15 WWE Women You Didn’t Know Went Under the Knife

Since the 1980s and the dawn of the WrestleMania era which launched the company into mainstream fame, WWE has been known on every corner of the globe as a consistent and dominating force in entertainm

Since the 1980s and the dawn of the WrestleMania era which launched the company into mainstream fame, WWE has been known on every corner of the globe as a consistent and dominating force in entertainment. These days especially, WWE is reaching a wider variety of audiences than perhaps any other form of television as Vince McMahon has made it his mission to appeal to each individual market around the world and play to its strengths.

Quite literally, the entire world is watching when the men and women of WWE participate in one on one combat inside the ring. It should come as no surprise, then, that the pressure is on for these athletes to be the very best WWE Superstar one can be. Sometimes being the best means looking the part. Especially when you consider WWE Superstars are marketed almost as commodities and presentation can be a huge part of that.

Particularly in a world where women are still held to a higher standard of beauty than men, WWE’s female Superstars have an especially difficult battle to fight in this arena.

Female wrestlers, known until recently as “Divas” in WWE, have been under intense scrutiny since the 1990s when women in the sport began being utilized for their sex appeal. It has become something of an assumption among fans that all WWE Divas in the past couple of decades have had some sort of work done to look as good as they do, and that’s not entirely off the mark. Below we look at fifteen of these women who have undergone plastic surgery to fit nicely into their roles as WWE Divas.

15 Eva Marie


In over a half of a century World Wrestling Entertainment may have never seen a more universally hated female performer than Eva Marie. From the moment she made her first appearance on WWE television to promote the Total Divas reality series fans rebelled against her due to her lack of charisma. Things got even more awkward when she began stepping into the ring for official wrestling matches despite being vastly behind on training in relation to the women she competed against and beside.

Eva Marie has been forced to train to wrestle in front of live cameras all around the world and she will probably never live down all of the embarrassing moments that came with the package. Members of the WWE Universe have been so preoccupied with what Eva lacks that they may have missed what she’s gained – two huge breasts. Eva has definitely had some work done to enhance her chest, as well as having gotten a nose job.

14 Terri Runnels


Terri Runnels originally came into fame alongside Goldust, who was her real-life husband at the time, and she performed as an on-air personality as Marlena. She joined WWE just as the Attitude era was being ushered in and would become a mainstay with the company over the next several years, eventually dropping the Marlena moniker and using her real name. She was closely associated with Jacqueline at one time as the tandem known as PMS and she managed several male stars after Goldust, such as Shawn Stasiak and the teams of Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz.

But perhaps what Terri Runnels may always be known for is her perfection of what she calls the “underboob.” This phenomenon was created when she wore extremely short t-shirts, so short in fact that her clearly augmented breasts were visible from the bottom and were completely uncovered by something as trivial as a bra.

13 Chyna


There are plenty of women wrestling fans can talk about as carrying on the legacy of female wrestling. The Fabulous Moolah often comes to mind as the quintessential pioneer and Trish Stratus was sort of the female “Stone Cold” Steve Austin of her era. However, no woman has ever had a bigger influence on the wrestling industry than the late Joanie Laurer, better known as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna. Throughout the Attitude era, Chyna broke too many glass ceilings to count, among other things becoming the first woman to compete for the WWE Championship.

But if you were to look at Chyna from her earliest days in wrestling and then compare that to the image of her near the end of her run with the World Wrestling Federation, it will be clear that she had a lot of work done. Chyna had her face basically completely reconstructed and had an obvious breast enhancement, all of which eventually turned her into a true sex symbol.

12 Eve Torres


Eve Torres came into WWE as the winner of the much maligned Diva Search Competition, although despite the negative connotations that tournament carried with it, Torres actually developed quite the following. The Diva Search was notorious for producing women who never had a reason competing as professional wrestlers, but Eve certainly took to the product easily and became a fine in ring performer, capturing several Divas Championships before her retirement in 2013 in order to start a family and teach women’s self-defense classes.

There’s no denying that a large part of the appeal of Eve Torres was her stunning appearance. Eve was gorgeous in every possible way and that was in no small part thanks to her chest, which is rumored to have been surgically enhanced at some point. Torres may have been one hell of a naturally gifted fighter, but she certainly looked damn good while in the middle of combat.

11 Jillian Hall


Her moments as a performer between the ropes might not ring a bell to the casual or even many of the more hardcore wrestling fans, but Jillian Hall certainly left a mark in other areas. Jillian began her WWE run as a member of John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s “cabinet” during his WWE Championship run on SmackDown. She was beautiful all except for one glaring feature, which was a nasty growth on the side of her face which the Boogeyman eventually tore off with his teeth – and ate.

Later, after she moved on to a regular wrestling role, Jillian burned her image, and especially her voice, into the minds of the WWE Universe by singing her own theme song, among other tunes, but unfortunately, she couldn’t carry a note to save her life. The consolation prize was that Hall was certainly a good looking girl, but fans may not know that she underwent several operations to achieve her signature look.

10 Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler could have been one of the most popular Divas of all time without ever needing to step into the ring in a wrestling role. She did, however, compete from time to time, but her strength lied in her ability to take advantage of an era when wrestling fans highly valued the presence of a beautiful woman on the screen. First getting started in World Championship Wrestling, Stacy came over to WWE following Vince McMahon’s purchase of that company and she went on to many memorable moments, most of which involved the showing off of her extra long legs.

Those legs are essentially what Stacy Keibler became known for. She wasn’t packing a whole lot in the chest area and she didn’t need to be, although following her retirement from her role as a WWE Diva the former girlfriend of Hollywood actor George Clooney did receive a pair of modest breast implants.

9 Sable


There may be no woman in all of WWE’s rich history to have been held up on a pedestal as a sex symbol more so than Rena Lesnar. Before being known as the wife of the beast Brock Lesnar, Rena was known as Sable in WWE during the Attitude era and was perhaps the epitome of what a WWE Diva was meant to be. In fact, many credit Sable as the first woman to truly fit what later became known by that term. She captivated crowds all around the world with her charisma and body, and the women to play a similar role in the company long after Sable have all strived to reach the same level of success as this blonde bombshell.

However, as much as the male fans may have wanted to let themselves believe that Sable was naturally this aesthetically gifted, that just wasn’t the case. The former Women’s Champion’s breasts were augmented to be quite a bit larger than they were before, not that this knowledge is likely to turn any heads in the opposite direction.

8 Beth Phoenix


Beth Phoenix debuted right around the time women’s wrestling icons Trish Stratus and Lita were retiring from the ring, and Phoenix became a bit of an icon herself, going on to be one of the most popular WWE Divas in the years since. As WWE began taking its women’s division even more strongly down the fluffy path that led to the majority of its Divas possessing next to no athletic capabilities, Beth Phoenix stuck out like a beacon among them with her huge muscles, but she was also just as gorgeous as the rest of them.

However, the trademark body of Beth Phoenix didn’t happen overnight. She not only spent years developing her physique, but she also received some pretty huge breasts as a result of going under the surgical knife. This enhancement certainly played a big part in the visual appeal of the former Women’s and Divas Champion known as the “Glamazon.”

7 Jacqueline


Jacqueline Moore was often cited by insiders as one of the best workers of any gender in the entire wrestling industry. She could apparently wrestle circles around most of the men, however, due to the nature of the business, she was often forced to tone down her in-ring style in order to make her less physically gifted opponents look good. Jackie was a beast of an athlete and her personality was full of spunk, but she was also incredibly beautiful and the feminine qualities of her frame often left men speechless.

As seen on WWE television at one point during the Attitude era when her shirt was ripped right off of her, Jacqueline had huge breasts. Those breasts were enhanced through plastic surgery, in fact, and they became something of a trademark for the Hall of Famer throughout the era of “bra and panties” matches and WWE swimsuit competitions.

6 Maryse


Maryse Ouellette was one of the most successful women to come out of the WWE Diva Search, despite the fact that she didn’t actually win the competition. Her French accent and blonde locks saw to it that she immediately connected with the WWE Universe, although she proved to be a natural heel when she made the transition into the role of an in-ring performer. She was one of the few Diva Search competitors to actually take pretty well to the athletic side of the business and earned herself two reigns as the Divas Champion.

After leaving the business for some time, Maryse returned to WWE to perform alongside her real-life husband, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and is once again turning heads in the audience. Something fans may not be aware of about Maryse is that she, like many other WWE Divas, has had her breasts enlarged through plastic surgery.

5 Nikki Bella


Though we tend to think most fans are probably aware of the fact that Nikki Bella has gone under the knife, the fact remains that there are still some casual fans who don’t know about it. Nikki and her twin sister Brie dominated as the faces of the Divas division for many years before Brie retired in 2016 in order to start a family, but Nikki remains competitive even after a scary neck surgery that nearly ended her career.

Nikki Bella has been famously dating WWE megastar John Cena for years, a topic that is covered frequently on the hit reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. In case you’re one of those fans who wasn’t aware, early in her career with WWE Nikki had her breasts majorly enhanced, something that had the double effect of both adding to her beauty and making her stand out further from her sister.

4 Stephanie McMahon


As the daughter of Chairman Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon has been a staple on WWE television for nearly two decades, except for a few periods of time away from the spotlight. Stephanie has been the leading authority figure in the company steadily for the last several years and is poised to take over the company alongside her husband and WWE legend Triple H when her father steps down, so we can look forward to many more years with Stephanie as an on-air personality

Stephanie will always be fondly remembered as one of the greatest female heels in history, especially from her time during the Attitude era when she was still young and quite rough around the edges. If you look closely at Stephanie’s early days on WWE television, though, you’ll notice one glaring thing that is missing from her arsenal: Her huge breasts! Sometime during her original heel run, she received breast implants that drastically altered her appearance, many say for the better.

3 Lita


Amy Dumas came along at an extremely opportunistic time during the Attitude era when professional wrestling was getting into more adult-themed forms of entertainment, and that often included the women mixing it up with the men. Dumas, known as Lita, captivated WWE fans with her high flying style, which was often used to her advantage when she would jump into the ring to help out her teammates Matt and Jeff Hardy. Her performance within the women’s division itself was just as impressive, as her rare ability as a woman to pull off some of the moves she could perform made her stand head and shoulders above most other Divas.

The WWE Hall of Famer and multiple-time Women’s Champion is one of the most revered WWE Divas of all time, although as unique as she was most fans aren’t aware that she had a couple of specific things in common with most of her female coworkers. Those things are her breasts, which she had surgically altered to be much larger than they naturally were.

2 Trish Stratus


Sitting comfortably at the top of nearly any list of the most influential women to ever compete in a wrestling ring is the incomparable Trish Stratus. Trish’s evolution from camera shy manager to awe-inducing wrestling performer has been well documented and for good reason. The seven-time Women’s Champion is living proof that a model can train to become a professional wrestler and actually excel in the role. Given, she may be a bit of an atypical example because no one can ever hope to compare to the immense popularity of Stratus.

Before settling into her in-ring days, Trish relied heavily on her looks to connect with the WWE crowd. Her blonde hair, full lips, and large breasts made her an instant hit with the men in the audience, and those breasts were obviously enhanced. What most fans may not know is that, following her retirement, Trish went back and had her breasts reduced.

1 Charlotte Flair


One of the biggest stories in the entire wrestling industry in 2016 undoubtedly has to be WWE’s highly publicized and long awaited acceptance of female performers as a valuable addition to a wrestling program. WWE was always behind in this area, but with the retirement of the term “Diva” and introduction of two brand new Women’s Championships, one each for Raw and SmackDown Live, incredible strides have been made. At the head of this entire movement has been the daughter of the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair has proven to be one of the company’s hottest heels and perhaps their most talented female athlete. In fact, it has been argued that Flair could believably wrestle many of today’s male WWE Superstars. As something of a feminist wrestling icon, it might have gone unnoticed that Charlotte Flair has actually had a breast enhancement, which partially explains her stunning beauty.


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