20 Most Excessive Purchases Made By The Rock After He Quit WWE

The highest-paid actor in the world for 2016 and the second best compensated in 2017, the man has been able to amass an impressive fortune.

One of the biggest stars in the world today, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has seen his profile get larger and larger each year, which is a pretty amazing feat. Starting out as a football player that failed to make it to the NFL, he would go on to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a WWE superstar. From there, he went on to become a movie star that has been a part of several massively popular films over the last several years. This has led to him becoming a very much in-demand actor whose paychecks have continued to balloon alongside his fame. The highest-paid actor in the world for 2016 and the second best compensated in 2017, the man has been able to amass an impressive fortune. Of course, like all stars, this has led to some pretty interesting purchases for him, especially since he became a famous actor. Realizing this inspired us to put together this list of the eighteen most insane purchases made by The Rock after he quit the WWE.

In order for a purchase to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to have been made by The Rock. Next, it needs to have been made after he left the WWE as a full-time employee which does mean that his returns where he no longer appeared each week made no difference. Finally, the item or items he bought must seem outlandish to regular folks like us or any of our readers. We do want to make it clear that some of the things he spent his money on that we looked at were not things he intended to keep for himself.

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20 That Fanny Pack


Alright, alright, we admit it, this one is kind of a joke. But come on, how could we not bring up that a purchase was made in order for him to recreate a legendary moment of his? For those of you that are unaware of what is going on with this pair of photos, here we see The Rock recreating a ridiculous image from his youth as seen on the left. That said, the shot on the right was first released to the public when he hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in recent years. As a result, for all we know, the production staff could have done the buying. In short, we’re bending our rules here a lot, but can you blame us for wanting to bring these wonderful moments to you? Assuming he did actually shell out his own cash to buy that fanny pack, which we actually find entirely believable, that is a crazy way to spend his cash that we totally support.

19 Crazy Amounts Of Cod ($1,400/Year)


A fish that you are likely to find at your local grocery store and is among the most affordable meals available for people that watch their nutrition, finding cod on this list must be surprising. However, The Rock is not average in any way we can see. So when he made it a cornerstone of his diet, for a while, the implications were amazing. Someone who must eat an insane amount daily in order to give himself the energy necessary to build and hold on to his mind-blowing physique, that has expensive implications. In fact, based on the accounting of his diet that he gave Muscle & Fitness magazine in 2015, someone did that math. Based on those figures, we found out that he would have spent fourteen hundred dollars a year on cod since he consumed eight hundred and twenty-one pounds of it in a time period like that.

18 Cadillac Escalade


The first of many vehicles to be featured on this list, as we looked at the history of Dwayne Johnson spending his fortune, it became very clear how close they are to his heart. Someone who doesn’t have to fret too much over his budget, there doesn’t seem to be any limit to the cars, trucks, and SUVs that are available to him. Seen here entering a Cadillac Escalade he owns, it is an attractive way to get around and also seems like something that is totally fitting for a bruiser like him to drive or ride in. Sporting a 6.2-liter V8 engine that can reach 403 BHP, it is the kind of ride that many of us would love to be seen in, let alone actually own.

17 Ford F-150 Pickup Custom-Built


From one vehicle to another, this time around, we’re looking at the first product made by a company that The Rock has a clear love for. The first Ford product to make this list, we’re not sure which came first—his love for that company or signing on to serve as an ambassador for their brand that appears in their commercials. Seen standing beside a Ford F-150 that he has customized to fit his personal preferences, this truck is clearly close to his heart based on the sheer amount of times it has appeared on his Instagram. Something that proves that sometimes his tastes are dominated by function over form, this massive truck looks cool but is far more practical than most of his other vehicles.

16 Truck For His “Uncle”


An absolute legend of the wrestling industry, the man that we see here standing alongside The Rock has a legacy that, in one way, may even surpass the man him. Given the name Tonga 'Uli'uli Fifita at birth, during his time in the business, he also went by Haku and Meng but was known by most for his legendary toughness. In fact, if you ask most people in the business who they’d fear actually fighting the most, it is this friendly-looking fella who is also said to have a heart of gold if you don’t cross him. For instance, when The Rock decided to give him a Ford truck in 2015, he revealed that the man he calls his uncle, despite lacking blood ties, helped make his career possible. Informing the world that he was given trunks to wear so he could take part in his WWE tryout by Haku, on top of words of encouragement and a hug, The Rock rewarded that love years later.

15 Rolls-Royce Wraith


A symbol as much as it is a car in a lot of ways, any vehicle that is stamped with the brand Rolls-Royce is likely to be seen as evidence that its owner is leading a life of great means. As such, it makes perfect sense that the garage of The Rock has at least one of their products in it. Seen standing alongside his Rolls-Royce Wraith that is parked near a private jet, the guys looks as though he is living the fast and fun lifestyle that many wrestlers boast of. On the other hand, the guitar and flip-flops undermine that a little but it is obvious that the guy is not afraid of forking over large sums of money for the best in life.

14 Rolex Watches


The world’s most famous watch brand, the only competition Rolex has in terms of notoriety is Casio, which is a company that is known for its affordability and is more likely to be worn by kids. On the other end of things, if you want a legitimate Rolex to adorn your wrist, then you’ll have to be able to access a pretty penny and be willing to give it over. As such, if you have more than one or in the case of The Rock, a collection, then you must have hit the big time. Something that absolutely seems to fit the lifestyle this celebrity publicly leads, Dwayne Johnson can be pretty boastful at times and likes to show off his style everywhere he goes.

13 Ford Explorer Truck For His Dad


Seen here with his father, considering what you’ve read on this list already, it likely won’t come as a surprise that The Rock wanted to share his wealth with his old man. A WWE Hall of Famer who stands out as one-half of the first black WWE tag team champions alongside Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson paved the way for his famous offspring. However, despite his fame, he is a minimalist due to having to fend for himself as a youngster after his mother kicked him out, according to his superstar son. As such, when The Rock was able to give his father this sweet Ford Explorer, it has to have been the best gift he ever received. Funnily enough, according to The Rock, his dad appreciated his new vehicle but swore to drive it into the ground despite his super-rich child.

12 Hidden Hills Home (Worth Almost $5 Million)

via Daily Mail

A home that The Rock bought in Hidden Hills, California for almost five million dollars, buying this property must have been a watershed moment in his life. Possessing just over nine thousand square feet inside its walls, that is to say nothing about the gorgeous views it provides whoever owns it and their guests as well. Said to incorporate seven bedrooms and somehow six and a quarter bathrooms, we’re not sure what a fourth of a washroom is but that sounds cool. Also highlighted by a large infinity pool, a glass-walled living room, a “state of the art” screening room, a lobby, bar, and so much more, it seems like a work of art to us. In fact, we wonder if The Rock ever would have given it up if he hadn’t gotten divorced from the woman he shared it with.

11 Fancy Eye-Catching Suits


If there is one thing that every longtime fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows about him, it is that as far as anyone can tell, there isn’t a single shy bone in his oversize body. Able to play grandiose characters with the greatest of ease, going back to his time in the WWE, he began to dress in an over-the-top flashy manner that stood out. At the time a villain that used his wardrobe in order to raise the ire of viewers around the world, evidently, he felt rather at home based on his fashion choices since then. The owner of a seemingly endless array of customized suits, the color, cuts, and style he chooses seem to vary. While he can be classy at one turn and outrageous at the next, one thing that remains static is that he looks eye-catching in all of them.

10 Ranch With Wildlife


Someone that we picture living his life in the height of opulence and who appears to pride himself on the way he carries himself, excuse us if we’re surprised to see The Rock out in nature. Seen here with horses on both sides of him, it turns out that he has a real love of animals based on what he spent his money on. Spending time at his ranch prior to heading off to film the action movie Rampage when this shot was taken, spending time at a farm would have been a great reset of sorts for him. After all, once he went off to work again, he had to pretend to be among massive animals. So, spending time with some in real life just before that seems like a marvelous idea.

9 1999 Plymouth Prowler


A car that somehow looks as though it is both a throwback to the past while also seeming vaguely futuristic, the Plymouth Prowler is a feat of design that we greatly appreciate. Often seen without a top and looking as though it would be the flashiest ride on any street, this is not the kind of vehicle those that want to blend in should drive in. Fortunately, The Rock is an international superstar so he isn’t going to be able to shirk the spotlight anyway, so that isn’t a problem at all. Spotted driving in this car during the making of his film Pain & Gain and looking good while doing so, he is said to have added it to his collection, and we can’t blame him at all.

8 Lexus RX For His “Cousin”

via uDuba

Another instance of the loosely-defined way that The Rock sees family, it is really cool that he sees several Samoans his family or as close to him as his relatives. Seen here alongside his “cousin” who is also a wrestler currently employed by the WWE, according to all accounts, these two have a very close relationship. Known as Tamina Snuka in the wrestling world today, she has done quite well for herself, considering her relatively long tenure there, but has made a fraction of the money he had managed to. As a result, it was really cool of The Rock to buy this Lexus RX for her. And judging by this photo of the moment she received it, we feel it is safe to assume that she enjoyed the generous gesture.

7 Private Flights


An experience that many people understand since they’ve gone through it themselves, going on a flight can be stressful, frustrating, and extremely uncomfortable. Especially true if you are a large person, trying to stuff yourself into a small area with very little leg room is something that many people hate, making the speed of travel the only silver lining. However, if you have a lot of money, you can upgrade to first class which is a world above. Or, if you’re insanely rich, chartering a private flight is the height of comfort. A huge fella with a lot of money, it therefore makes perfect sense that The Rock only seems to travel like this, and if you follow his life, that must cost a lot since he is always on the go.

6 Miami Manson (Worth $3.4 Million)


A mansion that has been the subject of controversy since The Rock sold it off in 2013, the buyer he found faced extensive fraud charges, which could have led to it being seized. An interesting turn of events as The Rock never had to worry about anything like that, when it was his home, it was never in any peril. A massive building that you could get lost in, Dwayne bought this massive abode for three million and four hundred thousand dollars. Possessing a gated driveway, fountains, a welcoming movie theater-style media room, a “spacious master suite,” six bedrooms, and six bathrooms, it is safe to say that it is impressive. If that wasn’t enough, it also sports marble flooring throughout and a resort-style pool with a built-in grill nearby as well.

5 Ferrari LaFerrari


One of the most interesting entries on this list, the idea that The Rock had a Ferrari LaFerrari makes very little sense at all and shows what it is like to be truly rich. Believed to stand at six foot five and weigh more than two hundred and sixty pounds, to say that Dwayne Johnson is a massive man is a pretty huge understatement. As such, most of the vehicles he buys weren’t designed in order to accommodate someone as large as he is. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a taste for cars that are much smaller. Still, you’d think he’d refrain from buying this Ferrari in specific as he pointed out that he can’t even fit inside it, but we’re not coming from the point of view of the filthy rich.

4 Ford Edge SUV For Housekeeper


The final vehicle that The Rock purchased in order to give away on this list, this time around, we’re looking at a photo from the time he gave someone a Ford Edge. However, unlike every other moment of kindness on this list, this time around, the person on the receiving end isn’t a relative or even seen as one in any way. Instead, here, he opted to fork over this SUV’s keys to a housekeeper that had been employed for him for ten years at the time. An amazing thing to do, it really shows how kindhearted he can be, especially since it seems safe to assume that he pays a hefty sum for her services as well. Maybe it has something to do with the massive homes that he lives in and she cleans for him.

3 Broward County Home (Worth Way More Now Than What He Paid)


Someone who does everything to the extreme, when it comes to the home The Rock lives in to this day, we knew it wouldn’t be anything to laugh at. Built on a large “ranch-based” property in the Fort Lauderdale area known as Broward County, the house is said to feature natural lighting, massive hallways, and palatial rooms. Sold to him for the initial price tag of five and a half million dollars, that wasn’t enough as he would go on to have extensive customization work done to it as well. Said to be thirteen thousand square feet prior to a massive area being added on (more on that next), the amenities are incredible, and it even has a living space for a trainer Dwayne works with.

2 Pagani Huayra


Without a doubt the most visually impressive car that we know The Rock has in his garage, this is the kind of vehicle that only the crazy wealthy can even consider affording. What he chose to drive to the premiere of his TV show Ballers, it was totally fitting as it seems like we easily could see it appear in the series. Said to cost right around a million dollars depending on what options you take and any customization you do, the aura he has while standing in front of it makes a whole lot of sense. While he has every reason to take pride in what his career has allowed him to afford, we have to marvel that he dropped the kind of money most could live on for years on a single car.

1 Home Gym Worth More Than $300,000


The top entry on this list, we totally understand if you’re scratching your head in bewilderment that a home gym ended up in that position. However, in this case, the devil is most certainly in the details. Added to his Broward County home after he bought it, when it comes to the area in which The Rock builds his incredible muscles, it needs to be the absolute best anyone could have. As such, Dwayne’s decision to have construction done to his home to add a large workout area is not overly surprising. But when you factor in the cost and size, it blows us away. Spending three hundred thousand dollars to add a four-thousand-square-foot area to house everything he needs to stay jacked, funnily enough, he probably didn’t break a sweat when signing that cheque.

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