18 Things About Stephanie McMahon That Only Triple H Could Tell Us

Fifty percent of weddings end in divorce, statistics claim. In the wrestling business, that stat has to skyrocket. How many superstars have we heard about that have been married at least once? To put it in perspective, the Rhodes and Flair families alone count for thirteen different instances of marriage and divorce. Then there's the Harts, Edge, and plenty of other stars - stories of philandering abound all throughout the wrestling industry. Sadly, it makes sense. Life on the road could lead to all kinds of temptation.

While plenty of infidelities has led to firings (the Matt Hardy-Edge-Lita fiasco comes to mind), there's only one marriage that could in theory rock the very foundation of the industry to its core, and that's the real-life marriage of Triple H, Paul Levesque, and Stephanie McMahon. Thankfully, that nightmare scenario (as far as the industry is concerned) doesn't seem likely.

But fans seem to love conjecturing all kinds of stories and storylines based on the couple’s real-life relationship, which of course has been blended into their characters over the years. Let's focus on some of the stories that have been told over the years, here are Things About Stephanie McMahon That Only Triple H Could Tell Us.

18 The Truth About The Macho Man Rumors

“Freak out, freak out! Ooh yeah, first name, Macho. Last name, Man. Check up the boots, uh-huh.” As Randy Savage was getting on in years (which according to the WWE at that time was 42 years old, one year older than A.J. Styles is right now), Vince McMahon was reportedly grooming Randy Savage for a commentator position. According to Something To Wrestle With…Bruce Prichard, Savage for all intents and purposes had expressed that he wanted to take this career path. But whenever the need arose to put Savage in the ring, they put into a match.

Then he was gone, went to WCW. For years, especially because for all parties involved no one flat-out denied the allegations, the rumor and innuendo had always been that Randy somehow hooked up with a then, very young and underage Stephanie McMahon. The story even details how Steph was preggers with a Macho baby and kept it from Vince, which fans state as the reason it took so long to induct the guy into the Hall Of Fame.

One would have to assume as husband and wife, and HHH being a huge mark for the business, that he would have asked the question and gotten the straight answer about this salacious rumor.

17 Their Personal Lives Have Nothing To Do With Wrestling


While plenty of people assume that all Mr. and Mrs. Levesque do is eat, talk about wrestling, wash, rinse, and repeat; that probably couldn't be farther from the truth. After all, do you and your significant other solely speak about your respective jobs? While they were paired up on-screen at the suggestion of Triple H, off-screen, the pair were riding up and down the road together, no doubt living the gimmick. But they were also probably getting to know one another on a personal level, and fall in love.

When you're getting to know someone, you obviously want to know everything about him, but you don't tend to start with the very heavy stuff early on. No, you want to talk about the little trivial things like what's your favorite movie, sports team, food, who your friends are, etc. Clearly, both working for the same company and both gaining power, surely discussions about their business philosophies. But also as the relationship has grown, they have managed to get married and have three beautiful children.

According to Triple H on the Thy Kingdom Come DVD, the couple’s coming together as staying together actually had zero to do with their shared passion for professional wrestling and the WWE.

16 Late Night Sweats


No disrespect to Stephanie, but when she first debuted, the cute 22-year-old girl wasn't a hard body by any stretch of the imagination. She was thin and pretty, but nearly 20 years later, the Billion Dollar Princess transformed into someone incredibly built. Even when she was working fairly consistently, she wasn't the fitness model that she is nowadays. Clearly, Mrs. Game has indulged in her husband (and father’s) other favorite pastimes in recent years, sculpting the human body into a vessel that looked as if it was carved from granite.

You know what they say, the late-night sweats are how babies are made - do they say that? In any event, both Mr. and Mrs. Helmsley are ridiculously dedicated to both looking like dynamite and keeping Father Time away. Neither of them looks anywhere near their real age (Stephanie is 41, Triple H is 48; although his giant beard gives it away), perhaps the secret to life is living by Vince McMahon’s 'sleep is the enemy' mantra, and getting up before 6 to exercise, and heading to the gym after 11 pm as well.

With a bodybuilding enthusiast for a husband, surely he had helped to craft a routine that allows maximum gains for the Billion Dollar Princess and help her look believable in the ring against the likes of Ronda Rousey.

15 Role Model Mom


On-screen, Stephanie McMahon is arguably the top heel in the company. While that is a sour point for a lot of die-hard fans out there (after all, she seldom gets her comeuppance), Stephanie McMahon is for all intents and purposes one of the most altruistic business owners out there. Even if she uses her charity work to increase brand awareness, why not, by the way, why shouldn't the good work WWE does help them globally as a brand? (It's a great side effect, wouldn't YOU as a consumer want to keep doing business with an organization that say, donates more money than you'll ever know to child cancer research?)

But her more important role is definitely being a mom, and certainly Triple H watches Stephanie in action every day in that role - whether it's the little things like helping the kids out with their homework or art projects, or the silly things like having a “match” with her middle daughter Vaughn and leading the charge as one of the most powerful females in the world.

“I hope that my daughters see that they can be strong, confident women who are not afraid to go out and have new experiences…I'm showing my daughters that a woman can do anything,” Stephanie said, according to Sportskeedia.

14 The Real Influence Of The Women’s Movement


NXT started as a kernel of an idea stemming from a conversation between Hunter and his buddy, Kevin Nash about what he would do to get the future of wrestling prepares if he had unlimited funds to do it with. Voila! NXT was born! There are also several people within WWE who believe that the Cerebral Assassin would have been able to pull this off even without being related to Vince McMahon. While that may or may not be true, there's very little chance that the Game would have the kind of autonomy that he has down at Full Sail University.

While Triple H might have also helped carve out a niche for any ladies that want to be pro wrestlers, certainly Stephanie has to be the real voice behind the women's movement in WWE. Growing up with the ultra-tough Johnnie Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah as her role models would have had to inspire her to want to create an entire division of double-tough and rugged ladies. She and Triple H have three daughters who all need a strong role model, so undoubtedly, she is the true influence of the Women’s Revolution.

13 Real Feelings On Shane-O-Mac


As the oldest McMahon child and the only son of Vince McMahon, it stands to reason Shane McMahon was the heir to the entire company. Or at the very least, half of the WWE when you take Stephanie into account. While no one has seen the guy’s last will and testament, once the Chairman decides to exit this mortal coil, in theory, the company would've been left to both McKids.

That was before Shane left the company several years ago, to try and make it on his own. At that point, in theory, Stephanie had more and more responsibility thrust upon her with only one McMahon kid left working for the company at the time. In the years since, clearly Steph and her husband have been gaining more power. In the storyline, Shane would return and want his power back.

But some of this is certainly true and only Hunter would know his wife’s true feelings towards the brother who helped to raise her. This being the same brother who left to forge his own path. There have been many rumors in which Stephanie and Hunter wanted to do something different, which would possibly be in conflict with what Shane-o-Mac would do. If rumors are true, expect a Game Of Thrones level power struggle when it comes time.

12 She Can Be Petty


In the years since former Diva’s Champion left the WWE, she went from being a cute young lady to turning into a fit and fine woman, with a physique that could put just about every female on the roster, including Mrs. Game herself. Considering how petty the McMahons could be, Steph might be a little perturbed by this fact. But one of the reasons that Stephanie doesn’t like the raven-haired bombshell is that reportedly at one point, Kaitlyn had interrupted the Billion Dollar Princess backstage. That translated to an on-air bit of Steph demanding that Kaitlyn never interrupt her again.

You’d have to think Paul Levesque rolls his eyes at how petty both his wife and father-in-law have been with talent in recent years. If this story is remotely true, it certainly parallels the Titus story from a few years ago, where he held back Vince to let his daughter walk by first during the Daniel Bryan send off. If Vince could be so petty as to suspend the guy during WrestleMania season, then there's no telling what a scorned Stephanie is capable of. If she chooses, Kaitlyn, who is working her way back to the ring, Stephanie could just blackball her.

11 Their Decision To Bring Their Marriage To The Storylines


Triple H in 2009 had been years removed from the days where was simply the best in the business. No disrespect to the Game but 2000-2003 were those years. That was also when in the storyline the McMahon-Helmsley Era was a thing, which eventually had a very bitter end. Stephanie’s scream edited into a Lion’s roar is still a pretty crazy sight to see and hear. But the couple had been separated on screen from one another for a long time in the years since. Even on different shows too – he was one of the top stars on Raw and she was the GM on Smackdown.

But while the fact they were married in real life was only joked about certain times, the couple was not acknowledged in storyline anymore. For whatever the reason, that all changed when Stephanie decided it was now time to bring their relationship back into the WWE. Only now the couple and the entire McMahon family would be faces of the company, aiding Triple H in his blood feud with his former Evolution acolyte, Randy Orton.

As head writer for the company, it would be Stephanie’s decision to bring their real-life marriage to the story. Triple H, as her husband, and also someone high up on the food chain would have some say, and there would be several private discussions about the benefits of bringing the marriage to the forefront.

10 The Real relationship


It's all a grand wrestling storyline. Superfan, egomaniac, and Cerebral Assassin, Triple H manipulates and contorts a young girl, whose dad happens to be the boss of the very company he seeks to gain control of into falling for him and marrying him. Thus, finally giving the Game what he always desired - absolute and unlimited power! Triple H did whatever he had to do. He dated an amazon and made her his rebound to help get him over what he had lost, and the second he could, he dumped her for the boss’ daughter. She would be so enamored with Hunter Hearst Helmsley that she too would leave her boyfriend at the time for the much manlier Cerebral Assassin.

Despite all of the rumors and innuendos, and all the "he said-she said", only two people actually truly know how their relationship was started and that's Mr. and Mrs. Game themselves. Because of their public personas and because of what other people have said over the years, we all think we know what went down. For the most part, all the internet knows as those involved have at some points come out to talk about it. The way Hunter and Steph hooked up in real life seems to be what the audiences were told, but only these two know of the particulars and how it all really went down, warts and all.

9 Getting The Job “Dunn”


Stephanie McMahon was born into the business and has been running around backstage for as long as she could run. Triple H has been a fan of the business more or less for the same amount of time; he saw his first match around five years old featuring Chief Jay Strongbow. Stephanie has had that picture of her and Andre circulated throughout the world more times than anything else in the show. For most of both of their lives as “civilians” and certainly all of their professional lives, one name has stuck around with the two of them. That is the man who has shared the Chairman’s vision and helped to mold it – Kevin Dunn.

Triple H and Dunn have very different views of where the business should be. Hunter’s is that of NXT while Dunn’s skews more towards all of the Gaga on the main stage. But what people might not realize is that Dunn will probably be the first, if not, one of the first, to go under the McMahon-Helmsley regime. But Stephanie would be the real reason. After all of the hard work she has put into giving the ladies a platform, he supposedly still is more interested in the puppies than the planchas.

8 Pushing Shane Out


Another storyline that mirrored real life was when a little over two years ago, the prodigal son, Shane McMahon returned. He came back to reclaim his birthright and stick down the throats of his sister and brother-in-law who he believed was driving the product into the ground. It's an old play on a widely-assumed truth - that Shane would be far better running his family’s company than his sister. Why? Perhaps because of the rumors that Shane actually wanted to buy UFC and ECW at one point or another.

The details of why he left are fairly closely guarded. The rumors of why he returned are also tightly guarded. This is because of the fact that on television, no one will ever really know what is real and what is not real, which essentially, makes for good entertainment but doesn't allow for much credibility. Which means no one knows if Stephanie wanted her brother back, or if she had to put on the bad face for show. But people think her annoyance with her brother is true. If this one is even remotely true, she is also undoubtedly had several heated discussions with her husband in regards to Shane coming back possibly trying to undo all that she has accomplished in the years since he left. Shane seemingly lost a power grab and it's still a sore spot for him in interviews. Elements of this have been used in storylines, and tension between the two on-screen is palpable; it will be interesting to see who really gets control of WWE after Vince steps down.

7 Pushing The Old Guard Out


Whenever new bosses take over, expect a whole lot of changes. It must seem strange being the right hand to the head of the company and in a lot of ways the entire industry. In all those years, watching the kids of the owner grow up play with them and talk to them, knowing full well that if and once they take any kind of power, you could be down and out really quick.

Bruce Prichard is one of the people who had this happen to him when Stephanie was in full control of the writing staff, amongst many other facets of the business. As a long-standing WWE employee, Prichard came over when Vince absorbed the Houston territory and with the exception of one year (91-92), the guy has seen it all. But his relationship with Vince is what did him in. His side of the story, simply put, is that too many people were still coming to him looking for guidance when they should have been going to Stephanie.

Several others would leave during this time as well. But this also allowed for Stephanie to elevate some of the old guard who she trusted (re: Michael Hayes), and bring in more and more writers to help her bring the product more in line with her vision, which Triple H clearly knows about and is certainly one of the people who continue to help her bring her ideas to the forefront.

6 Wants Hollywood Writers Instead Of Old School Bookers


When Vince McMahon took over his father’s company, he took it from being a territorial business into a global entity on par with all sorts of other entertainment industries. No more smoke-filled bingo halls and high school gyms. Stephanie McMahon will certainly be taking her father's company to more unprecedented heights, namely in the writing and the booking department. Hopefully, Triple H and Stephanie are on the same page in this regard, because currently, it doesn't seem like they are. Only the power couple know for sure.

Triple H has bookers in NXT who also happen to be long-time former veteran wrestlers like William Regal. But Stephanie clearly wants to meld both the WWE and their movie division, WWE Studios, together. She hired writers with Hollywood credentials like Freddie Prinz, Jr. Which despite having no experience, the cinematic storytelling seems to be the direction Stephanie wants to go in moving forward. Besides Prinz, WWE had several other Hollywood types like Patrice O’Neal and Days Of Our Lives writer, Tom Casiello. The company also employs not one, but two DJs in Peter Rosenberg and Sam Roberts.

With Steph at the helm, the company seemingly will keep finding new media personalities to hire either as talent or writers, and only the Levesques know how far Stephanie is willing to go.

5 Steph Has Her Favorites Too


It seems like an obvious thought, but Stephanie has her favorite performers as well. We always see pictures of Triple H and new signees, Triple H and his NXT guys showing the Kliq sign. For some reason, there aren't these kinds of “just hanging out” pictures of Stephanie and her people just hanging around, going to brunch and having mimosas, or hitting up the gym and training.

But the Billion Dollar Princess does have a whole slew of ladies that are her favorites, and another handful of people who “just made the list!” For the most part that list consists of people who mix with her like oil mixes with water (re: A.J. Lee). But the people on Team Steph are a veritable who’s who of the Women's Division - probably not a coincidence - and the WWE as a whole. From being one of Randy Orton’s earliest supporters way back in 2004 to backing plenty of the ladies pulling the truck for the division now, to building houses with some of the Divas in New Orleans. Steph has insulated the future of the company with men and women that she trusts, and by extension have gotten the rub and a push of some sort from her husband.

4 She Loves Being A Mom


Between nannies and assistants, sometimes it seems like wealthy, powerful people like Stephanie McMahon don’t have a lot of time for their own children and to us normal folk, we’re wondering if she and Triple H even wanted to be parents at all, if they’re not going to be there for their own kids. They do their absolute best to try and work hard to keep their kids happy and content, making sure that their personal life does not interfere with business. Though their careers are important, they have made it clear that their children are way more important than that.

In an interview on thejasongreen.com, Stephanie spoke briefly about knowing what is like to get the kids up and get them ready. If you google Stephanie McMahon and words like “nanny” or “au pair,” you won’t find any – she is a mother first and foremost, head of WWE second, and ruthless on-air boss thirdly. Because of all of her hard work before having kids and because of the team she helped put together, she can be the mom she wants to be, and the mom she loves to be. If the Stephanie that we see with some of the children backstage is any indication of how much she loves her own kids, then we can say with certainty that being a mom is the best part of her life.

3 She Loves Being A Wife


Stephanie McMahon loves doting over her man every time they're on screen together. She's practically glowing at the mere mention of his name. The boss’ little daughter is a total mark for her man. There's even this picture right here where she is gushing over the Cerebral Assassin’s physique in an issue with Muscle and Fitness. They two of them definitely do not need to get paid to be extravagant with their love or act a different way for the screen. They are already proving just how over the top they are with one another. She is head over heels for him.

They definitely outshine a lot of other couples, whether they are normal couples, or within the realm of the WWE or Hollywood. They just seem so good together! They depict a real supportive relationship where both people understand what the other wants and needs. There's no doubt that Stephanie loves being not just any wife, but Mrs. Game, and even, being married over a decade, Steph seems to still love being a wife in and out of character. While she would have certainly had the money and career, she would have had a huge Game-sized hole in her life. She is as every couple should be, infatuated with him.

2 She Loves Katy Perry


Remember several months back, right before Raw 25, big bad snarling nasty heel Triple H purred like a little kitten on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, lip-synching to “How Far I'll Go,” from the Moana soundtrack. It was quite the sight to watch, especially for long time Triple H fans. While the woman and girls in his life are certainly allowed to like plenty of the heavier stuff the Cerebral Assassin enjoys, Triple H singing Disney Princess tunes must be a regular occurrence at the Levesque household (if one of his daughters can post him singing “Be Our Guest” or “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” that would be great).

But can you picture the King Of Kings in his gravelly voice stomping his feet proclaiming he's a “Firework?” While their private lives should stay private, there have been instances that the Levesque girls love them some Katy Perry. Stephanie McMahon had a “match” with one of her daughters, and she came out to the California Girl’s “Rise.” There are also several pictures circulating online from a few years ago, of the Game and his family attending a Katy Perry show.

Triple H even considered trying to bring Perry into the WWE around WrestleMania 32 - which may or may not have been what's best for business, but it certainly would have been good for the Cerebral Assassin’s home life.

1 All Kinds Of Intimate Information


Never mind the fact that the WWE is far more PG now that it was in 2002. But the heiress to the throne is a few years older, a mother, a wife, a successful businesswoman, one of the faces of the company and by extension, the entire wrestling industry. A 41-year-old married, mother of three Stephanie McMahon Levesque would never even dream of discussing some of the things that a 26-year-old Billion Dollar Princess would discuss or even…um…flaunt.

Certainly, the only one who knows plenty of her secrets in the boudoir department, in 2002 Stephanie McMahon was on the Howard Stern radio show. For anyone who is too young to know or has lived without a radio for nearly 40 years, Howard Stern and his band of misfits are as raunchy as they come and will ask the most ridiculous questions to elicit real responses about the material. Plenty of what most gals would keep secret, she let fly. Whether or not this was Stephanie the character or the person or whether or not she still enjoys some of the extra-curricular activities today, only the couple knows for sure, and quite frankly, some of those items ONLY the couple should know.

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