20 Personal Things Aaron Rodgers Decided To Get Real About

Aaron Rodgers is an American football player and is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Back in 2005, he was a first-round pick for the Packers and has been with the team ever since. After being drafted, Aaron has become a Pro Bowl player six times, the National Football League's Most Valuable Player two times, has won the Super Bowl, and was also named the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. Through everything he has accomplished in his career, there is no doubt that Aaron Rodgers is great at what he does.

Aaron is known for being a private person and does not reveal too much about his personal life. However, when he started to date the actress and model, Olivia Munn it was hard to stay out of the spotlight. Not only was his relationship with Olivia made public, his relationship with his family was also made public. Aaron's brother, Jordan appeared on the hit reality show, The Bachelorette. Jordan made it to the hometown visits and revealed that he had not spoken to Aaron for some time. It was evident that there has been some tension within the family and with it aired on television, Aaron was forced to face the music. Despite being such a public figure, Aaron does what ever he can to be a private person and keep his life out of the spotlight, however, he has now decided to get real. Here are 20 personal things Aaron Rodgers decided to get real about.

20 Did Not Support Brother On The Bachelorette

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Aaron's brother, Jordan Rodgers, appeared as a contestant on the hit reality show, The Bachelorette, with Jojo Fletcher. During the home visits on the show, Jordan visited his family, however, the Green Bay Packer's quarterback was nowhere to be seen. He did not participate in the show, even though there were obvious chairs at the dinner table for him. During this visit, it was revealed that the family has not spoken to Aaron in years. It was not disclosed why the family is not in contact, which led Jojo to dig deeper and speak to Jordan's brother about the absent brother in his life. Despite trying to get answers, Jojo was not able to get a clear reason. Aaron decided not to support his brother on the show and did not want to get involved in the drama revolving him and his family.

19 Does Not Speak To His Family

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When Jordan Rodgers came out with the news that his brother Aaron does not speak to his family, many people were left with questions. Aaron did confirm that he is distant from his family, however, he would not give a clear reason as to why he is not in contact with his family. The football player is known to be very private and his family issues are something that he chooses to leave out of the media. Since the news was made public, Aaron has been forced to talk about it, however, he does his best to not answer any questions regarding his relationship with his family. Aaron Rodger's father has spoken out and says that since dating Olivia Munn, fame has changed his son. His father believes that she is the reason for the tension in the family.

18 Family Did Not Approve of Olivia Munn

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Aaron and Olivia were dating for three years until they called it quits last year. While the pair were dating, the Rodgers family did not approve of their relationship. Aaron has expressed that his family was not a fan of Olivia, which made it hard for him to be a relationship with her. However, it was not made clear if this is the reason the pair split up. However, Ed Rodgers, his father, explained that he had changed after dating Olivia and that the family believed she was dating their son for all the wrong reasons. Olivia and Jordan have fought before because he believes she is using his brother. They expressed the fact that they do not trust her. His family just wants what is best for Aaron and they support him no matter what. Unfortunately, this disapproval caused friction within the family.

17 Disapproval Took A Toll On Relationship

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Despite being distant from his family, the disapproval they had towards Olivia did take a toll on Aaron. It was not easy for Aaron to have his family disapprove of his relationship. Like most people, Aaron wanted his family to approve of his decisions and when they did not, it was hard for Aaron to deal with. However, he made it clear that he was in love with Olivia, even if his family did not approve. This was his way to show that he was serious about the relationship and that his family should accept whoever he chooses to be with even if they have their reservations about the person. His decision ultimately led him to not being in contact with his family.

16 The Relationship Was Not Easy To Deal With

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Being in the public eye means that everything you do is made public. As much as Aaron loves to keep his personal life private, it is hard to keep his relationship on the down low when both people involved are public figures. He found it hard dating Olivia because everything they did was in the media. He admitted that dating Olivia made things complicated and was difficult. Many people speculated that Olivia influenced the way Aaron would perform on game day. The public would blame Olivia if Aaron did not perform well. Aaron has denied this accusation and found the rumors to be ridiculous. A source close to Aaron said that the pair were ultimately just on two different pages in life and the relationship was not working, thus, leading them to end their relationship.

15 Despite Breakup, Aaron Is Still Distant

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Aaron and Olivia broke up last year for reasons that were never made clear. Even though they are no longer together, Aaron's family has not yet heard from the quarterback. It was assumed that the tension between Aaron and his family was because of Olivia and with her out of the picture, they hoped that he would welcome the family back into his life. However, that is not the case and Aaron has not reached out to his family. There is no clear reason as to why the football player is still distant from his family. Even though time has gone by since the breakup, Aaron is nowhere to be seen in pictures that have been published on the internet by members of the Rodgers family. This can only mean that Olivia was not the only reason why Aaron distant himself from his family.

14 Wanted To Keep Personal Life Private

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It is no secret that Aaron is a very private person. He rarely speaks to the media about his personal life and only discusses things that are football-related. When dating Olivia, it was impossible to keep that relationship out of the public. Despite wanting to keep their relationship between the two, the couple was often seen walking red carpets together and attending award shows. Not only did he want to keep his relationship with Olivia private he also wanted to keep his relationship with this family private. The public was not aware that Aaron was so distant from his family until his brother came out with the story on television. Since it hit the media, Aaron was forced to deal with the matter and having to deal with it in the public eye made it a lot harder.

13 Meets Media In Neutral Places

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When it comes to getting an interview with the Green Bay Packer's Super Bowl-winning quarterback, he opts for meeting up at a neutral place. He does not welcome the media into his house and does not do any interviews in his home or personal space. He likes to keep his house private and a personal space. Therefore, he meets the media away from his home and places where both parties feel comfortable. Interviews can be very personal, so he wants to feel like he can open up and let the media know things that he wants them to know. Being interviewed in his home makes him feel like the media is being intrusive. He prefers the interview to be professional and taken seriously. Aaron is very private when it comes to his life, therefore, if he is willing to open up, then he wants to be heard.

12 Records Every Interview He Does

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When it comes to opening up to the media, Aaron takes every precaution to make sure that whatever he wants to be put out to the public is by his choice and no one else's. To make sure that his word is not taken out of context or misinterpreted, Aaron brings a recording device and records everything that is being said. This way if his words are taken out of context he has the original recording as proof as to what he actually said. The media is good at taking a story and making it into something totally different from what it was intended to be. To avoid being a part of a negative story, Aaron does whatever he can to control what is being said about him. He wants to be in control of how his story is being told and presented to the public. You cannot blame a guy for wanting to know what is being said about him.

11 Does Not Want To Always Be So Private

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Despite being such a private man, Aaron does not let it ruin the way he lives his life. Aaron admits that he does not want to always have to be so private. He would like to be able to be himself without feeling like he has to be so private about his life. He does not like the fact that being famous means that you have a decrease in privacy. He does not want everyone to be in his business, which is why he is so private and keeps his circle small. Being such a private person can be a lot of work because you are constantly making sure things going on in your life does not make it to the media. Aaron wants to be able to live his life carefree without having his every move in the media. Unfortunately, it is hard to have a private life when you are a public figure. On any given game day you know where the quarterback will be.

10 Olivia Did Not Hinder His Performance

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It was rumored that the relationship between Aaron and Olivia hindered Aaron's performance on the field. Fans believed that Aaron was not performing his best and it was all because of his famous girlfriend. Aaron shut down these rumors and said it was a story that had no truth to it. He ensured fans that the way he performed on the field had no relation to his relationship. He stated that when there is not a story to be told about something the media will make something up to get a story out of it. The media makes up stories to get a reaction out of the public and this story was a way to get the public thinking that this story had some truth about it. Aaron admits that when a story that is completely false comes out, he is able to tune it out and not give it any attention. He knows what is true and that is all that matters.

9 Separates His Family and Work Life

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Critics often put Aaron's family and work life together as if they are related. As we know Aaron is a private person and does not talk about his family life with the media. When he is being interviewed about his career, he wants the questions to be football-related and not about his family. He slams critics that are not able to separate the two. Who Aaron is as a footballer has nothing to do with the person he is as a family member. He keeps those two lives separate. Since Aaron is no longer in contact with his family, Aaron no longer gets his family involved in his football career. Aaron may not go to his hometown to visit his family, but he still goes back to help out his high school football team. Aaron had purchased the team new helmets and helped them out with travel costs for a big game.

8 Decided To Not Address Family Drama

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When Aaron's family drama was aired on television, he decided to not address the issue because he did not want to make the situation worse. He did not want to add any details to the story that he did not want to be made public in the first place. He ignored every question that was geared his way and only decided to answer a selected few. It is bad enough that your personal life is made public because you are a public figure, but now his family life was also being made public and was seen as a source of entertainment because it was aired on a reality television show. This family drama was hard to ignore because it became public and a story everyone was talking about. It made a great storyline for the show and Jordan did end up with Jojo so you can say he was the winner in this situation.

7 Family Did Not Attend Games

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As a family member of a football player, there are a lot of perks that come with it. One of those perks is being able to attend any game. You would think that Aaron would hook his family up with game day tickets, but that is not the case. When asked if his family would show up to the game, Aaron had no definite answer as to whether or not his family would show up. He did not know if he would see his family in the stands. News reports stated that the Rodgers family had no intention to go to the NFC Championship game. Aaron had also stopped helping his family get tickets to the game, therefore, they stopped showing up. Ed Rodgers admitted that he and his wife did not attend a single game that year. Something that the family bonded over is now something that is dividing them.

6 He Controls His Own Life

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While dating Olivia, many people speculated that she had an influence on his life and the things he would do. It was believed that she had some control over this life and that control is what stopped him from visiting his family. The Rodgers believed that Olivia would prevent Aaron from seeing his family. Aaron shut down this idea and ensured that he is in control of his own life and that he is not persuaded or influenced by anyone else. He makes his own decisions and he is the one who decided to be distant with his family. The media seemed to need to blame someone for Aaron not seeing his family, therefore, they decided to place the blame on his girlfriend. The media portrayed the fact that Aaron picked his girlfriend over his family. Whether that is true or not, Aaron ensures the public that he is in control of his own life.

5 No Opinions About The Bachelorette

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When it was announced that Aaron's brother, Jordan, would be on The Bachelorette, many people turned to Aaron to get his opinion on his brother's participation on a reality show that involves finding love. Aaron did not comment on it and did not address any questions regarding the matter. He knew from the beginning that he did not want to partake in anything involving the reality show despite his brother being a contestant. The fact that he wanted nothing to do with the show was made clear when he did not participate in the hometown visits. Aaron did not want to be associated with the reality show and did not want the show to gain anything by using his last name. Since the family is still estranged, it is not known if Aaron was even happy that his brother got engaged and basically won the show.

4 No Show During Hometown Visit

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As previously stated, Aaron and his girlfriend at the time, was not present for the hometown visits during The Bachelorette. When the family gathered around the table, there were two empty seats, which can be assumed that they were for Aaron and Olivia. The show is always filled with drama, so this family drama definitely brought in a lot of views and got their audience talking. Jordan warned Jojo that his brother would most likely not be there and she would not be meeting him. Filled with questions, Jojo did try to get answers from the family but left his hometown of Chico, California with even more questions. This became a major storyline in the show and it also made it to the media and many stories covering this event was all over the internet.

3 Acknowledges His Parent's Concerns

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Aaron's parents have made it clear that they are not happy with how things are playing out between the family. They are concerned for their son and how he is choosing to shut out his family out of his life. Aaron knows that his parents are concerned and he acknowledges that he is aware of how his parents feel. Parents have the right to be concerned over their children it is normal and what parents are meant to do. Aaron's parents are no different. They only want what is best for their child and Aaron acknowledges that. Aaron is an adult and knows what he is doing. It is his choice to keep his life private and if that means not letting his family know what he is up to, then that is something his parents should accept. Family is always going to be there for you and, hopefully, if Aaron does need his family, they will be there for him, despite their past.

2 Thinks Before He Speaks

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Not only does Aaron record his interviews to avoid being misunderstood or taken out of context, but he is also careful when he chooses his words. He chooses his words carefully so he cannot be misunderstood or so he won't reveal too much. He is very selective with the information he shares with others. He does not want people to know too much about him, so they cannot use anything they know against him. He lets people know what they need to know and that is it. Despite being so cautious with what he says, Aaron is still a very interesting person. Also, as a public figure, he is aware that there are certain things he can and cannot say or, at least, things he should not say. He may be under a contract with companies, therefore, he is limited as to what he can say or share. Despite being a private person, we are still able to get a sense of who Aaron Rodgers is.

1 Started To Question Religion

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Aaron shares that being a Christian was installed in him by his parents. Whether it is football-related or not, Aaron is not outspoken when it comes to his faith. However, in an ESPN radio interview, Aaron stated that he believes that God is not even a football fan. He does not care about the outcome of each game, but he does care about those who are involved in the sport. Despite being a follower of God, Aaron has often questioned his faith. Over time, after reading many books, Aaron started to realize that faith could be more inclusive and less literal. He believes that the church has interpreted certain things the way they were not meant to be. He believes that every person who was raised in some sort of organized religion have questioned their beliefs at one point in their lives and Aaron is no different. Now, Aaron admits that he no longer identifies with any affiliation.

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