20 Partying Photos These Athletes Never Wanted Us To See

There is no question that to be a professional athlete takes a great deal of discipline. On top of putting in the long hours to excel at the sport itself, you need to make sure you are taking care of your body. But what that means is that when athletes do choose to indulge, all bets are off as to just how hammered they're going to get.

It'll become abundantly clear why shirts are apparently an optional thing once the night gets going, as well as an up-close look at the impacts of alcohol in regards to Ronda Rousey and Paige's sexuality.

Many of these stars partying include experiences that we're sure you can relate to. You might also love taking to the stage and belting out some singing when you're drunk, but your photos probably won't be shared as much as Maria Sharapova's was.

You, like Patrick Kane and Derek Jeter, may end your night by passing out while the party goes on around you. But we hope you never take a page from J.R. Smith's book and pour liquor all over a random girl's head. With athletes from every major sport, we're sure you won't be disappointed when you check out our comprehensive list of 20 Partying Photos These Athletes Never Wanted Us To See.

20 Maria Sharapova Should Quit Karaoke And Stick To Tennis

There is no denying that Maria Sharapova has worked hard throughout her career to remain one of the most prominent figures in the world of female Tennis. And while her career has had some shameful moments - such as a suspension for using an illegal substance - there are still plenty of things that she should be happy are forever captured on film and in photos.

The above moment, however, is not one of them. We're sure if fellow tennis player Novak Djokovic had his way, he'd also be making sure this photo made its way to the trash bin and not the tabloid newspapers.

While we don't know how good Maria's singing voice is, we do know she'll surely be looking for the cameras before she attempts to sing karaoke again.

19 Patrick Kane Passes Out After Going Too Hard

If you are out at the bar with your friends, it always helps to have a designated driver there to help make sure everyone gets home safely. One of the other benefits of a designated driver is that they can hopefully be aware when their group of friends is perhaps getting a little too rowdy or are in need of a bed.

Whoever was in charge of Patrick Kane failed miserably, however, as not only did Kane drunkenly pose for the camera, he later passed out at the bar! An eye-witness account of Kane's partying that particular weekend said that Kane was "pulling down girls sunglasses and then going 'ehhh, not good enough' just straight being a douche right to their faces."

18 Georges St-Pierre Has 3 Ladies Fighting Over Him

Georges St-Pierre is one of the biggest names in the UFC at the moment. While his time in the prime seemingly came years ago, he destroyed Michael Bisping at UFC 217 and is your current middleweight champion of the world.

But GSP probably wishes he could get in the Octagon and spend some time with whoever decided to take a photo of him getting up-close and personal with multiple women. The one in the middle looks like she is the one who is trying her hardest to get her hands on the new Champ, but she definitely looks like he'd have some competition!

Though that's nothing compared to the amount of attention that we're sure he is going to command now wherever he goes.

17 Josh Hamilton Gets 3 Ladies And Whipped Cream Involved

Josh Hamilton has had a wide-spread history with his addiction to alcohol and illegal substances. The world got a first-hand look at it however after photos were leaked of him partying it up in a bar back in January 2009.

He had previously been sober for 5 years. When talking about the situation, Hamilton said "I believe I got to the point where if you have alcohol in your system, your inhibitions go out the window. The details don't matter – what kind of drink it was. It just put me in a bad situation.''

Hamilton has three kids and at the time said he was just going to go out for food and ended up having a drink. The situation ended up leading to his divorce.

16 Johnny Manziel Proving Why He Was A Bust

The Cleveland Browns have had many reasons over the years that you can point to as to why they have struggled to turn it around. Poor drafting is absolutely at the forefront of the issues. And you might not have a worse draft pick ever (though Ryan Leaf also makes our list) than in the case of Johnny Manziel.

Many people questioned Manziel's character coming out of University and they were proven right time and time again. Any flash on the field was overshadowed by the spotlight he seemed to command with his off-the-field activities. Such as his love of partying, something that is put on prominent display with our photo.

Manziel was out of the league after two seasons and only 8 games as a starter.

15 Rob Gronkowski Forgets His Shirt (And Probably Where He Is)!

Rob Gronkowski may look like he has more fun in the NFL than any other player. And while he and Tom Brady may make for a tremendous connection on the field, we don't know if Terrific Tom is going to be seen partying it up with Gronkowski at the club anytime soon.

Especially because it doesn't seem to take very long for Gronkowski to think that wearing a shirt is optional. Normally that's something that gets you kicked out from a club, but something tells us the bouncer probably wasn't going to be getting all up in his face.

Judging from Gronk's face though, we're not too sure if he'd even remember being kicked out the next morning!

14 Alex Smith Tries To Eat Some Poor Girl's Face

Alex Smith has had a rocky NFL career, including having to fight off a never-ending line of critics when he played for the San Francisco 49ers. But his career has perhaps never been going better than this current season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

And if things keep going this way, Smith may find himself with plenty of reasons to be celebrating by the time the playoffs wrap up. Lord knows the Chiefs fanbase would kill for some success in the post-season!

If he does find himself partying, he'll have to make sure the woman whose face he's trying to eat is that of his wife. But even in that situation, we're sure she'd rather he be a lot smoother than he is in the above photo.

13 J.R. Smith Pours Liquor On A Random Girl's Head

If you weren't a Golden State Warriors fan, you were probably pretty ecstatic when the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to knock them off in the NBA finals and secure the first ever championship for the city of Cleveland.

I mean, c'mon, Cleveland fans have had to deal with some seriously awful teams (such as the Browns), plus they had the huge underdog card. Which may be when the celebrations finally were able to commence, the players were seen partying it up for all hours of the night. None of whom may have rivalled the partying put on display by J.R. Smith. You do have to feel bad for the girl though. Hopefully having liquor poured all over your head doesn't ruin your night.

12 Paige Gets Extra Close To Her Female Friend

Paige has several accomplishments that are well worth celebrating from her time in the WWE. It was also recently announced that she has recovered from her neck surgery and is expected to make a return to the company in the very near future (perhaps even by the time you're reading this!).

Which means Paige probably spent the last few months making sure she was working out, and not slamming back drinks at the bar or at local house parties. Especially if partying it up leads to her getting up-close and personal with some of the other partiers.

This wouldn't be a good look for Paige either way, but the fact that she's making out with a woman definitely adds a raunchy element that we're sure she'd rather you forget about.

11 Conor McGregor Allegedly Cheats On His Partner

Conor McGregor may not have come out on top in his high-profile match with Floyd Mayweather, but that probably didn't get him too down when you consider he still made tens of millions for his involvement in the fight.

We're sure he'd also you much rather talk about the fight, than the photo you're staring at. Along with the photo, a video was leaked of Conor sounding under the influence; with reports saying he had allegedly done some c*caine.

There were also allegations made that Conor later slept with the girl. And while we cannot confirm that, she later posted a photo of her with his then-championship belt, which is far from the smartest move!

10 John Cena Gets A Dance He Can Never Forget

There aren't many superstars who are as closely tied to the WWE brand as John Cena. But while Cena may be used to the high-pressure situations of a brand-name superstar like himself, he definitely didn't have the spatial awareness required to ensure this particular night didn't become public knowledge. Though you might not blame him for being distracted.

And while the photos are years old - and he's since gotten engaged to Nikki Bella - the faithful WWE universe is going to make sure he never forgets about it. That dance may have lasted for under a minute, but you know it's a minute that Cena wishes he would have been able to get back.

9 Eli Manning Can't Keep His Eyes Open

There are many moments in Eli Manning's career where he has been the definition of calm under pressure. I mean, you don't come away with two Super Bowls without some seriously ballsy playing! But with how young (or perhaps it's just the liquor!) he looks in the above photo makes us think it may have been taken before he was champion of the world and was just enjoying a party.

Which we're sure he did plenty of when he attended the University of Ole Miss. Like his brother Peyton, Eli was also the first overall selection in the NFL draft. On the plus side, if you're a Patriots fan then you have this hilarious photo of Eli to stare at whenever the Super Bowl losses make you too sad.

8 Ronda Rousey Gets Close With A Friend

Ronda Rousey definitely was all business whenever she entered the Octagon. And while her career didn't end the way she had hoped, there are few women who - at least in their prime - were ever as dominant as Rousey.

But part of being such a high-profile athlete for the UFC means that Rousey should have been a lot more careful about making sure photos like this one never saw the light of day. The pose is suggestive enough, without the thumbs up being given by Rousey.

To say alcohol was probably involved would be an understatement! Now that Rousey is married, perhaps her wilder partying days are behind her.

7 Rampage Jackson Grinding In The Club

If you go to the club and you're looking good, you may be able to find yourself a lovely lady to get all up on your business. Those chances would go up significantly if you're one of the most iconic UFC fighters of all-time, as Rampage Jackson just happens to be.

The only downfall for Jackson is that once this lady decided to "get low", the photographer thought it was the perfect time to take the photo. We're sure the photographer also made sure to make a quick exit out of the club before the other gentleman who caught him in the act informs Rampage as to what has happened.

That's one way to kill your buzz!

6 CM Punk Parties It Up With Some Divas

CM Punk famously preached his clean-living lifestyle both in and outside of the wrestling ring. But judging from the next photo on our list, it's clear that he didn't mind unwinding at least once in a while. Perhaps he left the drinking to the lovely ladies in front of him?

In case you can't recognize from the awful selfie angle, you've got both Bella Twins and Maryse joining Punk for what we're sure was an eventful night out. Now that Punk is no longer with the company though, he may find himself with a lot more free time and a lot fewer people to call up for a night on the town.

At least his wife, AJ Lee, can keep him company now.

5 Ric Flair And Dave Bautista Get Red In The Face

Ric Flair recently underwent significant health complications that nearly led to congestive heart failure and could have taken his life. His years of partying were said to play a factor. When talking about the situation, Flair admitted he had to change his ways; including swearing off drinking

"It scared the sh*t out of me. I never want to go through this again. My stomach was really upset. My daughter [Charlotte] told me that the doctor told her to go see me - that I wasn't going to make it. I had no idea it was that bad. Wendy never told me."

We're sure that means photos like this one of him enjoying a beverage with Dave Bautista aren't among his favorites.

4 Ryan Leaf Has To Be Carried Out

Ryan Leaf had the potential to be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. At least that was the mindset behind the scouts who put him neck-and-neck with Peyton Manning back in the 1998 NFL draft.

But considering Leaf's life is more defined by drinking and arrests than playing football, and you get the idea that things didn't exactly pan out for him.

Leaf's legal issues included several occasions of burglary and drug use, which at one point was going to land him in jail for upwards of seven years, though he ended up being sentenced to 5. Something tells us he might not be the biggest fan of Peyton Manning!

3 The Miz Misreads Maryse's Attempt At A Kiss

The above photo seems to be a perfect example of some miscommunication between two WWE superstars. The Miz and Maryse are both fan favorites and along with working together on-screen, the two have been married since 2014.

Perhaps she was just trying to show him some love and thought a photo of them kissing would be cute. But judging from the look on Miz's face, he definitely doesn't look like he's in the right state of mind to be following directions.

Credit to the photographer for pushing through and snapping the photo anyway, though if Miz asked to look at the photo we wouldn't blame the photographer for declining and awkwardly walking away.

2 Brad Marchand And 5 Bottles

NHL players might not earn as much money as some of the other professional sports, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to party it up! Brad Marchand has had many reasons to party in the past, including help defeat the Vancouver Canucks in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.

But we don't know if there was ever an occasion where you would need to be carrying around as many bottles of liquor as he is in the above photo. The fact that his shirt is off also indicates that he may have been going hard for quite some. We'd say kudos for not dropping the bottles, but we suppose having good hands is pretty important to succeeding in hockey!

1 Derek Jeter Passes Out While Ladies Party On

Derek Jeter accomplished more in his baseball career than seemingly any other player in MLB history. But his accomplishments didn't just extend to the field, as he was also notorious for his ability to sleep with countless babes. Granted being one of the all-time greats for a city like New York helps.

While he's currently married to Hanna Davis (now Hanna Jeter), who just happens to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this photo of a passed out Jeter appears to have been taken perhaps over a decade ago.

At least the two women didn't let Jeter sleeping stop them from polishing off the rest of the Grey Goose bottle!

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