsors.

4 Juliana Pena

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UFC does not only have male fighters, females fighters are also a big part of UFC and there are a number of female fighters who are outstanding and very tough. Juliana Pena is an American fighter whose fighting style is kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Being extra ordinary in her sports she holds many achievements, she has played 11 fights till now and has been successful in winning 8 out of them. Women enter this field when they are passionate or for earning money. But no matter what, money is the foremost requirement and when you work so hard, you need a reward. Unfortunately, it’s a wrong perception that there is so much money in this sport as these fighters certainly don’t have much in their accounts.

3 Jose Aldo

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Another Brazilian fighter is on our list. Jose Aldo started his fighting career at a very young age in 2004. He has played a total of 30 fights and won 26. He is also known as ‘junior. He has worked very hard to reach this status of success but the federation is least bothered about the conditions and sufferings of these fighters. They are busy in making their own money. These fighters don’t have luxurious homes or cars like other sports persons. It’s understood that if a fighter does not perform well, he doesn’t get a good amount of money but it is unfair that even after winning a fight, they are still not properly paid.

2 Phil Davis

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Another unhappy fighter on our list, who has many wins under his belt but not much money in his account, is Phil Davis. He started his mixed martial arts career in 2008 and is known by many fans of the sport. He took part in 23 bouts and won 18 out of them. Fighters need a motivation to fight well and improve themselves for upcoming fights but it has been observed that UFC is discouraging these fighters because of its unequal ways of treating them. Some of the fighters, even after losing a fight get more money whereas the ones who win don’t get paid enough. Due to these reasons, many fighters who are very competent and have excellent skills are leaving UFC.

1 James Krause

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The last unsatisfied fighter on our list who is underpaid is James Krause. People think that fighters make a lot of money but when we see so many exceptional fighters who are talking about the unfair attitude of the federation then we came to know the reality. James Krause is another American fighter who has made his name after life long training and hardships. He started his career in 2007 and participated in 32 bouts and won 25. There is no set criteria for pay in UFC. Some deserving fighters get less while some who are not deserving get more. This injustice haunts the fighters for they don’t understand why they are not getting enough money as compared to their counterparts.

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