16 Hot Photos Of Misty Copeland That Will Make You Love Ballet

If you've never heard of Misty Copeland, be prepared to fall in love with her by the time you're done this article.

If you've never heard of Misty Copeland, be prepared to fall in love with her by the time you're done this article. She is a ballerina, an innovator, and also drop dead gorgeous. Of course, all of Misty Copeland's achievements are more important than the fact that she's hot, but she is seriously one of the most beautiful creatures wandering this Earth.

Misty Copeland is a 34-year-old ballerina who is changing the face of ballet. She dances for the American Ballet Theatre, which is one of the leading ballet companies in the United States. That’s already impressive to most of us normal people who can’t even do a split, but Misty Copeland didn’t just stop at becoming a minor part of the prestigious company. She went on to be promoted to a principal dancer role, becoming the very first African American to be promoted to a principal dancer in the ABT’s 75 years of operating. (SLAY, Misty Copeland.)

Misty Copeland's ability to break down these barriers and walls thrust her into the spotlight. She has since written three books and narrated a documentary about her career. She appeared on Broadway. She danced for Prince. She was a judge on reality television show. She’s basically done it all. But, the most important thing she’s done is inspire young African American girls everywhere to strive for whatever they want in life. Oh, and did we mention that she’s, like, the most beautiful woman in the world? She’s basically a perfect human being.

Below are 16 photos of Misty Copeland that may convince even the most unwilling dudes to watch ballet. I mean, if all ballerinas looked like Misty Copeland, guys would love ballet, right?

11 Misty Makes It Look Way Too Easy

Do you think that this is how Misty Copeland watches TV? I’d like to think that she just sits in weird positions while she binge-watches whatever it is that Misty Copeland binge-watches.

While her ballet lessons started late in her life, Misty Copeland was considered a prodigy. After just three months of classes, she was on to en pointe lessons. The pointe technique is a classical style of ballet that involves the ballerina putting all her body weight on just the tips of her toes. It’s the type of hardcore ballet that causes bruises toenails and sometimes for the toenail to completely break off. It also usually takes years for a ballerina to work up to this type of practice, but Copeland started just months after being introduced to ballet.

10 Misty Copeland Is Gorgeous Off Stage

Like I’ve been saying, Misty Copeland is just a beautiful, beautiful human being. Though, sometimes her body – how absolutely perfect it is and all the crazy things she can do with it – distracts from her face. I mean, it’s hard to really notice how drop dead gorgeous she is when she’s doing the insane things she does with her body that most of us mere humans cannot do with our bodies. For that reason, we included this photo of her just sitting in a chair, so you could finally not be distracted by her flexibility and take a look at what a smokeshow she is. Seriously, she looks like a fairy-angel-princess or something in this photo.

Because of her good looks, you may not be too shocked to hear that she’s no stranger to the fashion runway. She’s walked in New York Fashion Week to help raise awareness to the danger of heart disease for women. Alright, so humanitarian Misty Copeland is beautiful on the inside and the outside.

Because Ballerinas Are Athletes

This photo of Misty Copeland in the locker room is a great reminder that ballerinas are, in fact, athletes. Just look at her body! That is the body of an athlete. The real reason so many of us forget how athletic ballerinas are is due to how effortless ballerinas make everything seem. Ballerinas do things that require a great deal of physical strength, but they also do it like the most graceful human beings to ever live. Because they make it look so effortless and graceful, it’s easy to forget how much excruciating work goes into ballet. Ballerinas are as much athletes as football players.

Copeland’s rise to the top was fairly quick, since was she such a talented ballerina. In 1997, she won the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award for being the best dancer in all of Southern California. She then took two summer workshops with American Ballet Theatre, officially joining the company in 2000. In 2007, she was promoted to soloist at ABT.

9 You May Not Even Notice The Piano In The Picture

If you’re like "Oh, there’s a piano in this photo? I totally didn’t notice!" you’re not alone. It’s hard to notice the piano - or anything else - when Misty Copeland is being a total queen. This photo comes from a 2015 book entitled Misty Copeland: Power and Grace. It was photographed by Richard Corman, so we can all thank him for capturing this photo. Apparently, this grand piano washed up ashore under the Brooklyn Bridge, which is where they had their photoshoot during sunrise, though that’s not too noticeable since the photos are in black and white.

Copeland also released three other books of her own. In 2014, she released a memoir, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. That same year, she released a children’s book, Firebird, which celebrates empowerment of young minorities. In 2017, she released her third book called Ballerina Body, which is a health and fitness book. (So, if you read that book, you’ll have Misty Copeland’s body? Great, I’ll buy 100 copies. Thanks!)

That Red Leotard Is Fire

Misty Copeland should only ever be wearing a leotard until the end of time, especially one with a deep-cut mesh panel because it's mega hot.

After being promoted to soloist, Copeland was a standout, even receiving praise from the New York Times. Unfortunately, she faced from some set backs to her career in 2012. Due to six stress fractures in her tibia, Copeland had to withdraw from the ABT season. She received surgery, with recovery taking seven months. Thankfully, this didn’t end her career. In fact, when she was back, she was better than ever. Copeland returned to the company and in 2015, she danced some of the most iconic ballet roles, as Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty and Odette/Odile in Swan Lake. This was the company’s first performance of Swan Lake, which made Copeland's spot in the lead role all the more important.

8 A High-Fashion Ballerina 

2015 was a landmark year for Misty Copeland's career. It was the year she was promoted to principal ballerina with American Ballet Theatre, making her the first African American to be promoted to such a position in that ballet company. This achievement was huge because there have been so few African American ballerinas in major ballet companies, let alone being promoted to principal ballerina. It was this achievement that made Misty Copeland a household name. Okay, maybe she isn’t a household name like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, but she became much more well known after her ABT promotion to principal. In fact, Time selected Misty Copeland for the 2015 Time 100, even placing her on the cover of the issue. This made her the first dancer to be on the cover of Time since 1994.

7 Major Under Armour Attitude

In this photo, Misty Copeland is serving up major Under Armour attitude, but in the best way possible. She looks fit, beautiful, and like you wouldn’t want to mess with her. Seriously, this would be a perfect cover for her debut rock album, not that she has time to make a rock album or anything.

In 2014, Misty Copeland teamed up with Under Armour, becoming a sponsored athlete for the company. This sponsorship actually now pays her more than her ballet career, but so is the way with sponsorship. Under Armour's money is being well spent, as the 2014 Under Armour ad campaign featuring Misty Copeland was named one of The 10 Best Ads of 2014 by Adweek. While Copeland’s relationship with Under Armour seems very strong, it was put to the test when Under Armour founder and CEO Kevin Plank praised Donald Trump. Copeland criticized Plank’s statement, emphasizing that she believes in diversity and inclusion.

6 Y'know, Just A Flawless Body

This should be a sculpture, that’s how flawless Misty Copeland’s toned body is. Seriously, look at her body! Girlfriend’s body is just the most muscular and most flexible that has ever existed. (I have no way of proving that previous statement, but I feel like it's true.)

When Copeland was promoted to soloist in 2007, she was one of the youngest dancers to have been promoted to that role. It was also originally reported that she was the first African American soloist at ABT, but that was later corrected, as both Anne Benna Sims and Nora Kimball were African American soloists with ABT in the ‘80s. Either way, it’s clear that the ballet community lacks diversity, which makes Misty Copeland’s achievements so very important. She’s even been described as the Jackie Robinson of ballet.

5 Honestly, Who Even Has This Many Muscles?

Who even has a body like this? I mean, Misty Copeland has muscles on top of her muscles. She has muscles in places that people didn’t even know you could have muscles. Her bones might even just be pure muscle, that’s how muscular she is. Girlfriend is just muscle. (Also, how many times can I write muscle?)

Misty Copeland’s success has also lead to exciting opportunities in Hollywood. She was featured on season one of Hulu’s A Day in the Life. She also served as a guest judge on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. New Line Cinema optioned her 2014 memoir, with the possibility of a screen adaptation. (Uh, a Misty Copeland movie? Yes, please!) Oh, and Oxygen was also interested in a reality series starring Copeland, in which she would mentor a class of young dancers. With a lot of great possibilities out there, it seems like Misty Copeland is destined for becoming a bigger and bigger star.

Power And Grace

This photo is exactly what ballet is all about. While it takes incredible athletic ability for Misty Copeland to raise her leg like that, all while standing on her toes, she makes it look incredibly easy. You look at that picture and you’re like, "Hm, I think I could do that." Well, no. You couldn’t do that. I couldn’t do that. It takes years of training, practice, and dedication to be able to do that and make it look so very effortless. Also, the teal skirt makes for a beautiful effect.

Following her explosion into stardom – or as much stardom as a ballerina can ever hope for – Misty Copeland served as a presenter at the Tony Awards. She also appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where she performed to music played the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma. And, Vanity Fair included Copeland in the 2015 International Best Dressed List, because she looks good in ball gowns, leotards, and teal flowy skirt things alike.

Because She Dominates The Red Carpet Too

Misty Copeland doesn’t just slay on the stage. She rocks the red carpet too, y’all. But, with a face and body like that, she would literally look good in a brown paper bag so it shouldn’t be a shock to see her looking gorgeous while wearing a gown, because duh.

In the above photo, Misty Copeland is accompanied by Olu Evans, her husband. (Yes, sorry dudes, she’s off the market.) The couple was introduced in 2004 by Evans’ cousin, Taye Diggs. Diggs is a successful actor appearing in shows such as Private Practice and Empire. He also starred in the original run of Rent on Broadway, where he met Idina Menzel (his now ex-wife). So yeah, Taye Diggs is pretty successful.

Copeland and Evans live in the Upper West Side. Copeland says that in her free time, she enjoys cooking, relaxing, and not being around a lot of people. (Um, me too girl. Me too.)

4 A Pink Leotard Never Looked So Good

Considering the fact that Misty Copeland is one of the most celebrated ballerinas dancing right now, it shouldn’t really surprise anyone to see that she has a perfect body. This pink leotard definitely helps show off her insane figure because of the way its cut. (That's one deep side slit, right?)

Misty Copeland’s body is also still curvy, which isn’t necessarily the body type one thinks of when they think "ballerina body." We’re used to seeing ballerinas who look more like Natalie Portman in Black Swan, aka rail thin. (No offense, Natalie Portman. I love you.) That's not Misty Copeland. She may be a ballerina, but she is also athletic, toned and womanly.

Another interesting point about Misty Copeland's body is that the ideal height for ballerinas (because yes, there is an ideal height for ballerinas) is 5’5”. Clocking in at just 5’2”, Misty Copeland comes up on the shorter side, but she’s clearly never let that hold her back.

3 Literally, She Makes It Look So Easy

Can we all just look at Misty Copeland’s face in this photo? She looks so relaxed, like the most chillin' person ever. She looks the way the rest of us look after we’ve binge-watched Stranger Things and eaten six slices of pizza. But unlike the rest of us, Misty Copeland is relaxed while she’s flying through the air with her limbs spread in every direction. Also, look at her muscle definition! I don’t think there is an inch of fat on her body. Girlfriend is pure muscle.

Most successful ballerinas start very young. Basically, they learn to walk while they're in ballet classes. Misty Copeland, however, didn’t study ballet until she was a teenager, when her mother’s friend convinced her mother to let her take classes. By the way, could you imagine being Misty Copeland's mother, who apparently wasn't going to send her to ballet classes?

During the first few ballet classes Copeland attended, she simply watched the other girls and didn't dance herself because she was too shy. (LOL, Misty Copeland was too shy to dance!) While this was the beginning of her formal training, Copeland has stated that she used to choreograph dances to Mariah Carey songs long before her ballet classes – y’know just like every other little girl does when she's 7 years old and listening to "Heartbreaker."

2 Misty Copeland Literally Bends In Half

Guys, Misty Copeland can literally bend herself in half. Like, she can bend her entire body in half. IN HALF! She could probably bend herself and fit into someone’s carry on luggage. I mean, I wouldn’t recommend that she does that since she’d probably get in massive trouble and stuff, but still she could probably do it if she wanted to.

Copeland’s domination has continued with her being cast to dance the lead role in Disney’s upcoming The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. It seems that everyone just wants a piece of Copeland. Also, Disney is loving themselves live-action films right now, right? Mattel got in one the Copeland action, creating a Misty Copeland Barbie doll. That’s right Misty Copeland has her very own Barbie in her likeness, which is basically every little girl’s dream. The biggest question is really if the Barbie can bend itself in half like Copeland, because that would be seriously impressive.

1 Pink Leotard Realness

I had to include one more photo from the pink leotard photoshoot, because duh. I mean, that’s like the hottest leotard to ever be invented. Of course, it helps that Misty Copeland is sporting the leotard because anything and everything looks good on her. She's just hot. Plain and simple.

Misty Copeland has proven to be a profitable spokesperson with Under Armour, as her ads have been called some of the best marketing to women in recent history. Copeland has since been tapped by many other major companies. She appeared in ads for T-Mobile and BlackBerry, as well as an ad for Dr. Pepper. Though, it doesn’t seem like she’s ever drank soda a day in her life. That body is not a soda body. Copelands’s gone on to do campaigns with Coach, the luxury handbag company, and Seiko, the Japanese wristwatch company. At this point, Copeland is cleaning up with her endorsements and campaigns.

Misty Copeland Is Just Beautiful, Guys

In this photo, Misty Copeland looks natural and beautiful. She just has one of those faces that radiates beauty from the inside out.

Following her promotion to principal dancer in 2015, Misty Copeland was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year. She was also one of ESPN’s 2015 Impact Athletes, a list of athletes who have made the greatest impact in sports. Oh, and Barbara Walters included Copeland on the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2015. Basically, Misty Copeland is amazing and everyone knows it.

While Misty Copeland is super hot and maybe even the hottest ballerina of all time, it’s more important to remember the achievements she has accomplished in her ballet career. She broke down barriers and is an inspiration to all young African American dancers who, before Copeland, didn’t have a principal ballerina they could look up to. But, now those young dancers can look up to Misty Copeland and that's pretty huge.


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16 Hot Photos Of Misty Copeland That Will Make You Love Ballet