20 Awesome Photos of WWE Superstars Hitting The Gym

WWE has numerous superstars who entertain their fans on a regular basis. It's entertainment that has a worldwide following. Fans ought to heed the warning that WWE issues that none of them should try to perform the stunts they see in the ring at home, simply because the superstars are professionals and they know exactly what they are doing. Furthermore, the wrestlers on TV and in the ring wrestle in a controlled environment, and their physical fitness allows them to do some things that an average individual cannot do. So, please do not take anything you see on WWE and try it at home - you have been warned.

Before a wrestler can get in the ring to wrestle, he or she must pass a physical fitness test to prove that he or she can take the impact and the physical strain that comes with wrestling. Furthermore, if a wrestler can endure the strain of the fight, building muscle in the gym only increases their chances of winning more fights and becoming even more successful. Therefore, hitting the gym is not only a requirement for a wrestler who wants to be successful, it's also a discipline that is in the best interest of the wrestler.

The following is an amazing set of photos of WWE superstars hitting the gym, evidence that they take working out seriously, and an indication that they love their bodies and their jobs. These wrestlers look so good in the gym. Which of these do you think looks the best?

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20 Alexa Bliss

Via Via YouTube

Alexa Bliss is the first superstar on this list, owing to the fact that she is the current SmackDown Women's Champion and that she looks amazing effortlessly lifting those weights. Alexa might be 5-foot 1, but any competitor might be seriously mistaken to think that her height is a direct reflection of her fighting skills, because she is one of the fiercest female fighters in WWE. Alexa's participation in track and kickboxing in her earlier years contribute greatly to making her the sporting and competitive fighter she is today. Furthermore, her participation in Division 1 cheerleading, gymnastics and bodybuilding are some of the factors contributing to her amazing fit look. Alexa is without a doubt one of the best and most dangerous female WWE wrestlers we have today. She is constantly improving her fighting skills in the ring and is definitely playing her part in the gym. We might call her Bliss, but those people who have experienced her bad side know too well that she has the potential to leave someone feeling anything but blissful.

19 Becky Lynch

Via Wrestling Forum

Becky Lynch, whose real name is Rebecca Quinn, is a WWE superstar born in Ireland and currently living in Florida, USA. This redhead will never turn down a fight, and judging from the weights she is lifting, no one should be too quick to pick a fight with her unless such a person is looking for a serious beating. Along the path to becoming a professional wrestler, Becky took part in swimming, basketball, and horse riding, activities that helped shape her physique and built her strength. Becky owes a lot to wrestling since the discipline required here helped saved her from a life of marijuana and alcohol, a path that would have led to her destruction. Becky boasts of being the very first SmackDown Women's Champion, a title she claimed in September 2016 at Backlash. She held on to that title for roughly three months, the longest that anyone has held that title to date.

18 Seth Rollins

Via AllwrestlingSuperstars.com

Seth Rollins is an amazing wrestler with so much skill and smarts. This awesome photo of Seth hitting the gym shows us just how serious he is with working out, one of the things that make him an indomitable force in the ring. Among some of his amazing achievements include beating Brock Lesnar to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and being the only wrestler to hold the Heavyweight Title and the United States Championship at the same time. When he gets serious about collecting titles, he can acquire them faster than other wrestling superstars can, beating any of them that stand in his way. Although he might boast about his achievements a lot, beyond all the talk you will realize that Seth is truly a super wrestler who deserves respect. Seth loves referring to himself as the future, meaning that just as the future cannot be stopped there is no stopping him.

17 Charlotte Flair

Via Twitter

Charlotte Flair is Ric Flair's daughter, the 16-time World Champion and one of the greatest and most entertaining wrestlers in history. The fact that she is the daughter of one of the greatest wrestlers in history works against her and for her, depending on the situation. It is clear that she is following in her father's footsteps and that she must have gotten a lot of tips and inspiration from her dad, but the expectations that people have of her are at times too much. Charlotte has made it big in the wrestling industry, proving that she is more athletic than most of the female superstars, past or present. Charlotte made a huge impact upon her arrival to WWE, forming a team called PCB, together with Paige and Becky, and later winning the Divas title and becoming the first woman to win the RAW Women's Championship. Her workouts in the gym play a vital role in her desire to rising to the top.

16 Tyler Reks

Via AllwrestlingSuperstars.com

Tyler Reks might have retired from WWE and wrestling as a whole, but he still makes it to this list of superstars owing to his great performance in the ring, passion for fitness, and the time he loved spending in the gym. In addition to his huge muscles and intimidating look, Reks was an amazing wrestler with a shattering signature maneuver, the "Burning Hammer", which almost always led to victory. His time as a member of Team SmackDown earned him and his team the WWE Bragging Rights trophy, one of his most memorable achievements in the WWE. His short stint with Curt Hawkins as a tag team led to many victories, but he had to move on to other diverse businesses having acquired a renewed passion to working out from his wrestling days at WWE. Together with other superstars, Tyler launched a fitness website to help people keep fit.

15 Bella Twins

Via Via Pinterest

This entry is so good that it feels like getting two for the price of one. Nikki and Brie Bella are actual twins who chose a career path into professional wrestling, a path that led them to become WWE Diva Champions. Brie has held the WWE Divas Championship once, while Nikki has held it twice so far. The fact that Nikki is dating WWE superstar John Cena might not have anything to do with her success in the ring since she holds the record for the longest reign as the WWE Diva Champion, a reign that lasted 301 days. These two have been involved in numerous storylines, at times they fight together and win as a team, and other times they have to go at each other in the ring and backstage. In real-life, these two are very close, do so much together including modeling, acting, and working out, as we can see from the photo.

14 Vince McMahon

Via Bodybuilding.com Forums

Vince McMahon is a great man, owing to how much he has accomplished at the helm of WWE. His father left him the company in the 80s and, over the years, he has brought it up to become the leading wrestling promotion company in the world. Currently serving as the majority owner and CEO, he has occasionally competed in the ring and in the process become the world champion on two different occasions. Furthermore, McMahon has won the ECW World Championship, he has become the Royal Rumble winner and even emerged victorious over some of the best wrestlers in history. Whether some people hate him or love him, he is truly an accomplished businessman. McMahon, despite being the boss, is not one to shy off from hitting the gym, with this picture providing enough evidence. At 71 years, Vince is probably one of the fittest and toughest senior citizens in America.

13 Stephanie McMahon

Via YouTube

Stephanie McMahon is one of those people who make it clear that sports is no longer a man's world, but a world where men and women live together side-by-side. Her name gives away the fact that she is the boss' daughter, but her skills both in the ring and in the business circles have proved to everyone that she is far much more than daddy's little girl. Stephanie's involvement with WWE goes as far back as when she was in middle school, as a Rockets T-shirt model for WWE's shop catalog. Her debut in the WWE was exciting and almost overwhelming for her, finding her father in rivalry with the Undertaker and falling in love with her father's rival, Triple H. Stephanie is also a wrestling superstar, at one time reigning as the Women's Champion. Stephanie takes her workouts seriously since she wants to keep fit, win fights, and look great even into her old age.

12 Triple H

Via YouTube

When you come across someone who refers to himself as the King of Kings, you cannot help, but wonder why he has so much pride. Although that title belongs to a supreme leader, Triple H's history has the potential to qualify his as the king of wrestling. Triple H has one of the best-toned bodies in the WWE, and this can only come by spending countless hours in the gym. Triple H has won the WWE World Heavyweight Title 14 times and won almost every major WWE Championship, including beating some, if not all, of the biggest names in his time on his way to his success. For a period, Triple H referred to himself as "The Game" and, in so doing, he was telling all his competitors that if they chose to play The Game, then they needed to be ready to play by his rules. Triple H is the current COO of WWE and is Stephanie McMahon's husband.

11 Dana Brooke

Via WWE - Wrestling - Oficjalna Polska Strona

Whether you want to admit it or not, Dana Brooke gives women all over the world a reason to hate her, because she has brains, beauty, and power. Her journey to becoming a WWE superstar is one full of adventure and injury, components that contribute to making her the fearless wrestler she is today. In her earlier years, she had taken up diving, moved on to gymnastics, ventured into fitness competition, and became a bodybuilder. Her bodybuilding took her to great heights, earning her remarkable positions in the European Arnold Classic and the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus. It goes without saying that a bodybuilder needs to spend a lot of time in the gym, time that she continues to spend even after crossing over to wrestling. Dana loves flexing whenever she gets to the ring, a practice that strikes fear in her opponents and attracts all the attention of her fans.

10 Dean Ambrose

Via AllwrestlingSuperstars.com

Dean Ambrose is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, holding this title for the second time since joining the WWE and becoming a wrestling superstar. In addition, Dean has also held the WWE World Championship title and the United States Championship title, holding the later title for 351 days, the third longest reign in WWE history. Dean became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in 2016 by cashing in his contract from the Money in the Bank ladder match, which he won. This brief history about Dean's achievements is evidence of just how good he is in the ring, and who some people refer to him as a very dangerous man. His fellow wrestlers know him to be a crazy man, whose unpredictable nature allows him to receive punishment, rise from it, and win matches in the most unexpected circumstances. Owing to his hard work in the gym and discipline in the ring, Ambrose has been able to wage war against superstars the likes of John Cena, Bray Wyatt, and Seth Rollins with intensity.

9 Maryse

Via Daily Wrestling News

Maryse is one of the hottest retired wrestlers in the WWE, who rose to the top and remained a top competitor throughout her time as a wrestler in the WWE. Before joining the WWE Maryse was a model, at one time participating and winning the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. Maryse gained good success in the WWE, winning the WWE Divas Championship twice, the first time in 2008 and the second time in 2010. Her first reign as the Diva champion is the third longest reign any Diva has held the title, 216 days, and her second reign made her the first wrestler to hold that title for the second time in WWE history. Maryse left WWE in 2011, but returned in April 2016 to manage her husband, The Miz. When Maryse was still fighting, she took her workouts in the gym with seriousness, and she continues to hit the gym owing to how fit she still is.

8 Brock Lesnar

Via WWE.com

Brock Lesnar is without a doubt one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE, with a body so toned you would only need to look at him to know that he spends a lot of time in the gym. Although Lesnar is currently a full-time professional wrestler, he had an eight-year hiatus from WWE, a period during which he became a professional American Football player and later a Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Champion. In addition to having become the WWE Champion four times, Lesnar formerly held the UFC Heavyweight Championship and the NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Wrestling Championship. Brock Lesnar's championship win at the age of 25 years made him the youngest champion in the history of WWE, a championship that he won barely five months into appearing on WWE's main roster. In addition, his King of the Ring, and Royal Rumble wins in 2002 and 2003 respectively made him the youngest winner of both titles. He is currently the second highest-paid wrestler in the WWE.

7 Sasha Banks

Via HawtCelebs

Sasha Banks is an amazing wrestler, who has had a lot of success in the period that she has been part of the WWE. Unlike most other wrestlers who love talking about how bad they are and how much they rule, Sasha lets her wrestling skills speak on her behalf. Sasha has turned numerous heads in her rise to dominance in NXT's highly competitive women's division, turning plenty of heads and winning the most coveted titles in women's championships. Sasha is the former NXT Woman's Champion and is a three-time RAW Women's Championship titleholder. Sasha is a woman wrestler with many firsts in the WWE, becoming the first woman to headline a WWE event, to fight in an Iron Man Match, to headline a WWE Pay-per-view event, and to compete in a Hell in a Cell match. She also holds the record for the longest women's match in history, she is the first woman winner to win the Pro Wrestling Illustrated award and many other firsts.

6 Roman Reigns

Via Fitnessofmens.com

Roman Reigns will happily fight against the odds, go through dreadful punishment, and still come out on top, owing to just how good a wrestler he is. His doubters never thought anything of him, claiming that he would never get anywhere in this business, but the number of superstars he has beaten and the heights he has gotten have proven everyone wrong. It is evident that the time that Reigns spends in the gym never goes to waste since he is one of the best wrestlers in WWE today. Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title three times, he won the United States Champion once, the Royal Rumble once, and became 2014's superstar of the year, and many other achievements. Headlining multiple WWE pay-per-view events and WrestleMania 31 and 32 means that Reigns is a force to be reckoned with, despite the disapproving and negative crowd reactions that follow his accomplishments.

5 Lana

You might know her as the wealthy Russian who grew up in all the privileges a human being would dream of, privileges that did not seem to soften her, but made her one of the fiercest female wrestlers today. Lana rarely gets in the ring to fight these days, owing to her role as Rusev's manager. Apart from wrestling, Lana is a dancer, a model, an actress, and a singer. Lana was actually born in Gainesville, Florida, but spent most of her early years in Latvia SSR, which is the reason she is able to pull off her Russian act in WWE flawlessly. Lana takes her physical fitness seriously, and this photo of her working out in the gym is a sign of just how serious she is. Lana is a smart woman, who is using her wit to transform her husband, Rusev, into a superstar who will be remembered as one of the best that WWE has ever had.

4 John Cena

Via My Health Lists

All wrestling fans, regardless of where they are in the world, have heard of John Cena and most likely watched him fight. Apart from being one of the best wrestlers WWE has ever had, Cena is popular for all sorts of things, including being a rapper, an actor, and a TV host. Cena's character in the WWE has led him to have numerous diehard supporters as well as detractors. Cena has kept a crazy schedule over the years, sold more merchandise than anyone else in the history of WWE, risen to box-office fame, and won numerous championships over the years. With 25 championship wins so far, Cena has become the WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion 16 times, he has been the United States Champion five times, and the world tag team champion four times. Cena has won a Money in the Bank ladder match, two Royal Rumbles, three superstar of the Year Slammy Awards, and so much more. Therefore, with such accomplishments, Cena has had to take his workouts with a lot of seriousness.

3 Eva Marie

Via HawtCelebs

Do not let her looks fool you into thinking that she is just a pretty girl with bright crimson hair, because people who have had the privilege of seeing Eva Marie fight know that she is ferocious in the ring. Eva Marie gave up her modeling career for wrestling, which meant that she had to hit the gym and build muscles. Eva Marie rose through the WWE ranks, navigating through professional and personal challenges to become a WWE superstar. Her first appearance in RAW made an immediate impact when she ended up slapping Jerry “The King” Lawler and has always been the center of attention ever since. Her time in WWE has caused a lot of controversies, but she has not let what people think of her affect her career goals. Eva went on a break from wrestling to shoot two films since last year, so you can expect to see her on the big screen anytime soon.

2 The Rock

via WallpapersByte

If you smell what The Rock is cooking, you will know that he is the greatest superstar today. Although he has a part-time contract with the WWE, The Rock continues to hold superstar status in the WWE. When The Rock was a full-time wrestler, he won numerous championships; he was the Undisputed World Champion 10 times, the WCW Champion two times, the Intercontinental Champion two times, and the Tag Team Champion five times. In addition to the fans he has as a wrestler, The Rock has an even bigger fan base as a movie star, owing to his leading roles in movies such as The Scorpion King, The Fast and the Furious franchise, San Andreas, Central Intelligence, and many other films. The Rock has appeared on the Forbes list of the Top 100 Most Powerful Celebrities in 2013, was the world's highest-paid actor in 2016, was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and was named "Man of the Century" by Muscle & Fitness in 2015. In order to keep up with his image, The Rock has to be serious with hitting the gym on a regular basis.

1 Paige

Via Images99.com

Paige is a WWE superstar who is currently away owing to an injury. All other wrestlers who gain the courage to face Paige have to get into the ring with the understanding that they are at the mercy of Paige. Paige has held the Divas Championship title two times and the inaugural NXT Women's Championship title. At one time, Paige held the Divas championship and the NXT Women's Championship at the same time, the first female wrestler to hold both of them at the same time and currently the only one so far. Paige almost got a third reign as a Diva Champion and when she comes back, she might eventually reclaim it. She has beaten the top superstars in the wrestling industry and ushered in a fresh wave of NXT veterans through being the captain of PCB in the Divas Revolution. Paige knows the value of hitting the gym, so she does it with a lot of seriousness.


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