17 Must-See Photos Of Stephanie McMahon And Triple H

Life has three guarantees; death, taxes and Hunter and Stephanie dominating the WWE scene. All jokes aside, Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque have become the most powerful duo in all of pro wrestling today. In the last couple of years, Vince McMahon has groomed both behind the scenes. Stephanie has excelled in her role expanding the company globally while Hunter continues to thrive working behind the scenes alongside Vince and down in NXT. His recent contributions with the CWC tournament just showcased how in touch Hunter really is with the product nowadays.

Not only are they thriving away from the camera but they're still very much relevant on-the-air. Stephanie remains in power as the Commissioner, while Triple H held the WWE Championship to start off the year. He also recently returned in controversial fashion aiding Kevin Owens in winning the Championship. So yeah, the two are pretty much thriving in all company aspects.

Aside from dominating the scene in and out of the ring, the two live a crazy lifestyle outside of it which involves a family life, constant travelling and a prominent fitness schedule. In this article, we take a look at all those aspects of life, including some backstage WWE photos of the two hard at work. These are 17 must-see pictures of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Enjoy!

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17 Steph & Hunter Enjoy The Marvel Tour


This pictures shows Stephanie and her husband Triple H, enjoying some “off” time if you can call it that, partaking in a Marvel Tour. Of course, judging by their remarkable pant suits, the visit was all business although they did manage to enjoy some pleasure as you can see in the picture.

For Stephanie in particular, this part of the business is crucial for her, being regarded as the company’s Chief Branding Officer. The goal of her new title behind the scenes is to expand the WWE on a global level, and doing so requires Steph to recruit several other businesses that can potentially align with the WWE in the future. To fully thrive at her position, Stephanie must create various connections and help grow the company on a huge platform that is bigger than the wrestling industry itself. Looking at the global state of the WWE today, we can officially say she’s succeed in her job and brought the company to new heights.

16 The Road Life


For some of us taking a plane is a rarity, but for Hunter and Stephanie however, it’s a part of their everyday lives. The two partake in a rather grueling schedule which sees a lot of back and forth. For Hunter, he basically shows up to Raw every Monday night, goes back home for a couple of days to Weston, Connecticut, spending some time with his kids and working at the head office. After a day or two, he’s once again off going down the Performance Center and working on his “baby” down in NXT. Before he can get back home, it’s once again time for Monday Night Raw. And oh yeah, don’t forget about those PPVs which seem to happen every three weeks nowadays.

The travel is pretty rough on both, Stephanie has a similar schedule but instead of going down to NXT, she works with various companies outside of the business in an effort to expand the WWE globally.

15 Hard At Work


The hours upon hours of work never seems to stop or slow down for the two. In particular for Hunter, who is learning his new craft, he spends countless hours dissecting certain aspects of the business. One of his new role sees the former WWE Champion work the gorilla position. This involves countless hours of editing and properly planning a perfect WWE show, whether that be on Raw, NXT or a PPV; Hunter does it all nowadays.

Like any great wife would do, Stephanie feels obliged to check on her husband from time to time. We all know, work can get the best of us, even if we love it dearly. Stephanie always makes sure Hunter’s doing fine and not burning out. If things ever get too rough, Stephanie admitted that she calls HBK for some help to ease the stress off of Hunter. Whether it be through text message, phone call or even flying out to wherever Hunter is, HBK always serves as a helping hand when things get a little too hectic.

14 Late Night Training Sessions


A growing trend among so many successful people nowadays is their willingness to live a healthy lifestyle despite their grueling schedules. As a matter of fact, Vince McMahon himself has followed this very model to this day, finding the time to work out in the wee hours of the night on a regular basis. Even Triple H admitted he can’t keep up with his father-in-law.

That type of behavior has rubbed off with both Hunter and Stephanie. Triple H has been a fitness junkie since the days of him working at a local gym when he was a teen. The passion truly never escaped the WWE star. Stephanie has also joined the fitness community making it a part of her life. She looks better than ever nowadays and that’s thanks to the couple's late PM sessions alongside Joe DeFranco in their home gym. When WrestleMania season comes along, the couple takes their training to another level, especially for Hunter who finds himself competing at the event more often than not.

13 Spotted With Flair


As youngsters, we all had that one wrestler we idolized. For several WWE stars, that person was the great Nature Boy, Ric Flair. His contributions to the wrestling industry re-defined what it meant to be a heel. What made Flair so special was his ability to portray the gimmick in and out the ring. Oh, and his wrestling skills weren’t too shabby either.

When WCW finally went under, the WWE welcomed Flair with open arms. After a brief storyline alongside Vince McMahon, Flair seemed to have lost his way. One day backstage, Hunter noticed Ric who happened to look like “a beat down dog” according to Hunter. It was at that very moment when Triple H decided to help his mentor by making him great again. Flair once again blossomed and had a new lease on life with the company. Ric claims he’s forever grateful for everything Hunter has done for him and calls The Game his best friend today.

12 The McMahon-Helmsley Era Is Born


For the next two entries we take a step back and go down memory lane, looking at the classic pictures that started it all for Hunter and Stephanie. This picture shows the unveiling of the infamous “McMahon-Helmsley Era”. At the time, Vince loved controversy and he had a knack for creating bizarre angles that nobody saw coming. In this instance, McMahon paired his loveable babyface daughter alongside the most hated heel in pro wrestling, Triple H.

In the main event of Armageddon 1999, Stephanie aided Triple H against her father in a shocking twist. The events lead to McMahon sustaining a long-term injury from the gruelling bout which caused Stephanie and Hunter to take over the company’s day-to-day proceedings. This launched Stephanie’s career and turned her into one of the greatest heels in history of the WWE. That moment was only the beginning of the couple's dominance on-screen as you’ll see in the next picture.

11 Co-Champions


During the late 90s and early 2000s, Triple H began to dominate the WWE Championship scene. The company had some great babyfaces, but Hunter remained the most dominant player in terms of heels in the company. Throughout his career, Hunter would enjoy nine WWE Championship runs along with five World Heavyweight Title reigns.

One particular title run was even more special for the reason you see in the picture. Despite having no wrestling skills whatsoever, Stephanie was granted the Women’s Championship after she defeated Jacqueline on an episode of WWE SmackDown back in March of 2000. Her title run was actually quite lengthy lasting till the very end of the summer when she finally dropped the strap in late August losing to Lita on Raw, with The Rock as the special guest referee. That moment is truly one that Stephanie and Hunter will never forget despite all their other accomplishments in the business.

10 The Awkward Love Triangle


Before the couple started ruling the landscape of the WWE they stirred up quite the controversy behind the scenes. While Hunter was with the late great Chyna, he had began talking to the boss’ daughter. The situation went south when Chyna found a letter in Hunter’s bag from Stephanie. The situation escalated and Chyna was sent home to “cool off”.

During her cool off period, the legend was released by the company via fax. Vince didn’t want the situation to blow out of proportion so she felt the brunt of the situation. Things didn’t run as smoothly for Hunter and Stephanie either, however. The locker room was very upset about the relationship and told Vince about their displeasures. McMahon had at first given his blessings to the couple but took it back following the backlash from the other employees. Despite his feelings, the couple proceeded and things ended up working out. You can’t break up true love, folks!

9 Partying It Up


Here’s a picture you probably thought you’d never see. This real-life moment was captured by a fan and features Steph and Hunter alongside The Undertaker, his ex-wife and The Rock, who is dawning those epic vintage sunglasses. Seriously, do they still sell those? If so, I’ll take all of them please. Thanks.

The pictures seems odd but it truly isn’t outside of the ring. The Undertaker became one of the most respected locker room generals of all-time and created a great bond with Hunter. It was actually Taker who gave Triple H his blessing when he decided to date Stephanie. Because of Taker, Hunter went along with the relationship.

His relationship with The Rock is also very real to this day. The two were actually bitter rivals at one point trying to outdo themselves in the ring but that later changed into mutual respect for one another. Hunter remains close to both of them till this very day.

8 The Celeb Life

via:World Championship Wrestling - ForumFree

Yes, this couple even walked the red carpet at one point in time. Seriously though, is there anything they haven’t done? This picture was taken at the premier of the 2004 film Blade: Trinity, featuring a star-studded cast with the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Wesley Snipes and Triple H, playing the role of “Jarko Grimwood”. He enjoyed the role in the film and even managed to hit a couple of wrestling moves. How shocking; a wrestler, hitting wrestling moves in a film... A formula we’ve seen far too many times.

Aside from Hunter’s cameo in the film he also appeared in a plethora of other projects. Hunter appeared on both The Drew Carey Show and MADtv. He also got the lead role in the film, The Chaperone which was made by WWE Studios.

Nowadays, with all his new positions within the company, these types of gigs are certainly a thing of the past, but it’s still cool to have those accomplishments on your resume nonetheless.

7 They Love Kids


Not surprising since they have three of their own, but Stephanie and Hunter absolutely adore children. In one particular instance, Triple H and Stephanie both broke kayfabe after making a young fan cry. The two showed a lot of compassion towards the child and Hunter even hugged the kid during the live edition of Raw (the camera didn’t spot it but thankfully, audience members were able to capture this terrific moment).

With the product changing towards a more family friendly approach, there’s no doubt that Stephanie and Hunter helped to steer the company in that direction. Especially for Stephanie, the new family friendly WWE has helped to usher in all new advertisers which has caused the WWE to expand globally at a level they were never able to sustain before with the content being way too edgy for several businesses. The new outlook has certainly created a new platform for the WWE that seems to be bigger than ever.

6 Hunter & Stephanie Alongside Vince and Linda


This lovely photo shows Hunter and Stephanie alongside their father and mother. Calling Vince a father still makes some of us grin to this day for whatever reason. Nonetheless the duo hold a great relationship today and actually live down the street from one another in the Connecticut area. When Stephanie, Hunter and Vince are all on the road, Linda takes care of things back home nowadays. She truly is the backbone of the family even though we don’t really see her on-air nowadays.

The relationship Vince and Hunter hold is truly remarkable. Looking at Hunter and Vince together you’d think he was really his son. Watching several WWE documentaries, Vince tends to get choked up when talking about how proud he is over Hunter. Some would go as far as to say that Hunter seems more like a son than Shane does. Whatever the case may be, the two have blossomed together and this next picture shows just how close the two are.

5 Stephanie & Hunter Behind The Scenes With Vince


This picture shows Stephanie and Hunter, watching alongside the boss Vince McMahon behind the scenes at the gorilla position. For years, Vince pleaded with Hunter to take off the tights and trade them in for a corporate suit. Vince wanted Hunter to learn the business internally and mold him into the next leader of the new era.

Eventually Hunter accepted his new role and quietly transitioned away from the ring. Today, he is regarded as McMahon’s number two behind the scenes attending Raw every week and sitting next to Vince at the gorilla position, helping to produce the show. In addition to that, Hunter was given the keys to run NXT on his own; some believe McMahon did so to give Hunter a platform to learn on. Looking at Triple H’s involvement with NXT and the recent CWC tournament, we can truly say he’s excelled in the role and made his father-in-law pretty proud at that.

4 Working Side-By-Side


As we discussed earlier in the article, Stephanie always makes sure she takes care of her man when things get overwhelming. This is another picture that proves that fact.

Another thing you might see in the picture is Bret Hart present in the background. Hart and Hunter actually had quite the rocky past. It was Triple H who surprisingly planned out the infamous Montreal Screwjob by uttering the lines: “if he doesn’t want to do business, we'll do it for him”. Since that moment, the two have traded some verbal jabs, most of them coming from Bret who still occasionally bashes Hunter to this very day. Even recently at a 2K17 event, Hart laughed at Triple H’s rating, claiming “he couldn’t even lace my fu**** boots”.

Despite all the heat, Hunter and Stephanie are very forgiving and tend to welcome back several Superstars no matter how bad their pasts seems to be. Triple H even helped out in bringing Bruno Sammartino back into the Hall of Fame, something that seemed impossible based on Vince and Bruno’s previous disputes.

3 Celebrating Another World Championship


2016 was a wild year in the WWE and it all began with an unlikely title reign. This past Royal Rumble featured a new concept which saw the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Hunter entered the Rumble as a surprise entrant in the number 30 slot. He eliminated Dean Ambrose, sealing his 14th World Championship reign; this title run, nobody truly saw coming.

After the match Hunter celebrated the victory alongside his loving wife Stephanie, who was thrilled to see her man with gold around his waist one more time. Even his father-in-law Vince, took a picture with him in celebration of the achievement. His title run was short-lived dropping the strap to Roman Reigns in a lackluster main event, but it was still cool for fans to see Hunter once again carry the gold around his waist.

2 The Loving Family Together


Outside of the ring, Hunter and Stephanie keep very quiet about their personal lives. In the mid 2000s, Stephanie started appearing sporadically and that was because of the fact that she was in and out of the hospital room, giving birth to three children in that time period. The couple welcomed in their first child on July 24th, 2006, giving birth to Aurora Rose. Shortly after, almost exactly two years later, the couple had their second child on July 28th, 2008, Murphy Claire. The final child once again came in the summer and the couple kept with their two years of separation with Vaughn Evelyn, born on August 24th, 2010.

The family is said to be full of love and joy. Stephanie praises Hunter for his parenting skills and refers to him as "the best dad in the world". Even Hunter’s mom claims the kids' father spoils them way too much and has a soft spot for all three, something you really wouldn’t think is possible when looking at his body of work in the WWE as a ruthless heel.

1 Post-WrestleMania Love


The greatest part about working into your later days is getting the opportunity to perform in front of your children. Goldberg decided to return to the WWE for that very reason, getting the opportunity to play the role of a superhero for his son and wife who never got the chance to see their dad/husband perform live. With his recent Raw debut, that finally changed and man, was he ever a proud husband and father after that reaction.

Similar to Goldberg, Hunter got to experience the same feeling during the past WrestleMania main event which saw his family ringside. Even his brother-in-law Shane, was accompanied by his sons during his entrance; it truly was a family affair. Although Hunter lost the main event, ending his 70 day title run, he still won getting to perform in front of those he loves the most. It was truly a win-win experience for both Hunter and Stephanie as proud parents.

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