17 Things Conor McGregor And Mayweather Don’t Want You To Know

"I’m going to break his face" - Conor McGregor, 2016.

Those words uttered by McGregor once again opened the flood gates for this possible superfight. Whether it happens or not, people are certainly talking about the possibility at this point.

Conor remains hotter than ever in the world of mainstream media following his recent dominating victory which cemented him as one of the greatest ever in the world of MMA. At this point, Conor has doors opened everywhere from entertainment, to the WWE, to even boxing. Conor has now stated he wants a stake equity in the UFC for his increased popularity. Many believe McGregor got his boxing licence to send a message to the promotion that he isn’t playing around.

For the most part, Mayweather has stayed quite calm throughout the entire ordeal looking at Conor as a joke more so than anything else. With a record of 49 wins and no losses, you can’t blame the legendary boxer for taking Conor lightly. Even the UFC has denied speculation of this fight ever taking place, as the last thing Dana White wants to see is his golden boy appearing for a rival promotion and getting embarrassed.

No matter what the case might be, the feud will continue to grow. In this article, we'll look back at some of the moments these two iconic figures would rather you forgot about. With that said, enjoy this list of 17 things McGregor and Mayweather don’t want you to know about. Enjoy!


17 Floyd’s Criminal Record


He’s made over $700 million in career earnings as a professional boxer but his life outside of the squared circle has been quite controversial. Mayweather has a history of several arrests which all started from his difficult upbringing as a child. The problems would continue to spiral as he became more successful. Floyd faced several charges throughout the years which included domestic violence, battery against two women and battery against a nightclub bouncer. For all three offences, Floyd faced minimal time which consisted of community service and a suspended jail sentence.

His absolute worse offense came in December of 2011 when he was sentenced to 90 days in prison for battery charges against his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris. Mayweather pled guilty for misdemeanor battery charges and was ordered to 90 days in jail along with 100 hours of community service and a 12-month domestic violence program. Floyd did his time in June of 2012 and was released in August of the same year.

16 Conor’s Past With Nate Diaz

Adding to the allure of this future superfight is the fact that both competitors hold tremendous records. However, like Floyd has pointed out in the past, McGregor is not perfect like his opponent. Floyd holds an outstanding 49-0 record which spans from 1996 when he won his first TKO victory to his most recent win in September of 2015 defeating Andre Berto. Insane to think that in two decades, Floyd has yet to be beat.

The same however, cannot be said for Conor McGregor. His and the UFC’s dreams came crashing down when McGregor fell victim to an unexpected loss against the seasoned veteran Nate Diaz. Making his welterweight debut, Conor fell victim to a submission loss against Diaz in the second round. It would be his first and only UFC defeat.

Ultimately, McGregor would get his revenge winning the second bout by decision, although the match was extremely close. Following the bout, many urged a third and final match but the UFC wanted none of it, and McGregor moved on to other things while Diaz continues to wait in the dark for a third encounter. No matter what the case might be, the UFC wants you to forget about this feud and Conor’s loss heading into the potential superfight.

15 Age Difference

In terms of blemishes to this match, one difference you can point out is the age gap between the two. Mayweather is set to turn 40 in February while Conor is yet to enter his 30s at the age of 28.

To put this age gap into perspective, Mayweather was already fighting as an amateur when McGregor was only five years old. McGregor would start to kickbox at the age of 12, at the same time, Floyd was well into his fighting career as a professional adding to the wins on his impeccable 49-0 record.

Although it’s an obvious factor with an 11 year age difference between the two, it really shouldn’t bring down the fight all that much to the casual fan. Even though Mayweather is up in age, he’s proved he can still walk the walk and talk the talk at his age. As for Conor, well, age is certainly not a problem as the fighter is entering the prime of his career. The bigger difference is experience, as Mayweather has been devouring opponents for decades while McGregor has no experience whatsoever. Despite this blemish, fans would order the event regardless.

14 Floyd’s Troubled Childhood

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Floyd had a troubled upbringing. Living in poverty with his mother who was a heavy drug user at the time, Mayweather recalls several instances as a youth which included sleeping seven in one bed and having no electricity.

His relationship with his father was no better, as Floyd claims his dad neglected him throughout his childhood which resulted in Floyd basically raising himself. His father, a former welterweight boxer, denies the claims and states he did his best for Mayweather and was always there for him. His son denied the claims stating that his dad sold drugs and encouraged his kids to do so as well and would take their money in the process.

His childhood was quite troubling but it led to using boxing as an escape from it all. After Mayweather’s father was put to jail, the boxer moved in with his grandmother and began to grow as a human being. Floyd would end up dropping out of school and pursuing a full-time career as a boxer in an effort to provide for his mother. We can all agree, his plans worked out quite well with a current net worth of $400 million.

13 Conor’s Former Career Path

It wasn’t always trash talking and bright lights for the UFC star. Had he not made the bold choice to become a full-time fighter, McGregor could have potentially pursued a less glamorous career elsewhere as a plumber.

Growing up in Dublin, Ireland, Conor pursued both soccer and fighting; both typical staples in Ireland. He eventually made the wise decision to pursue fighting on a regular basis by starting to kickbox at the age 12. He thrived early on and showed tremendous potential.

Despite his in-ring prowess, Conor’s father strongly discouraged the career path and demanded that McGregor instead focus on a steady career as a plumber. This led to several altercations between the two including some physical dust-ups. Looking at the choice Conor made, we can safely say he made the right decision. Despite his father's disapproval, Conor holds no ill-will towards his father and claims he was just trying to protect his son.

12 Floyd’s WWE and Dancing With the Stars Appearances

Looking at Floyd’s crazy net worth, you can only assume he’s branched out into different avenues to add to that tremendous empire of his. One of those places was the WWE, the same place Conor McGregor is currently flirting the possibility of appearing with after dropping some serious insults to the WWE roster.

Mayweather appeared on the road to WrestleMania back in 2008, hyping up a match against Big Show. His first appearance took place at No Way Out which was held in his backyard of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire ordeal was very forgettable and even resulted in Floyd breaking one of the wrestlers' nose after landing a shot that was too stiff. Despite his underwhelming appearance, Floyd cashed-in with an insane 20 million dollar pay check. Just to put things into perspective, the entire WrestleMania for that year had a revenue of $23.8 million.

He continued his forgettable appearances with a brief cameo on Dancing with the Stars. Floyd was eliminated fourth in the competition and finished ninth overall. You can officially cross wrestler and dancer off the list.

11 Conor’s Other Loss

The fight certainly is a superfight looking at the two and their current bodies of work, however, the fighters both have not been perfect throughout their careers with losses coming early on, something the boxing and MMA worlds fail to mention.

Going pro in 2008, Conor started off as the dominant fighter we know him to be winning his first two bouts. However, he lost his third match in an absolute shock getting defeated via submission against featherweight Artemij Sitenkov. The loss didn’t sit well with McGregor who actually contemplated leaving the sport following his first defeat. Seeing his potential, his coach talked him off the ledge and his mother pleaded with him as well to stay in the field. McGregor took their advice and blossomed into a dominant fighter despite the loss, going on a tremendous win streak. Not too surprising that the UFC fails to bring up this loss at any point, and you can expect the build-up to this fight to follow that same pattern avoiding any negative losses that the two picked up during their careers.


10 Floyd As An Amateur

The boxing world loves to glamorize the fact that Mayweather has an unblemished record, however, he has sustained some loses throughout his career. Chances are, you didn’t know about this considering Mayweather rules the entire boxing community.

Boxing as an amateur, Floyd held a tremendous record of 84 wins and six losses, something we're not used to seeing. Early on in his amateur career, Mayweather was praised for his incredible defensive posture and his ability to rarely get hit during a fight.

Despite the losses, he still showed some incredible upside at such a young age. He would further that by participating in the Olympics by winning the bronze medal in 1996 participating in the featherweight division. Despite his Olympic losses, the US team was furious with several of them claiming Mayweather got robbed. With his incredible style of barely getting hit, the American team was infuriated by how Floyd could have lost a fight despite never even getting hit.

He’d make up for his amateur and Olympic record by going undefeated as a pro, the record we all know him for.

9 Conor’s Relationship With Dana White

The consensus of fans love Dana White but some criticize the UFC boss for having his favorites. Like in any other sport or company, those in charge love the people that draw the big bucks and this has created a solid bond between White and McGregor.

McGregor and White are very close and Dana has given Conor his blessing to promote a fight by any means necessary even if it comes with some controversial remarks. At the end of the day, all Dana cares about is selling a fight and nobody does it better than Conor McGregor at the moment. Without doubt, White is ecstatic that 2016 has the potential to finish off with Conor holding two Championships along with his other long time favorite Ronda Rousey, getting back on her throne as the dominate UFC Champion. Whether the UFC wants to admit or not, it’s fairly obvious, Dana has his favorites and Conor is currently one of the biggest!

8 Money, Money and More Money

What fans can't argue about is that money takes away from the fight (considering how money motivated these two individuals are). This will lead to conspiracy theories claiming that the superfight is all being done as a major money plea, something similar to the highly coveted Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight which was a huge disappointment considering all the hype surrounding that type of superfight. Without a doubt, fans are going to be thinking along the same lines heading into this clash with Floyd being all about the money and McGregor following suite with various pictures on his social media of his latest expensive purchases (which includes the finest cars and clothes out there).

With such a fight, you anticipate the two are mainly thinking of the dollar signs which does hurt the credibility of the encounter to a degree. When promoting the fight, the last thing these two want you to know about his how much they’ll be pocketing from our hard earned dollars.

7 Conor’s Party Life

Whether it be Vegas, New York or his home of Dublin, Ireland, Conor is seen partying it up and enjoying the lifestyle he currently lives as a major money-maker for the UFC. Some claim his party antics have only added to his allure, while others believe his party life hurts his reputation as a role-model for millions around the world and can also have negative connotations when looking at his future.

At the age of 28, McGregor is currently in the prime of his life and career. With that said, he’s enjoying every little bit of it seen out and about almost every weekend. It has also opened the door for some speculation that McGregor is also a drug user. According to speculation, Conor was seen at a party consuming amounts of cocaine and being clearly out of it. This can be detrimental to his future and surely something the UFC wants no part of especially when you consider the whole Jon Jones situation.

6 Mayweather Versus Pacquiao Fight

Billed as one of the biggest fights in boxing history, this encounter was meant to bring the prestige back into a sport that seemed to be fading because of the recent MMA dominance in our mainstream media outlets.

After the fight was over, we quickly remembered why several fans turned their backs on the sport. The encounter between the two was anything but eventful and seemed to be passive throughout the entire fight. It was also later revealed that Manny fought the entire fight with a torn rotator cuff. Despite the shortcomings of the superfight on May 2nd, 2015, the event brought in four million in buys and it was said that Floyd made between $220 and $230 million for the match.

Looking at this past superfight, fans are worried that the same ordeal might happen with this fight between McGregor and Mayweather. It also doesn’t help how money driven the two are. We hope this is not the case when this mega fight finally takes place, but surely, Mayweather wants you to forget about his prior fight heading into his potentially new superfight.

5 Conor and His Relationship With Boxing

Conor no doubt wants you to know about his recent boxing licence but the UFC isn’t all too thrilled about it. Dana White has been asked several times about the possibility of Conor jumping over but White has rejected the notion. Rightfully so, Dana wouldn’t be all that thrilled seeing his top MMA star carry over with the rival company that seems to be fading. All that will do is shed a light on the sport, something White does not want for his competitor.

Despite the UFC’s displeasures, McGregor went ahead and got himself licensed as a boxer. Some believe it was done to set up the superfight, while others claim Conor did it as a shot to the UFC promotion for stripping him of the Featherweight Championship, something many UFC fans didn’t see coming or understand truthfully. Others also believe the entire act of getting the licence was all a publicity stunt and something that was done strictly to add hype.

4 Conor’s Boxing Experience

At the end of the day, although the possible fight between the two sounds very glamorous, the fact remains that McGregor truly has no business being in the same ring as Floyd Mayweather given his boxing experience.

Mayweather is without a doubt, pound for pound the greatest fighter in the world and he remains undefeated to this day after nearly 50 fights on his resume. Now that begs the question, how can McGregor possibly be the one to beat Floyd? Yes, he has some tremendous hands but that doesn’t take away the fact that Floyd’s been dominating opponents since his first fight back in 1996.

With all this being said, many just view this rivalry as a way for Conor to get richer. McGregor has demanded $100 million for that fight which is pretty absurd considering his experience but kind of makes sense if he’s going to transition. At the end of the day, the experience factor is something this superfight doesn’t want you to know about.

3 Conor’s Alleged Affair

One of the brighter story's coming out of McGregor’s career is his relationship with his long time partner, Dee Devlin. The two have been together since 2008 and are now expecting a child together due in May of 2017.

The rumor mill was sent a buzz when pictures were leaked online of Conor with another girl. The video show McGregor completely out of it slurring his words. He then tells the woman that he has a girlfriend which is met with some shock and confusion by the female. According to witnesses, Conor was at a party and held in the back room away from everyone else. In the room, it was said that McGregor was consuming huge amounts of drugs and alcohol. He was very aggressive in telling everyone that no phones were allowed while he was in the room or in sight.

All the allegations slowly died down and Conor didn’t comment on the ordeal. Surely, this is a situation that McGregor and his family don’t want you to know about.

2 Their Spending Habits

When it comes to spending habits, these two are probably the poster boys in combat sports. McGregor is now starting to flex his assets posting numerous pictures of fancy clothes and insane additions to his car collection. He was even discussing how much money he spent at the boutiques in New York during his most recent UFC fight.

Mayweather however, takes spending to another level in comparison to Conor and anyone else for the matter. His watch collection is worth over six million, he’s been known to bet millions on sports games, bought countless cars and not to mention his own private jet. His most ridiculous spending habit of them all has to be his haircuts. According to TMZ, Mayweather cuts his hair twice a week and gets charged $1,000 per cut. When he’s training for a fight, Floyd ups the dosage cutting his hair a grand total of three times a week. You truly can’t make this stuff up, folks!

1 That The Fight’s Not Going To Happen

At the end of the day, the likelihood of this fight actually taking place is quite slim. When asked about the possibility of the bout actually taking place Dana quickly slammed the door shut, claiming “it won’t happen”.

Under contract, UFC, the company holds the rights to McGregor and what he does. Ultimately, Dana and his partners have the choice and it’s rather obvious their stirring away from the fight. With McGregor being the poster boy of the company and many millions invested in his face, the last thing the UFC wants is Conor getting embarrassed in a boxing ring. Along with that, surely, the UFC has no interest in promoting anything boxing related especially a fight of this magnitude which would draw huge views to the dying sport. Realistically speaking, the chances of this fight happening are pretty impossible unless something drastically changes in the future.


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