16 Lesser Known Children Of “Monday Night Wars” Era Wrestlers

Back in the day, wrestlers did a tremendous job at keeping their personal lives on the down-low. For that reason, we’re still shocked when some of our beloved 90s favorites post a photo alongside a loved one that’s their son or daughter - shows like Total Divas weren’t available back in the day and these types of stories were kept under the radar. Nowadays, with WWE reality shows and the development of Twitter and Instagram, such info is almost impossible to hide.

In this article, we take a look at the rosters from the Monday Night Wars and feature some of the lesser known children from that era, whether it be wrestlers from WWE or WCW. For the most part, these kids didn’t walk in their parents' footsteps making them lesser known as opposed to others. We’ll feature WWE icons such as Stone Cold and Kurt Angle. We’ll also take a look at the kids of WCW stars including Eric Bischoff and DDP.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 16 lesser known children of the “Monday Night Wars” era wrestlers. Let’s get started!

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16 Road Dogg

Oh, you didn’t know? Okay, sorry we just had to but seriously, most of you are likely unaware that Road Dogg has a beautiful daughter named Amberly; the 90s wrestler proudly displayed photos of his daughter via his Twitter account. He’s happily married with three children in total.

Life’s going pretty well for Road Dogg nowadays but that wasn’t always the case. The guy had so much talent but struggled behind the scenes with drug and alcohol addictions. Eventually, it cost him his job and he was bitter at the company for a while. Not only did the DX member get clean but he would re-enter the WWE system serving as a big time producer for the company. When Triple H and Vince are both gone from SmackDown, Road Dogg is the one in charge. It’s remarkable to see his ongoing growth with the WWE behind the scenes.

15 Scott Hall

Scott Hall was one of the top stars in the business during the 90s working his craft with both the WWE and WCW. He thrived in the ring but out of it he struggled. Hall grew an addiction to both drugs and alcohol, making matters worse it affected his relationship with his ex-wife Dana Burgio. The two divorced in 1998 due to his drug problems but would remarry a year later. Ultimately, the relationship ended in divorce once again.

From the marriage, Hall had two children. Most fans know about Cody Hall, who’s walking in his father’s footsteps nowadays working his craft abroad. However, rarely does anyone mention his youngest daughter, Cassidy Lee, born in 1995. Hall posted a photo of the two a couple of years back. He’s had his ups and downs throughout the years, though he finally seems to be doing well nowadays.

14 Trish Stratus

Trish made her debut with the WWE in the early 2000s, however she still played a major role in the Attitude Era working a storyline alongside Vince McMahon. Who could forget Stratus barking like a dog in the middle of the ring at her boss Vince's request? Man, was it ever a different time back in the day! She managed to escape such a storyline and by 2002, Stratus was on the map as an in-ring performer putting those “Not So PG” days in the past.

What a career she would forge as a seven-time Women’s Champion. Stratus would eventually decide to retire young as she opted to start a family. Following her retirement, she married high school sweetheart Ron Fisico and the two started a family with a couple of lovely children; her most recent, a girl named Madison-Patricia.

13 Edge

In 1998, we saw the debut of Edge and Christian together in a stable known as The Brood. By 2000, the duo was on the map as one of the best tag teams in the world; who can forget their epic Triangle Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000? The bout clearly stole the show on the night. That was only the beginning for Edge who carved out one hell of a career as an 11-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and five-time IC Champion. His work as the Rated-R Superstar put him on the map as one of the best single’s heels in the WWE at the time. He was definitely a catalyst during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Aside from an awesome podcast, Edge spends his time acting overseas and of course, taking care of his two lovely children as a proud parent alongside Beth Phoenix. Lyric, the older sister, was born in 2013 while Ruby was the couple’s most recent addition to the family born in May of 2016.

12 Christian

We can’t discuss Edge without bringing up his tag team partner and podcast co-host Christian. Like Edge, he enjoyed lots of success as a tag team artist, though he did pretty well for himself as a solo wrestler as well. His most underrated work came with TNA; he was pushed to the top of the card and became a two-time NWA World Champion. He would enjoy a similar push with the WWE later on winning the World Title on two occasions.

Like Edge, Christian would eventually part from the business due to various concussions. Ironically, like Edge, his wife was pregnant in 2013; it seems like it was planned but the two both admitted that it was not and just a crazy coincidence. Christian is now the proud papa to his daughter Isla.

11 Gangrel

In order to complete and round up the Brood members, we needed to discuss the leader, Gangrel, who at the age of 49 is still working his craft out on the indie scene. You can even find him at various wrestling conventions. Like the other two, Gangrel is a proud father of two children. The photo you see above isn’t of Gangrel and one of his kids, oh no, that’s actually the child of his son David. So yeah, the guy’s a proud Grandfather to the little dude you see in the photo above, Matthew.

We tend to forget, but the veteran actually served some time with the company before his 1998 stint. He initially signed in 1994 before parting ways and joining the likes of ECW and WCW. It’s crazy to think, but the vet's been working his craft since the late 80s, three decades later he’s still wrestling – an accomplishment on its own and one that deserves some love by the WWE Hall Of Fame.

10 Stone Cold Steve Austin

As we’ve seen in the past, some wrestlers don’t have the greatest success when it comes to life outside of the ring when discussing marriage. Steve Austin was on the wrong end of three failed marriages prior to his current one with Kristin Feres, which finally seems to be working out (however, his others weren’t as successful).

Austin first married back in 1990, though his marriage would end up getting annulled and he tied the knot with Lady Blossom; the relationship lasted seven years and the couple had two children together, one of which you see in the photo above. Cassidy is the younger of the two born in 1996. Austin’s other daughter was born in 1991 (Stephanie). Both live different lives nowadays; when we last checked, Cassidy was residing in England close to her mom while Stephanie was in Los Angeles, near her father.

9 Kurt Angle

Oh, how different things could have been had Kurt signed with the WWE following the 1996 Olympics. McMahon and the WWE went all-in with their attempt to sign Kurt Angle, though talks completely halted after Angle refused to lose any matches with the company, perhaps he hadn’t grasped the concept yet at the time.

He would sign in 1998 and what a trail he would blaze for himself. The multi-talented Angle was not only a gem in the ring but he provided us with countless hilarious moments via promos or segments behind the scenes.

During his fallout with the WWE, Angle met his current wife Giovanna Yannotti. The couple are happy together with three beautiful daughters. Though what many tend to forget is that Angle also had another daughter and son from his prior relationship to Karen Jarrett. The beauty you see above is Kyra Angle, who’s now 21 years old.

8 Jeff Jarrett

Jeff’s daughter Joslyn made the headlines with a controversial Instagram post recently. She posted a throwback photo alongside her dad writing a heartfelt message. Joslyn wrote that the two had a rocky relationship, though she was very proud that her dad was getting the help he needed, checking into a rehab center. Not everyone was thrilled with the post as Jeff’s step-daughter Kyra, who you saw in the last post, saw it as a way for Joslyn to get attention... Yikes!

Jarrett’s other daughter Jaclyn is also featured in the photo above. Of course, not only did Jeff get clean but he’s now set to enter the WWE Hall Of Fame class of 2018, an accomplishment many of us thought we’d never see especially after the terrible terms in which Jarrett left on.

7 Chris Benoit

We all know about one of Benoit’s children that tragically passed away during Benoit’s final days, though we tend to forget that he had two other kids, one of which is a fan of the business, David Benoit. He recently posted a photo watching some of his dad’s old work from the early 90s during his time with New Japan. David still actively watches wrestling on the regular, he even got backstage access to a couple of WWE events. Most recently, David posted a photo at work, posing alongside Teddy Hart.

For Benoit, the peak of his career came after the 90s and in the 2000s when he joined the WWE and left WCW for good. WWE won’t recognize any of his tremendous accomplishments but in truth, you can’t blame them one bit.

6 Sid Vicious

The new generation might reference Sid as the old dude that destroyed his leg during the WCW days. However, the old school fan knows just how important he was in the 90s. In fact, Sid is one of the only wrestlers in the world to have won both the WWE and WCW World Titles on multiple instances. How this guy isn’t in the Hall Of Fame yet is truly beyond us.

Sid has two children, some know about one of his kids, Frank Eudy, who became a big time fan favorite during his Big Brother days as a loveable underdog (unlike his father during his time with the WWE and WCW). However, Sid has another kid who rarely gets acknowledged, Gunnar Eudy. As you see in the photo above, he was blessed with some serious size like his father, it’s a shame he didn’t step foot inside the squared circle.

5 Bret Hart

Bret enjoyed the prime of his career during the mid-90s, however it seems as though in the 80s, he was busy making babies with his ex-wife Julie - the former couple had four children. Alexandra is the most popular one of the bunch due to her look, she’s known by her nickname Beans Hart. His other children consist of Jade Michelle, Blade and his other boy (which you see in the photo above) Dallas Jeffrey Hart.

Like Austin earlier, Bret didn’t have the greatest success with marriage; he had two divorces, the second came with his ex-wife Cinzia as the relationship only lasted three years. The 60 year old seems to be settled down nowadays with his current wife Stephanie Washington. We got a glimpse of her during the earlier days of Total Divas.

4 Eric Bischoff

Fans love to point out the negatives in Eric’s run with WCW, however had it not been for Eric, we likely would have never seen the WWE take things to the next level and usher in the Attitude Era. Before Eric and the WCW rose to the occasion, the WWE had a stale product and one which seemed to be complacent (to put things nicely). Yes, Eric helped tank WCW but in truth, he did a lot of good as well.

What wasn’t so good was his son Garett making his debut during Eric’s stint with TNA. Bischoff’s kid lacked the “it” factor, and his career went absolutely nowhere. To his credit, he’s completely out of the business nowadays rocking an entirely different look. You can follow the 33 year old via Instagram or Twitter.


Married to Kimberly Page back in 1991, you’d expect DDP to have good looking children, especially looking at his beautiful ex-wife Kimberly, a former Nitro Girl. Their first daughter Brittany Page did not disappoint; the 30 year old is absolutely stunning. We’ve seen photos of her serving as a coach in DDP Yoga videos. She also has a public Instagram account and looking at some of her recent photos, it looks as though she might be stepping foot inside the squared circle taking bumps in the ring. Page has another daughter from his relationship with his ex-wife, Kimberly Page born in 1994.

Since his amicable divorce in 2004, Page has since married his current wife, Brenda Nair. The two tied the knot quietly back in the summer of 2015.

2 Owen Hart

Sadly, Owen rarely gets coverage from the WWE due to his wife Martha’s ongoing issues with the company. As a result, he hasn’t been inducted into the Hall Of Fame which is an absolute crime. At the very least, we can watch his older matches on the Network as it seems as though the company was given the green light to show them.

Married in 1989, the couple had two children back in the day; the youngest, Athena Hart, is now 22, while the Owen-look-a-like in the photo above is his other son Oje Hart, who’s now 26, recently celebrating his birthday on March 5th. The similarities between Owen and Oje are pretty scary and making things even weirder, Oje’s in tremendous shape and looks like he can enter the squared circle like his father.

1 Chris Jericho

How Chris Jericho had time to make three children is truly beyond us. He’s still happily married to his wife Jessica Lockhart, and the two have raised three children, a boy and two girls successfully. Talk about a busy dad... Jericho’s a podcast-host, part-time wrestler and full-time musician these days. Yet, the 47 year old still finds time to be a dad somewhere in between. For those that don’t know, it’s kind of baffling to realize that Chris has kids given his rigorous schedule and how low-key he’s kept his personal life in the last couple of years.

Inching towards his 50s, fans are still talking about Jericho and the possibility of a return at some point. We can expect Y2J back in a WWE ring, though it remains to be seen when that’ll all transpire.

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