20 Things Fans Should Know About The Gypsy King Tyson Fury

Boxers have always had a bit of a knack for being able to whip up crowds with their controversial and often arrogant behavior. No one exhibited and fostered this trend more than Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali. His famous berating of the opponent started on his first major fight in 1963, against Sonny Liston, whom he eventually defeated. Though beforehand, he jibed away relentlessly at Sonny Liston and likened him to a bear that he even ventured outside his house to “catch him.” The nature of throwing taunts at opponents and then firing those taunts back again, has continued for more than 50 years and is a great help for the lead up to the fight.

These historical wars of words between fighters, whether real or staged, offers a good way to hype up the fight. Not only is it cheaper to let the fighters slug it out with words than to run a big media campaign, but it hypes the audience. It also ensures that the fighters themselves are chewing at the bit to get at each other at the beginning of the match and are all the more eager to win. UFC uses these tactics great effect now and Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather was full of such hype. One of the most controversial figures in modern boxing is the British fighter, Tyson Fury, who has recently stated he wishes to challenge undisputed champ, Anthony Joshua. However, making a challenge is just one aspect of the furor around Fury.

20 Boxer from Birth

It is pretty well known that some parents will get a little too enthusiastic about making sure that their kid is involved in a sport or activity the parent they could have done themselves in childhood, but could not for whatever reason. These pushy parents will fight tooth and nail to make sure that their kids achieve the dream that they could not.

One example is tennis player, Martina Hingis, named after Martina Navratilova by Hingis’s tennis coach mother Melanie Molitaire. So it is obvious that Tyson Fury as a boxer shares his name with a far more memorable and legendary figure of the sport, Mike Tyson. Fury has achieved a world heavyweight title like his namesake, but will never come close to achieving the title of arguably the greatest boxer like Mike Tyson.

19 Big Boy, Big Boxing Gloves

In this sport, size does matter. It can actually determine where a fighter ends up. The current smallest category is Light Minimum Weight, which has a maximum weight limit of 102 pounds, right up to the heavyweight category, for which there is no upper limit. Height is a different matter than weight though, one can be tall and thin, whereas another can be short and fat.

Mike Tyson was one of the shortest heavyweights ever, standing at 5 foot 10 – though that is still average height for a man. The tallest boxer was Romanian Gogea Mitu, who stood at 7 foot 4, and Tyson Fury stands a modest seven inches shorter than that giant boxer, at a mere 6 foot 9 inches! (Source: BoxRec)

18 Fury Versus Austin… What?

The world stood up and paid attention when Conor McGregor met Floyd Mayweather decided to butt heads in the boxing ring, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

Now the cross discipline bout touted by Tyson Fury at an audience meet and greet would not garner so much cash, but it gives insight into what he would like to do. In the interview, Fury teased that he would like to go in for a bout with wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin! Now Mike Tyson did have a tussle with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania back in the day, but even though he said he wasn’t serious, such a thing would be fun and Fury knows that too. (Source: SportsKeeda)

17 Small Kid to Big Man

Genetics are interesting, to say the least. No one ever really knows how the mixture of genes will affect someone growing up. Such is the case with Tyson Fury, who was born in 1988.

It is no exaggeration to say that this former heavyweight boxing champ is a huge guy; he stands around a foot or so taller than the average height for the average male. He’s the same height as the guy who played The Mountain in Game of Thrones. The viral pic of Conor McGregor, of an average guy’s height, demonstrates how tall Tyson Fury is. But when he was born, it was touch and go over whether he would survive, weighing only a tiny one pound.

16 Saviour Sire?

Kids are often given names that are more left field nowadays than they used to be. And for someone as flamboyant and outspoken as Tyson Fury, it is doubtful that he would be able to pick a regular name for his son.

Even his wife is called Paris Fury, a name that sounds like some kind of character from a game of Street Fighter! Jesus is a very popular name in Lantinx communities and nations, but despite the fact that Tyson Fury’s background as a gypsy is a devoutly Catholic one, his wife Paris did not take well to their son having the name of the Messiah. So Tyson had to settle for calling his son Prince, instead, not quite a famous name as Jesus, but close. (Source: DailyMail)

15 Watch Out Fruit!

Every sportsman that reaches the top of their game will always do whatever they can to make sure that they stay there. So regardless of whether or not the person in question is at the top or trying to make their way there, there is an attitude they have to have. And that attitude is a tough one. They have to make sure that everyone who sees them knows without a doubt that they can tear their opponents apart.

But as a rather unique, controversial figure, it stands to reason that Tyson Fury may go about these displays of strength with a somewhat bizarre display. Whereas most people tend to buy watermelons to eat, Tyson decided it would be better to show how cool he was by smashing it to bits. He had to keep up appearances, after all. (Source: BBC)

14 Doesn’t Like Tables?

Tyson Fury is a live wire that can be a bit nerve wracking for anyone to be around, even large, grown men that are bigger than average. This is because of the man’s sheer size. He makes anyone standing next to him look like some kind of a child.

Not to mention that also being a boxer that size comes with one hell of a punch, which is to be expected. Fury as such a giant of a man is also likely to have a giant of a temper that runs on a short fuse and is prone to weird random acts, like flipping a tale over at a press conference and walking out. (Source: TheGuardian)

13 Fury and Sadness

Even people who reach the top of their sport have demons that they struggle against on a daily basis. Perhaps it is why they are driven to achieving such seemingly hard to attain goals in their lives, in order to run from the darkness that comes from deep within us.

Battling with mental illness is a secret fight that so many people war with constantly, and getting through it is as taxing as boxing would be. Luckily, boxing is one of the most complete work out regimes there is and is great for getting your body and mind into shape. As Tyson Fury suffers from such things, it must also work as a great way to manage his problems. (Source: TheSun)

12 Likes to Spread Some Rumors

Everyone talks, even boxers in between their training, manage to gossip. But every now and again, people manage to spread rumours and conspiracies and it seems that Tyson Fury also falls prey to fanning the flames of such malicious whispers. When fighting his defeated opponent, Wladimir Klitschko, Fury indulged in making some really weird claims about his adversary.

One of them is that Klitschko tries to make his rivals submissive before stepping into the ring, leading to Fury not touching anything in the dressing room. In 2013, Tyson was fined £3,000 by claiming that two boxers were lovers and if that was not enough, he also claimed before fighting the former Ukrainian champion that Wladimir Klitschko was a devil worshipper in a rather controversial interview! (Source: TheSun)

11 the President

Tyson Fury certainly does have some random ideas when it comes to potential opponents. It is obvious that any boxing mega star wants to seek fame, wealth and glory in huge amounts.

One aspect of glory and being adored is going toe to toe with some huge competitors, hence his reasons for now wanting to face the new undisputed champ, Anthony Joshua. However, it is not just people from the world of sports that Tyson Fury has his eyes on to duel with. He also has a yearning go up against some politicians! When asked once who else he would like to fight, Fury answered Barack Obama, stating that he would like to have a bare knuckle gypsy fight with the former President!

10 Ballad Singing Boxer

Boxers can often be oddball individuals, maybe it is the regular blows to the head, or just being the type of person that is inclined to compete in a sport where two people bludgeon each other with their fists. But fighting is a stage where people like to and live to perform in front of loyal, jeering fans.

Although fans watching Tyson Fury bouts may get treated to a little bit more, which of course as they are very well acquainted with the man himself, they should be ready to expect. One of his major performances came after his Klitschko bout, he took hold of the microphone and gave some karaoke a go, performing I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, by Aerosmith for his fiancée Paris after the fight. (Source: IrishMirror)

9 Big Guy, Small Digs

As you may have heard, Tyson Fury is a very big guy, did you know that? It might have been mentioned a few times. A man that inhabits a body of all that huge 6 foot 9 inches of frame is very likely to need some space just in order to move that gigantic body around, but no, this is a man who has lived often in caravans!

Caravans are types of RV that attach to a trailer tow bar on the back of a car that allows people to live or sleep in. As a person who is proud to be from a gypsy background, Fury makes no secret of the fact that his heritage means he has lived in caravans, even whilst a wealthy boxer and engaged to Paris, as per his traditional beliefs. (Source: DailyStar)

8 what he can't help but say

He is certainly a champion, but as someone who makes a living off of fighting or battling other people, he is bound to be combative when it comes to him expressing his opinion too. As a man that is from a gypsy background, their culture remains heavily rooted in the Roman Catholic faith and as devout Catholics, their beliefs are somewhat traditional compared to the more liberal views of the modern world.

And in 2013, these traditional Catholic views collided with modern opinions as he was apparently on record as making remarks against same gender love. Later Fury went on to deny that he had made such comments about the community, but it was clear that he had. (Source: LadBible)

7 Some Strange Idols

Most everyone in the UK or Ireland, or most of Europe for that matter, are lovers of soccer, which is called football by everyone outside of the US or Canada. And like many people across the world, Tyson Fury is a huge fan of Manchester United, the legendary British soccer club that brought football to a truly global spectacle that people enjoy today.

Being a Manchester United fan, Fury will obviously adore many of the soccer legends that graced the Old Trafford stadium, but not Wayne Rooney or David Beckham, Eric Cantona instead. The French soccer legend, great though he is, was a man who will forever be remembered for launching a flying kick at a someone in the crowd. Fitting for the fire cracker that is Fury! (Source: Express)

6 not to soft Dad

Many kids will often get into the silly argument of trying to prove which of their dads is better, stronger, or faster, or who out of the two dads would win in a fight. When a kid has a father like Tyson Fury though, it is usually pretty obvious which kid’s dad would win a fight, unless the other dad is like a secret agent or something.

Tyson Fury comes from a fighting background and the son’s method of fighting is more civilized than the combat background of the father’s. John Fury was a fighter himself, like his son, but he was a gypsy bare knuckle fighting champion. He even had to be taken in by police when he got into a street brawl! (Source: ManchesterEveningNews)

5 Place Names

People have always flirted with the trend of naming people after a particular place, such as actress Melanie Griffith’s daughter, Dakota Johnson, and many women have been named India too. The Kardashian/Wests went in a different direction – literally – when they chose to name their child North West, after a point on a geographical point on the compass.

Of course there is also the eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham, named Brooklyn, after the famous district in New York. But it seems that Tyson Fury has a bit of a love for the names associated with Central and South America; failing to name his son Jesus, he succeeded in calling his daughter Venezuela. Yes, he named his eldest child after singer Shakira’s homeland, Venezuela. (Source: DailyMail)

4 Big Softy at Heart

It is vital for a fighter to show that they are tough and that it is very hard for anyone to beat them and in Tyson Fury’s case it is true, with his 25 win record out of 25 bouts. Presenting a hard exterior for the world to see is half the battle for any fighter or champion, but every body has a slight softer side that a grizzled warrior persona like Tyson Fury may not want others to know about.

The tall, muscular boxer has a love for the romantic chick flicks, most notably, the 2004 sob fest that made Ryan Gosling famous, The Notebook. The romance movie about the poor guy in love with a rich girl against the backdrop of war, is actually Fury’s favorite film! (Source: DailyMail)

3 Big Bad Bed!

Someone who is as huge as Tyson Fury has its benefits, definitely. Being at such a tall height, combined with muscle, a hard punch and one hell of a stretch at the end of that fist, is certainly a swallowing of nerves from an intimidating figure. But then again, on the flip side there are difficulties that being so high up from the ground brings with it.

Shoe sizes and clothes sizes tend to be a little limited, especially when you are above average height and weight. While being 6 foot 9 makes it difficult, because being taller than about 6 foot 2 will bring anyone into hardship, which is why Tyson Fury has his own seven foot and seven foot long bed to cater for his frame.

2 Gotham Fury

Everyone aspires to greatness and has an idol to look up to in order to achieve greatness. It is for this reason that superheroes are so popular, because they are figures that are so awesome that some people always have something to look up to. Cosplay is more popular than ever nowadays; where people dress up as a figure from their favorite fandom and attend conventions, so a boxer that aspires to being more than a normal human, undoubtedly will idolize super heroes (as many people do).

Tyson Fury took that idea of cosplaying even further than usual and actually stood in the ring, fighting as the Caped Crusader in the ring, wrestling with an opponent dressed as The Joker, a little like the camp TV series. (Source: TheGuardian)

1 he is very open

One of the major tight ropes that sports people have to walk is the doping scandals that surround many sports. One of the greatest shocks of sports in recent years was the doping undertaken by cyclist Lance Armstrong and more recently, tennis pro Maria Sharapova, as well as the fact that Russia was banned from the Winter Olympics over substances. Even Tyson Fury has had his battles over similar issues, especially after an ankle injury put paid to his championship ambitions.

But he has even been candid in the past about more than performance enhancing substances, admitting to using them recreationally in the past. Despite his honesty, we all know very well that it does more harm than good. (Source: TheSun)

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