20 Real-Life Photos Of WWE Superstars Looking Like Total Softies

At times pure wrestling fans forget that the gimmicks we see on-screen are all a work and not real-life. Some villains play their roles so well that we actually think they’re that heinous in real-life. Though truth be told, some of the worst heels in the company are surprisingly the nicest people in real-life. You’ll see lots of examples throughout the article featuring some of the most intense heels and how soft they are behind the scenes, whether it be with a family member, partner or even with a fan.

We go outside of the ring in this article by taking a look at candid photos featuring these 20 WWE stars looking like complete softies. Those featured on this list includes Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss and The Undertaker, just to name a few.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to let us know which photo shocked you the most. Prepare to see some of your favorite Superstars in a different light and one that humanizes them to a significant degree. Without further ado, here are 20 real-life photos of WWE Superstars looking like total softies. We begin with an unlikely family man: Kevin Owens!

20 Kevin Owens - The Family Man

Looking at both main rosters today, there truly is a lack of actual villainous heels; Kevin Owens has been one of the few in the past couple of years. A little known fact about Kevin is that he’s the exact opposite away from the ring and you can make the argument that he’s the ultimate softy and one heck of a family man who always puts family first.

Whether it’s spending time with his two kids at Disneyland or taking road trips with his stunning wife Karina Elias, KO is rated G outside of the ring

as opposed to his persona with the WWE. And hey, who knows? Given how long he’s been a heel with the company, perhaps the WWE might be thinking about changing his character and giving him a run as a babyface at some point.

19 Jinder Mahal – Dog Lover

Jinder is another villain trying to establish himself every week. He underwent one heck of a year in 2017 winning the WWE Title. A lot of us thought that when he dropped the belt it would be back to the lower card but that hasn’t been the case. Instead, he was recently crowned as the new US Champion.

Perhaps McMahon continues to push Jinder due to the fact that he’s a likeable guy off camera. Mahal lives a humble life off-screen as a fitness junkie; he also has two little dogs to take care of, something most fans likely did not know about. The former WWE Champion is said to be very nice with his fans during meet and greets - without a doubt, he’s grateful for all the success he's had in the last year.

18 Randy Orton – Facial Time

Just a couple of years ago, things were very different for Randy. He struggled off camera and Randy wasn’t the most pleasant wrestler to be around with both his peers and fans. Even in the ring Randy ran with some savage personas as a brutal heel. However, since meeting his new wife Kimberly Kessler, Orton has turned into a total softy. They have a daughter together, along with multiple boys from Kessler’s previous marriage. Orton’s a softy with both his wife and kids away from the camera.

He took the term softy to another level in this photo. He's seen enjoying some quality time with the wife; Randy posted a photo of himself getting a facial and just soaking in a bathtub.

Seeing such a photo was unthinkable back in the day but clearly, nearing his 40s, he’s a changed man.

17 Braun Strowman – All Smiles With His Sister

He’s 100% savage in the ring, however outside of it, Braun’s a pure softy especially when it comes to his family. Braun recently posted an emotional picture of his dad looking on from ringside while he fought Cesaro and Sheamus for the Tag Titles at WrestleMania. It wasn’t the first heartfelt message he wrote pertaining to his dad though, as he’s posted lots of other photos on his IG account.

This was another special moment as it was the first time his sister was introduced to the Braun Strowman character. The Monster Among Men was clearly overcome with joy in this moment looking like a complete softy. He’s also regarded as one of the nicest guys with the fans and his peers, something that’s quite different compared to his on-screen gimmick.

16 Baron Corbin – With The Wife

Baron isn’t the most popular WWE Superstar backstage and according to speculation, he’s a bit of a loner (similar to his character we see on television). Corbin rarely smiles, which makes this picture so darn rare. He’s clearly a softy next to his partner Rochelle Roman.

The two recently rocked the red carpet together at the Hall Of Fame and Baron was all smiles, for once, alongside his stunning wife.

We also saw another moment showing Corbin as a big-time softy. Following a SmackDown show, Corbin went ringside to console a young fan who was in tears after his loss. Baron later identified the child as a family member, playing down the moment. However, it was another instance that humanized The Lone Wolf.

15 Akam & Rezar – Greeting A Fan

What a moment it must have been for both Akam and Rezar recently getting the call up to join Monday Night Raw. They were brought up the proper way with NXT and Hunter took his time with the duo; they had no experience when inking a deal but caught on beautifully nonetheless.

An interesting fact: the two are still very young as Akam’s only 24 while Rezar is 23 years old, if you can believe it.

We got a glimpse of who these wrestlers really are during their interactions with the fans. Some keep to them themselves a little more while others go the extra mile to make a fan's meet and greet worthwhile. Judging by the evidence of their recent interactions, the duo is said to be extremely humble outside of the ring, something that’s shocking given their overpowering personas in the ring.

14 Bray Wyatt – Greeting A Young Fan

Bray is another guy that seems to be cool AF outside of the ring according to lots of stories. When he’s on a Podcast revealing his true self, Bray sounds like a dude you’d want to get a beer with. He’s also the nicest guy when it comes to the fans; we’ve seen Wyatt agree to taking pictures at some of the most random locations (which includes truck stops and drug stores). He might appear to be creepy as hell in the ring but outside of it, he’s quite the softy.

It appears as though the WWE is also headed towards that direction with his character. Recently joining forces with Broken Matt, you can expect Wyatt to become a big time fan favorite.

13 Alexa Bliss – Sweet & Shy Bliss

Alexa plays her character so well on-screen that you might think she’s actually that mean in real-life. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s quite the sweetheart and a loveable figure with both the fans and her peers. So how does she play the role of a heel so well? According to Bliss,

she took elements of things that annoyed her throughout the years and basically put them to good use by adopting them to the Bliss heel character.

It’s like they say, the nicest people tend to make the best heels and Alexa’s a prime example of that. Like Bray Wyatt, perhaps the WWE might think about changing her persona somewhere down the line. For now, she’ll continue acting the opposite of her real life demeanor as a total softy.

12 The Undertaker – With His Daughter

The only way we’re able to keep up-to-date with The Undertaker is through his wife Michelle McCool. She’s decently active on Instagram posting photos of the couple every now and then. McCool posted this emotional photo featuring The Undertaker and the couple’s lovely daughter. She also recently posted another emotional pic featuring herself and her daughter saluting Taker from the ringside area following his defeat against John Cena. By all accounts, he is no Deadman outside of the ring, you can call him The Familyman instead... Yeah, okay that was pretty lame but you get what we're trying to say.

At 53 years old, this is Taker’s third marriage and his child with McCool was his fourth in total. He had a son in his first marriage along with two children during his time with ex-wife, Sara.

11 Apollo – The Proud Papa

Before the WWE, Apollo made quite the name for himself out on the indie scene, he was known as Uhaa Nation. Triple H salivated over Apollo’s look and athleticism; he joined the WWE in 2014 inking a deal with the developmental brand NXT. Some would say that his stint was way too short-lived but given his talent level, Triple H felt comfortable in bringing him up to the main roster rather prematurely. He hasn’t endured the most success thus far, though there’s still time to improve.

Outside of the ring, the 30 year old is a complete softy alongside his daughter, Sade Sofiya.

Apollo and his partner Linda welcomed the child into the world less than a year ago in late June. One can imagine Apollo has his hands full outside of the ring nowadays.

10 Seth Rollins – With His Lovely Partner

BURN IT DOWN! Okay, we needed to get that out of the way. Let’s discuss Seth’s soft side pertaining to his lovely tag partner outside of the ring, Sarah Alesandrelli. We saw the beauty once again at the recent Hall Of Fame ceremony. She also posted a great picture of Seth Rollins winning the IC Title at WrestleMania. What a moment it was for the couple as she watched the epic moment ringside; Seth completed the Grand Slam with the title win.

Whether it’s buying her flowers on Valentine’s Day or posing for the picture you see above, Rollins appears to be a complete softy around his beautiful girlfriend. The couple also lives together, residing away from the spotlight in Davenport, Iowa. Seth chose to stay close to his family and friends, showing that he’s a softy with his other peers as well.

9 Dean Ambrose – Wife Love

Dean Ambrose is said to be quite the loner behind the scenes. He generally keeps to himself and is isolated before shows. For that reason, lots of people backstage were shocked when he would always engage in conversation with Renee Young. Even Young herself admitted that she was caught off guard when he asked her to hang out, as it really wasn’t something Ambrose was known for.

He’s definitely a softy when it comes to Young. Not only did the couple start dating but they also quietly got married and are now happily residing in the Vegas area. We haven’t seen Ambrose in quite some time as he continues to progress following his unfortunate injury. Young recently posted a photo of the two and they appear to be just as in love nowadays. Get well, Dean! We hope to see you soon.

8 Samoa Joe – Posing & Smiling With The Fans

Like Kevin Owens, Joe’s a natural heel on-screen and one of the very best in the business. However, he still gets cheers due to his tremendous abilities inside of the squared circle. You might think he’s a big time a**hole outside of the ring due to his demeanor on-screen, but again, that’s not the case.

Joe is said to be very nice when it comes to meet and greets and the photo above is an example of that as he's actually slightly smiling,

something we haven’t seen from the heel that regularly. We also saw another side of him during lots of different Podcasts including a particular interview with Edge and Christian. The conversation was fueled by lots of laughter showing his brilliant sense of humor.

7 Kane – All Smiles With The Wife

It’s hard to believe that over two decades later, Kane’s still appearing on WWE television. Heck, he was even featured in a marquee Royal Rumble match challenging for the Universal Championship. His longevity is truly remarkable, however it appears as though Kane’s in-ring days are slowly coming to an end as he transitions into a career as a politician.

Outside of the ring, it is said that Kane is the most brilliant mind amongst his peers. Another little known fact is that he’s also a family man and quite the softy. Kane has been married to his wife Crystal Goins since 1995. That’s quite the accomplishment as spending an entire career with one woman isn’t the norm in pro wrestling. He’s also a proud step-father to two children from his wife’s previous marriage.

6 Kurt Angle – The Angle Clan

Yup, count ‘em up; that’s five children in the photo all of which belong to Kurt Angle. His first relationship was with Karren Jarrett. The two married just before Kurt’s WWE debut. They have two children together; one, the beautiful Kyra Angle who walked Kurt out during the HOF last year. The other, the only boy you see in the photo above, Kody Angle. After a decade-long marriage which was said to be tumultuous behind the scenes, the two finally went their separate ways. Like Randy Orton earlier in the article, Angle appears to be a different man alongside his current wife Giovanna Yannotti.

Kurt’s a softy with his wife and he gets choked up talking about her.

The couple has three daughters all photographed above, Giuliana Marie, Sophia Laine and Nikoletta Sky.

5 Ronda Rousey – Her Soft Side

It appears as though Ronda has a soft side when it comes to two things in particular. One being the WWE Universe - she gets very emotional seeing how the fans have embraced her debut thus far. However, another soft side to Rousey is her personal relationship with husband Travis Browne. Ronda always gets emotional talking about the constant support he provides, even during the dark times.

Clearly, Ronda’s now out of those dark days and looking ahead at the age of 30. She even recently admitted to being happy about her two loses in the UFC as the defeats led her to the WWE. Given her start with the company at WrestleMania, it looks as though she was born to step foot inside of the squared circle. Here’s to hoping she becomes a legend in the sports and entertainment field.

4 Stephanie McMahon – Emotional Pic With Nana

Like Alexa Bliss earlier in the article, Stephanie plays the role as a fantastic villain on-screen. Heck, you can even make the argument that she’s the best villain of the 2000s, constantly hearing the boos. Little do fans know but behind the scenes, Stephanie’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Whether it’s with the talent or fans,

Stephanie is said to be a heartwarming figure backstage, unlike a certain boss-man (we’re looking at you, Vince).

When it comes to family, Stephanie is all-in. We’ve seen numerous emotional photos featuring Stephanie and her husband Triple H, along with photos with her children. In this photo, she pays homage to her grandmother (Vince’s mom) and the role she has played in using her voice as a strong woman.

3 Triple H – Proud Father Of Three Daughters

He was known as a cut-throat type of dude behind the scenes during the late 90s and early 2000s. However, that perception is starting to change as Hunter’s responsible for the brilliant development of lots of the younger talents you see in the WWE today. He’s regarded as a father figure to the likes of Alexa Bliss, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

What might have sparked the emotional change in his personal life are his three daughters.

Hunter’s mom admitted that he’s a total sucker for his children and a complete softy always obliging to whatever they say. Of course, Hunter has three daughters; Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire and Vaughn Evelyn. The picture above sows Hunter looking like a total softy as he enjoys an emotional moment with his daughter; he tagged the term 'daddy daughter dance' in the caption of the Instagram post.

2 Brock Lesnar – Cancun Brock

He hates people. This is what the WWE wants to believe but seriously, is Brock really all that bad in real-life? Some instances tell us otherwise; he was all smiles when visiting the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets. Not to mention, we’ve seen lots of Brock fan photos showing the beast not only obliging to the picture but heck, even smiling. Maybe the WWE’s playing us?

He’s actually putting his arm around this young fan in the photo above. One can argue Lesnar’s in a good mood because he’s on vacation, granted even the most miserable people turn into happy campers when they are on a beach and enjoying a beverage. Nonetheless, it’s a rare photo showing Lesnar in a different light as a complete softy.

1 Vince McMahon – Daddy’s Little Girl

Yes, he’s a cutthroat boss most of the time, however Vince does have a soft spot for lots of talents. Whether it’s The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho or John Cena, McMahon plays the role of a father figure for lots of WWE stars. Unfortunately, a lot of others don’t get the same treatment. Banks admitted she’s intimidated by Vince when approaching him, even Sami Zayn got a terrible look by the boss for simply wishing him a happy birthday. Clearly, his love must be earned over time.

The one person we’ve always seen Vince have a soft spot for is his daughter Stephanie.

Shane admitted that he and his father had some difficult moments but the same can’t be said for Stephanie. This photo shows McMahon as a total softy posing for a selfie alongside his daughter who he not only loves but must be so proud of given her current status as a catalyst for women empowerment movements.

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