20 Surprising Photos Of Conor McGregor Looking Like A Softy

Most people who see Conor McGregor on television or fighting in the octagon don't think of him as a loving, caring, soft individual. They know him as the MMA-fighting, out-of-the-ring troublemaker who is constantly in the news for insane and selfish reasons, most recently for attacking a busload of MMA fighters at a UFC Media Day. It's a reputation he's earned considering how much he's picking fights, drawing attention to himself and cussing out everyone and often everything that moves. There are a lot of "bad boys" in mixed martial arts, but by far, Conor McGregor is the baddest.

That said, if you look around the Internet for a little while, not every picture you find of McGregor shows a man who is nothing but angry. In fact, there are a ton of shots of him spending time with family and friends, relaxing and looking like a normal guy who isn't ready to pounce or attack. Sometimes, he actually looks like a loveable softy.

The question is, will these 20 photos of McGregor looking a softy change your opinion of him? We'll tell some of the stories of how he got to where he is or why he might be in serious trouble now and after his latest stunt, but we'll also try to keep it fair discussing where these photos came from and why he looks so calm, cool and collected.

Form whatever opinion you want and know that McGregor might be an alright dude and he might not be, but below are "20 Surprising Photos Of Conor McGregor Looking Like A Softy."

20 Learning Lessons

It is only a lesson if you learn from it. I learn every day.

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If you've seen or heard from Conor McGregor lately you'll notice that much of his public comments have been centered around the fact that he's trying to learn from his repeated mistakes.

In a recent Instagram post, McGregor said about moving forward, "It is only a lesson if you learn from it. I learn every day."

This post was in reference to the fact that he and his crew ruined a UFC media day and hurt fellow MMA competitors when acting out on behalf of his friend and fellow MMA competitor Artem Lobov.

McGregor has done a lot of crazy things but he's always gotten away with it because it drew attention and eyes to his upcoming bouts. In this case, he wasn't scheduled to fight for UFC again and his actions meant UFC had to remove a number of fighters a couple days before the card.

Conor McGregor may not have a future in MMA but could be potentially perfect for WWE.  His outburst at the UFC 223 media day in Brooklyn may have cost him his ability to fight in MMA since Dana White is quite upset about McGregor's actions and feels he may have finally crossed the line.

19 Takin' It Easy


With the recent charges laid against McGregor, you wouldn't think he'd look so comfortable, laid back, and relaxed. But in this photo, McGregor is exactly that, holding his hands behind his head like he doesn't have a care or a problem in the world. It's a far cry from his typical maniac-like persona that fans have come to expect when they see him in the news, on video, or in photos.

Perhaps he's posing for a photo shoot or perhaps he's just chilling on a warm day but he doesn't look overly worried about much. Right now, he's facing some pretty serious charges so maybe he shouldn't be so relaxed.

The chaotic scene that was captured on video, included McGregor and his entourage storming a bus filled with UFC fighters, throwing a guardrail and garbage cans and cracking the bus window leaving competitors injured. It was hard to figure out exactly what set off the MMA star but the rumor was that McGregor was leading his crew and standing up for Artem Lobov, who was in an altercation at a hotel with UFC 223 headliner Khabib Nurmagomedov. Numragomedov was on the bus when the crew attacked.

18 The Talk-Show Guest

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Conor McGregor is known as a good talker (one of the best) but even the best talkers can get a little frozen when it comes to making the talk-show tour. That said, McGregor looks pretty comfortable here on the Conan O'Brien show. Conan and McGregor ended up being fairly goofy during the segment and had a lot of fun giving fans the impression McGregor proved he can be quite lighthearted and fun with a good sense of humor.

Part of promoting any major event, including UFC bouts is about promoting yourself and the fight. McGregor is one heck of a promoter.

Part of what has made him so popular in the MMA world and in pop culture, in general, is that fact that he knows he needs to create a character.

Thus, it's hard to know how much of what he repeatedly does is him acting the role of his character of him really being arrogant.

Dana White has been quoted calling what McGregor did at the UFC Media Day "the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of this company." Clearly, White was not impressed. UFC has stripped McGregor of the lightweight title.

17 With The Family


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A couple weeks ago, McGregor posted a picture of his family and the image was likely a huge reminder of what can be taken away from someone if they aren't careful. McGregor has a great life with a loving girlfriend and new baby. He'd hate to jeopardize that life by making poor choices. His attack might have been what he thought was for a good reason but he's likely looking back now realizing it wasn't.

As a result of his attack, Conor McGregor spent the night in a 78th Precinct lockup, and when released the next day was escorted to a black vehicle waiting to drive him away.

Rumors were his next stop was to a judge who was going to decide Conor's fate, and how he would have to further proceed with his future.

McGregor has often been the focus of a ton of controversy but as far as we know has not spent any significant time in the slammer. This had to have affected McGregor making him realize that people aren't always going to help him out when he makes terrible choices. His family should be the most important thing to him and maybe he finally realizes it.

16 The Fashion Icon


For someone who fights for a living (and sometimes when he’s not getting paid) Conor McGregor sure cleans up well. This photo of him posing in a three-piece suit makes you actually think he could clean up his act and not be so “thuggish” if he wanted to. It’s a long ways from the images people last saw of him leaving the prison or on the video footage of him crashing the UFC 223 media day events.

It also helps when you make millions from a highly-publicized fight with boxing great Floyd  “Money” Mayweather.

McGregor battled in a MMA fighter versus boxer in a professional boxing match that saw the Irishman make somewhere around $100 million for one night’s work.

McGregor didn’t win the bout but he did look stronger than most people expected he would and claimed that if the two ever met head to head again McGregor would come out victorious.

With all that money he made he can buy enough suits like this to last him a lifetime. It’s a good thing he made some bank too considering the trouble he might be in. It could now jeopardize his prospects working in North America where he earns most of his money.

15 Actually Smiling Instead Of Yelling

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As much as fans know that Conor McGregor is often angry, yelling and miserable, in this picture he's actually smiling and looks like a nice guy. Amazingly, this is at a UFC press conference where he has notoriously misbehaved and put on a childish performance for the cameras and the audience in attendance. It's soft photos like these that make fans who hear about all the bad things he does realize that he might actually be likeable. Also that he has a face and a smile that might make you forgive his poor decisions. Maybe he’s not the guy everyone sees in television?

McGregor is hoping this soft smile and his likeable nature will help get him out of hot water with the judge and prosecutors who will be pressing charges for his actions against the UFC and the people on the bus.

Perhaps he’s hoping the lovable side of his personality, winning smile and time will allow the court of public opinion and the literal court to find lenient rulings against him.

The reality is that if this ever goes to trial, there will be very few people in a jury who don’t know of Conor McGregor. If they are impartial or his smile sways the people in line for jury duty they won’t be selected.

14 With His Boy

He said, "Happy St Patrick's day everyone." He described his son Conor Jr. going to his first parade and how much he loved it. McGregor is from Dublin, Ireland and as you can see by the flag draped over his shoulder, McGregor was being very nationalistic and repping his homeland when the theme of the parade was "home is where the heart is."

The reality is McGregor is arguably the most popular athlete to come out of Dublin, so there were likely as many people watching him interact with his son as there were fans watching the actual parade.

Even though Conor was in hot water, part of his $50K bail allowed him to return to his home in Ireland. Still, he'll have to head back for his hearing in June of 2018. He may also need to get used to the idea of spending more time in his homeland because if the rumors are true that McGregor is looking to take a plea deal, he may have his ability to fight and compete in North America affected. It is not likely McGregor will plead not guilty since so much footage exists of him trashing the bus. It is more likely he and his lawyers will try and get the charges lowered taking a guilty plea that won't affect his ability to make money in the future.

13 Fighting Can Be Emotional

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We often see McGregor showing off or cocky when he fights but in this rare photo you can actually see him get emotional over what we can only assume is an important victory. While McGregor has clearly done well financially and become one of MMA’s biggest stars, it is not an easy life being a professional mixed martial artist. Like anyone who competes hard the wins can mean everything and you can see that in this photo of his more emotional side.

Of course, what we also know about McGregor is that sometimes when he wins he’s extremely cocky and rubs it in the fresh wounds of his opponents. He believes he’s the best fighter in the world and he believes he has backed up that statement with some extremely one-sided wins. If you happen to lose to him and you didn’t really offer much resistance, expect to hear about it. McGregor takes no prisoners in the octagon, and he has that attitude in and out of the ring.

On one hand you have an emotional guy who cares about his wins and on the other you have a jerk who likes to be a sore winner. If you hadn’t seen this photo, which one of those people do you believe he would have been more often?

12 Dressing Up Conor Jr.

According to Conor McGregor, you can never start being like your daddy too soon. His son is not even a year old in this photo and dad is having a blast dressing up Conor Jr in a three-piece suit to look like papa. It’s an extremely cute moment that will make you look at McGregor in an entirely different light. His son is pretty darn cute too.

Playtime like this is something McGregor should relish, and with him not currently working, he likely has a number of great moments with his son.

There is debate about what Conor Sr.’s next move will be. Will he join UFC again? Will he follow in the footsteps of someone like Rhonda Rousey and go to the WWE?

Will he look for a rematch against Mayweather? Maybe he’ll simply retire to hang out with his son more? Lord knows he can afford to now.

Hopefully, while dad is teaching his son how to dress up and look sharp he’s also teaching him how to learn from his mistakes. Obviously Conor Jr. is too young to know what his dad’s public persona is like, or what he did to get in trouble but one day he will and heaven help us if there’s a son that grows up to be Conor McGregor than the current Conor McGregor.

11 Love Of His Life

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One has to wonder what Conor's long-time girlfriend thinks of his antics. Devlin has been with McGregor for over eight years and has been with him through up and down. With his latest round of trouble, she'll really have to be prepared to get Conor through some of the more troubling times in his career.

Devlin is from Walkinstown, Co Dublin and like McGregor takes great pride in her Irish heritage. She once posted on Twitter: "The Irish are truly the best supporters in the world!" 

She's 28 years old and they met long before he was ever a star for the UFC. McGregor has admitted how lucky he is to have her even though he can be a bit much to deal with. She knew him when he was broke, when he was rich, and everything in between. And Conor does like to spoil her, which we see when he posts photos of her fancy Cartier watch or throwing huge parties in Las Vegas in her honor.

She's gone public on social media after big wins and said she's the proudest McGregor supporter there is. Using phrases like being proud would be an understatement. She was likely on cloud 9.  There's no doubt she's an extremely important part of his life.

10 Loving Daddy

I think we go the yachtsy today son

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Thanks to his girlfriend Dee Devlin, Conor is the proud papa of a boy they named Conor Jr. You can tell there is a special bond there for Conor as a number of photos like this one have surfaced on the Internet or have been posted on their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter. As a father myself, I know that having a child can change the way you look at life and give you a wakeup call as to how you behave when you realize how much your life is no longer about you. It becomes about the people you're trying to teach to be positive influences on society, smart, and caring. McGregor may have a long way to go if everything we see and hear about him is true.

Conor Jr. may be one of the few people who can pull a fast one on Conor. There are videos online of him trying to take daddy's expensive watches or just acting like a normal baby would. If anyone else would have done this to Conor you can bet he'd have flipped his lid and gone after whomever it was - maybe even someone else's kid. Good thing for Conor Jr. he's adorable and shares daddy's name.

9 His Conditioning Camp

This picture might not be of Conor looking "soft" because he's completely ripped in it, but it's not the kind of anger-filled and ready to rumble photo you might expect to often see of the MMA star. Conor explained his workout to his fans by writing the following on an Instagram post about his conditioning camp.

He said, "Conditioning program is the true animal. 10 TRUE weeks long this camp was. To reach THAT shape. On the MCGREGOR FAST program. 10 weeks. Sign up for this program at mcgregorfast.com. Look at the shape I am in. I am like a statue on Dublin's O'Connell Street. I might put one there someday."

Conor doesn't always go a lot of rounds in his MMA fights but if he does he needs to be in tremendous physical and cardiovascular condition. Just a few minutes of an MMA bout is more than most people's every day full workouts. You can tell the program is working for Conor because he's in great shape. He's also probably got routines for different types of training since he's moved weight classes for other bouts in the past.

8 Let's Hug It Out

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There are some days Conor would prefer to hug it out than fight everyone and this picture shows how much of a loveable guy Conor can be when he wants to. In fact, some of the reasons he can get himself into so much trouble is because he's standing up for someone else. McGregor's past issues have often been to go to bat for friends and family, namely fellow fighters he's close with. But, be careful, he's often just as likely to sarcastically hug you to get the crowd riled up as he is to actually mean it when he wants to show emotion.

One of the things that people found frustrating about his battle with Floyd "Money" Mayweather was how much hugging existed in the bout.

McGregor was not a boxer and was often accused of holding Mayweather to make the fight last longer and not get clocked. Mayweather was also accused of holding back until the end of the fight with the strategy that he would let Conor get tired. By the end of the contest, it appeared each fighter had a new level of respect for the other as they hugged it out for the world to see. Either that or they realized how much money they each help the other make and were sharing in a financially rewarding moment.

7 Conor "the Scholar" McGregor

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No one ever accused Conor McGregor of not being the smartest guy in the room. If you take a look at this photo of him at the UFC 202 press conference you see a dapper McGregor with a look on his face like he's one of the smartest guys in mixed martial arts. It's an interesting look and not one fans see often. UFC 202 was the card that saw McGregor fight Nate Diaz for the second time and took place August 20, 2016, at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

This photo of Connor McGregor with the glasses give him a scholarly look, and one where it appears he's thought out his approach to what he's going to say to the audience in attendance.

McGregor knows how to package himself he knows how to sell his fights. He also knows how to promote to make sure he makes the most bang for his buck. It's just too bad he wasn't smart enough to stay away from UFC 223 Media Day.

This photo makes McGregor look more like a university professor than he does a mixed martial artist.

6 The Dons

Dons under 30.

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A Don, as described by the Urban Dictionary is The don, the best of the best, etc, etc. It basically means there ain't nobody better and that you know it. It's not surprising Conor might post a photo of himself with that tag and include his son as a "don" in the making.

Conor's actions at the UFC 223 Media Day were almost don-like in that he was like a mob boss or part of a media family called up to take out a group of people. Even though fans know Conor can be extreme, they were shocked to see him act out like that and injured innocent people. It was like he decided to stand up for one of his mafia family members who was part of an altercation earlier in the week and make sure that people knew, 'if you mess with my family you get me.' It was no less than a gang style attack.

There's also another definition of the word in the Urban Dictionary that describes "don" as, "A man who is very powerful. This man can control the hearts of all women, while being caring. A don is a guy that everyone wants to be like. He is not only muscular but amazing as well. He can rock anyone. Being a don is a talent that not everyone can achieve." It wouldn't shock anyone if Conor McGregor thinks of himself this way, would it?

5 Fan Favorite

If there's one thing McGregor knows how to do, it is appease the fans and put on a good show. He's one of the best fighters ever in MMA but he wasn't always viewed that way and part of what allowed him to rise so fast in the UFC was that he knew how to promote, sell himself and smile for the cameras. If you take a look at this photo you can see how good at it he is. This is Conor at the UFC 205 press conference inside The Theater at Madison Square Garden in 2016. He's giving the fans what they love which is not something most UFC fighters are terribly good at doing.

In a November 2017 interview, McGregor said he knew what he wanted his next step to be in MMA.

McGregor has said in the past that he ultimately wants an ownership stake in the UFC. His McGregor Promotions company was listed as one of the promotional partners in the Mayweather fight. Now, the champ says that coming off his blockbuster payday from the Mayweather bout, he’s not going back to being just another fighter on the roster.

He called it UFC needing to entice him to come back but after the stunt he pulled recently at UFC 223's Media Day, it will be interesting to see if Dana White and the UFC feel the same way. (Source: MMAFighting)

4 It's A Rough Business

While Conor McGregor lost his last high-profile bout against Floyd "Money" Mayweather, you don't see McGregor lose too often. However, in this photo you can tell someone has gotten the better of Conor who is sitting in his corner looking exhausted from the battle. You can tell that this is a hard business to be a part of.

Typically, when you see Conor, he is running in the ring, jumping, bragging and acting like a fool. In this case as you can read by the caption on his Instagram post when he said, "The what have you done for me lately business. Stay strong and stay ready."

This is in reference to the fact that being an MMA fighter is very tough, unforgiving and a difficult job. It could be times like these where McGregor is wondering what his next step will be. Will he stay in MMA and try to get back in the good graces of Dana White and the UFC? Would he rather go WWE where the fighting is not real and the blows are not as dangerous? Or, would he like a rematch with Mayweather where he might lose but potentially make another boatload of cash.

3 Ready To Cry

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We all know Conor McGregor as the brash and cocky Irish fighter who's never shy about whatever he wants to say. What we don't often see is the man who looks like things have gotten to him to the point where tears are the emotion he exudes. In this photo, he looks like he's about to break down. We don't know if this is a loss or things aren't going his way or perhaps it's just the timing of the photo that makes it look like he's going to burst.

With that mind, perhaps Conor McGregor’s mental strength is his greatest attribute. How does he so often outdo his opponent mentally? Part of that can be attributed to some very professional and potentially expensive help. Conor has worked extensively with David Mullins - a Sports Psychologist. Something must be going right because McGregor gets into the heads of his opponents. What is McGregor’s psyche really like? Perhaps only Mullins knows. However, McGregor’s confidence and mental strength is completely his personality and philosophy as a fighter. For McGregor, visualization, his self-image, and acute awareness probably suggest some of the impact a sports psychologist has in McGregor’s life and success.

So, take this picture for what you think it might be, just know, McGregor is about as tough mentally as they come.

2 Hangin' With Auntie

Buzzing with my auntie Joan at Eddie Rockets hahah ❤

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It may be one of the ugliest outfits an athlete has ever worn out in public but because it's Conor McGregor he pulls it off pretty effectively. In this photo he's rocking the hideous jumpsuit and is out on the town celebrating with family, namely his aunt. He said, "Buzzing with my auntie Joan at Eddie Rockets hahah."

Comments on the photo ranged from "#FAMILYFIRST💚💚💚" to  "Banana peel?". One person even said, "Thank you for this one, I love it! 😍".

That's the thing about McGregor; he evokes all sorts of responses for what he does and the things he posts. Even his stunt at UFC 223 Media Day, or his jumping into the ring at a Bellator bout were forgiven by many. This is because people already expect him to be fun and foolish, so in cases like this, he is living up to their expectations.

Quiet Since The Incident: Given McGregor's outspoken personality, it's a little surprising he hasn't come out and made a comment about his latest incident.  That said, this is the same guy who once told Joe Rogan, "Backstage I'm starting fights over everybody. I've ridiculed everyone on the roster. I just want to say from the body of me heart, I'd like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody."

1 Junior's First Christmas

Juniors first Christmas Eve ❤️ Happy Christmas everyone!

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It's been a crazy year and McGregor has a lot to be thankful for. The holidays the best time of the year, mostly because everyone gets to spend it with the people they love. Granted, another great thing is the fact that everyone gets presents, and people take adorable little photos like this. Shortly after however, he got into some legal trouble.

Considering the kind of trouble he got in, that had to do with a bus, you wouldn't think that he would be in such a smiling mood, both before and after (after all, his anger must have been living with him for a while). Still, the photo is cute anyhow. In a way, we get a sense that he's the same as a lot of us who enjoy family around the holidays. He said, "Juniors first Christmas Eve ❤️ Happy Christmas everyone!"

This is the type of photo you could see McGregor sending out on a Christmas card if he was the type of guy to do that sort of thing. What we really want to know is who he is sending this kind of Christmas card to. While to his family and friends it would be cute, to his foes, that big smile would just be like he was rubbing his face in.

Source: Instagram, Express, Quora

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