16 WWE Stars Who Are A Lot Younger Than Their Partners

Keeping the same partner isn’t the easiest when you are working in the field of pro wrestling. Constantly on the road, maintaining a relationship and family isn’t the easiest. On a good week, WWE Superstars spend three days at home (per week), but even that’s a stretch given the amount of live events and PPVs nowadays. For all those reasons, relationships usually don’t last and at times, we’ve seen wrestlers opt for younger partners.

In this article, we take a look at former and current WWE stars currently dating or who are married to someone that is quite younger. For the most part, they already had a failed relationship prior; perhaps younger gals are easier to deal with? Probably not. Who knows what these wrestlers look for in a female... We’ll include current stars such us The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy. We’ll also look at alums who opted for younger partners such as Batista, Hulk Hogan and The Rock, just to name but a few.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 WWE stars who are a lot younger than their current partners. We begin with an active wrestler on the Raw brand: Broken/Woken Matt Hardy!

16 Matt Hardy (Reby Sky)

The age gap between these two doesn’t seem to be all that bad due to the fact that Matt Hardy completely resurrected his career with the Broken gimmick, and for that reason, he still seems relatively new. However, don’t forget that Hardy was actively wrestling in the early 90s, heck he even first appeared on WWE television in 1994. What was his wife doing in 1994? Well,

considering she was only eight years old at the time, she was likely not stepping foot in a squared circle like Matt.

The couple is happily married nowadays with two children. Matt’s well into his 40s at the age of 43, while Reby entered her 30s not too long ago (she’s currently 31). We’ll likely see her on WWE television in the near future; we got a glimpse of her during Matt’s Ultimate Deletion matchup on Raw against Bray Wyatt.

15 Batista (Sarah Jade)

Dave Batista knows a thing or two when it comes to women, not to mention marriages. Before he met his current partner Sarah Jade, Dave tied the knot twice; the first time way back in 1990 even before his wrestling career got underway. His second failed marriage would come in 2006 after he divorced his second ex-wife Angie, the two separated after an eight year relationship.

He remarried a third time to Sarah Jade. We credit Batista for still looking to be in great shape, however in terms of age, the gap is rather extreme. The two are separated by a 20 year age gap. Some would say that Dave’s old enough to be her father. The former WWE star’s a year away from the big 5-0, while Sarah’s set to turn 30 at the end of 2018.

14 Tye Dillinger (Peyton Royce)

A WWE couple currently keeping things on the down-low includes two former NXT stars. Both are now on the same brand with Royce recently joining SmackDown Live. Again, the age gap might not seem too significant given the fact that Tye’s brand new to WWE fans, however he’s been around the block for quite some time getting his first gig back in 2002.

At that point, Royce was a ten year old and likely only dreaming about hitting the squared circle.

The two NXT alums are 12 years apart. It’s truly shocking to realize that Dillinger’s closer to his 40s than his 30s (at 37). As for Royce, she’s just getting started at the prime age of 25. You can expect some big things from the talent; she has future Women’s Champion written all over her.

13 Rob Van Dam (Katie Forbes)

Now, we aren’t really sure when it comes to Forbes' exact age but we do know that she’s significantly younger than her current boyfriend Rob Van Dam. Katie started in the business just a couple of years ago in 2015, at that point, Van Dam completed another stint with the WWE and had over 25 years of in-ring experience. So yeah, you can bet there’s a gap.

Rob was previously married to a woman named Sonia. The couple married during his ECW days and stayed together all the way up until 2016. Inching towards his 50s at 47, Van Dam decided to go younger with his newest partner. He’s still actively performing on the indie scene and to his credit, he’s admitted to mostly doing it for the money and less due to passion.

12 Kurt Angle (Giovanna Yannotti)

This one is another example of a massive age gap between a couple. Angle previously married Karen Jarrett (the age gap was extremely minor however, as both are currently in their 40s). However, in Angle’s second marriage, he decided to go much younger. A former actress and model, his current wife Giovanna Yannotti, just entered her 30s last year, she recently turned 31. Angle instead, is set to turn 50 later this year in December making it

quite the age gap of nearly 20 years. Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!

Putting things into perspective, when Kurt won an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck, his current wife wasn’t even a 10 year-old-yet. Nonetheless, no matter what the age difference is between them, the two are very much in love and Angle credits Giovanna for saving his life and putting his darker days in the past. The couple has three daughters.

11 Bray Wyatt (JoJo Offerman)

It’s unknown whether or not these two are still together, however one of the first things that had fans buzzing is the difference between the two. In terms of age, JoJo’s in her early 20s while Bray’s into his 30s. Wyatt’s personal life recently took a turn for the worst when his wife filed for divorce, listing JoJo as they main reason for it. The two got married in 2012.

Issues have since followed with Samantha, Bray’s ex, filing complaints based on failed child support payments from Wyatt. Making matters worse, it seems as though Wyatt’s spending his money on a certain someone (as the records show Bray purchasing expensive items for his new partner). Ever since the allegations made the headlines, both sides have kept quiet about the matter.

10 Tino Sabbatelli (Mandy Rose)

via:Wrestling Forum

Prior to her main roster days, Mandy Rose was featured on Total Divas alongside her ex-boyfriend Michael. Following the show, rumors began to emerge that the couple had in fact split up, and Rose would later confirm the rumors to be true.

In a surprising twist, Mandy introduced her new boyfriend during the Hall Of Fame ceremony. He’s a familiar face currently working his craft with NXT, Tino Sabbatelli. The weekend worked out pretty darn well for the couple as Tino also appeared at WrestleMania dressed as a gladiator during Charlotte’s entrance. Now again, due to Tino’s fantastic physique, the gap might not seem that harsh; though the two are still seven years apart. Tino played in the NFL prior to his NXT days, he’s hoping to join his girlfriend on the main roster one day.

9 Mickie James (Nick Aldis)

This entry is unique on this list only because Mickie is the one who is seven years older than her husband, Nick Aldis. Brock Lesnar and Sable have a similar relationship with a ten year age gap between the two.

Despite the age difference between Aldis and Mickie, both got their gigs in the business at nearly the same time.

James started on the indie scene back in 1999, while Aldis first appeared for lower tier promotions in 2003. It seems like James likes her men young as even her past fiancée Kenny Dykstra, was five years younger than the WWE veteran. The couple both remain active in the wrestling business with Aldis appearing on NWA and other independent programming. Outside of the ring, the couple are happy parents to a young boy named Donovan Patrick Aldis.

8 Finn Balor (Cathy Kelley)

Rumors began to swirl pertaining to this relationship after the two were spotted holding hands in the NYC area. X-Pac confirmed the relationship in early 2018, however we finally got confirmation at the recent Hall Of Fame event as the new couple was spotted sitting together.

Similar to Peyton Royce and Tye Dillinger earlier in the article, visually, the age gap really doesn’t seem all that bad, especially due to the fact that Finn has kept a tremendous shape throughout the years. You can argue that the two can pass for the same age. However, when Finn got his start in the business, Kelley wasn’t even a teen yet. She’s still in her 20s nowadays while Balor’s closer to his 40s than he is his 30s, set to turn 37 in July.

7 Bubba Ray (Velvet Sky)

One of the more peculiar relationships features a recently inducted WWE Hall Of Famer Bubba Ray, and the beautiful TNA alum, Velvet Sky.

The tag team artist got his start in the business back in 1991, at that point, Sky was a 10 year old.

Heck, when she signed with TNA in 2007, Bubba had already enjoyed a career’s worth of action with both ECW and WWE. He was working with TNA at the time Sky inked a deal with the company. The two have a ten-year age gap which is quite noticeable when the two are together. Bubba recently called it a career retiring from in-ring duty, though he remains a present face behind the scenes. As for Sky, the 36 year old also stepped out of the ring with a new focus on going back to college. However, you can still find her doing various appearances at conventions.

6 The Rock (Lauren Hashian)

Forget about the age gap for a second... it’s hard to believe that The Rock is 45 years old. Seriously speaking, the guy looks as though he’s been stuck in his 30s for the last decade (and maybe even longer). Some would argue Rock looks younger today than he did during the early 2000s with the WWE. He continues to put an emphasis on training despite his hectic schedule. Rock takes his love of crushing the weights to another level nowadays, touring with his own gym! What’s your excuse again?

Rock is currently with his partner Lauren Hashian. Surprisingly enough, his former partner Dany Garcia was actually older than Dwayne (she’s currently 49). As for his current partner Lauren, she’s still only 33. The two have a 12 year age gap. Rock is set to turn 46 in just a couple of weeks on May 2nd.

5 Hulk Hogan (Jennifer McDaniel)

When his marriage with Linda came to an end, things started turning for the worst when it came to the Hulkster’s personal life. His ex took him to school during the legal battles, and when it was all done with, Hulk was only able to retain 30% of the couple’s assets. It was a dark time for the Hulkster, though he would bounce back in his next relationship. Hogan married his next partner, Jennifer McDaniel in 2010. The two are still together nowadays. The age gap is significant between the two.

Hulk is 64 years old, while his wife is 44 years old, meaning there is a 20 year age gap between the two.

You know your wife looks young when the press compares her to your daughter (in terms of her looks...).

4 The Undertaker (Michelle McCool)

When The Undertaker first married back in 1989, his current wife was literally a child at the age of nine. Taker ultimately divorced his first wife Jodi, though the couple had a child together. His next relationship was with Sara (she even appeared on WWE television). Who can forget that awful storyline with DDP playing the role of her stalker? As if that wasn’t bad enough, he tried to completely pre-plan a match against Taker which didn’t sit well for The Deadman, but that’s a conversation for another day.

McCool appeared on SmackDown during 2006. At that point, we literally saw it all from Taker, whether it was the Lord Of Darkness, Biker Taker and hell even back to The Deadman. He divorced Sara in 2007 and in 2010, he remarried. The two have a 15 year age gap.

3 Jerry Lawler (Lauryn McBride)

This one is truly shocking as The King and his current partner, Lauryn McBride, have a 39 year age gap between the two. Jerry’s in his late 60s (at 68 years old) while his partner McBride, has yet to hit her 30s, if you can believe it... In another twist, which really shouldn’t be too shocking, it is said that Lawler recently suffered from a stroke during intimate activity between the two. Yikes!

Lawler has quite the resume when it comes to failed relationships. His first marriage took place way back in 1971. 20 years after his first marriage, Lawler was divorced twice. His third and final marriage would come in 2000 when he tied the knot with Stacy Carter, though the relationship would also end in divorce just a year later.

2 Bret Hart (Stephanie Washington)

90s era wrestling fans would be baffled to realize that Bret’s currently 60 years old. Even more baffling, his current partner Stephanie Washington, is significantly younger. That wasn’t always the case for Bret though, as the age range was much closer in his prior marriages. Hart married twice before Washington. The relationship most fans remember is with his wife Julie. The two remained married throughout his pro wrestling career. They divorced after two decades in 2002. He also had a brief marriage to Cinzia Rota, lasting three years.

Despite the massive age gap, the two appear to be very much in love.

Hart posts regular photos of his wife on his IG account. She was also featured alongside Bret during an episode of Total Divas.

1 Ric Flair (Wendy Barlow)

Ric Flair is no stranger to failed marriages. In fact, most of his hard earned dollars went to those failed marriages. Things got so bad at one point that Flair asked Vince for some extra cash. Flair repaid the favor by refusing a WrestleMania bonus payout. Before he met his current partner Wendy Barlow, Flair was divorced on four separate occasions with his most recent coming in 2014 to Jackie Beems. His other failed relationships included Elizabeth Harrell, the mother of Charlotte Flair; Leslie Goodman and Tiffany VanDemark were two other of Ric’s failed marriages.

He’s engaged yet again, this time to Wendy Barlow who is significantly younger than Flair.

She’s almost always by his side though, including at this recent public appearance.

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