16 Stunning Photos Of New WWE Diva Isabel Lahela

Isabel Lahela; the woman, the myth the (Internet and Instagram) legend. The Canadian weightlifter is only 22 years old, incredibly fit, and sports one of the nicest derrieres on the internet. She is only just now beginning her ascent in the professional world, imposing her bootylicious brand of fitness as a model and personal trainer. The dirty blonde sometimes brunette bombshell and creator of “The Slimthick Workout” recently landed a developmental contract with WWE. Isabel trained at Superkick’d Wrestling in Toronto under the tutelage of pro wrestlers Ashley Sixx and Kris Chambers. Isabel, who also happens to be a professionally trained dancer for 15 years, tried out for the WWE at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando last September. Isabel will be taking her ample talents to the WWE performance center in April. Now, there’s a chance that this beautiful, gifted woman doesn’t make the roster….I’m willing to place a bet that she’ll end up having a large presence within the realms of Pro Wrestling simply based on her uncanny determination and thirst for competition. Isabel’s weightlifting talents are at an Olympic level. She also won the 48kg weightlifting Junior Ontario Championship back in 2014. Let’s just say when Isabel makes her WWE debut there’s going to be a lot of people who take notice.

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16 Don’t Get It Twisted, She Knows How Hot She Is

Via Instagram

Isabel knows she has the uncanny ability to charm anyone and everyone as she pleases. Isabel is in pure bliss as she embraces the beach. Lahela is such as boss that it turns out her weightlifting background has actually intimidated men.

“I’ve encountered some men who are intimidated by the fact that I lift and other who admire it. To each his own” said Isabel in an interview from Maxim.

Isabel is definitely breaking down the stereotypes associated with shredded women. I strongly doubt anyone would consider this particularly beautiful weightlifter as a being too masculine. However, those are the unfortunate stereotypes associated with women in her field. Lahela goes on to describe how it seems that people have negative opinions on female weightlifters, saying they’re too “bulky” and woman enough. Isabel makes sure to let everyone know that she’s breaking down those stereotypes with photos like this.

15 On A Mission

Via Instagram

Isabel is on a mission to show everyone that built ladies such as herself can be extremely sexy as well. Here we are fortunate to get a side view of the fitness model showing off. Isabel has been featured on sites such as muscleandfitness.com, a site that’s a haven for blazin’ hot “thickfit” models like Lahela. Her own website showcases her accomplishments. One can visit the site to get a nice “view” of how Isabel markets herself. You can see what she’s all about, shop for her packages, which include the likes of meal plans, promotions, modeling and her bread & butter, the slimthick workout. Anyway, that chair that Isabel is sitting on is likely to be put to good use somewhere down the line if and when her WWE career picks up. Hell, maybe this particular shot is a subtle glimpse as to what her ring gear would look like.

14 Don't Mess With This One...

Via Esquire.com

If one were to search anything about Isabel they would be able to see that she’s incredibly competitive and determined to succeed. She clearly works as hard as anyone for her success and she knows she wants to be at the head of her empire. In the photo above the beautiful Isabel is dressed in gear ready to whoop some tail. You can see that she has pretty much mastered the art of balancing sensuality and looking threatening at the same time. For some reason people are intimidated by a beautiful tough woman…Isabel places her glistening frame in the locker room as she holds her shoes with her workout gloves. She might as well be echoing the age old phrase “come get some.”

Isabel’s entire build is muscle yet she has just enough emphasis where her assets stand out for the better. This front view shows that she has more to offer than her internet famous backside.

13 What's So Funny? Can We Join?

Via Instagram

Holy Sh*t. I’ll just go and repeat myself, if anyone doesn’t know who this woman is they now know or will know more very, very soon. Isabel may be signed to the WWE. She may be a model. She may be incredibly gorgeous and physically gifted in all the right areas, but at her core she’s a fitness model who loves what she does. Here's Isabel letting her personality shine through as she takes a nice hot bubble bath. This is another great example of how Isabel expands her brand. She knows that the easier it is to relate to her the better. Her ability to relate to clients and draw them in with her mix of personality and physique widens her (internet) audience. Next up is perhaps music videos… Or maybe endorsements. You know what? Why stop there? How about movies? How about fitness apps and videos? What about TV? Isabel is rising up the ranks and as long as her mind and body are warmed up, people will have no choice but to take notice.

12 NXT Bound?

Via Instagram

Isabel is signed to the WWE and it looks like she will be starting off in NXT; the same brand that contained the WWE’s version of the “Four Horsewomen” Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. These four changed the game and put on matches that were considered to be some of the best wrestling that not only NXT had to offer, we’re talking about the entire WWE. Isabel knows that she’s going to have to work as hard as she’s ever worked to make a name for herself within the confines of the WWE. Isabel wrote a message out to her legions of followers letting them all know that she had to work incredibly hard for her body.

“I don't have this body because I make excuses about not having time to go to the gym or eat healthy food. I don't do endless hours of cardio. I don't deprive my body of the nutrients it needs, fats, carbs, and calories in general. I have this body from lifting weights that challenge me and fueling my body with nutritious food.”

11 Shawty What'Chu Drank?

Via Instagram

Isabel is here conjuring up a nice blend of devious and curious while being sexy as ever as she sips from what looks like to be some sort of "daiquari-esque" beverage. As we can all see, this woman clearly shows why she’s the creator of the "SlimThick" workout. If you go on her website you’ll see that particular workout is trademarked. Isabel shows off her amazing abs and as we can see, her incredible hourglass figure. This photo echoes the “body positivity” mantra that Isabel loves to retain with her clients; there's always time for fun during your fitness journey. Isabel is a fitness model that makes sure there isn’t a photoshop job; in fact, she looks down on photoshop. Her demeanor may be intimidating to some, but quotes like the one below are reasons why this beautiful Olympian-turned-WWE Diva is most likely as approachable as one could be.

“…You are more than just your body! Looks fade. I absolutely never photoshop my body. Sometimes I'm thicker, sometimes I'm leaner. Work with what you've got ..."

10 It's Not Just Her Beauty...

Via Healthgreatness.com

So…yeah. One of the reasons Isabel Lahela is so internet famous is because of the photo above from healthgreatness.com. She's strong has hell and will hopefully be able to show off some of her strength whenever she enters a WWE ring. Here Isabel shows off her powerlifting skills, turning over a big ass tire as she uses her notable frame to get the job done. Part of the reason Isabel is able to get so many clients is because she has proven to deliver that ever so elusive mix of being slim yet thick. Her legs, thighs, hips, and derriere are features that everyone nowadays covets. It's no wonder she's able to keep and develop such a body especially when she continuously does vigorous workouts such as this. Isabel claims not to have any injections or implants; she obtained her body through vigorous training, trials, and tribulations and good ol’ hard work.

9 Wow

Via Instagram

There have been many adjectives used to describe Isabel ever since her recent signing to the WWE. “Stunning” is usually what is used to describe the Olympian. We know that Isabel isn’t a one-trick pony; she shares her life via Instagram and is the definition of being multi-talented. This is an example of Isabel just being as beautiful as one can possibly be. She's clearly promotion Calvin Klein gear here if one were to look at her lower half. She looks like she's ready to conquer the world in this shot. If one were to do an ounce of research outside of this article they'll notice that Isabel has an intense drive to her...She has an "it" factor about her. There's nothing more dangerously attractive than that mix of beauty, brains, and determination. Isabel should probably consider having more shots like this one because she looks angelic; there’s no question a shot like this could be used as a poster for plenty of fans out there.

8 Stone Cold

Via Instagram

Isabel's stone cold blue eyes are the winners in this shot. Wow. She gives that seductive stare as she emerges from crystal blue water.  As we all can see from her sculpted arms and shoulders; she’s ready and willing to train and focus in on whatever she wants to accomplish. Isabel may only be on a developmental deal, but if this Olympian is anything like she’s being hyped up to be, she’ll be fine. Isabel, who has 130,000 followers on Instagram has had men’s magazines such as Maxim cite how she has one of the internet’s “most famous butts.” The WWE never hesitates when it comes to mentioning assets of certain WWE Divas within their stacked division. We all know Naomi (number 2 on my WWE Diva Booty Revolutionaries countdown) uses her backside as a weapon in her matches; Stacy Keibler (number 5) uses her long legs, and Brie Bella would always make mention of her twin sister’s inflated rack. Once Isabel officially becomes a WWE Diva, she’ll more than likely make mention if her incredible frame as she ascends to the top.

7 Practice Makes (Even More) Perfect!

Via Instagram

This photo is of Isabel training at WWE’s Performance Center which is located in Orlando, Florida. Isabel competed with 19 other ladies and garnered enough attention to earn a developmental deal with the WWE, which as we all know is the number one pro wrestling promotion on the planet; talk about bragging rights. As we all saw with other athletes who thought they knew what to expect in shows like WWE Breaking Ground on the WWE Network, Isabel likely got a rude awakening (RIP ravishing one) in regards to how difficult training for the WWE can be. However she looks to be quickly getting in ring shape, as this photo was before her signing. Clearly, it was enough. Isabel was able to perform moves we see every week on Monday Night Raw, Smackdown Live, and WWE NXT. She even executed WWE Hall of Famer and 7 Time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus’s finisher, Stratusfaction.

6 That's Quite A...Squat!

Via Teoti.com

Isabel has made a career out of providing her legions of Instagram followers with exclusive sexy photos of her physique. This one is no different, except this time she’s in the process of working out. Here we get a chance to see why her moneymaker makes her money. Isabel puts in time in the gym and most likely distracts men and women whenever she enters a facility. When someone who’s jacked like that wears bright red, form-fitting yoga pants, what do you think they’re going to expect? Isabel looks to have perfected the squat judging by the fact that she has Olympic weightlifting level skills. One would have to wonder if and how Isabel would incorporate her Olympic background in regards to her gimmick. Would she be the female version of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle? Would Kurt Angle be her manager? Hopefully the WWE is able to properly develop and use the plethora of talents this woman possesses.

5 Soak It In

Via Taringa.net

This is perhaps one of the more stunning shots of Isabel yet. Her eyes are closed, hair is flowing, and she’s wearing a top that echoes the iconic logo of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as she stands and takes in the sunlight by the pool. How many people looking at this photo would like to spend a couple of hours in the pool with this hottie?  Let's just say Isabel's rather pleasurable expression leaves a lot to the imagination... Though Isabel appears to be a positively focused self-marketing machine, as with any self-made successful individual, she most likely has her haters too. Fortunately, like another person who happens to be an established icon of the WWE, she’s more than able to rise above the hate and continue to go on to bigger and better things in the process. Who knows what’s running through Isabel’s head as she soaks in the sun…We’re more than willing to find out!

4 She's Pretty Damn Strong

Via Taringa.net

Here’s a shot of Isabel actually doing what she does best, weightlifting. If anyone needs another reminder, feel free to read this paragraph. Isabel is a 53kg Olympic weightlifter; that’s a ridiculous accomplishment. It turns out that Isabel spent years honing her professional dancing skills until she decided to leave those aspirations behind. She took on CrossFit and less than two friggin years later she began rocketing up the ranks in the ever-so-competitive fitness world. Every trainer has a workout, everyone has a program, but Isabel is unique in the sense that she has an actual talent and has accolades to back that talent up. Isabel also stands out due to her preaching positive image through and through on social media to her followers and potential clients.

“I’m a huge advocate of positive body image and self-love, which I have found through fitness,” she said in a magazine spread highlighted on her website.

3 The Woman In The Red Dress

Via Imgbox.com

You want to figure how out someone is truly packin’ heat from the back? Look no further than the photo above. Want to see an example of Isabel being as stunning as ever fully clothed? Look no further than the photo above. Lahela manages to retain a mix of cute and hot in this fiery photo. She’s amazingly hot so she has to show off that heel magic, a little bit of leg, and of course her purse. If Isabel were to eventually debut as a manager, she would give WWE Diva Lana a run for her money at the amount of heads that would turn. This shot is an example of how Isabel can be equally impressive when she’s glamming it up as she is when she’s wearing a bikini. Let’s be honest, there’s just something amazing about a woman that can come across so hot in different kinds of ways but also has the ability to kick your butt when she sees fit.

2 Hello Fellas...

Via TheChive.files.wordpress.com

That’s what many guys would hope to have Isabel say to them when looking at this photo. We know that female athletes, particularly bodybuilders, weightlifters, or those who happen to be bulkier in their frame, are unfortunately given an unfair shake when it comes to being an attractive woman. Isabel breaks that trend with her growing online presence. She fights negativity with a barrage of positivity. There’s no question that this eventual WWE in-ring talent has the potential to be a role model for millions…and millions of young girls who want to improve and challenge themselves. Isabel proves that a woman can come equipped with an array of beauty, brains, and brawn along with what looks to be a down to earth, inviting personality. The design on this bodysuit is almost battle-like, as if Isabel is prepared to fight for whatever she has to fight for— my money is on her winning.

1 Laid Back (With Her Mind On Her Money And Her Money On Her Mind)

Via Instagram

Here's another example of why Isabel Lahela is so stunning. This woman is able to wear flannel and still come across as sexy and confident as ever. When one is able to wear flannel and be just as alluring as when they wore a bikini or wore next to nothing during a photoshoot, you know that individual is hot; such is the case for Isabel. Isabel rests her hands behind her head and relaxes on what looks to be a hell of a soft bed. I'm willing to bet that waking up next to Isabel would probably be one of the greatest feelings one could get. This is a side of the Olympic athlete that reminds us that while she's strong and while she's an emerging pro wrestler, there are times when she can be as cute and as inviting as ever. The thing that's even more impressive is that behind all that beauty is a woman who has a plan on marketing herself her way and succeeding how she intends on succeeding; doing it her way.

Sources: IsabelLahela.com, Instagram.com, Healthgreatness.com

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