20 Photos Of Ann-Kathrin That Show Mario Götze Is The Luckiest Soccer Player On The Field

If there is one sport that people are particularly obsessed with in Europe, it is soccer; they breathe, sleep, and dream soccer. And with the World Cup, the most prestigious soccer event, just around the corner, fans are anticipating the arrival of their favourite soccer players on the field just as much as the arrival of the WAGs. For years now, soccer players have always been plastered across the tabloids in Europe and the WAGs have become just as famous. Basically, the lives of wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of soccer players have become a European obsession just as much as the great players themselves. We do not have a hard time believing this because the WAGs are all steamy hot and lead lavish lifestyles that many aspire to. And so, with that being said, we have to dedicate an entire article to the bombshell blonde WAG Ann-Kathrin Brömmel, who is the beautiful girlfriend of soccer player fantastic Mario Götze. The lives of soccer player halves are a huge industry in Europe, and with stunning partners like Brömmel, it is no surprise that the media and people cannot take their eyes off them.

Brömmel became hugely popular when she was publicly revealed as Götze's girlfriend; she evidently gained a lot of press coverage and became much more successful on her own respectively since then. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Brömmel, who is the German player's girlfriend, is a model, personal trainer, designer, blogger, and social media influencer. These following pictures of Brömmel are sure to convince you to follow Brömmel — sorry, Germany — during the World Cup.

20 Ann-Kathrin is a natural beauty 

We do not know any man who would be disappointed in being with this jaw-dropping woman, who was initially known as a lingerie model. Götze has little to complain about; he is an internationally famous soccer player and is dating a triple threat — he has everything a man can wish for. We often see the model posing for her social media accounts either promoting her photoshoots, her exciting life with her boy, or her own personal swimwear line. We do not know what to concentrate most on in this picture, her luscious locks, her stunning side profile, or this adorable white outfit? We love this picture for how natural it looks, because often enough, model photoshoot pics are touched up and photoshopped, but this picture is pure bliss; it is the model in all her natural beauty, and without a filter ― what is there not to love?

19 Ann-Kathrin Loves her sweets

We are not certain what we love most about this picture, the model looking chic all in black or the most perfect-looking cake. This is our favourite scene; a beautiful woman not afraid to show off her appetite ― yum. There is nothing about this picture that is not wow factor, and we just cannot stop looking. Like the previous photo, we love how natural this photo looks, which shows us that the hot soccer player partner does not need any makeup to look astonishing. The photo was evidently posed for, but her smirk makes us all melt; we can tell that the model has a goofy side to her as well and is not just a serious model.  It looks like she's got her pick of sweets on this table and we're just hoping that none of it went to waste even though she's probably worried about her waist!

18 Ann-Kathrin Takes Working Out Seriously

The beautiful and talented WAG has a lot more up her sleeve than we expected, she also uses social media to help others get fit, particularly on YouTube. The alluring and talented German model shares her tips on getting fit and staying as toned as she is with the world by posting videos of herself working out. Besides posting videos of her butt and core workouts, the ridiculously gorgeous German shares her motivation to stay fit and healthy by posting pictures, like this one, of herself in fitness attire and kicking butt at the gym or her home. Wherever she may be, it is evident that the gym hypes her up — and we are certain that she hypes up the German professional soccer player the same way. We love this fitness photo of her because it does not look like a typical "let me show Instagram I work out" photo, rather, the influencer looks very concentrated and focused. Obviously, since she is a model, anything she does looks good, and we may envy her for that. However, this picture proves to us that model does not joke around and takes her working out time very seriously. Of course, it is hard for us to take our eyes off her long legs, but we love this workout picture for its authenticity.

17 Ann-Kathrin And Mario’s Night Out

It is hard to resist a woman when she dresses up for a night out on the town, so imagine trying to do so when the German model, singer, and fitness guru is your partner. We do not blame Götze for being unable to take his hands off his girlfriend, especially when she wears a body-hugging gown so elegantly. We also do not blame Götze for wanting to show off his incredibly stunning girlfriend when she puts on a glamorous dress to go out with her lover. In this photo, the couple are pictured together, with Götze cozying up to his alluring beauty, and that is adorable and all, but we are focusing predominantly on the model all put together. Not every many is a fan of the duck-face pose, but seriously, Brömmel makes us forget all about the loathe we have for it because she looks so foxy puckering up her lips for the mirror picture. We just love how natural she always looks, even when she is all dolled up and ready for a night out. Now, to talk about the bigger picture here, we see Götze has his hands on his lady, but we do not catch a glimpse of his face; he probably did not want to steal her spotlight—― not like that would be the case anyways.

16 Just Lounging Around 

Seriously, the foxy strawberry blonde needs to stop putting women to shame and creating images in men's heads because it is not all of us that look that flattering in pyjamas or when we go to bed. All jokes aside, it really is true that we all do not look that good when we slip on our basic pyjamas and get into bed — unless you are a model or celebrity of course, then we totally understand how possible it is. With social media nowadays, it is easy to find just about anything we are searching, which means it is also easy for famous people to share whatever they want to with their followers, and we very much appreciate the stunning model showing off a picture of her in her bed in a revealing spaghetti-strap pyjama. She shared this photo of herself on her Instagram account, and the innocent picture definitely created a buzz, but we approve. We love how Brömmel poses very innocently in this photo, but there is evidently nothing too innocent about this picture because she looks so pungent in her baby pink PJ top with her long, voluminous hair and flirty smile. She is a promiscuous woman, even when she does not know it.

15 Ann-Kathrin Shines Bright Like The Sun

Because the model, singer, blogger and now most famous WAG, was always a lingerie model, it is hard to find pictures of the bombshell all covered up; after all, she does lead a lavish style, so it is normal for us to always see extremely cautionary hot bikini pictures of her. The posh WAG lifestyle makes us envy women like Brömmel, who get to work on their tans and soak up the sun all over the world, but there is something about this WAG that makes us forget all that ― just look at her in this dashing picture. This bikini is not as revealing as many of her other bikini-clad pictures, but we love it even more. For one, the mustard yellow looks stunning on her olive complexion. Though she is pulling off a model pose, the German beauty looks so relaxed and healthy and we adore her glow. With a cute flower in her hair, Götze’s stunning girlfriend looks nothing short of exotic, and we are loving it. The brunette beauty in her bright yellow bikini, shared this photo with her followers while on her luxurious trip in Dubai with Götze, which means he snapped this photo of her.

14 Ann-Kathrin has a hectic lifestyle

This model is no stranger to the jet-set lifestyle, and so, her Instagram feed is cluttered with photos of her and her beau abroad in many exotic destinations, which means we get to see a lot of her in fashionable bikinis. In this photo, also posted on her Instagram feed, we don't get much of a view of her face, since she is giving the infamous side-profile pose, but we get an entire view of the model's body that she works hard to keep. We love this photo of her because it is like we are getting a private view of her and her lifestyle. There is no one else in the surroundings of the picture, and she was photographed standing in a desert in Dubai, which according to her caption, is her favorite place to vacation. Her lean, but curvy figure is perfectly on display in this picture, and we do not blame Götze for wanting to be her personal photographer.

13 Ann-Kathrin takes a break

The German lingerie model always seems very serious in her modelling photos, but it turns out, that the babe, who is the total package, also likes to share photos of herself having some fun. Though most of her Instagram photos are of her travelling and visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world, we get a few goofy shots of her, like this one. We could tell that most of her pictures are posed for and thought about, but we love how open she is. Many WAGs are private and share only the greatest pictures of themselves, that are photoshopped and filtered, but Brömmel posts even the silliest photos of her. We do not get to see much of her body like she usually shows off in her pictures, but that is because Brömmel wanted us to concentrate on her coconuts ― yes, the real coconut fruit. And Brömmel is also proving to us that one piña colada in a coconut on vacation is just not enough. Again, she looks stunning and is glowing as bright as the sun with her dark tan, as she sipping on her drink. We also love the hair style “à la Ariana Grande” that she is rocking. This picture is a must see just because none of us would look as foxy sipping on a drink in the hot sun.

12 a healthy lifestyle is important to her 

If someone clearly works hard and is dedicated to what they do, then we grant them all the permission in the world to show it all off, but we do not need to tell the beautiful and perfectly curved model that. And this German beauty, who stole Götze 's heart, knows how foxy she is, and we have no problem with her flaunting it. When she is next to her soccer player boyfriend, who scored the World Cup winning goal for Germany in 2014, we get totally distracted by her beauty and we cannot get enough of her. One thing we noticed while browsing through her Instagram feed, is that the beautiful Brömmel, who loves to share her health and fitness tips, also loves to share her own personal results ― there is nothing we admire more than an independent and hard-working woman. In this picture, where she is seen sponsoring her Nike activewear, the model, singer and blogger is not afraid to show off her results to the world that she is positively proud of. As seen through her fitness videos, the model works tremendously hard to keep herself in good shape and is happy to share that with everyone ― if you got it, flaunt it, right?

11 Ann-Kathrin stands out in a crowd

Literally every picture of this sultry model is a must see, which makes it difficult to choose her best photos, but we are so grateful for her beauty and charm ― seriously, it is impossible to take our eyes off of her. We say, good luck to all the Russian men who are about to have this graceful angel bless their country with her beauty. Evidently, through social media platforms, Brömmel has crafted a brand around her life as a WAG, so she has indulged in a lavish lifestyle that allows her to go to many parties, attend fashion weeks and movie premieres. And with that kind of lifestyle that many aspire to lead, the model often needs to get dolled up, which was the case in one of our favourite glammed up photos of the Götze 's leading lady. Forget the little black dress, this stunning model made white the new black in her revealing and fancy gown. It is no surprise that white is one of the most flattering colours on the light-eyed model because of her perfect and toned body and her sun-kissed skin. We absolutely love the slit on the leg, that she paired with a pair of beige heels, that are known to elongate the legs (not that she needs that).

10 Ann-Kathrin Looks Like A Royal

When she is not in the stands cheering on her soccer player boyfriend, she is strutting her stuff in true style elsewhere. We have already fallen head over heels for the 28-year-old, who is able to pull off just about anything, but this photo shows her elegance and class. When we see Brömmel in pictures, she often looks very sultry and foxy, and might we add, seducing, but in this photo, she looks like a Royal, and we are loving it ― and with her looks, she is definitely a royal babe. The golden-haired beauty is seen here showing off her alluring figure in a blush pink dress and we just love how she is able to pull off any style. A lot of her wardrobe is a lot more revealing, as seen on her Instagram feed, but this midi dress, that barely reveals cleavage, is a lot classier and she looks like a bride-to-be. Seriously, Super Mario, what are you waiting for to propose to your Princess Peach? Was this picture of her in a pink dress not convincing enough for you? And to top it all off, she wore a funky fuchsia pink Philip Treacy hat to complete her look, and she is seriously dashing.

9 Ann-Kathrin At Oktoberfest

Since the couple are German, there is a festival that occurs every year in Munich, that some are aware of, so we felt it crucial to include a picture of the spicy hot WAG in her Oktoberfest attire.

It is not everyone that is confident enough to go out in dirndl attire (as they call it) with an apron to party all day with Germans and tourists in tents, but this model definitely is.

It is traditional for women who participate to wear traditional attire, but who else could look as good as the German strawberry-blonde with hypnotizing eyes and an enviable figure? Seriously, the only other time most women would not mind slipping into this outfit is on Halloween, when it is permissible (apparently) to wear clothing that is more revealing than the usual. The best thing about Oktoberfest, though, besides the drinking, is the costumes that the ladies put on, because let's face it, which man does not like a woman in a corset, short dress and pig-tail braids? Brömmel sure rocked the festival in her uniform for the day.

8 Ann-Kathrin is a snow bunny 

It seems like no matter what this WAG does, she always looks flawless ― heck, she probably looks like an angel even when she sleeps. There are so many stunning photos of the model online in her bathing suits and lingerie, but it is the natural photos of the lovely WAG that we love most. We adore the fact that she openly posts photos of her leading a normal lifestyle instead of typical celebrity photos that show us their lavish lives. We are so used to social media platforms like Instagram being plastered with photos of celebrities who always look so perfect and done-up, and so, we appreciate how humble and down-to-Earth Brömmel is. We can guarantee you that there are not many reputed drop-dead gorgeous celebrities who post photos on their feeds of them eating food as they must keep a perfect image of themselves. Look at her, she looks just as good covered up in ski attire than she does in a bikini on the beach. Her boyfriend is a professional athlete, so she definitely has to try and keep up with his passion for sports. She may not know how to play soccer, but at least she's a snow bunny, and a cute one at that.

7 Ann-Kathrin And Mario Are Goals

The German footballer, hands down, has the most awesome girlfriend one can ask for ― if he does not propose soon, we are going to have to steal her! She looks flawless in a pyjama, in a bikini, in a white dress, in sportswear ― in just about anything, basically. However, what we love most about the German model and WAG is how she is not shy to show her love and support for her boyfriend on the cameras. The couple have some real #couplegoals pictures together, but this one of them is specifically our favourite. You could usually find her in the crowd, supporting her man in during the most important moments of his career. We love this picture of the two because it is not racy, but rather, very sweet and totally genuine. They clearly adore and support each other. We'll definitely be seeing her in the stands in Russia while her boyfriend makes history during the World Cup.

6 Ann-Kathrin’s Selfie

It is hard to find a photo of this successful beauty where she is not very revealing since she is a lingerie model and has a killer body, so this up close and personal photo of the bombshell is a must-see. We live in a world where many people are obsessed with taking selfies — not that there is anything generally wrong with that — because I am sure if we all looked as good as Brömmel on our cellphone cameras, we would overload on those selfie pictures. We see celebrity selfies being posted on the daily, but this one, of one of the most beautiful WAGs is so raw. We love how she was not intimidated to share such a natural and close-up picture of her face when most of her model photos are evidently retouched.

After looking at this picture, we confirm that the last thing this natural beauty needs is any kind of photoshop on her face. From her flawless skin, to her long lashes, bright eyes, and puckered lips, this model is one of the finest babes we have ever laid eyes on — we do not blame Götze for falling head over cleats in love with her

5 Ann-Kathrin knows how to work her curves

We love seeing pictures of Götze 's girlfriend all dressed up because when she does, her beauty is emphasized from head to toe. The model, who often looks very thin in her photos, is also full of gracious curves. She is hot in every colour she wears, but it is not everyone who could sport and rock such a translucent colour, and so, we say thank you to white. Brömmel proved to us in this post that she is not the lean fitness chick we see in her Instagram posts, but a woman with curves that reminds us of an hourglass. We can only assume that this beautiful lady does a lot more than cardio, as this all-white outfit puts on display all curves and her toned body. Brömmel is not afraid to show off her perfect figure, that starts off with a good bust, a small waist and followed by a toned behind and legs. It is important to flatter in a classy way what you got, and that is what Brömmel does each time she hits the city for a night out. And we just love that front slit that she pulls off.

4 Ann-Kathrin and Mario got engaged

Oh, my my, what a wonderful lady this WAG is! She has got everything on lockdown; the smile, the body, the perfectly blow-dried hair, and the fashion sense. This woman does not need to be in her bikini or lingerie to get anybody's attention; she could be wearing a man's shirt and still look amazing. She posted this captivating picture of herself on her Instagram account captioning it, "lunch with good friends dress by @dolcegabbana," and we are loving everything about it. But wait, is that how good we are supposed to look during lunch hour? Seriously, she is out for lunch with friends and the posh babe is rocking a designer dress like it is nobody’s business ― that is the type of confident woman that we love! Now, if we could only learn the trick to always looking so flawless, we would love her as much as Götze does. And to say that her beauty out-shines the ring on her hand (the couple still have not been officially declared engaged) is an understatement. Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana chose the spiciest woman they could have to rock their gorgeous printed dress as we cannot take our eyes off the photo.

3 No muss, no fuss

Image result for ann kathrin brommel dressed up

Here she is, on a beach, not revealing much of her body like she normally does for her modelling photoshoots, but she looks even foxier. We love the up-close photos of herself because she always looks so flamboyant and natural and it is like a breath of fresh air. We say that because nowadays, there is so much superficiality that we see on Instagram with celebrities; we know that their photos include hours of hair and makeup, and many are airbrushed. However, when it comes to Brömmel, she posts numerous photos of herself, like this one, in all her natural beauty on the beach; no makeup on or hair done, just a model looking as real as it gets. Her facial features are perfectly emphasized in this photo; her glowing blue eyes, sharp jaw, gorgeous lips, and defined eyebrows certainly stand out. Therefore, we would be lying if we said that she does not hypnotize us with her beauty in this picture; the look on her face is seducing and she is showing us that she knows what she is all about. A woman's facial expression says a lot about herself, and Brömmel knows that she could make any man fall weak to their knees with this look.

2 Ann-Kathrin has her own company

We believe that the reason Götze performed such a stellar performance in 2014, when Germany won the World Cup, is because the charming model was right by his side. This is one of the hundreds of bikini pictures of the German WAG, but this particular one is a little subtler than the rest. For one, she is showing a lot less skin than she usually does, but she still looks fine as hell. While Brömmel has island vibes, we are having Brömmel vibes. The one-piece graphic bathing suit, which is one of the top trends at the moment, looks like it was purposely crafted for this model's extremely toned and curvy body. The model knows what she is made of and knows that she could pull any kind of swimwear off for the beach. She is often photographed in bikinis, as we see on social media since she is indulging in her lavish lifestyle, and we don't blame her. However, this picture is one of our favourites because of the bright color and straps. The reason why she posts so many bathing suit pics is because two years ago, she founded the company VÏDA SWÏM. After a decade of modelling swimwear and lingerie, she developed a passion for it and started her own company.

1 A night out on the town

Someone please call the firemen; this WAG is sizzling hot! Seriously, if Brömmel is in the stands for every Germany game, we are going to need a bucket of ice-cold water to accompany us because this stunning lady is as hot as a jalapeño. We did not include many paparazzi shots of the WAG on our list, because we prefer the natural look of photos taken by cellphones, but this one paps shot was a must and had to be the ultimate one. Who can resist a woman who is tall, lean, curvy and tanned with long locks and red lips? We are certainly positive that none can. We love that Brömmel could easily go from natural to daring and bold and look just as hot each and every single time. Here she is, sporting a plunging neckline jumpsuit, that shows off her long and toned legs and gives a tease of cleavage. The shimmery black material, matched up with her white pointy-toed heels, accentuates every aspect of her graceful body. No matter where these two are headed, they're sure to turn heads and stir up whispers.

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