20 Recent Pics You Need To See Of WWE Stars Partying Outside The Ring

Back in the 90s, partying was truly a way of life for WWE Superstars. The wrestlers were divided into backstage groups and the goal was to get hammered following a show. Nowadays, the dynamic has c

Back in the 90s, partying was truly a way of life for WWE Superstars. The wrestlers were divided into backstage groups and the goal was to get hammered following a show.

Nowadays, the dynamic has changed for the better. The Superstars behind the scenes are now regarded as a unit, and days of backstage clans seem to be done with. In terms of partying, WWE Superstars generally enjoy some rest instead nowadays. Although that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy partying on some occasions.

From tours overseas, to holidays to even casual get-togethers, this article shows the current crop of WWE Superstars enjoying a drink (or two) outside of the ring. The usual suspects in the article include Chris Jericho, along with some surprises such as Dana Brooke and even the beast himself Braun Strowman!

So without further ado, take out a glass, turn up the music and enjoy this list of 20 recent pictures you need to see of WWE stars partying outside of the ring. Be sure to let us know which party picture you enjoyed the most!

20 The Club, Strowman & Jericho

When it comes to partying and having a drink, Chris Jericho is the absolute king of this article. Jericho has numerous pics with his buddies either out on the town or just enjoying a casual drink indoors. This picture shows Chris chilling with a couple of buddies indoors following his Talk Is Jericho Podcast. The picture features both members of The Club in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, along with Braun Strowman who surprisingly finds himself in several party pictures alongside his fellow WWE buddies. All of a sudden, his push makes that much more sense, doesn’t it?

The group is seen taking this picture overseas in Shanghai, China. More times than not, wrestlers love to bond and have a great time outside of the ring when travelling overseas to a far destination like Shanghai. One can only imagine the bonding and boozing that took place following this picture.

19 Paige Has A Drink Holder

The first edition of Monday Night Raw for 2017 grew in hype as it was speculated that Paige was backstage for the telecast. Many thought it would result in Paige's long awaited return. However, that was not to be, according to the rumor mill Paige was strictly backstage to get an update on her neck injury along with getting in some footage for Total Divas. Unfortunately, her return is still to be announced at this point.

She’s been away from the WWE for quite some time and we can guarantee she had a drink or two during her current leave of absence. Whether it be alongside Alberto Del Rio or getting a glass held by her good friend Danielle Schmidt, Paige has never shied away from having a good time and this is yet another example of that taking place. Looking at her extended hiatus from the company, surely Paige had a handful of party crazed nights in 2016. Turning the chapter, wrestling fans hope 2017 will bring Paige from the bar back into the ring doing what she does best and that’s entertaining the WWE universe.

18 Lana & Rusev Celebrate The New Year

2016 was a great year for Rusev who managed to resurface his identity following a lackluster run with the League of Nations along with a lengthy feud against Dolph Ziggler. During the early part of the brand split, Rusev became one of the most dominant wrestlers on the roster feuding with the likes of Roman Reigns in the upper card program of the show. Looking at his natural talent and great body of work, we hope 2017 brings Rusev even more success.

Out of the ring, Rusev is enjoying the same amount of success alongside his wife Lana. The couple is seen in this picture partying it up at an exclusive New Year’s party that took place in the Hollywood Hills. Lana is enjoying life as of late taking up a role on the hit reality show Total Divas. It remains to be seen at what point we'll see Lana finally make the transition from a manager to an in-ring performer. 2017 seems like a good starting point for the Ravishing Russian.

17 The Nemeths & Dana Brooke

Like Braun Strowman, Dana Brooke is surprisingly in several pictures with WWE stars outside of the ring. According to behind the scenes news, Dana is well liked behind the scenes and deemed to be quite the professional when it comes to her job as a WWE Superstar.

This picture shows Dana enjoying a night out with Dolph Ziggler and his brother Ryan Nemeth, who is also an aspiring pro wrestler. Ryan has several recent pics with WWE stars including Zack Ryder and even Rusev as the two are seen partying it up together at the residence of Maryse and The Miz. He even has recent pictures with former WWE star John Morrison.

It remains unclear, but according to rumors Ziggler and Dana are somewhat of an item nowadays, although that has yet to be confirmed. Ziggler is partying much less these days as he admitted on the WWE Network show Ride Along, alongside The Miz in the episode. At the age of 36, Ziggler enjoys a good night's rest more so than a night out on the town.

16 The Miz

Seeing the career resurgence of The Miz was truly one of the better stories to take place in 2016. Alongside the return of his wife Maryse, Miz managed to completely alter his gimmick following the brand split turning into one of the best heel’s in the entire company. His work has truly raised the IC Title back to the prestige it desperately needed. Look for 2017 to be the year that The Miz continues his dominant path as a must see heel for SmackDown Live.

Along with his in-ring success with his wife, the two also enjoy the fruits of their labor residing out of Los Angeles, California. The couple loves to party and doesn’t shy away from it, posting various pictures on their social media accounts. This particular pic, shows the two enjoying a night out in Hollywood watching the band Mushroomhead perform. Things look like they got a little rowdy with Maryse delivering a fine boot into The Miz’s face. By the looks of it, the Ohio native seems to be ok with it.

15 Dana, Braun & Obviously Chris

One can only imagine the night out Chris Jericho had following his performance overseas in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin. Not only was the company overseas, but it was also the great Chris Jericho’s birthday on that night. Sleep time was truly limited for the three in this picture surely.

Again, Dana Brooke and Braun Strowman are in a picture that features wrestlers having a good time away from the ring. Surely, this will only help their standing in the company heading into the future. The rumor mill believes Strowman is in line for a huge push in 2017 while Dana is also destined for greatness in the future. It truly doesn’t hurt aligning with someone like Y2J outside of the ring, not only for purposes of creating a friendship but getting an insight on his wisdom which spans decades in the wrestling business. One thing Jericho won’t be sharing is tips on how to drink for his buddy Braun Strowman. Just think about the amount of beers it must take that beast to develop somewhat of a buzz!

14 Jinder Mahal & Luke Gallows

Here’s a picture you probably never thought you’d see featuring good friends Jinder Mahal and Luke Gallows. The two seemed to be pretty buzzed judging by the size of their pupils following a night at The Vanguard in Milwaukee. The two crossed paths while working overseas; while Gallows was working with New Japan, Mahal was resurfacing his name on the Indie scene with Inoki Genome Federation which was close by.

The two are currently reunited in the WWE and are both on the same roster with the Raw brand. Gallows had an average 2016 with the company while the signing of Mahal seems to be a complete waste at this point seeing as he’s used like an enhancement talent since joining the Raw brand. He finally gained a little bit of momentum appearing on the first episode of Raw in 2017 working alongside Rusev and picking up a victory against Cass.

13 The Whiskey Face

In all likelihood, we assume Dean Ambrose chose Renee’s drink as she pounds down a double whiskey mixed drink. Her face is truly priceless as she tries to pose for the picture but the taste just happens the creep back up following the sip.

Signing with the WWE in 2012, it's been interesting to see Renee grow in the company year after year. She started off down in development and blossomed into a great backstage host. The WWE took notice of her work and later promoted her to the host of the PPV panel and later, of SmackDown Live’s post show, Talking Smack which has received rave reviews for Young and Bryan’s work alongside one another. She’s now enjoying yet another promotion appearing in a storyline alongside her real life partner Dean Ambrose. Look for Renee and Maryse to mix it up at some point. In addition to all of that, Renee was also added to the cast of Total Divas and seems to be a nice addition on the show. I think we can all say she’s doing pretty nicely nowadays.

12 An Eva Marie Christmas

2016 was another lackluster WWE year for Eva which ended with the Superstar failing the Wellness Exam. Don’t feel too sorry though, Marie kept quite busy during her 30 day suspension working on a film set. She also dyed her hair black and she somehow looks just as hot. Damn you Eva, damn you!

Despite the fact that her wrestling career seems to be in shambles, Eva is still doing quite well and this video montage of her enjoying a night out alongside her husband Jonathan Coyle, proves just that. The two are enjoying a night of music and boozing at the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. Judging by Eva’s slurred speech, we assume she had a great time. It remains to be seen what 2017 holds for Eva, particularly in the ring as she seems to be set back time and time again. Thanks to Total Divas, she’s kept relevant but she’s going to need more than that heading into 2017 (we can all agree).

11 Jericho, Rollins & Zayn

Not sure what Jericho likes more, talking about the wrestling business or enjoying a drink of some hard liquor... Well, as it turns out, Jericho decided to mesh those two passions together by doing a bit of both. Chris has his own podcast, Talk Is Jericho where he discusses everything pro wrestling related alongside his guests and you can only imagine that he enjoys a couple of drinks before and after the interviews. Hell, he probably sips on some whiskey during those damn things!

This picture shows Y2J alongside some of the more popular Raw stars in Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins. Not surprising, one of the topics of conversation discussed was to set a tone with the proper music at a party. Knowing the fact that all three are pretty big rock heads, you can imagine the mess they made following the interview. That poor hotel room in Vienna, Austria may never be the same again!

10 Nikki and John

The drink choices truly sum it up. Nikki is apparently celebrating with what appears to be some Champagne while John is enjoying a classic glass of some dark red wine. The two are enjoying a night out as Nikki is officially back in the swing of things while John Cena finally returned following his various Hollywood projects.

2016 was an interesting year for the couple. Both were gone for the majority of it because of different reasons. Nikki faced a career-threatening neck injury but managed to recover. Not only did she return, but she’s been one of the very best performers on the SmackDown brand since coming back. Even the likes of the great Bret Hart praised Nikki’s work which is truly saying something.

Her partner John Cena also missed a lot of time and had his worst WWE year in more than a decade looking at his minimal contributions. Cena was gone for the most part, whether it was because of injury or some Hollywood stuff. He’s finally back and you can expect 2017 to be a great year for both on the WWE program.

9 beXmas With Becky Lynch

Oh Becky Lynch, how the WWE universe adores you. Lynch has blossomed into her own on the SmackDown brand becoming the top babyface of the women’s division. Thanks to her awesome contributions, the division has thrived and some go as far as to say that the women over on SmackDown are doing a better job despite the lesser known talent. What do you guys think?

Going outside of the ring for his one, Lynch is enjoying a refreshing glass of water while her love interest Luke Sanders, seems a little glazed over as he celebrates the holidays alongside Lynch. For those of you that are not aware, Sanders is a UFC fighter with an unblemished record of 11-0. You can expect Lynch to incorporate some new MMA skills as long as she’s dating the Mexican MMA star. We hope Lynch continues to thrive in the New Year and heading into WrestleMania 33.

8 Carmella Drinking In Spain

Carmella has been a welcomed surprise by the WWE seeing her fantastic development unravel before our very eyes. Despite the fact that she seems like a natural in the ring, Carmella was actually signed in 2013 with no prior experience. Just three years later, she’s with SmackDown Live and competing as an active performer on the brand, truly remarkable when you think about how late she started wrestling spending the first half of her career as a valet for Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

Like so many other WWE Superstars, Carmella loves to have a good time while on tour or traveling overseas. This picture shows Carmella drinking it up in Spain. Judging by her position, she looks to be well into her night of partying in what appears to be a pretty fancy setting. Hopefully, her real life boyfriend Big Cass, was on sight to control his girl before things got out of hand with fiery fire cracker!

7 Alicia Fox

Truly crazy to think that Alicia Fox has been a part of the WWE’s system for a decade now. Despite the fact that she’s been with the company for so long, Fox is still only 30 years of age and can hang with the best of them in the ring. Her 2016 was remembered more for her contributions on Total Divas than they were for her in-ring work. Fox is very popular with the other females on the WWE roster and that is well documented on the reality show. Although it's worth noting that Fox is finally getting a permanent a character working alongside Cedric Alexander weekly. Looking at her body of work in the last couple of years, this was long overdue!

The picture we see here is kind of confusing as Fox is ringing in the New Year along the same dude she stormed out on for lying about his age. Turns out they made up and enjoyed a fun New Year’s outing alongside one another.

6 Strowman Enjoys A Beverage

In the ring, the former Arnold Classic Strongman looks like an intimating presence you’d want to stay as far away from as possible. Outside of the ring however, he looks like a really cool dude that you’d ask to share a beer with. Judging by the plethora of outside of the ring pictures, Braun looks like a champ when he's his normal self. He has pictures partying it up with the likes of Jericho, Gallows, Anderson, Dana Brooke, Charlotte Flair, Mojo Rawley and Bray Wyatt, just to name a few. He seems pretty popular, wouldn’t you say?

At the age of 34, the North Carolina native is in line for a huge push and you can expect that to take place in 2017 as Braun attempts to destroy the Raw roster. We all know McMahon is a sucker for a big heel, and it seems like the company has finally found that in the 6’8, 385 pound Strowman. In and out of the ring, things are looking pretty good for the former member of the Wyatt Family.

5 Maryse and Miz Host New Year’s Party

The Miz and Maryse certainly weren’t messing around this New Year’s hosting their own event which seemed absolutely stunning. The night was filled with glamour along with some awesome cupcakes that seem to be more expensive than the cars we drive. Without a doubt, the Hollywood couple partied quite hard that night. Hopefully, they’re both ready for 2017 and continuing to kill it over on SmackDown.

2016 was a redemption year for Maryse who returned to the WWE and also landed a role on Total Divas. According to the show, it was leaked that Maryse had an apparent opportunity to return but that fell short after the Bellas decided to go their own way and end the chances of having Maryse return. She confronted Brie about the situation on Total Divas and it seems like things have slightly smoothened over. No matter what the case might be, Maryse should be glad at the year she had alongside her husband. Look for 2017 to be the continuation of that.

4 Natalya, Lana and Brandi Rhodes

This picture is yet another example of how the business has changed nowadays. As opposed to the old mindset of looking out for yourselves, the current crop of Superstars are more suited as a unit and that has created numerous connections outside of the ring. Instead of hanging out with family, you're seeing more and more Superstars hanging out with fellow wrestlers that you must believe they regard as family as well.

This is yet another picture of wrestling stars hanging out together at a New Year’s party. The night was filled with wrestlers including the likes of the three you see in the picture along with Rusev, Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes and even the WWE legend herself Torrie Wilson. Cool to see so many of these Superstars still keeping in touch following their WWE departures. Back in the day, this surely wouldn't have happened.

3 Drink In The New Year With The Gift Of Jericho

This picture is truly awesome. It seems like Instagram followers agreed, giving Y2J over 45K likes on the epic photo. The pic shows Jericho alongside, Dean Malenko, Dana Brooke, Mike Knox, Luke Gallows, Braun Strowman and Jinder Mahal. The picture is taken in Pasco County and appears to be in the neck of the woods near or at the casa of Chris Jericho.

One can only imagine what went on that night with a bunch of diverse WWE Superstars. Malenko, looks like his calm cool self like usual, while the likes of Jericho and Strowman appear to be well into the night judging by the size of their eyes and smiles. Don’t forget former WWE star Mike Know who’s also in the picture; the dude seems to be hanging on to Jericho for dear life. Rumor has it he face planted Ric Flair-style after the photo was snapped.

2 The Bellas, Natalya and Kofi

Behind the scenes, the WWE also asks their Superstars to attend certain events whether it be for a future sponsorship deal or maybe just some charitable work. This picture shows just that with Natalya, Kofi and the Bellas attending an event. We applaud Brie for her excellent photobomb and we seriously hope she did not engage in Brie Mode. If you saw what that looks like through episodes of Total Bellas, you know what we’re talking about.

The four you see in the picture are regarded as huge ambassadors for the company. Starting with Kofi, he’s a trusted WWE employee who’s been around for a real long time. In the same regard, Natalya is also a trusted WWE employee who has taken an ambassador role over the years. Once she retires, you can expect her to stay on board serving a full time role in the position. And of course, the Bellas remain a huge force for the WWE in terms of exposure.

1 Jericho and His Crew

In terms of great pictures on this list, this one certainly takes the cake. Once again, Chris Jericho is implicated. Seriously though, this guy is absolute gold on-screen and just as great off of it. Is there anything he can’t do?!

This incredible picture features Jericho in his underwear dawning a banana shirt alongside Raw’s most popular female faces in Sasha Banks and Bayley. To add to the prestige of the picture, the two are wearing Drink It In Man shirts from the Chris Jericho collection. Seriously though, does it get any better?

All on the Raw brand, you can bet various WWE Superstars including these two have enjoyed a night out with the gift of Jericho. Although rumors indicate he’ll be leaving soon to tour with his band Fozzy, we seriously hope he stays on board for as long as he could!


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