Eva Marie's 16 Hottest Instagram Pics

Eva Marie was born in Walnut Creek, California on September 19th, 1984. She spent her early years in Concord and went on to attend California State University at Fullerton. It was during her time in university that she began modelling and a bit of acting. She ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in business management which has probably come in handy in her present business ventures.

She got her big break when she signed with the WWE in 2013 and soon found herself on the television reality show Total Divas. She made her debut in the ring on July 4th, 2013 and her star has steadily risen ever since. Eva Marie ruptured one of her breast implants in 2014 and this caused her to miss significant time. She recovered and got back into the ring as part of the NXT women’s division.

After mixed success with NXT, she returned to the main roster and appeared on RAW. The 2016 WWE draft saw Eva get drafted into Smackdown where she continued her role as a “heel”. She was suspended in August 2016 due to violating company policy and she has not returned. That doesn’t mean that she’s been out of the public eye. She has opened a clothing line named NEM Fashions and she launched a line of hair extensions. Her face is always out there through her social media accounts and she is especially busy on Instagram where she has nearly 4 million followers. She knows how to market herself and she is constantly uploading sexy pics to her page. Here are the 16 hottest Eva Marie Instagram photos ever.


16 Eye Poppin’

Eva is feeling and looking like a superstar in an Instagram pic taken in late March. She told her followers that she was feeling the “JLo Vibes” as she took this sexy selfie. Although she has branched out into acting, one thing she has yet to do is get involved with the music industry. Give it time. She can probably drop a few sweet dance moves but she might want to be careful if she hits the floor in that get up. That plunging neckline is dangerously low. She didn’t tell us whether the get up she was wearing was one of NEM Fashion’s creations but she mentioned her clothing line in her post. It really doesn’t matter what she wears as long as she keeps taking these empowering photos then those likes will continue racking up.

15 Be Confident


Eva Marie posed for this shot and uploaded it to her Instagram page with a few inspirational words. She feels that people waste too much time wishing they were something that they aren’t and that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. According to the 32-year-old California native, you will only ever truly succeed when you accept what you are and what you aren’t. She signs off by wishing everyone a great day. How nice. Not her sage wisdom but the one-piece bathing suit she has on. She definitely has a healthy tan and her curves really distract from the seductive stare. It’s kind of funny that she extols the virtues of accepting who we are when she got breast implants when she was 20 and her hair is dyed bright red. Who cares? She’s still hot!!

14 Pluggin’ Products

Eva showed her followers how awesome they can look in white shorts and a shoulderless top from NEM Fashion which is an online fashion shop that was created by Eva and Janet Tran. Their creations are meant to empower women. You see, there is more to her fashion line than outward appearance. It is also about how you feel on the inside. The fashionista’s Instagram post garnered over 33,000 likes in just 5 days. That’s a lot of exposure for the leggy model’s business. One commentator posted that she had tried to purchase the outfit but the smalls had already sold out. Others commented on her striking beauty while she also received a few propositions. Sorry guys but she’s taken. Eva married wrestler and MMA fighter Jonathan Coyle in 2014. You can always dream though!!

13 Off To The Pool


Eva stopped to take a pretty hot selfie before heading to the pool recently. It would be nice to know exactly which pool she likes to visit because seeing her in a slinky two-piece bikini like the one she is wearing here could be a life-altering experience. Her rigorous fitness regimen seems to have paid off in spades!! Her well-toned physique is sure to make many women jealous and a lot of guys hot and bothered.

The Instagram celebrity also offered a great deal to those who ordered anything from NEM Fashion. She threw in 4 free chokers with every NEM Fashion order that night. We have no idea how many orders the company got but the picture sure got a lot of attention. It received over 70,000 likes in one week.

12 Hanging Out In San Francisco

Eva Marie must have been cruising around San Francisco without a top on when an ocean breeze whipped up and forced her to put on a leather jacket. Eva took to Instagram to post her farewell to the Bay City after possibly spending a bit of time with her hubby. The former WWE Diva doesn’t look her happiest but she made a lot of Instagram followers happy judging by the number of likes the picture received. She is holding on tight to her jacket to prevent the wind from blowing it open. Unfortunately for some of her fans, Eva has not let her gorgeous body be over-exposed as others in her line of work have. While she has certainly been the subject of a few cheeky photos, she has yet to let it all hang out...yet.

11 Her Eyes Are Up There


Eva posted this provocative pic on her Instagram a couple of months back and it naturally got tens of thousands of views. Her comment implies that she wants her fans to notice her body suit and sunglasses but the focus of our attention is definitely elsewhere. She looks fantastic!! Her dark hair perfectly matches her black bodysuit and jeans as well as her finely manicured and polished finger nails. She exposes just enough to make us drool while keeping it clean at the same time. Still, there are sure to be some that would love to be on the receiving end of one of her tilt-a-whirl head scissors takedowns which she is so well-known for. This pic met the approval of over 35,000 followers.

10 Swimwear Collection

Not a lot of women would dare to wear a bathing suit that has the stripes running horizontally but when you have a body like Eva Marie you can easily get away with it. In this picture that was uploaded to her Instagram, Eva Marie shows her followers a sample of the new swimwear collection that was released right in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. This swimsuit is quite revealing while also leaving plenty to the imagination. It shows off her shapely hips as well as tastefully revealing a really great side profile as she sits casually on some stairs. Photos like this one sure bring out the hound dogs into her comments section.


9 Desert Desire


If you ever find yourself in the desert on an all-nighter then you will absolutely want to get your hands on NEM Fashion’s “All-Nighter Bodysuit”. Eva posted this pic of her just chillin’ in the desert and doing an excellent job of it. There’s not a cloud in the sky which allows the Sun’s rays to reflect off of her olive skin, dark hair, and glistening black bodysuit as she looks distantly off into the horizon. Her necklace adds a nice touch of elegance to the whole scene. It looks like many of her followers prefer her having black hair although there are a few that miss the fiery red locks that she wore for a while. The buzzards might not be circling but there are probably a few thirsty guys hovering about as she straddles a rock.

8 Nice Puppies

Trying to train dogs to stay still and concentrate while they get their pictures taken is no easy task and Eva appears to be having her share of problems controlling her pups in this Instagram pic. It was taken on Easter Sunday and received a lot of likes and several Happy Easter wishes from her adoring fans. She looks like she may have been on her way out as she is wearing a long dress that is slit way up to show off her shapely legs. Her platform shoes would have added a bit of height to her 5’8” frame which will be appearing soon in the film Inconceivable. It will be her first movie role and she will be alongside Nicolas Cage, Gina Gershon, and the legendary Faye Dunaway. The film is scheduled for release on June 30th.

7 Soaking Up Culture


Here we have the lovely Eva posing outside of San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. The arts aren’t the only thing that is fine on this beautiful day. She’s looking mighty fine as she strikes a pose in her tight-fitting denim jeans and form-hugging top. It’s a good thing she was wearing running shoes because it sounds like she did a lot of running around when she was in San Francisco. The accompanying comment that she posted with this popular Instagram pic got a lot of responses and a ton of likes. One of the comments was a fan asking her if she was going to return to the WWE where she was suspended from last year. She has apparently been deemed to have faked a number of injuries to avoid competing in the ring. It sure would be nice to see her back.

6 Cornered

In a recent Instagram contribution, Eva posted this casual picture with more inspiring wisdom for her followers. “I will not follow where the path may lead,” the ex-California State University soccer players said, “but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.” Powerful stuff!! Of course, when you go where there is no path then there is a good chance that you will end up lost or in a corner like the one she has found herself in here. Don’t let the fact that she’s got her back against the wall fool you into thinking she’s boxed in. The feisty fighter knows how to get out of these tight situations. The mirrored NEM sports glasses prevent us from seeing a pair of eyes that show no fear.

5 Heat It And Eat It


In a departure from pumping up her clothing line, Eva plugged Meal Prep Kingz in this Instagram post that got lots of views and plenty of likes. She knows that preparation is everything and that a bad diet can’t be out-trained. Delicious snacks like the one she is about to eat are one of the Meal Prep Kingz creations that keep Eva lean and mean. All she needs to do is heat it and eat it. She likes to maintain a very healthy diet even though she occasionally cheats on the weekends. She obviously follows a strict diet and workout plan in order to keep that frame looking so ship-shape. Check out those biceps! Look at those legs and admire those awesome abs! She is a finely tuned machine and she keeps her engine purring and our hearts pounding.

4 Encouragement

Eva recently posted this pic and some inspirational words for her Instagram fans. She wants them to stop hating themselves for what they aren’t and love themselves for what they are. She wants her followers to look in the mirror and “remember who you are”. Those things might be a little easier for a gal that looks so great and has so much but she reminds us that it didn’t come easy for her either. She has been unemployed, depressed, and just plain miserable at times in her life but she doesn’t let those things get the best of her. Her positive attitude and words of wisdom have motivated a great many people as shown by several of the comments that responded to this post. Never underestimate having something to eat, a warm bed to sleep in, and a loving family.

3 Classic Class


Here is a look that we haven’t seen yet from the winning 2012 Powertech Model. Looking like a glamorous golden-era movie star, Eva poses like a flamingo in a short and close-fitting dress as she descends a staircase in her sexy stilettos. Her normally long flowing hair is done up in an elegant bun and her sultry look is craving our attention. She’s got it. She posted this pic and commented on how much she loved everything about it. Needless to say, her fawning fans were quick to praise her sophisticated appearance and tasteful choice in dresses. Just imagine how great she will look if she starts strolling down the red carpet to promote her future films? With no immediate plans to return to the ring and another film project in the works, we just may get to see it happen soon.

2 Focus On The Glasses

NEM Fashion is spreading their wings and are now offering NEM Sports Sunnies according to Eva’s Instagram post. Quite honestly, it’s a little difficult to focus on the sunglasses when she is posing in those curve-hugging black shorts and black jacket. The sun-kissed California girl stands out vividly in front of hills and ocean that lurks in the background. It even looks sunny enough to be sporting the aviator-styled sports shades with the mirrored lenses. It’s easy to see why Eva has been on so many magazine covers like Rukus and Glam Fit Magazine. We can also see why Maxim named her one of their Hot 100 in 2014. The American Cancer Society was lucky to have her representing them in the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational which ran from March 27th through May 26th, 2017.

1 Stay Active


When you are planning to be active then you want to look your best and NEM Fashion’s new line of active wear can help you do just that. Eva let the world know about the company’s new line when she posted this hot pic on Instagram. She and her friend are showing off their latest styles and sharing a laugh as they pose along the waterfront. Both ladies look smashing in their black workout pants and long-sleeved shirts as their raven hair flows down their shoulders. She urges people to send her some photos of their sweat seshes wearing their NEM Fashion active wear. With 3.8 million followers and so many people checking her page every day, she must be selling a lot of clothes. We hope she models a new line of undergarments soon.

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